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Hybrid children

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by Babblingretard

Not to make light of your experience but you seem to get invited to crappy house parties my friend.

LOL, that experience was a house of fright still I am fairly used to these types of events.

All in all I'm just throwing things out there if you guys want I do have a weird dream I wrote down on me I could type?

Oh please write down your dream if you want to I am very interested

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 02:15 AM
t sure what you mean, "turn us towards them"?

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 02:39 AM

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by covert1

It jumps around because I wrote it as soon as I woke up anyways...

A mouthless sheep with blue eyes is the most important detail, I was in bed (it a dream I was in my old bedroom at my dad's house) half laying half lending up, during the first part of my dream I could hear my two bro (long gone) talking and I was on a laptop talking to my girl.

I then when on to a website to I guest watch a cartoon but the first link was a picture of it so I scrolled down and started to watch. as I watched I started to focus on something white standing behind the people on screen but stopped before I got a good look. I started to read the title below -Do you see a sheep- and so I went back to the vid and replayed it as I started to look a voice said "Okay look at the sheep, does anyone get a reaction?" the second I looked at the white figure my vision was taken up by a face (Think grey but with white skin/hair allover and blue eyes) and my head started hurt and I could move, my body felt like it was falling like a stone and I couldn't make it leave my mind like it was being ripped apart, I then woke up mid scream and I remained frozen for about 30 seconds before getting up.

my body is sending shocks to my brain my right side is hurting. I was up right when I woke but fell asleep on my side.

Side notes (in order top to bottom)
6:19am Warning? Sheep=ET? subliminal? last few night felt uneasy before bed, first time truly away from any close people as my bro was staying in my room not the couch, I was half aware, broke down afterwards, angry

I still get a physical and slightly emotional reaction to the image I see in my head, I also feel its important because every once and awhile I wake up angry and upset at nothing.

I've had other dreams to but I can't really remember them and I don't want to

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 04:59 AM

my dream was a lil off the wall, literally, (in a nutshell with some detail left out) I was walking through an old house in the basement and we were all supposed to go "upstairs", I was accidentally "late" and the ceiling started to collapse, I ran and made my way into a dimly lit room, where I found my brother saying everyone is panicking over nothing, I couldn't find my clothes, lol, but wasnt funny then, so I put on a really baggy type of jeans that didnt fit, I was puttin on powder foundation that kept turning into blush, and then my sister showed up and she was acting like she was like a zombie, wide eyed, I thought she was "one of them". I almost killed her. Earlier in the dream we were fighting for our lives. Anyways, all the sudden I heard an alarm sound, and what sounded like police officers really loud saying the "upstairs" had been "infiltrated". Then I hear what sounds like the low rumbling of thunder and I know everyone upstairs had been killed. All I remember is grabbing my orange make-up bag, and next thing I know I was on the other side of the building (on the same level as the basement, except, it was like the building was like cut in half, so I could see the floors and the sky) I walk out toward the beautiful peaceful sky, with a hint of reddened sun streak, and I hear a voice from behind me that says, "oh look who made it", and I see a woman packing a like baggage cart, with a voyager parked next to it. Anxiously, I ask her if I can put my luggage next to hers. She is very kind, (and I get the feeling I know her but I do not see her face) and tells me " of course you can, your always welcome here." as I turn back to toward the building, I see the floors of the building exposed, the ones below and above me (now I get the feeling its a high sky-scraper). I see my step-aunt dancing looking out at the sky one level below me, she died some years ago of mental torment of some kind, and I see my step-grandfather one floor above me , who I believe is the one who spoke when I first arrived. He has also passed on. My mother speaks, briefly, my dream ends here. Go figure. I have my own interpretation, as I have been getting insight from various other dreams and sourses/senses if you know what I mean, but the whole dreaming in color thing was really vivid. Not sure what the colors portray, and I hardly ever wear make-up anymore, so retro-sprctively, in my dream I see my brother, the clothes, and the make-up as tests, tests of time, had I taken any longer to "make myself look pretty" I may never have made it". On the other hand I was lucky enough to accidentally be late to the "mass propaganda awakening" taking place right now. I see the dream as signifying the human race as being led like sheep to a slaughter, as in everyone is being told "it will be all right", just "feel good mentally" but even in my dream and waking state I know better. People need to wake-up before it's too late and see the state of the affairs of the world we are living in, the economy, the earth, what we have done to her as a whole. I saw the sky and the alarm as the returning of Christ/God. And I know that doesn't fit into every religion, and I am even a bit shaky on that myself, but it's the only thing I can relate it to. Either that we are going on a journey, to where I don't know, lol, somewhere, and with some people that used to be dead. Go figure, that was just my dream, and SOME of the tings being shown to me.


posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post byBabblingretard

Wow, some of your dream does fit a profile of a grey event. What I have learned about the greys ,directly from them , over the years is they are scientific in nature among other thing. They like to test people including in reactions and psychology experiments. And they do ask simple questions like this to people similar to the question they had asked you.
I really do believe they were testing you for reactions by showing you the et sheep. Also over the years in a quest to find answers about the greys, I've gone through an astral projection phase and I know for certain that one of the symptoms of your spirit leaving your body is the falling feeling. You could either feel like you are falling or lifting up quite fast so they most likely they have something to do with all of this also.
I know experiences like this are rather frightening and I know this is how they do work with people.

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 11:39 AM
Can anyone be so kind to post a photo of what a hybrid baby looks like please.

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by Night Star

Well, i have never experienced anything related to "UFO" or alien or hybrid human for that matter.
But i think that one assumes that this would be horrifying or negative because its different from what we know. It could possibly be a harmless painless creation.
Assuming this is true of course. We only call them deformities because they are different, but to them its normality.


posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 12:37 PM
At the risk of sounding skeptical...

...humans are far more closely related to every other living species on Earth than we would be to any alien from another world; we cannot interbreed with our cousins here on Earth yet somehow human-alien interbreeding can produce viable offspring?

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by DoomsdayRex

That's another part of the mystery before us, I in my house my father was and is a huge history addict (we even tried to get to try to become a teacher) so we talk a lot about history as it tends to be the only topic that doesn't go bad between us (He has a lot of stuff he can't and doesn't say) Anyways I've learned over time that humans seem to advance very quickly and there is evidence pointing to us being older then we looked.

Maybe we are closer to them then we think (we have now learned to put human stem cells to other animals before they're born) or maybe that aren't breeding us in the traditional case, like maybe like how angler fish bond together to create children? Okay end rant

reply to post by Armour For Victor

You do have a point man

reply to post by jdmmade

As far a I know we have no set idea on how they look they could look like straight greys to humans with black eyes (I recently started look at black eyed kids)

Most I can do is google or yahoo

reply to post by covert1

You never fail to to make me think great stuff I'm going to look for that movie

reply to post by silent thunder

When you come back online I have some more things I wanted to ask about any history you've had

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

What do you smoke?

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 07:11 PM
OK, thanks for keeping this thread going. Interesting stuff.

Some of you have noted along the lines that there might be implants, or that people in these situations might still be under control, etc. Well, I don't like to think that's possible, because its scary and disturbing, but I guess I have to admit it as a possibility if I am going to be as objective and rational about it as I can.

Nevertheless, I havven't felt any change, control, or exertion of control from that "place" (whererver/whatever it was) in the years since. I'm my normal self as far as I can tell as that's what we all have to live with every day. I'm a lot lucker than most, the way I see it, and humbly thankful.

A couple of ideas I have bounced around in my own head...I am reminded of the tests lab researchers do on rats, monkies, can these creatures possibly have an inkling of what is going on or what the object of the experiment is? Some test animals experience horrific pain and torment, while others "luck out," so to speak, and get stuck in experiments where their pleasure-centers or intellectual facilities are stimulated in a way that is beneficial for them. Both types of experiments take place by people on animals every day.

Imagine you had two monkies able to talk about their "post experimental" impressions. One might tell a tale of a magical lever he could press that would give him hundreds of times more pleasure and brainpower than he'd ever experienced. He'd be glowing with enthusiasm. The other might tell horrible tales of being implated with diseases, tortured on mechanical racks, having pain thresholds tested, etc. Both would be correct, and neither would be able to even remotely grasp the meaning or purpose of what had happened to them. Other animals are used as "controls," or subjected to only minor discomfort. So the range is wide. I sort of speculate along those lines, but I also realize there is probably no way I'll ever understand what that was all about. All I can hope is that it never happens again.

Originally posted by Babblingretard
When you come back online I have some more things I wanted to ask about any history you've had

Go ahead. Like I said, I try to keep personal info exposuire to a reasonable minimum , so there may be things I am unable to answer just based on my general internet privacy practices.

Originally posted by harryposter
What do you smoke?

I used to smoke Marlboros when I could get them, or I'd find cheap local brands I liked. Quit cigrarettes years ago. Why do you ask?

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posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 08:37 PM
Perhaps it is as you say OP, and for some it is a good experience and others a bad one.

Do you suppose you get back that which reflects your true inner self?

I am familiar with he shamanistic practice where you sit with another and begin saying every insult that comes to your mind.

The reason for this is to 'see' that what others say has no direct consequence on 'you'.

It is an aid towards being the witness and not identifying or taking on what others mentally vomit.

It is also followed by the opposite, you continue to speak only wondrous words of gratitude and praise on the other, this again is a lesson not to get identified with others and to remain the witness.

posted on Jul, 16 2010 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by antar

That was great info antar, thanks. So considering what you said, it could mean that they could be conditioning us for something. Maybe they can better read someones mind after this.

Kinda like a clone ET version of military training?

reply to post by silent thunder

What you say sounds like the best answer for this without going over negative or positive, good stuff.

Now about those questions lol (BTW I think we all should take these to figure a trend:

Have you've had a history we're you noticed or witnessed things most considered paranormal?

Do you or have you met and or conversed with strangers people?

If so did they give a false or a simple answer and did this happen when you were younger?

Have you noticed any odd or unusual behaviors or urges in the pass or lately?

Are you or were you diagnosed with any mental issues or learning disabilities?

Does your family have any unusual traits or habits?

I'll also reply to this later and I might add more but so far here you guys go.
P.S. If you guys have any other questions or things you want to know we show post them, it helps to cover each base.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 12:38 AM
OP, this story was very intriguing to me! Wow, what a read!

Call me crazy, but the first thing that popped into my head was our government leaders..from ALL Nations...there with you....dopplegangers of 'THEM' leading our countries..(should be a movie!)

Crazy huh, but they do say the Queen has a clone

Just some food for thought. And very scary means we are all manipulated by whoever THEY are.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 02:30 AM

Originally posted by silent thunder
After much thought I am leaning towards the idea that "aliens" may be from inner rather than outer space.

OP, I thought this was an interesting interpretation. I've also had experiences and am still wrestling with this question after many years. Your post reminded me of my own experiences, of course, but also of a book which I found helped me: James Hillman's Re-visioning Psychology (it's still in print), if you're interested, deals with these dreamlike, borderland experiences in an interesting and novel way which does not dismiss them as pure fantasy as our rational culture (and our rational selves) would have us.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 02:54 AM
reply to post by Babblingretard

originally posted by Babblingretard
So considering what you said, it could mean that they could be conditioning us for something. Maybe they can better read someones mind after this

It definitely appears to be conditioning. The exercise the OP described in which the members of the group took turns insulting the person next to them illustrates this. The human ego is very tenacious, though if you attack it repeatedly and apply sufficient insult--especially when those insults are unfounded--the ego can break. The result can be a seemingly spontaneous outpouring of emotion or may be as severe as leading to psychopathologies.

On the other hand, attacking the ego in this way could have the beneficial results of making the subject less self-centered and more altruistic, in the sense of turning one's attention to others' needs (can anyone say telepathy? I didn't hear you! :lol

At the end of the day, which side of this you fall on dictates whether your experience is positive or negative.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 05:28 AM
[double post, sorry. See below please.]

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posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 05:28 AM

Originally posted by antar
Perhaps it is as you say OP, and for some it is a good experience and others a bad one.

Do you suppose you get back that which reflects your true inner self?

I hope not, because if so ,my "inner self" must be in pretty rough shape. And generally speaking, I don't feel it is (at least not to a condition that would warrent such extreme horror). I see this less as a manifestation of something inside myself and more as a kind of violation perpetrated by forces "outside" myself (even if they come from "inner space.")

Your comments on the shamanic practice are interesting. It could be possible these beings were "training" me in such a way, but due to the general terror involved, I'm not sure they were doing anything whatsoever for my benefit. A researcher experiements on animals for human benefit, not animal benefit. I somehow am leaning towards a feeling that something like that was going on, but you never know.

Originally posted by Babblingretard

Now about those questions lol (BTW I think we all should take these to figure a trend:

1 ) Have you've had a history we're you noticed or witnessed things most considered paranormal?

2) Do you or have you met and or conversed with strangers people?

3) If so did they give a false or a simple answer and did this happen when you were younger?

4) Have you noticed any odd or unusual behaviors or urges in the pass or lately?

5) Are you or were you diagnosed with any mental issues or learning disabilities?

6) Does your family have any unusual traits or habits?

I numbered your questions and would respond as follows:

1) I've seen and experienced a number of odd things in my time, both inner and outer, but nothing remotely like the events I described. BEfore this, although I have long been interested in religion and spiritualty, the "paranormal" so to speak held little interest for me.

2) I've met and converversed with all sorts of strange people but as far as I know they have all been normal humans.

3) See above.

4) Nothing I'd consider outside the range of general human psychology, etc., which admittedly can be pretty strange at times.

5) Not really, as far as I can tell, beyond the fact that, as stated above, even the "normal" range of human psychology and experience can be quite bizzare.

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

Srry this is late lol

1. Like you nothing I couldn't rationalize a first, to be honest I any weird I did notice I thought of coincidences. Only recently have been going through my past looking at the things I blamed my minds on.

Do you or have you met and or conversed with strangers people?

2. (I'll stick to one) I remember one case and that was when I was around 7 or 8 (3rd/4th grade) I had been walking home from early day at school whe nI had ran into a dog that started chasing me. After running an bit I neared a church where saw some one saying by on the street looking at me. I ran there and hid behind them and dog stopped chasing me and looked at the person and walked away. The person was vaguely tanned, had a roundish head, looked youthful about 19 to maybe 22, and they were dressed down in baggy clothing and had on a beanie (Idr the gender of the voice or gender).

I started to see the person everyday no matter the time unless I was walking with my friends (I had very few and most of them went to a diff. school, I lived in between schools and everyone near my house went to a different school so I rarely saw cars or people. The person (it from now on) first talked to me about dogs and would tell me about ways to get them to leave me alone, We also talked about our personal lives (the schools I've been to, my family, pets, etc) here I learned that it was a college student who was waiting for the bus. We would walk around talking about anything and when would leave the person would away watch me go for a min before walking out of view. I think that was the saddest time of my life was when it didn't show up anymore after about almost 4 weeks, I guest I kinda had somewhat of a crush on it by that time so it stuck with me for a while before I forgot about it.

3. Alot of weird things I've noticed or even seen by now

4. Most of my behaviors have developed due to my habits, which caused me to be paranoid, then depressed. I drink alittle bit but only when I'm depressed and can't think, I've started to have random suicidal thoughts at time (easy to ignore and not really a health plob)

5. My parents (I was a early born, and my mom had little oxygen so it was likely I would be dead or my mom, I also learned tended to talk only when nobody was around and I had to go to speech courses because nobody understood what I would say even by the age of 5.

6.Um I don't know about this for sure but alot of us have noticed mental issues and most of the older people in my family (mom's side my dad's adopted) I had to beat out paranormal events they've witness, also some of my family have gone insane for no reason (funny thing is most of us are named after our ancestors which had special meanings to them.

My family also has a history in the military (either born on a base to served) I also think my dad has done something big (He was a mech in the air force and I had noticed he would only talk about training and nothing about what he did only a can't tell) and lots of my family's close friends were military my grandfather was spec ops (he told me this , he had left my grandma before around then so everyone thought he was a cook. One of my moms closes friends who me also thought was a fellow cook my grandfather used to know was also spec ops, again I found out randomly before most of the others. I don't know much about my father ex that he avoids telling me about his pass alot (military) and he also rarely talks to me about the stuff I research on (which I know he has seen) I kno that he was adopted and join the airforce after highschool, and that he might had been keeping mail from me from other people in the fam who where in the mil at the time.

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