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The worlds most barbaric punishments!

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posted on Aug, 3 2010 @ 04:26 PM
All this stuff belongs in the dark ages. Not in the 21st century. But we could inflict any number of worse horrors now if we wanted to since our science is better.

You can prolong somebodies pain a very long time with modern medicine, if you want to.

We do not want to live in a nanotech/genetic engineering enable future society that condones the deliberate slow painful execution of people.

Killing and maiming people in the name of justice has the problem that the justice system is run by people, and people are unreliable. Solitary incarceration is the best we can do at the moment but I wonder if science will provide a half way house between execution/incarceration.

How about taking the idea of the medical induced coma and substituting it for execution/life imprisonment...

"An anesthesiologist is called in to initiate the process. The patient is given either pentobarbital (a barbiturate) or propofol (a sedative), either of which induce profound coma. The brain wave activity on the patient’s EEG is flat, and the patient is completely unresponsive to all external stimuli (pain, light, noise, etc.). The basic idea is to put the brain to rest by closing down as much activity as possible. Doctors monitor the intracranial pressure in order to determine how long to maintain the coma because coma itself is associated with problems due to immobility, including pneumonia, blood clots, and muscle paralysis or weakness that may persist once the person regains consciousness. Maintaining the patient’s nutritional status during this time can also be challenging."

If perfected is this not as close as humanly possible to a reversible execution?

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