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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 01:08 AM
The world has split into two evolutions. On the one hand, one group is regressing metaphysically, turning back to olden times when the feudal system and total disempowerment and submission were the orders of the day.

The other evolutionary parabola marks the open road, which takes seekers out of the evolution of tick-tock to a more independent, self-realized, balanced, spiritual way of living. That second alternative might be very threatening to supporters of the imploding reactionary negative parabola. You can see the kind of control trip that is sometimes imposed in Muslim countries, which seems to hanker back to ancient or medieval ways as taught in the Koran. That might have been fine in 600 AD, but it looks a bit odd nowadays.

The point is, fear will fold your etheric in on itself (the protective response). That makes you less powerful, as you are now projecting more weakly in your etheric field. Fear is the emotional mechanism used to destabilize you, opening you to intrusion by lower forces, which seek to regress your spiritual journey.

Love is open and vulnerable. Fear is closed and protective. You can see how mass fear is an intrigue, used by the forces of darkness; the Grays and the UFOs also use it. Jacques Vallee , the French UFO researcher (his books are on came to the conclusion that UFO’s are a part of an overall control mechanism.

Remember, the first mechanism of control over a society is to induce uncertainty and fear. If you refuse to be scared or phased by fear and don’t allow your negative imagination to tow you off balance, you can stay inside your own protection. That makes you less open to being influenced or nabbed on an energy level. It’s part of the warrior’s way to accept his or her fears, understanding them as a part and parcel of this human dimension. It’s okay to be scared at times. But we must not let fear swamp us. The warrior refuses to allow negative emotion to intrude on the effectiveness of his action and the pleasure of this worldly experience.

The love vibe has to win in the end. How you open yourself up to trouble is by being scared. Notice the way the government influenced TV stations sell fear, hour after hour. Often you can click five or six channels and see fear, mayhem and uncertainty simultaneously on every channel. Everything is presented as a threat. Why is that? Why is the media selling perpetual uncertainty, violence, and fear? Certainly people enjoy the odd horror film, but to have mayhem and horror so prevalently displayed on TV is not a coincidence.

Fear disempowers people, scrambling their brains, causing individuals to panic and lose their power of reasoning. They willingly give away their power to some higher authority that will fix what is often a phony, manufactured problem.

So, the first response of the warrior is a fearless one. The second response comes from the way the warrior watches and notices, and as said, doesn’t react, no matter how much bother is on the hill. The warrior being secure in himself or herself, is fluid and minimalist, and unattached to circumstances. The warrior knows he or she can trust their instincts for they have successfully done so many times in the past. They can move and flow in any circumstance.

The second evolutionary alternative, the open, seeking, self-realized, love parabola will gradually become more and more invisible as time goes on. This is because the two parabola of evolution are separating and becoming more and more distant. The regressive one is curving in on itself becoming more reactionary, while the other is opening out, becoming more diffused as it heads for spirituality and the light.

The idea that you have to sit on your designated spot and wait for the storm troopers of the New World Order to march up your street doesn’t allow for the workings of metaphysics and the alternative evolutionary parabola.
Forty to fifty million people died in the Second World War, which means over three billion citizens of earth alive at that time did not perish. The odds of being killed in that war were about sixty-to-one against. Fifty-nine survived, while one perished. That doesn’t make that sorry part of our world’s history acceptable, but it highlights a point. Trouble is not necessarily compulsory for everyone; mayhem is usually the karma of a minority.

Who were in that karmic minority? Volunteers and people already in the armed forces, those who’s karmic potential is war by choice, and young men and women stuck in the tick-tock evolution of war-like nations. And of course, ethnic minorities like the Gypsies and the Jews that lived in less-than-fluid tribal groupings, unable to react and move away from trouble. The others in the minority group who suffered were innocent, probably non-violent citizens, that lived in the major conurbation’s of Europe and Asia that suffered heavy bombing of the ordinary folk of Nagasaki, Dresden, Berlin, London, Sheffield, wherever.

Those victims were locked into a horrid karma because they had no means of getting out of those cities and moving elsewhere. They suffered from a lack of forward vision. Perhaps that remark is a bit unfair, for most could never have realized what was about to happen, nor did they have the resources to depart the restriction that held them, so they suffered the karma of not having an escape route.

They suffered because they didn’t believe what they saw as it developed. Also in those days, people were more ready to believe their leaders were honest.

In the late 70s early 80s the world split into two evolutions. On the one hand, there was the upward parabola of awareness and technology; and on the other hand, there was the inward turning parabola that sought to regress to medieval ways.

The medieval parabola was well-illustrated by what happened in Iran as the Shah of Persia, liberally funded by the USA, tried to take Iran into the 20th Century. The country resisted and he was over thrown by the Ayatollah Khomeini, who promptly plopped Iran back into the 14th Century.

The Shah of Persia, who was not a pleasant fellow, did us all a favor by rotting to death soon after he was deposed (one of planet earth's rare little triumphs, I'd say). But Khomeini lived on to be finally replaced by a whole bevy of other Ayatollahs that followed him. Bye, bye, Iran. The regressive parabola is intrinsically weak, so it seeks to protect itself and its power structures.

It can't cope with an expanding evolution and new ideas that might disempower it, so a country effected in this way turns inwards. It's the fundamentalist, redneck, militant mindset: Northern Ireland, the Republicans, dogmatic Christian sects, Le Pen and the French fascists, Australian royalists, etc.

The upward parabola of energy sought to become more aware; it yearned for a transdimensional world it couldn't see. Technology went with it, reaching for a virtual reality and a computer-driven hyperspace of information and ideas. The New Age and the blossoming of awareness and spirituality rode side-by-side with technology as the way forward. Ideas of earth as a village and the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind vied with the elitist 'us and them' ideology of the medieval parabola.

A power struggle took place. It was very lopsided. The media is always controlled by the redneck status quo, and while spirituality did well, it had to muddle along by word of mouth with little real exposure. Both spirituality and technology promised a lot, and in a way I think they tried to deliver. At least they reached upwards. The problem was that the quick fix solution offered by spirituality never really materialized. At first people became excited, and they managed to raise their energy and feel better. But of course a mediation technique, or a green slime diet, or an uplifting seminar, whatever was on offer, would only take you a short way.

Eventually, people's spirituality and awareness had to face the real issue, which lies in a person's core beliefs and their inner pain. This became known as healing the 'inner child'. This part of the journey wasn't as much fun as progress was slower and more agonizing.

Technology seemed to offer a more boundless pain-free panorama. Everything seemed possible and people rode the wave of enthusiasm. Dot.coms that had been going only a short time that had never turned a profit suddenly were worth billions. Eventually the bubble had to burst, as it was all built on a lie, and as the dot.coms failed so did the telecom companies. But the big failure of the technology parabola is yet to come. It's subtle, but inevitable.

Technology promised humanity a new vision and new hope. It was the servant of the people, offering them easy access to ideas via the Internet, handy gizmos and personal computers. But in the 90s technology began to turn nasty. It became a tool for the control and surveillance of humanity. What started as a warm technological landscape in the global village soon became smart bombs and yet one more tool in the hands of the oppressors and controllers of humanity.

Once technology turned against humanity it wrote its own death warrant. It started to go cold. The part of technology that offered a new hope to humanity was overtaken by the dark side that sought to establish itself as a God. Splicing genes, cloning sheep, Frankenstein foods (GM) and test-tube babies are part of a demonic desire to create life. It's the desire to act as a God, the desire to be God. It's the final lie each must face. You are not God. We all are. If you attempt to become God you will go cold, and you will turn and slip back, and your goal will exasperatingly slip away just as you think you have immortality and divinity in your grasp.

Spirituality or religion that offers immortality is equally bogus as no one can offer you what is not theirs to give. I very much enjoyed the old Taoist writing and I learned a lot from the Tao Te Ching, but what I questioned most were the stories of the Taoist sages that had discovered immortality by raising their kundalini. They were all dead. A famous New Age writer I know was very keen on rebirthing, which she said was the key to immortality. She had a sacred guru that she worshiped, Baba someone or other, who she said was an immortal. She had gone to India to stay on his Ashram where she had a lovely time. When I asked how old her Bubba was, she got a little jumpy and eventually she admitted he'd died fifty to a hundred years ago, she wasn't quite sure when. "That's the kind of Bubba I like," I said, "how does one join?" I don't think she got what I was saying. Physical immortality has by and large, turned out to be a bit of a dead duck.

The medieval parabola is also a dead duck. Eventually it has to turn and implode upon itself. Partly in its own defense against upward mobility, and partly because of its insane desire for itself. It's the self-congratulatory nature of the regressive mind-set that bends it inwards like an ingrown toenail. "I'm right, everyone else is wrong. I'm special and chosen, everyone else is less special, or subhuman, or foreign perhaps, and they are definitely not chosen."

The parabola can mistakenly seem warm because of its hothead emotion. So the ardor of the Moslem fundamentalist, or the Northern Irish Unionist, or the Bible-thumping TV preacher seems warm, but theirs is a cold evolution. The very basis of their beliefs is a sustained antagonism or hatred for one or more sections of humanity. Their superiority and judgement of others and the lie of their specialness makes them ice cold. Further, they are calcified inside the dogma of their illusion of rightness, while their hardness is a condom that helps them resist impregnation by new ideas.

Once an evolution goes cold it eventually turns and eats itself. It's the self-destruct mechanism in all darkness that I spoke of at length.

The American Empire (the Fourth Reich) began fifty years ago after the war, in the ensuing years it has become more and more violent and cold. In that loss of energy it turns against its citizens and others. The Hiss of the Snake (the media) churns out its propaganda about the war on terrorism but that is nonsense—a concocted scenario. It's the way that the Fourth Reich knowing that it is facing a heat death, attempts to create heat by pulling people emotionally into a phony war.

In the tens of thousands of Al Qaeda documents captured in Afghanistan, the FBI have yet to find even one single document that mentions 911. The Al Qaeda were obviously not involved. That fact is spooking the FBI, much as the anthrax investigation spooked them out when they found out the source of the anthrax was the American government. Many good guys in the FBI who are genuine about law and order and America as a cohesive, fair nation, were thoroughly shocked. They couldn't believe what they had discovered. Ding, ding—sorry boys!

The real terrorist danger for the average American is their own government; the second greatest threat is his or her neighbor.
As the government terrorizes citizens, relentlessly feeding off them, they in turn feel the fear and the coldness of that, and they turn and prey on and feed off each other. This is the fate of the cold parabola, an evolutionary mindset of elitism, arrogance, materialism, power, separation, violence, and a deep-rooted disdain and hatred for others. As a society turns and gets colder and colder and nastier and nastier, it experiences the effect of it's own gravity.

The G-force of the turn creates an insurmountable barrier, a vortex, which individuals can not climb out of. They become trapped by the gravity of their darkness and ideas, just as matter falling into a black hole in space becomes trapped by gravity—it's own gravity and the gravity of all the other particles that are also descending down the hole. The imploding parabola is the classic sucker's trap. Only the warm evolutions survive. This is so for our spiritual evolution as it is for the universe of stars. It's the same law. Each has to keep generating enough heat to escape implosion and entrapment. So an authentic spirituality based on a deep-rooted love of nature and humanity will grow slowly expanding toward an eventual healing and reconciliation.

Creative people that live life in balance respecting others also grow, as they are on a warm track. The expression of creativity is one way of worshiping God. It is what we have all come to do. That is: to go beyond an obsession with self and to honor God by bringing from our soul a gift for ourselves and others, be it a painting, or a craft, or a healing technique, or an idea, whatever.

Our human evolution in metaphysical terms has now split into three possible paths. The redneck-medieval, the cold technological, and the spiritual-creative.

However, there is one last thing I should mention here. It's a most important point. Our humanity is being very rapidly frozen. We are being frozen in time. For many there is almost no possible upward mobility from here. In other words, what you are spiritually is possibly what you will be forever. The door has already closed on the medieval parabola, and they will continue to plunge down their vortex, massacring each other financially, emotionally, or literally.

Technology, which has now turned demonic for the most part, will falter and go bankrupt, and even the warm evolutions will eventually slow down. You can see that I have drawn two solid lines over the redneck evolution as that is already frozen in time. Over the technological evolution I've placed that it is effectively frozen, but not quite. The more it goes dark and against humanity the more it will turn over and collapse.

Above the warm evolutions there are also two lines, but they are slightly in the distance. If you are warm and if you are prepared to let go and become even warmer then you still have time to change and improve and move upwards. You can still learn to oscillate faster and become more. But those who want to raise their energy often don't realize that to do so you have to let go of self. You have to abandon the nonsense of your materialism and specialness, and those things and ideas you hold on to and walk away. You have to descend to a zero point state. Anything above the zero state will be unstable at an ever-accelerating higher oscillation.

Imagine it like this, your life is on a dinner plate oscillating and jiggling back and forth as you try to sustain its heat by going faster and faster. On the plate is all your stuff: money, sex, power, relationships, your illusions of grandeur, hopes, dreams, the yearning for fame, the need to be recognized, the need to feel special. Also on the plate are all the entanglements of your life: home, mortgage, debts, legal BS, clusters you have joined, things you belong to, people you are responsible for. It's all shaking like crazy on the plate and each item needs heat, expressed as your attention, to sustain it. Plus, the weight of your stuff acts to inhibit the plate from moving faster and getting hotter. Anything that isn't increasing in warmth must be getting colder; there are no steady energy states.

The only safe way is let it all go and empty the plate. But most feel the opposite is right. They feel that in acquiring more clutter they are safer and doing better, but the reverse is true. You can't carry cold things up to a higher oscillation. When there are no more warm parabolas for humans to follow, people become frozen in time and the earth falls into an energy crisis. Everything and everyone tumbles in on everything else. Corporations go bankrupt, institutions falter, liars are exposed, stock markets disappear, democratic governments fall, fascists take power, churches collapse, disease, war, mayhem ensues.

It's not so bad if you are on the warm side of things. But the biggest insecurity you face is that a warm evolution can't protect itself. It's only your warmth expressing etherically outwards from you that keeps you safe. But once people around you go cold they will attempt to take heat from you. You've probably noticed that process already. Sad to say, they will be successful, as you can't protect your outwardly expressed warmth. You will find living in a city very hard and rather draining. You will easily become depressed.

The only way to survive the heat death of the coldness that is gathering around you is to express more and more love, and more and more warmth. But we humans often have a very defined limit to our love and our warmth. For at the core of our love is us as individuals, and we always have that self in mind. It's our agenda behind our love. If you had no self, then theoretically you could love to all eternity, but if you ever flick back to self for even a moment then a heat death will eventually catch you.

So the day may come when you will also be trapped in time, and whatever you have become by then is what you are metaphysically for all eternity. It's the bottom line of your spiritual endeavors. The final tally of your human life. In a way that is a great relief. It's the final judgement. Life has to end for all of us; the trick is to end it well, and not to become spiritually frozen a long time before you die, as is the current destiny of most of humanity. So many people in the world are already living zombies. They have no soul. They are trapped. Remember, hell is cold, heaven is warm, and don't confuse negative emotion with soul, a person can be very emotional and still be cold as ice spiritually.

Your final human state should have all the beauty and kindness and caring that you can manage, for you want to wind up on the right side of things before you are frozen in time, and you can't change anything anymore. If you are generous and kind, and you have lived your life selflessly for others, then a doorway may open. But it's moving very fast and it's quite impossible to reach from a cold spot.

Stay warm. Forgive yourself and others, make peace, embrace humanity, respect and love nature, find others of like mind that feel like you do. If you stay warm, the mayhem that is about to ensue won't bother you one bit. In fact, you will see it as a blessing, for you will know that for humanity to survive, the cold evolutions are to be swept away. Woof, woof

Stuart Wilde

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 01:12 AM
I hope your name is “Oracle of Delphi” on the Black Vault message board.

Black Vault Thread

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 03:07 PM
I’m just wondering if any of the Moderators have looked into the possible plagiarism in this thread. If you look at his other threads most are exact duplicates of posts on other discussion boards.

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 03:19 PM
Ha! Great find Lizard!!! I haven't won't even bother reading this whole thing...anyone care to sum up for me the point of this whole thing??

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 03:24 PM
Keep up the good hunting Kinglizard.

[edit on 15-6-2004 by echosounder]

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 03:31 PM
It’s like another lilblam. To many points, to long a thread. Stardus Wildus
you should break it down a bit.

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 04:20 PM
Well...I read the first 2 paragraph's. Maybe everything is like such to balance it out. Kode..nice avatar!

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by kinglizard
I hope your name is “Oracle of Delphi” on the Black Vault message board.

Black Vault Thread

Thread Closed till I hear from Stardus Wildus concerning this topics information authorship.


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