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Racism - The cowards way

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:27 AM
I don't believe any one race will disappear, rather we will need to integrate and compromise more. The world is getting smaller and we will become ever more reliant upon one and another to survive.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by LarryLove
I don't believe any one race will disappear, rather we will need to integrate and compromise more. The world is getting smaller and we will become ever more reliant upon one and another to survive.

Not according to statistics. white people are being outbreeded by african,asian,indians,etc.

In 100 years white people will only be 2% of the world population.......unless of course white people start popping out more babies that is.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:43 AM

Originally posted by darkelf
I grew up during segregation and the push for integration. Those who were for segregation gave the same justification that you did. Basically, if we are forced to mingle with themthey'll end up marrying our kids.

I too have had friends of many races. After a while, a person's race means nothing when you get to know the actual person. Children don't see race, they just see another kid. If only we could retain that innocence!

We can choose to, after all. Don't despair.

My mother grew up during the same time and told me how the fear-mongering came from the teachers and adults in her life, well before the actual experience. I'm certain, knowing my grandfather, there were probably some old-school warnings about boys in general, but now there are even more boys, and of a "different nature". He was never a racist, but rabid about boys hanging around my mom, lol. He caught her kissing some guy on the front porch (first kiss ever, lol) and took off his shoe and "spanked" her right in front of the guy! Poor mom! So it wasn't about racism for him, just his overprotective nature, but she became very fearful, insecure, and had just lost her mother (half-Cherokee). That would have balanced things out, as she was a very strong woman and respected for kindness and intelligence. So the racism that was propagated did not come from my grandfather, he hated all guys equally, lol. It came from insecurity and terror, at an age of puberty that is already stressful and so confusing for all kids.

Later, I saw the weedy remnants of it, and it really came between us. I mean, nothing ever happened to her, lol. People love her just like they did her mother, and I just don't get it. I think it is more due to personal issues than to environment. She raised me, and I heard racism from her second husband, not her, but it didn't stick and actually turned me against him, at age 6! So it's not just what you are taught.

It is what these people want to think. They like how it makes them feel, I guess. All I know is that it is intolerable.

We are all unique flowers in the garden of the earth. Why lose even one? He or she cannot be replaced. Only allowed to propagate, and thus continue.

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by TheLily

I noticed that you are from Bedfordshire, would this be Bedfordshire in the UK?

I remember when i was at school, my best friend was a black girl and she was so fun to be around.

She was one of two black children in our class. I cant see that they had any problems from any other children, my friend never said she had been picked on.

Where i come from its very multicultrule, its a small town with alot of different coultures. We all seem to get along just fine, i have white, black and asian friends. And still to this day one of my closest friends is black.

its just a skin colour to me at the end of the day, it doesnt make you different from anyone else.

On the other hand i do know of some people that see different skin colour as a threat, if your not the same colour then i dont trust you.....i say that its silly to carry on like that. What would you do if i went away on holiday to a very hot country and came back with slightly darker skin, would you see me as a threat then?? Well no because its only a sun tan, well dur its only a skin colour......
see my point! We are all the same, two arms two legs get my point

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 11:29 AM
Racism. Blah. What can I say, when you get older, it tends not to matter as much. I don't know I notice it more on the internet than in the actual day to day world.
Meh. There will always be something, if we all mixed, it would be face-ism, sex-ism, or relig-ism...some kind of ism that people feel they should not be subjected to. Blah.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by Muckster

We are very similar although I don't have a skinhead lol. But yeah people sometimes expect me to be some kind of gym rat racist football hooligan but it really is not the case. It's a shame but sometimes when people realise my wife is black they're like "really!? You're with a black girl?" It's crazy how the whole world is still seen as it's stereotypes.

I like the point you make about "not selling out", it's so true, people live up to what they're stereotype is a lot of the time because they're simply lazy and don't want to achieve so they give some BS about oppression and staying true.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:25 AM
I don’t agree that racism is something cultivated in small isolated community. Increased influx of other races entering a country to work can lead to racism. It is possible for a place to become too multicultural you know and don’t think otherwise for even a second.
When it comes to it everyone will fight for their own land.

Racism in my opinion is actually not about skin colour, that’s only a secondary and perhaps coincidental factor in this.
Racism is formed in an individual through experiences individually or within the community which are deemed negative.
If a person has a number of these negative experiences associated with a particular race thought their life a negative picture is formed in their mind of the entire race or races associated. You could then say that person is racist.

Here is an example, near where I live the local government started to house immigrant Somalians. For some reason they decided to dump all these Somalians in one place.
It was not long before the area in which they occupied started to degrade rapidly, with drug taking, increased crime and police activity. Added to this that none of them work but all sponge off the government and you have painted the negative picture.
Now they happen to be black but it actually don’t matter what colour their skin is the locals want them out, and fast.

Racism you see is always a result of negative experiences collected through life of a race and its experiences with another race.

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by LUXUS

You write well and provide a good argument and, although I understand where you are coming from, i respectfully disagree with parts of your post...

Using your example of Somali immigrants you have to look at the following...

Somalia is a country on its knee's. No infrastructure, no government, rival clans in constant battle, Murder, Low life expectancy, corruption, and zero prospects for the people who live there.

Yet if you speak to the average person on the street, regarding this issue, hardly any will question the Governments sanity in housing such people in mass groups...

Is it not obvious that a people so damaged will just isolate themselves even further and create an almost shantytown style subculture?

If the government used common sense and spread these people out... they would be forced to mingle with other British citizens and therefore slot into society far quicker.

Instead of questioning the government and its decision, people will simply react to the sudden increase in foreigners and take the lazy route of supporting far right fringe groups. Almost as if the influx has triggered something dormant in their brain “i always knew they were dodgy... now we’ve got em coming into our town and causing problems”

I am not suggesting that people shouldn’t be angry... or that all of those people are racist... but its where they direct that anger that is warped in my opinion.

Also, I believe that my point about isolated groups is still valid...

The example you used is referring to an isolated group who, on the surface appeared to have no racist tendency’s until the influx of immigrants and the problem that occur due to this.

I would argue that many had racist tendency’s but simply no reason to voice them.

I lived in Islington, London, for the first 25 years of my life. I did experience Racism in London but it was never on the scale that I found when visiting towns that were predominately white. I could go for a drink with my mates in London with no problem... but almost EVERY time we ventured outside London we had problems regarding the colour of some of my friends!!

Racism in my opinion is actually not about skin colour, that’s only a secondary and perhaps coincidental factor in this.
Racism is formed in an individual through experiences individually or within the community which are deemed negative.

Sometimes, yes... which is why it’s often the media that inflame racial tension with their exaggerations and scrutinising of certain groups within society...

Almost all the racist i have ever known, when asked why they are racist, give newspapers quotes and stories as the reason for their racism...

"didn’t you hear about the Somali who had AIDS and deliberately infected white girls???"

Would it be more palatable if it was a white man that had infected these victims?

It is very rare that these racist give a valid personal reason for their thoughts... and what the papers fail to mention, alongside the Somali guy with AIDS story, is the fact that in the same month there was 3 murders, 25 rapes, 40 case of child abuse, 75 case of domestic violence etc... all committed by white men!!!

Hopew this makes sense... im in a rush at the moment cos ive gotta be somewhere... sorry


posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 01:17 PM
I never heard about the Somali guy going around deliberately infecting people with Aids. I think ins disgusting regardless of what his colour is.

There are only two origins to the way in which a person behaves, it is either genetically determined or formulated through experience. If you are saying a person displays “racist tendency’s” and they are not formulated through negative experiences i.e. it was just waiting for the right trigger to manifest then it must be genetic.

Some people then might then argue that there must be a natural reason for it. Could it boil down to an inbuilt survival instinct i.e. do not breed with other races?
Do not think that mother nature would not have placed a safety mechanism within the genetics of a race to prevent it from breading itself into extinction.

Secondarily different races often approach each other with caution. This caution results in increased observation. One could argue that this is also instinctive and therefore genetic.

Thirdly the instinct for one to protect their territory (you can even observe this in animals).

In modern society we suppress our animal instincts with logic but its only waiting for that trigger and that trigger as I said before comes about from negative experiences.

But back to the Somali, you say their country has no infrastructure, is corrupt, there is war, poverty etc Based on my observations I could have predicted that, how could it be any different the place must be a total mess.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by TeddiRevolution
Although I agree with everything you said, asking people not to define themselves by what they look like is akin to asking them not to be angry anymore. It's a tribe mentality. That's not to say it isn't dated- but it's just a fact of life.

I remember reading something about this at some point.

People who look like you are familiar and safe. They're in the same tribe as you. If a group of strangers who look different come walking into your village, they could be trouble. It's normal to fear what's different. It's part of being human.

There's nothing wrong with using stereotypes as a starting off point. Once you get to know the person, you can form a more accurate picture of them.

I heard Patrice O'neal (a comedian) say something along those lines. He said, If you're a black man and you're walking down the street and a group of bald white men are walking toward you, then just cross to the other side. Don't worry about being labeled as racist. Just be safe. Don't sit there thinking that they could be a cancer support group.

If someone has a gun in a store, I'd have just left.

Racism before you know a person is OK. Racism after is just stupid.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 04:30 PM
I would be indifferent. I really don't care.

I agree there is too much racism. On all fronts. We aren't allowed to talk about it because it isn't politically correct, but there is more than enough racism to go around in the Black and Hispanic communities. We are called racist if we didn't vote for BO but on the other hand, I would venture to say that most Blacks voted for him simply because he is black.

The reason I say that is simple; of all of his speeches, he never specified exactly whathe was going to change. He used mundane catch words and phrases like "Change we can believe in" and "Yes We Can", but they had and have no intrinsic meaning. They are empty phrases like "Coke, The Real Thing". It means nothing, it's just an advertising tagline to draw in the mindless. Therefore, the ONLY logical reason I can think of that the majority of Blacks voted for BO was preciselydue to his race. Had a white man used those same empty taglines and catch phrases, he would have been laughed at.

To my way of thinking, that is racism. But we can't say that. And to the original poster, when was the last time we've seen a news story framing a minority as a racist? It simply isn't allowed. It's taboo.

Unfortunately, minorities are encouraged to keep racism alive and well, by the MSM, most of those left of center and politicians. I live in a diverse city and I just don't see racism. I work with minorities and get along with them great. They are just another coworker like anyone else and I treat them with respect like anyone else. So, as I see it, as long as society continues to explicitly promote charges of racism, it will never die, even if only a perception.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 04:56 PM
Why are we allowed to be racists when it comes to the animals?
Isn't that very hypocrite and do we put our selfs below the animals by not respecting our different races?
Racism isn't the same as fascism or trolling.
Racism isn't by definition evil or bad.
Respecting habits, culture and religion is the same as respecting your own or any other race.

Lets say that in the Amazon's some new tribe that has never had contact with the outside world and live in the stone age, will be discovered next week,
how will you act?

Respecting them and leave them alone as much as possible?
Or would you build a freeway to it and offer them a franchising contract for McDonald's or KFC?

Listen to your Heart and RESPECT!

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