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N.Y. Congressman: 'Thousands and Thousands to Die From Oil Clean-up Alone'

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posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:18 PM

What do you think that was?

too little too late. the title remains, and continues to spread fear based on lies.

Fear is the enemy of truth. Those who want you to FREAK OUT are not on your side. Calm collected reason spreads truth far more effectively than the ego who wants to be FIRST instead of RIGHT.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by ziggyproductions05
It is true that people are becomin very sick! I like how he stated the use of the corexit is good for PR, and thats it! It was reported on that 162 people involved in clean up have become sick! I started a thread about this report but no one seems to be interested. S&F , great job on finding that video!! here is my thread

Just popping in to say I can back this up - I too, remember reading that article on CNN about the 150+ people getting sick a few days ago.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:50 PM
And once again, fear mongering on ATS. I should have seen this coming about the Corexit 9500 series right when they started using it.

It's a good thing they highlighted the parts in red that they wanted you to focus on:

Wow! When you put it in big bold red text like that, Billions of people are going to die! Oh wait, not billions - probably none. I always get those two confused.

Here is a rather generic Corexit 9500 series Material Safety Data Sheet for those interested. If you've ever worked in industry, you may have had a crash course in Hazardous Materials Handling. Some people are given better training. If you're a Hazwoper trainer, hello there!
The most common question I've been asked about MSDS were about the reporting in the "Right to Know" and "Other Information" sections. The truth about this reporting is: It's not uncommon for the manufacturers of just about ALL chemicals to pay a few students at Berkley a few shekels to have them say something about "may have carcinogenic effects via long term exposure, may be found to cause Cancer in the State of California" (really? what if I use them in a different state?). Usually, they don't... but just in case, in some freak of nature somebody gets cancer of the (insert organ here) whatever, they don't need a massive lawsuit in their laps, so it's a preventative measure.
In the case of most petroleum byproducts and dispersant - yes, they can be hazardous to the central nervous system, if you're huffing it like an 8th grade kid looking for a cheap high, or positively swimming in it.

Since Corexit is being used in a situation here where you couldn't ask for better ventilation, I'm afraid the MSDS couldn't be more appropriate in its' evaluation of a low possibility of exposure, with the standard PPE (personal protective equipment) associated with low exposure to mild agents.

From what I understand ALL BP employees who are involved in the use of these agents are given the proper NIOSH gear and entry level Hazardous Materials training. So wherein lies the rub?

"They do appear to have toxic properties. Both data sheets include the warning "human health hazards: acute." The MSDS for Corexit 9527A states that "excessive exposure may cause central nervous system effects, nausea, vomiting, anesthetic or narcotic effects," and "repeated or excessive exposure to butoxyethanol [an active ingredient] may cause injury to red blood cells (hemolysis), kidney or the liver."

Well when you put it like that - who would want to use it? Here's the kicker: I have been dealing with Responder information for the last 20 years or so, and I've been hard pressed to find a MSDS that DID NOT say something similar. Just about everything you eat, drink, touch, sleep on, drive, work with, and sit and BREATHE is toxic, deadly, will kill you, cause cancer and have nasty effects that will make you a sad panda. Everything. Don't believe it? Here's a MSDS for Gelatin:

Gelatin, pretty harmless stuff, right? Who doesn't love Jello? Now imagine reading that MSDS with this line in big bold letters (with a few added exclamation points, how did those get in there?)


Are a few people going to feel nauseated when using industrial agents? Yes. Should they be wearing the proper PPE? Yes. Are they? That's a good question because if they were, there wouldn't be this big of a tizzy about all of it. Corexit isn't the best thing they could be using (considering there are biodegradable alternatives), but it's readily available, inexpensive (again compared to biodegradables) and not exactly nuclear waste as far as toxicity. There are going to be people sensitive to anything. Some more than others.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:51 PM

Originally posted by b.jim
Ingredients for JOY dishwashing liquid:

Water , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Sodium Pareth-23 , C12-14-16 Dimethyl Amine Oxide , SD Alcohol 40-B , Undeceth-9 , PPG-26 , Sodium Chloride , Cyclohexanediamine , Polyacetate , Fragrance , FD&C Yellow #5 , D&C Red No. 33

Corexit or Joy, which is worse??

Awesome! Now get me the same list, only for Corexit 9500 so that I may compare them and answer your question.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:57 PM

I just feel again this is being given a pretty bad rap and yet another issue with this oil leak that's being beaten to death by people overlooking the obvious and focusing on a word here or there, then blowing it way out of proportion solely on lack of knowledge.

I really expected more from this community, and this entire event has brought out the ugliest of you. Arm flailing, fear mongering children having a temper tantrum over the littlest of issues, when such bigger ones are slapping you in the face about the very same oil leak. Amazing.

[edit on 29-6-2010 by EnkiCarbone]

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 10:24 PM
What is the point of this ridiculous scaremongering?

We live in an age where maybe a few hundred could die from this at worst, and every time i log onto ATS i see more fearmongering, what are they trying to distract us from?

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 05:07 AM
Agreed, scaremongering distracts from the real issues and helps nobody. That said, 'Thousands and Thousands to Die From Oil Clean-up Alone' is almost certainly no exaggeration - provided we step back for a moment from our species-centric view of the situation.

Many thousands of sea creatures will already have died from both the spill and the profligate use of chemicals to hide it. Again, from a non species-centric view, the toxicity of Corexit is not the central issue. It has already been scientifically established that dissolving the oil massively exasperates its ingestion by sea organisms.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 05:34 AM
At last a thread about the oil that may have a bit of truth in it.

They have a lot of clean up agents they need to get rid off becaue it is ilegal in europe and you need to follow the money to see who profits from the sale.

Agent orange was only suposed to kill trees and we all know how that was used.

Nice democracy you have when no one will answer these questions don't you think.

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