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BBOT What If?

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:29 AM
Coast is clear now.

Yesterday a man was trying to make a call out and several of the blue shirts came up and took his cell away. When he protested, one of the church officials came over and said "You were told when you got here to leave all cells and laptops in your luggage. That was part of the arrangement and agreement of being able to come here."

So, even though we were not told this upfront--- that conditions would be put on us, it seems they do not want us to have outside communication. So I really have to be careful.

Reminds me of a warning I once heard: "First Reliance; Then Compliance." Am I seeing this come to fruition in it's beginning stages?

After they woke us up early for this "urgent meeting" we all just sat in the sanctuary for about 45 minutes. It was adults only. They told us to just let the children sleep. There was coffee and bagels and everyone was in line for that during the 45 minutes of waiting. Then, they started a movie. It was a disaster movie. All about some hurricane coming on shore and how everyone gathered at the most solid house in the neighborhood but even that did not save them...blah blah. Who needs this crap at 5 am?

After that, there was a speaker. He announced that things were about to get worse. Worse than the movie and worse than anything that has ever happened in our lifetimes. He said this is why the children have not been allowed into this meeting.

He showed a video of a televised account of what is happening on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. I really didn't know what we were looking at. Then he started to explain to us that the Blow Out Preventer had tilted and this indicated that a pressure build up was mounting. He started from the beginning and took us every step of the way, explaining what a BOP is and how it had been placed, how it was supposed to look and what it was supposed to do.

He said what is happening now is that a huge methane gas bubble is forming. When it releases through the floor, bringing with it hydrogen sulfide and other harmful toxins, they expect two things that will happen simultaneously. The release of pressure will cause the collapse of the ocean floor which, in turn, will create a landslide and the coastal area will slide into the gulf. With syncronistic harmony, the methane bubble, as it frees itself on the surface will cause the extinction of millions of people in an instant when they breathe the combinations of gasses that will be released with it.

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:36 AM
To the OP: thank you for presenting this aspect of the disaster to us. It's very true that there will be many people who can't just pick up their "bug-out-bag" (BOB) and leave. There are also those who will simply not comprehend the threat if the scenario you have presented actually comes to pass.

Moving away from the story for a moment, please keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center (NHC) page HERE, because there is a region of weather that could be of concern in the next few days. In the past hours, the NHC rated its chances of becoming a "tropical cyclone" at 50% and have now downgraded that to 40%. All the same it's worth keeping an eye on if you or yours are in the Gulf region.

reply to post by Alethea

Reading your very disturbing posts here I find myself becoming enmeshed in a pyscho-surreal conflict. Is this truly a "real situation" you are describing? Not being from the US and a bit unfamiliar with how things are done there (or can be done), I am having trouble taking all this in and would appreciate any response.

Thank you,


posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by JustMike

reply to post by Alethea

Reading your very disturbing posts here I find myself becoming enmeshed in a pyscho-surreal conflict. Is this truly a "real situation" you are describing? Not being from the US and a bit unfamiliar with how things are done there (or can be done), I am having trouble taking all this in and would appreciate any response.

Thank you,


Just Mike,
Put your mind at ease. This thread is becoming a collaborative work of fiction.


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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by Alethea

Thank you.

In order not to detract from what you are conveying I am sending you further details via a U2U.


posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 10:51 AM

When we were finally released from the "urgent meeting" it was almost 9 o'clock am. I was hoping we would be able to have some breakfast and I wanted to be with the kids awhile. But, it seems like our lives have suddenly been planned for us.

There was no breakfast, or I guess it was supposed to be the bagel and coffee. The children told us they had been given a carton of milk and some cookies.

They had busses lined up outside and we were told that we would now be going for "health" evaluations. (Like they really care about our health? Feeding the kids cookies for breakfast and waking us from sleep to watch petrifying movies? Sorry to rant on and on about that but I am really, really hungry right now and am angry at being bombarded with propaganda.) They said they wanted to be sure that everyone had the medications they needed and that no one had anything that would be contagious to others as we had all been in close proximity and would continue to be so for awhile.

Bob and I gathered the children together and stressed to them how important it is for us not to become separated. We all went together to claim our luggage and lined up at the designated area.

I asked one of the blue shirts where we were going and he said "to the clinic." I already knew that. I said "Which one? Where?" but he had already shot past me to evade further questions.

Bob had gotten aquainted with a couple of interesting people and so had I. We all had a lot of questions about what was going on and why the people in charge seemed so evasive in giving us details. Our conversations came to an end as we found we were not allowed to choose our busses, seating arrangements, or comrades. Everything had been written onto lists and assigned. Names were called and checked off as people were allowed to board the busses.

I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I told Bob I didn't want to go. I wanted for us to go back home. All of this did not feel right. He agreed.

With the children in tow, we walked up to the man with the list and said we were not going and that we wanted transportation back home. He radioed someone, and in seconds, we were escorted back into the bulding.

We were taken to an office and sat outside the door waiting while one of the escorts went inside. The other two escorts were---what? keeping "watch" over us?

The man returned and said for Bob and I to come in the office. I said "We are not leaving our children out here. They come with us." Of course, they assured us the children would be fine, but Bob raised his voice and I think they could tell there was about to be a ruckus.

So the children came into the office with us.

The man at the desk had a blue shirt...but this time it had an insignia on the sleeve. It was an anchor with a snake wrapped around it. The snake was "armed" as they say in heraldric terms; it's forked tongue was evident.

Then came the devasting news. Because of the risk of exposure to TB and other contagious germs (for having been in a confining situation with others whose health is not known), the state and CDC now had the authority to quarrantine us unless we voluntarily cooperated.

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posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 03:51 PM
Shapeshiftress----Where are you??

Have you been able to verify anything observable to indicate the rainfall from the storm was toxic like they told us?

What are the animals telling us?

Have you seen any neighborhood dogs or cats drinking from the stormwater? Or birds? Lizards, even?

Have you noticed any changes at all in any animal behaviors?

Any more news coming over the radio?

Have you seen any people out stirring around? Any cars? Any patrols? Any trucks coming around to repair the power lines?

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by Alethea

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I have been on the move. After the last text I sent, I went out to check the area. I was a couple of streets over when I heard the helicopter. I ducked into a garage. I think they went to my house. I was really spooked.

Lady has been a real blessing. She has sniffed out three other "freedom fighters" as John calls them. He's an ex-marine. He lives in the next subdivision with his wife Andrea. We also found another guy, Myles out walking around.

We are all tyring to move north. It may be is a long way for me to walk, but I'll just take it slow and see what I can see. It's good not to be alone.

John told me what he thinks may have happened. I have to hit send and turn the phone off. John's afraid they can track the signal. I had been doing that anyway to save the battery, but it's very important now. Better go. Will move and then send more info.

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posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 07:46 AM
We are on the last bus out. These are commercial buses. Bathroom on board so there won't be any stops en route to wherever they are taking us.

I am sure we have been "marked" to be watched because of our protesting and wanting to leave.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 02:35 PM
Well, John thinks that the methane problem is real, but not the reason for this lockdown of the area. If that blows, it will happen fast. If it's under those rigs that are burning off methane, it will ignite it immediately. So who ever is near by is toast. No time to run. Secondly, it if generates a tsunami, folks would only have a couple of hours to run. Think of trying to get the word out, hold down the panic, clogged roads, accidents, etc. Then if it happens at 2am, getting the news out will be hard. Again, surviving it will be totally luck.
He was interested in the area that's closed He seems to think that there was a black op going on and they couldn't move it fast enough after the strom made that last unexpected jog. He doesn't know what's up, but he wants to get out of this area. We will move during the night. I feel bad, slowing them down. My sons will be trying to meet us from the north. We'll have to set the place and hope to make. The boys and I camped out often the those woods, so I told them a place we can meet. Hope it works.
Myles is an odd duck. I don't know if he is autistic, or mentally disturbed, or if he is in shock from something. I thought he might be sick, but no fever. He acted happy to see me, then started shaking when we met John and Andrea. He doesn't talk at all. We went into a house to find shelter and food, and he went crazy, started yelling and breaking things. John had to wrestle him to the floor. Then he turned passive. Very strange!
I haven't seen many animals, but Lady had drank water out of the puddles. It scared me, but she seems OK. The plants don't seem too happy with the oil, they look a little wilted to me. Let me know where they take you.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 01:04 PM
Very creepy. I imagine the vehicles that are out and about slipping all along the oil sheened roads. This is a great piece of work thus far and I cannot wait to see how it plays out.

posted on Jun, 24 2010 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by jackflap

Thanks. I'm glad you are enjoying the story.


I hope you are OK. Might be hard to write if they are watching you. I was hoping to just walk out of here, but John says we are in for a hard time. We have to cross a small river, but after all the rain with the 'cane, it won't be small any more. He was intrigued by the area being locked down. He thinks it's more like a dragnet area. I don't know who they might be looking for. John's worse than me about conspiracies. I just want to get out of here.
He thinks the CDC being involved is a clue. Maybe there is some pathogen on the lose or just a chemical hazard, but that hardly explains the limited area.
We rested up and will move as soon as it's dark. We have one large open area. We can skirt most of it, but one part will be hard. There is a ravine there, so we'll just cross the field. We are hoping for clouds and rain. Less chance of a 'copter coming by.
Myles really gets spooked when he hears them. It's a good thing his name is on his shirt, or we wouldn't even know what to call him.
Andrea is great! She insists on carrying part of my water and food. I feel bad about it, but it sure helps.
John and Lady are becoming close buddies. She took a liking to him right off. Well, time to go...wish us luck
stay safe, shapeshifterss

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 07:40 AM
I am really worried about you. Maybe they got you. I hope not. I will be more careful what I send.

Since we hit the woods, I have noticed a lot of things. You asked about animals and birds. There are no bugs out. That should be a blessing, but it's ominous. I have seen a couple of sick animals. They have oil on their fur and have been forced to drink the oily water. Even the dead animals aren't being attacked by bugs. I have to watch Lady like a hawk. I don't want her to drink any of the bad water.

Like I said, we did make it to the woods, but the going is slow with all the downed trees. I was really stuggling to keep up without being totally out of breath.

Then a storm blew in. It came from the north. It smelled so good. Even Lady just stood with her nose to the wind and supped up the air. I started to feel better, I had a headache and it started to go away. I think everyone noticed the difference it made. The rain that followed was wonderfully refreshing. Even Myles perked up. He still isn't talking to us, but he is alert and oberving everything. I just didn't realize how much the area affected me.
Stay safe.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 09:06 AM
Gee, has it been that long? Well, I guess it has! It looks dark outside.

Shapeshiftress, I am feeling really disoriented. Something isn't right. I remember after we got on this bus they gave us some more of those dry godawful turkey sandwiches and fruit punch. And right after that the kids fell asleep. It just wasn't normal. I figured the kids would be restless not having their blackberry's or DVD player.

Then, when I was whispering to Bob, he seemed like he was getting groggy. I think they must have put something in the punch.

I was drinking water, but then I did start sipping on the punch later. Guess that's why I was the last to fall out. I had already drank some before I realized what was happening to them.

There are not many people on this bus. We are sitting in the back. There are three blue shirts in front of us. Then there are a lot of empty seats. Up front I see about seven men and they are wearing suits and ties. Looks like they are having a meeting or something. They have some paperwork going around.

I think I will try to move up closer on the pretense of stretching out across the seats. I will pretend to continue to sleep and will listen to hear what I can.

I have no idea where we are. Hell, we could be in Atlanta by now for all I know. The windows are tinted darker than normal and I think it may be dark outside also. I know I was wearing a watch when we got on the bus. I don't have it now. What I do have is a slight headache and I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 03:33 PM
MARY, JOSEPH, and JESUS H. CHRIST! We are on a bus with a bunch of LUNATICS!

I think these guys might be preachers or something. I have heard them mention "the Council" and "the Brotherhood". They have been discussing sermon material that was sent to them by the Council. One said it's imperative that they all be on the same page with the same explanations.

They have been talking about Noah's flood. Seems like one of the sermons will be to remind people how no one would listen to Noah and so they were surprised and caught off guard when the waters began to rise and swept them all away. They are twisting the story to make it seem like the "flood" could have been a tsunami instead of a rainstorm. Supposedly there is new scientific information to uphold the tsunami theory.

Genesis 7 something. Breaking up the foundations or fountains? Water released through fissures in the ground or sea floor. Waters that were held back burst forth with catastrophic consequences. "Fountains of deep" came from a series of volcanic erruptions. Caused tectonic plate movement to accelerate...massive flooding. "The deep" means the ocean.

Sorry I can't get it all. Too many talking at one time.

They will tell the evacuees that they are righteous because they listened. Apparently, this will only be for the ones who are sent farther north. The elderly and anyone with medical problems will be returned to their homes in a few days after the processing.

They are going over outlines. "The creator has always spoken to us through the creation." How God communicates to us. They are citing scriptures that show god communicates through the elements of nature. Scriptures about how god lives in the dark clouds. Mt. Sinai was a volcano. The rumblings and thunders were understood to be god's voice. King David communicates with god and god answers by sending bolts of lightening from a volcano. Volcanoes are the alpha and omega of creation. They destroy the wicked and in the process cause new unhabitated lands to rise.

Have you heard any news on your radio concerning a tsunami warning or alert? I wonder if they will warn people of that or if these "sermons" are just to spook those who have evacuated and to "justify" moving them so far away?

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 11:43 AM

Have you ever heard of the Emerald Throne of God? That's what they are talking about now. The man that seems to be in charge is showing a video that will be for distribution among----I think he said the interfaith groups first, and then other NGO organizations.

From what I can see here with one eye open, it looks like silly illustrations of an old bearded man on a throne with a green aura around it. Supposed to be "God", I guess?

Again, he is saying that this "God" communicates with people through natural events.

"In the beginning there was a "First People". From what little is known of them, they were those who first discovered fire and how to use it. It was not some alien technology given to them. It was through natural elements in the earth that they, themselves discovered. In inner circles they are known as the "Cult of Fire".

According to the ancient manuscript, kept by special monks, it is rumored that even to this day, generations from these people observe the rituals of preserving the Everlasting Flame.

They come from a place which was known as The Land of Green Flames. Stories from ancient folklore reveal that at certain times these people observed a green flame coming from the sea which errupted up, into the air. It would burn above the sea for quite some time and then suddenly disappear. It could be seen for many many miles inland.

Of course, this phenomenon was believed to be a communication from God, and thus the legend of God's Emerald Throne began. "

The man laughed loudly at the astonished faces in front of him. "But of course, these things are only for you to know." He chuckled again.

One of the men, I suppose he was an evangelist of some sort asked "What are we going to tell our congregations?"

The man in charge said "Nothing different than everything else we have been instructing you to them all these years." (What a sinister grin he had on his face!)

"They all believe there is an old man sitting on the throne that is going to right all the wrongs and we just keep telling them that and to have patience. What's been set in motion can't be stopped---they don't need to know the details. They couldn't handle the details!"

(From the looks I saw on the faces of the other men, it didn't look like they were handling the details too well themselves.)

So, from what I gather, this Land of the Fire Worshippers, or "Lands of Green Fire" was some sort of natural phenomena of numerous burning hillsides dotting the landscape, and the emissions were caused by gasses seeping through fissures in the earth.

Could it be that when they saw the Green Fire burning on the sea surface from some underwater volcano, they assumed this was their benefactor who gave them light and warmth?

And pieces of this myth are still being perpetuated today?

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 12:19 PM
Before this storm hit, I was watching the live feed videos when the blow out preventer "came off". I recall at one point there was a puff of green smoke billowing out.

Maybe there is something to this "Emerald Throne" of God being related to gas vapors.

One of the guys in the meeting is citing some scripture about the "rainbow" that surrounds the emerald throne. Revelation something---I didn't catch it. Anyway the guy in charge is laughing again. He says the "rainbow" is the oil slick.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 04:06 PM
Uh-oh. It get's even worse.

"Look up and see your salvation!"

The man is laughing. Oh how they are mocking the masses!

"Well, we always told them Jesus would be coming on a cloud! And right here, the scripture tells you the cloud he rides will be like lightning. 'For as the lightening cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be!"

Do you think they could be expecting a methane explosion? Could this be what it has always meant? Has this been used before to depopulate the masses? If so, do you think it has been used purposely or just happened to be a natural disaster?

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:28 PM
I love the idea that you have up taken.
Wow, what can I say? It took me a while to read it bit by bit and it was definitely worth it!

A creepy idea, beautifully written.
I can't wait for more of your work!

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posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 05:59 PM
Thank you from both of us, BlackPoison.
I hope if we have any fans they will drop in to say "Hello" and help to keep us on the front page!


posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 07:50 PM
Btw, Shapeshiftress, are you familiar with the Oracle of Delphi? It may have been among the earliest concepts of a deity or a "god". The Sybil was thought to have had visions and supernatural divining by breathing the gasses from a fissure in a cave. The leaders of that day depended on direction of the diviners. Maybe it has always been about the oil. Ya think?

We have arrived at a university hospital. There are armed guards everywhere.

How far inland are you now? Are you seeing much population? Are people leaving the area? Do you see roadblocks? Any civilization yet with TV or internet?

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