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Seattle officer punches girl in face during jaywalking stop

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by backwherewestarted


Anyone that becomes a LEO knows that there is risk involved. I truly believe cops increase that risk to themselves daily with behaviour like this and covering for fellow officers that behave like this.

Police are supposed to be trained to handle these types of situations but instead, they are constantly on the attack becoming as bad as the element they are working against.

I have a son that has an incredible temper. If he were to enter law enforcement, I'm sure we'd see him on one of these bad cop videos. I would fear for his life daily because you get what you give.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:30 AM
reply to post by HistoryIsOnlyHisStory

Hey they assaulted an officer, youj never lay your hands on an officer. He was doing his job trying to keep them safe and they started hitting him. What are we now allowed to assault officers for free. Am i the only one that knows that when you do something wrong deal with the consequences, instead these 2 women escalated things. By law he can if he is being attacked he has fair judgment on that. He is doing his job. You get everyone hyped thinking someone was doing something bad when its the other person. If you had the title say Woman assaults an officer people on here would be for the police. You got to realize that there is no police state you are just upset when you get a ticket, i know i was when i got one. But its not the breakdown of society. The breakdown of society is when people can violate laws and be able to assault police officers and disobey the law.

Those two women were causing a problem, camera didn't catch what originally happen so we can't take what we didn't see before, so he was going to arrest her and she fought back, resisting arrest i don't know if you people know but thats a crime, and her friend attacked the officer by hitting him and laying her hands on him. So he had to defend himself he was out numbered, not just by those to girls but there were people starting to get involved. If she had not fought back and the friend didn't lay a hand on him the punch never would have happened.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by chise61

Really what point were you trying to make ? I couldn't see it as it got lost in there someplace amongst the smartassed, clownish answer. I like your humor and can usually see your point and reasonable side within it, but dude sometimes you get just a little carried away and it seems more like someone acting a fool instead of using light humor.

Ok here I'll explain why I made my post the way I did.

I could have explained my reasons to you strait forward, I could have tried to be literal.

But when I approach people I don't try to get them to accept something I'm saying, instead what I do is give them the opportunity to see it for themselves.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you thought my classifications for each type of response were incorrect. and the last was obviously one of a possible Cop.

But why would you think that...if you did that is?

Because it is possible to judge a post by it's color, I'm not saying one race is better than the other I'm just showing there is indeed a difference. But at the core we are all the same.

My intelligence or goodness is really not the point I'm trying to get across, so sometimes there will be sacrifices.

And IMO stereotyping anyone is not cool.

People stereotype themselves that's the only reason why they take offence to being stereotyped.

Why on earth would a black man ever get mad at being stereotyped for liking chicken. I mean who the hell on Earth does not like chicken? It's because they have branded themselves as the only people who like chicken which is just wrong.

I'm Mexican and for the life of me I don't understand why Mexican Americans get mad at the (B)word. I love beans, I eat beans every single day. If some white dude calls me a (B)word the only thing I do is raise my hand or turn my head with the hopes of eating another dish of beans. Why would I get mad at the fact that I love beans?!?!? I mean I love beans!

When is the last time a person of any color got mad for being stereotyped as someone who loves his mother?

That's why people say your a mother @#$%#$ instead of saying your a mother tit sucker. they can't do that because everyone has sucked his mothers tit. Hell I still suck my mothers tit.....did...I..saythat out loud.....Damn.

anyway people only stereotype themselves when they get offended.

I wasn't using humor when I asked you the question, I was serious. My mistake for thinking that you would respond seriously and without stereotyping, I guess cops aren't the only people that you have a problem with. I have respect for you even though I may not always agree with what you say, because your posts are usually well thought out and you make some very valid points. Unfortunately your response to me this time wasn't one of them.

Well I'm glad to see people get offended when I say they care more for a dog then their fellow human.

I think offending people with such things also reminds them that they should get offended about such things.

About the rest of your post....

I just feel that the US is at a cross road. Cop brutality no longer only happens to one group of people.Americans in general have to choose to tone the force their police use down or provide a scary law abiding future for their children.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 02:06 AM
What did she expect to happen, she pushed an officer... you even brush up against a officer it is assault. Who knows how long the other chick was resisting arrest? She should have just took the jaywalking ticket... smiled and left. I'm sure she through a fit, about the ticket... and that is why what happened. happened.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by Extreme Pilgrim

I gave you a star for each posting, as that is all I have to give you for these outstanding examples. Examples of why I have moved myself and my American family from USA 26 years ago and why I teach my daughters and still do, "If you see a US LEO for your own safety go in the opposite way"! The Leo is not our friend they do not have your safety in their minds. Don't talk to them when spoken to they are like those people in the park that gives candy to little kids to go their way. Nothing good will come of it.

Thank you, Extreme Pilgrim I have emailed all of your Utubes links to both my daughters for further education purposes. Pity the pregnant wife did not have a firearm to protect her husband. Lost is the American Pioneering spirit when Americans allow this Nazi behaviour to continue without regard to the future victims.

Declaimer for LEOs who will say I have a bad attitude because of this and that and that I was a bad boy. I am a Decorated US Army Veteran 2 Honourable Discharges and seeing this abuse makes me sick.... Worse reading postings of support of this behaviour. I have never been arrested - just a cop hater since my protest days who tried to keep us from our rights which was peaceful protests. Pixs may be view on My Photos. Repeat I have never been arrested my hatred is by LEOs examples of their sub human behaviour which is furthered by the videos provided by Extreme Pilgrim! And no I would never call the police if I was robbed.

Back on topic I was taught by my mother that there was never any reason to hit a girl (woman) a lesson that I carried on in overseas duties which was not popular among all of my fellow soldiers. No reason what so ever and in overseas the only overruling reason was if they posed a threat to life! There was no life threatening behavior in the OP video. Just a mindless Thug with a gun and badge. Jaywalking! Another only in America in the land of the free that many of us gone to war to protect freedom story. I can only hope these LEOs karma will reach these LEOs family the same way they have touched these lives.

Edited to provide other examples to go in hand with Extreme Pilgrims videos.

Drunken Jealous Off Duty Leo Kills UnArmed Marine who had hands in air showing they were empty

Original ATS Thread regarding above Link

[edit on 6/17/2010 by IceHappy]

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:23 AM

Originally posted by themystic123
Ummmm.... What I'm not understanding is why there are so many people on the forum who think its ok for a GROWN ASS MAN to PUNCH a TEENAGE FEMALE in the FACE.

It shouldn't matter that he is a police officer.

Yes, it both of the girls were in the wrong but DAMN. Subdue her ass don't PUNCH her in the FACE.

That's just wrong...

Unfortunately in the heat of the moment you don't think straight. And also how are supposed to know her age? He didn't have time to ask for ID. He was in the middle of something and she assulted him.

If she would just stayed by the side and not gotten involved she wouldn't of gotten a pop in the mouth.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by Extreme Pilgrim

Nope. It was the fact that they are resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

in the videos you show. the one with the ambulance.
the cop is wrong. he's breaking the law. most states have laws that you can't stop or impede the progress of a emergency vehicle while they are working.
the cop is just wrong there.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:01 AM

Originally posted by Izarith
Aw I'm sorry man.

Should be sorry for not living up to my expectations of you, darnit! Just kiddin, I did not quite mean to warrant an apology.

I am tired it's a bit past my bed time actually.

Holy crap! I assumed something and I was right. I am framing this and putting it up everywhere my g/f's eyes my pass.

I meant no disrespect to you bud. and yes my post was totally stupid and lacking in substance.

The only thing that seemed off was the fact that it was lacking your usual substance and I only felt that it seemed like a waste of your time and of a respones to me. Hope that makes more sense.

I don't know if your a cop or not but you do express your opinions in a very decent manner. I apologise If I insulted you in anyway.


LOL. Not a cop. I am not even really a fan. I have never been abused by anyone other than the courts. All personal interactions with cops have generally been really pretty decent. I am cooperative, polite, and just do not lie. That is it. I have never had to try to get out of something I was not guilty of. I also live in a place rampant with police corruption. Just one of the many treats we have is a entire department full of newly jailed ex-cops for everything from forging documents to allow someone on the force that should not have been - to that guy killing a baby while high on coc aine and driving drunk and fleeing the scene. I have a big problem with the insititution that it is, the department, the force. I try to be a little less harsh on each cop as an individual but that is just me.

I just really don't like Cops. they have never not once in my life been there for me. I have a clean record and I'm the most law abiding citizen you'll ever meet in your life. But these police in America, California to be precise have tainted my view of them irrevocably forever maybe.

I am sure it is more a local thing. I have a criminal record and I still really cannot complain. Believe me, that does nothing to make me doubt your experience though. I know I have not shared the experience of many others.

Since the age of 5 years they have done nothing but put my life at risk with their modeling and lack of human essence or respect for life.

That is a shame and I can understand how that would help to instill and nourish a special kind of hatred. Sorry your experiences have been so far on the opposite end of the spectrum from mine.

I have a big bone to pick with Cops, a real big bone, But that's just my opinion of them and I do apologise if I cause you any offence no matter what or who you are or think about Cops.

thanks for the level headed reply to get me back to my senses.

Hey, do not worry. I just felt like if you took the time to respond to me, I should get something more than remarks about his vagina. Again, my expectations of you so ya know...who am I to expect!

[edit on 6/17/10 by evil incarnate]

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by America?
They should have citizen arrested the cop.


You people are ridiculous. He was doing his job when that other woman jumped into the mix. She's lucky all she got was a crack to the face. As far as the other resisting arrest... man I'd call back up immediately. She needs the book throw at her. WTF?

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by Team Locke


People are making this about race and age and anything they can.

It's sad that actual brutality cases get bandwagoned like this.

This girl, acted like someone who needed to get punched in the face. Not to mention - she's done it before.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:32 AM

Originally posted by Izarith
OK let me explain it...

In this situation with your comment, I was not directly responding to you or belittling your comment.

I was just admiring your humorous joke of not seeing the same video as others even tho it was obviously the same one.

I took your joke an ran with it, your joke and point were good mine was bad due to my lake of sleep from haggling with people who justify police brutality against children.

OK, I can see that. Sorry if I just felt like when I got to the end I was still waiting for you to say something real and vagina jokes seemed beneath you so for that to be the whole of what I got made me curious why you bothered. I got it now and really appreciate that you took the time to get some rest and respond in a manner I see you usually give to everyone else. I just felt so left out

I call this police brutality because I as a law abiding citizen can not strike a child in the face with out myself facing a Nazi Cop who is charged with the Job of tossing my butt in jail for doing what this Meter Maid did in the video.

I guess fair enough. What if that child has enough strength to take your life? Do you not think their might be some room for self defence if you are not only comparable in size but, like that cop, half the kids size? I do not think it would be an easy case to make but my nephew is 15 and about 9 ft tallk and 800lbs. Not really but he is a big dude, he picks me up like nothing. He punched my sister in the back of the head one night (believe me she had it coming) and the cops removed him so fast. They were so worried that he was a threat to the family because of his size. Just my personal experience and not exactly the same. But that girl was much bigger than that cop and old enough to be charged as an adult for many crimes.

An example for me would be Michael Weiner Savage. I would love to see him get grabbed but at the same time, if he was being attacked by one person while wrestling with another, I would even defend his right to defend himself of a percieved threat during an already frighteningly dangerous situation.

I want to hate the cop right along with you. I just cannot get myself to feel sorry for lefty who insisted on using his right hand to reach for the bears face while it was fishing. Even if that cop was a complete scumbag, what is she for attacking a cop who is trying to conduct an arrest if not at least stupid? Sometimes being right is not worth buying dentures. A good bridge can cost 8 grand and makes eating corn on the cob and apples a thing of the past. She could be right to defend her poor poor friend, get punched in the face and still end up not helping her friend, or she could stand back, let it happen, and take it to court. Afterall, it was just a ticket stop, right?

I made a bad joke get over it, I know I'm close to perfect but I'm not quite there yet. But don't give up hope, keep being one of my fans and you just might see my day of perfection come.

LOL, I am over it really. It was not even that big a deal to begin with. Honest. It just gave me flashbacks of Dat-Fan winning over Todd Glass on Last Comic Standing and a little part of me died inside all over again.

Meh, I have my bad days.

Do me a favor and do not go back through my post history so I can claim I never sink low.

I think some times I do this subconsciencly so my fans don't end up with a shrine of me in their house, would not want them ending up with bad knees from to much worship. A little is ok tho.

Good to do that for the sheep and all, but come on - us guys at the top gotta stick together, right?

No the hermaphrodite in the video although obviously weak was definitely not skinny. You see one of the problems of steroid abuse, especially with cops who only have half a half of a ball sack and a vagina is that they run the risk of something known through out the bodybuilding community as NUTLOCK.

My bad then. Perhaps he just seemed skinny in contrast to those poor little girls.

What happens during Nut Lock is you still maintain the big body of a man or in this Meter Maids case Half a man, but you lack the natural testosterone secreted by the nut sack with TWO balls in it that enables the big body to actually use it's strength. The urge to have intercourse with a woman is totally lost and you inevitably end up viewing them as a rival or competition. impotency is another side effect of nut lock caused by over use of illegal steroid abuse.

Sounds like a Clive Barker short story I read in High School "The Age of Desire."

There are plenty of good candidates, i'm sure there are plenty of good hermaphrodites with half a half of a ball sack that would do a great job as a meter maid. I think the problem is the hiring standards of the meter maid union society of America.

Ok but see this is where I am conflicted. Let's just say that I accept the premise that he is just a weak, braindead, chemically imbalanced, juice-head. I can believe it, I am pretty sure I know the exact type you mean so I will accept that premise.

So...what are the girls excuses then for using violent physical force in retaliation for someone detaining them for a period of time? I find it hard to justify that in any manner. Her life and her person was not in danger until she introduced violence - both of them. So, the cop is full of muscles and wants to watch Desperate Housewives so he acts like a freak. The girls are -------- so they act like freaks.

I need something to go in that blank in order to see them as handling this any better than him. I just cannot justify the first girls violent resistance that initiated the scuffle to begin with. A cop being a prick is one thing but reacting violentintly seems less than appropriate to nonviolent problems.

Well like I said I was a cab driver for 5 years. Try driving cab for a while, eventually you'll pick up a lesbian who you confuse with a drill Sargent with a buzz cut and a swing blade. These girls have bigger balls then I'll ever have or at least they sure as hell try to prove it. These lesbians might like the pootytang but they care not for the burden most real men have of having two full balls in a nut sack and the decency not to hit a woman.

LOL. Actually where I live is like the Western New York Mecca for Deaf and Gay people. I have helped a few of the latter remodel their homes so I know who ya mean. They are fun as hell to go out with though because they have pretty friends, money, and love a guy that they can beat up.

Screaming in pain and crying like a little girl is a reaction. no one is saying the cop had no right to react to the girl pushing him. I'm just saying that Knocking her teeth out is a bit unprofessional, especially for a meter maid with nut lock yet with out the swing blade.

Screaming in pain and crying would not have prevented her from whatever it was she was trying to do though. I hate to stereotype but if she had acryllic nails on, she could have blinded him easily. I know that seems extreme but in that situation, I just know that my first reaction would that I am threatened and need to put it down. I guess because I know I would not have reacted much better myself in the case of someone attacking me, I have this crazy empathy for the guy. I know that is not going to be a popular thing to have said.


You might think it's hypocritical but I'll have you know that patato bugs have survived for millions of years with that line of defence.....millions of years....

LOL! Ok, you may have that point but I think my point that it is no more brave that punching an attacker in the face still stands. I am not knocking your defense, just the idea that it requires more bravery to curl up than to react.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by Izarith
True, just goes to show you that not every one is looking for a law lawsuit, some people just want to cross the damn street in peace. Ah but alas we must all bow done to the all mighty little red flashing hand of GOD!

See, that is just where my personal bias comes back in. Since I pay taxes, registration, and plate fees - I feel I have the right to use those roads to drive on. I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how her right to cross the street anywhere she likes, trumps my right to drive without being impeded by pedestrians. Given their ages, and the fact that they were walking, I would guess they are not paying as much for the roads as I am. How do they still have more right to jaywalk and make me stop, be more tense, make driving more hazerdous than it already is, and even risk the possibility of wasting more tax dollars to get scraped off the street. Are they not allowed to cross within miles at a place where cars come to a stop anyway?

Please explain to me how the right to walk across the street trumps the right to drive down it unimpeded.

Indeed what were these surfs thinking to dare defy the empty road and it's benevolent laws. Burnt at the stake I say, that should be their fate.

That is not the point. I have a baby killer cop in prison just miles from my home. I see more people screaming about this video and this video is obviously debatable. Baby killing is pretty cut and dry. See my point? When someone finally asks "OK, what is wrong with the cops, we want to fix it?"

and all you can answer with is this video that is highly subjective, while babykillers sit quietly in the corner, I am afraid you have already lost the cause you seem to want to pursuse - overthrowing tyranny.

My point with the president was that I have no problem finding issues to complain about. But when I ask someone else why they hate him and they only mention some Russian Dentist's fantasy, they lose my interest.

When cops are doing horrible things under the cover of darkness all over and people are screaming about something this subjective, I feel you are turning away possibly sympathetic ears in areas of any importance. Maybe no one wants anyone to really listen to cries of police brutality. I guess all I am saying is that there is a ton of good stuff out there and this thread shows that opinions on this vary widely. Just seems like a bad one to get so vociferously behind.

Surly our meter maids should not instead try to explain to these peasants that j-waling it an infraction for such and such reasons, Nay! they must be ticketed tried and executed for their crimes against the all seeing eye!!

Well, I did see someone point out that if minor laws are ok to ignore, then why do we have them. Are you taking steps to have j-walking laws repealed? Do you have a list of laws you think should be repealed? Do you have a plan of action or does it consist soley of mocking cops on ATS threads? Serious question. I mean, if you really feel the law is so unjust then I am all for hearing you total stance on it and your proposal. Not sarcasm.

Wow, Wow, Wow bud...stop right there....

People who talk in the theater should be shot, that's all I'm going to say.

We just cannot agree on anything. I say we scalp 'em, then we tattoo 'em, then we hang 'em, and then we kill 'em. I will not only march along side but lead that parade with you.

But again where is a cop when you need him?

Having sex with not his wife at the Gates Motel

When is the last time you have ever heard of a Cop walking up to the jackass talking at the movies and blowing his brains out? Never.

And you never will because Cops are to busy knocking the two front teeth out of little girls.

Come on now, I saw your in-depth analysis of races and how to identify them. You do not even think that maybe a nice Chinese-Jewish girl with a loud mouth and defiant attitude toward laws and cops might also have something to say when Jenny Love Hewitt runs the wrong way? Be honest with yourself.

Maybe that what Cops are doing...they are pushing people to the point of putting a stop to cop and now meter maid brutality.

Cheers bud..

[edit on 16-6-2010 by Izarith]

Maybe but I still think if she just obeyed the law in the first place, none of this would have happened. No more wrongs make it right. If she had a problem with the law, until someone can show me how it trumpes my right to use the roads to drive on, she started it by breaking the law, not fighting it.

I appreciate other people's perspective on this. Like I said earlier, I have a bias from my time in the city stopping mid road, waiting for people to take as long as they can to cross the street, just so I can move 20 feet and stop at a red light anyway. It is not cheap to drive in NY state and they get free sidewalks, free crosswalks. I think they should use them or legitimately fight against them.

[edit on 6/17/10 by evil incarnate]

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by franspeakfree

Originally posted by Unregistered
She shouldn't have resisted like that. It's a big no-no to resist arrest. Just cooperate.

Like the jews you mean when they were ordered in to the gas chambers? those who give up their liberty for freedom deserve neither. What happened to the friendly policeforce, why is there so much bravado and egotism nowadays?

This and that are different situations.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:01 AM
The officer has been temporarily reassigned. He has been taken off patrol duty and placed in a training unit to review police tactics.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by HistoryIsOnlyHisStory
The officer has been temporarily reassigned. He has been taken off patrol duty and placed in a training unit to review police tactics.

Another star to m8 thanks for the follow up. Many thanks for the follow up.

At least there is an attempt to help modify this LEO's technique and attitude. It is a shame that he will be released again with a gun n badge to interfere with peoples lives.

I would believe that hassling someone for Jaywalking was a choice call considering how many victim crimes there are that have to wait for an available Leo to be dispatched. Just seems to me a bad decision on his part and a bad use of taxpayers money and while others who need his presence for a "real" crime must wait for him to get over himself and his paperwork created by his bad decision.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 12:48 PM
I will ask a few questions, let's see if this clears some things up.

1) When is a police officer allowed to place his hands on you?

Their are only 2 instances when an officer is allowed to place his hands on you according to their regulations and training. 1. During a search. 2. During an arrest. Any other forms of undesired touch are assualt

2) Can a police officer commit assault? If yes, Where is the line drawn?

Yes, an officer is subject to the same laws as everyone else. An officer can commit assault and as the previous question answered, the line is drawn by means of arrest/search.

3) You should not place your hands unwanted on someone at the bar, they may punch you in the face... is this now also true of police? Is their response to undesired touch now comparable to that of a drunk?

NO! Officers are held to a higher standard They are supposed to be an example of how to act. They are looked up upon by their peers and children. Would you want your son to look up to someone who punches woman in the face for a shove?

This officer started out touching the woman in black without attempting to restrain or search. This is assault and this is what escalated the physical contact. Once the woman in black swatted the officers hand off her neck, he then began an attempt to arrest. Prior to the hand being knocked off her neck he made no attempt to arrest or search, he was merly attempting to project power by being physically dominate with a single hand placed on the neck.

These woman the second they mouthed off to the officer should have been both arrested (PROPERLY AS TRAINED) and booked for disrupting the peace or something. You treat officers with respect, they did not.

The officer is dealing with kids. He should have handled this with the strength an officer has. Not with the lack of control and violence of a drunk.

What upsets me the most is that the officer was the one putting people in danger by not doing things as he should have. He is required to be the one who keeps situations from becoming a danger, not the one who brings the danger. He could have got himself killed if there had been a violent criminal with a hatred for police around.

Was the officer justified in punching the woman in the face? Yes. You do not touch an officer. Period. He has a very risky job and cannot take risks. Did the officer properly handle the undesired touch? No. There were other options available to him. He should have maced both woman the second this happened. A punch to the face is not consistently effective in stopping people. Mace is far more consistent. Again, this officer put people in danger (himself) by not using the tools given to him. A punch to a womens face may have got him stabbed by a person standing around, shot or jumped. A mace spray would have subdued both woman and made them ineffective by blinding.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by StevenDye
I'd want to hit her too...she interrupted his job and was pushing against him all the while shouting in his face.

She got what she deserved.

Man or woman....if you start screaming in my face and pushing against me, I will hit's a natural reaction. We all have a breaking point.
Sorry mate, the Police Officer is a SERVANT. And a servant must first and foremost do his duty to his MASTERS. The jaywalking "statute" is put there to be foisted upon other SERVANTS (those who do not assert their own position as Masters). But that's no excuse for unprofessional behavior. Breaking point my arse.

Saying that, I am English, and think the idea of having laws on where you can cross the road is rediculous. So the fac tthis whole situation even started sounds crazy to me.
Don't worry, this will all be over soon enough.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:01 PM

Originally posted by draevin
reply to post by Team Locke


People are making this about race and age and anything they can.

It's sad that actual brutality cases get bandwagoned like this.

This girl, acted like someone who needed to get punched in the face. Not to mention - she's done it before.

She has had previous issues with her behavior and/or the police?

Go figure, maybe hes punched her numerous times

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 01:21 PM
Honestly, c'mon....

What if the second girl grabbed his service sidearm? Or even brushed it? We were not there.

Behave civilly, show respect for your fellow humans.

Officer: Please don't jaywalk in the future, this is a verbal warning.

Girl: Ok sorry.


Office: Get over here, QUIT JAYWALKING (grabs girls neck)

Girl: HELL NO, don't touch me... (Spins out of control....)

I do think there's more to this outside the video, verbal abuse on the part of the girls toward the officer.

Equal rights. If that was a 2 guys scuffling I'm sure he would have punched one, tazed another, maced the crowd, and drawn his weapon.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:56 PM
I got on and off a bus at that stop for two years and taught those kids for three years.

That corner is a drug gang hang out. One of the cops at that corner pointed out to me that there were over 12 gang tags there on the pole, and you would see dealing and smoking. Also, fights would often break out and there is a habit of escalation. But one of the biggest issues was the jwalking. From 1 to 40 kids at a time would just walk out in front of incoming traffic... and not take the overhead walking bridge. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

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