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Bombshell expose'. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 11:41 PM
Blame it solely on BP and greed... When you have ¾ of a nation that’s been drinking fluoridated water for most of their lives that’s about the extent to which the inquisitive portions of their brains can function.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:45 AM
I just feel shell SHOCKED.

I want information that is reliable. It would help if I could have some sort of idea about how much oil is coming out, and how much they are able to collect?

Colbert did his number crunchy thing and seems to have given the most decisive answer yet - that cutting it made so much extra that the saving it - it's still actually more coming out.

But instead I get a president that looks WAY too unconcerned, (whether he is or not) .....acting like a spiritual cheerleader.

I'm in Georgia. I want to know if this is going to mess up my garden, because if it does, I might just start cursing some BP men, and I don't mean sayin dirty words....

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 01:02 AM
Latest news on the oil leak is as much as 2.52 million gallons a day with a capture rate of 648,000 gallons a day. Plans are to increase the capture rate to 3.4 million gallons daily by mid july.

Makes you wonder why the incresed capture rate will be needed. Nice call on the exponential increase predicted in previous posts

Yahoo news

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 01:04 AM
This whole thing is a new one in history. No one knows what is going to happen or how bad it will get, but we do know that the criminals are controlling the crime scene and Obama is weak or somehow in cahoots. I'm just saying that's what it looks like.

I've been against the use of Corexit from the beginning. To me it seems to make a bad situation worse.

For a long time, I really thought they were trying to end this crisis, but now I am thinking TPTB want it to continue for some twisted reason.

Should we be a little frightened about the possibilities? I am.

Star and flag for the OP. Excellent thread.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 02:24 AM
hmmm... a real reason could possibly be planet X. What does oil do for your engine? Cools it down right? What could oil do for our boiling oceans? Not entirely sold on the planet X theory but when you look at it from this perspective it makes sense. Mixing toxic chemicals with the oil that will affect our breathing. where? The coastlines, ahhh yes, evacuate the coastlines for the mega tsunamis? Another thought. Fema camps, a place to be safe? Another thought. The goverment spending money like they know something is coming, yet another thought. Write me, I would be interested to hear your opinion.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:09 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Thought there had to be financial gains somewhere to be had in this orchestrated disaster, just couldn't figure out who would be benefitting from it. Thank you for bringing this to ATS members' attention.

Google search link above on Corexit Toxicity, pretty damm scarey. Why does the innocent sea-life have to suffer because of man's greed and total lack of responsibility in protecting this planet we call our home???

Sorry not sure how to embed videos from youtube. Above video is in relation to the Corexit toxicity.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:56 AM
Let's sum this all up shall we?

The British are coming, The British are coming!

Could this Oil disaster be an Attack by the British? Were we hit by British terrorists? I'm starting to think so.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:50 AM
SO corexit stops the oil from reaching the surface,
would it be better not to use any dispersant's
and skim the oil off the top of the sea after all
oil does float on water.

i see the argument about the profit in using this
corexit but why are people with boats and pumps
with large holds not allowed to suck/skim this oil
from the surface and maybe even sell it on?

surly this would be better than what we see BP
doing at the moment.
yes it may only take so much of the oil or it may
get a lot of the oil over a long period of time.

what really gets me mad is NO ONE OWN'S the world
we all share it! yet were not allowed to dig a hole
and hit oil and sell it.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:41 AM
It is time to nationalize oil production. Just like when Mexico did it. We just sieze all foriegn facilities and give the profits to Americans. Unfortunatly corrupt officials will cause gasoline prices to remain the same. The goverment won't run the oil business very efficiently but it will run it with with more care. It will be our oil buisiness not the greedy people's. No longer will wars be fought for corporate profit.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

They use corexit because the people and corporations involved benefit multiple ways. First they can dump all these european banned disperants on america and therefore recoup any potential losses, and second they manage to hide the true extent of the disaster because the oil slick disperses rather than converge.

The really big issue here is that its making clean-up efforts much harder than it needs to be, all so BP can save face and claim "its not terribly bad". As others have stated its extremely toxic and has the ability to evaporate itself into the cloud formations meaning the entire globe will eventually get toxic rain. Bad for crops and bad for drinking water!

I am having a hard time believing the scope of this disaster and how complicit the american government has been from day 1! I still can't believe its been classified as "a crisis of national significance" rather than a federal and international emergency. It does NOT make ANY sense from a laymen's perspective...I guess it does make sense from AN INSIDERS know EXPLOITING DISASTERS to make money and push despicable agendas.

They want green energy? Why don't they force the oil giants to release the patents they bought up from smaller companies to prevent disclosure of such technology? Why do they need to create such an incredible disaster to push for clean energy when all they have to do is introduce new bills and have congress vote them in?

I think we should impeach obama and biden as they have proved themselves totally incompetant and are on the verge of destroying the planet. Yes I know it doesn't matter who is president because THEY WORSHIP the same rulers but at least it will give us SOME HOPE rather than NO HOPE! Before someone criticises me as being a republican I was also for impeaching bush and cheney several years ago but nobody cared enough to go through with it.

Keep impeaching and impeaching till someone listens to the people and tells big business to go # themselves!!! If I were president they would probably kill me after a week because I would be of no use to the establishment.

People have a choice of voting for many parties including the green party, libertarian party, socialist party, constitutional party, etc yet they always vote for either a democrat or republican and then they blame "bad luck" or a myriad of other excuses. Stop and take responsibility for yourself, your family and your country.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Is it just me or are all the BP ROV cams currently down?

I tried multiple links and none seems to be working for me...

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by ovelaset

well, this is the most substained information about this, leading us to further assumptions.

i see a lot of people cant understand that you can actually make more money out of a crisis than you lose during it. let me tell you, nothing is impossible in the nwos financial world and we just dont know # about it. money is magic and its evil, so simple.

so, i think this crisis proves without DOUBT, that were on the verge of apocalypse (maybe 2012?) and we will only survive, if we wake up to a very strange and disturbing fact: something wants to annihilate us and money is just one of its tools.

call it the devil, call it the nwo, call it corrupt governments, its all the same. its an evil force working there. if we dont wake up and recognize it and the reasons which allow it to perform its agenda, we are all dead.

i could go on about as what to change and name it, but then id be hunted down.

i just want to let you one thing which is important in this agenda and it connects the outerwordly and the worldy aspects, althought i dont know much about it, ive been given a hint once, that makes sense now more than ever.

on a really weird occasion i met a strange person. i want to cut this story short. he told me THAT all the technology we have, and which is "polluting" our environment, has been given to us by an alien-species. for the SOLE purpose to make the planet habitable to them and not to us. and to me it seems like they made the final step.

so its NOT really about making profit, its just about depopulation. masses, wake up to the truth or were all dead. the governments are cooperating with these aliens and they are lying about it and they will always lie about anything. and their biggest advantage is that noone believes in ufos & aliens - still!

"the devil will make you believe he does not exist." 'their' only motivation is death and destruction, they want the planet for them alone and probably enslave us, but i think not so really. why are they doing it the slow way you may ask? because they are so sadistic you could not even imagine? because they are 'SATANIC' for real? pure evil, it exists.

we all know that 2001 has changed the world. 9 years after this event, we still have no answers and had no vengeance! the killers are still free and i hear them laughing. but, of what nature are these killers really? one thing is sure, they are not human. maybe on the outside, but not on the inside and humans are their puppets.

if they launch a nuke on that thing, were all dead. thats what they want. if they launch the nuke, our fate has been sealed.

ps: if you are curious, ive seen enough ufos and whatever 'they' are. to me 'they' looked horrible and ugly, i think its the greys + reptilians. ive been standing in front of one them and he looked just like this, but way more ugly, this picture is just too cute. REPTILIAN:

pss: in regard to the greys, they have really dark grey skin and are pretty small. they always come in groups and never alone.

psss: i wish i was wrong, but i think im not.

thats all i know. i hope it helps although its either shocking or unbelievable. but you see whats going on, how unbelievable is that? anyone else feeling like living in a movie? i am making this offer to people, so that they can connect the dots better and to warn all of you.

god bless america

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:03 PM
ATS contributors are sometimes exasperating to me because our politics range across the board. But despite these differences, my opinion of ATSer techy threads is pretty high... at least someone is exploring the "what ifs"..

This thread is top notch. "But" unfortunately the thread's logic is convincing because it gives me relief from a brain-load of news data that from almost day-one has never made sense about this oil spill. After reading this detailed, fine print techy trip I can at least stop believing I was insane from trying to figure why my own conclusions about this oil spill contradicted what I was seeing on TV and reading.

Now I think I can see behind the curtain . Like for instance, the strange aura of helplessness coming from DC while the Gulf ward leaders etc have been crying for someone to do something. What this thread underscores is we are in a fix, Junior, and there might not be anything that's going to make it right soon.

Remember when we were kids (some of us older readers) and our appetites made us "raid" the cookie jar and all was super good as we satisfied that cookie craving? And then when every ast cookie was gone we suddenly realized "Oh, no!" what's Mom or Pop going to do to us? And we tried t think of a way to put hose cookies back? Hmmm, dejavu time?.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:58 PM
If we step back and look at this crisis objectively, I cannot believe they don't have the technology to stop this gusher.

By "they", I'm not talking about BP. I'm saying NASA engineers and the Pentagon (U.S. Navy for example) could combine engineering and resources to get this thing stopped.

I've posted a theoretical solution on ATS and I've seen others like the large dome concept. I can't believe that the public has ideas but those in charge don't have anything but to leave it up to BP. Doing that is like giving the criminals control of the crime scene.

Looks to me like Obama and his retinue are fiddling while Rome burns, regardless of the pretty words. As Elvis Costello sang, "Pretty words don't mean much anymore."

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:59 PM

Originally posted by ovelaset
Deepwater Horizon: What really happened and the real risks

The methane hydrate is a greater problem. Release of it in large amounts has led to an extinction events on earth several times in the past. In the Permian Extinction it is credited with killing off 96% of all marine species. The breakdown of methane hydrate, (and oil in the ocean), uses large amounts of oxygen both in the water and the atmosphere. This will create dead zones in the water and in sufficient quantities on land also. High concentrations (5% and above) can also ignite on land creating firestorms.

I am far from religious but, I found this very interesting given the information in this thread.

The First Bowl (Revelation 16:1-2), painful sores.
The Second Bowl (Revelation 16:3), the seas turned into blood.
The Third Bowl (Revelation 16:4-7), the rivers turned into blood.
The Fourth Bowl (Revelation 16:8-9), scorching heat.
The Fifth Bowl (Revelation 16:10-11), darkness and pain.
The Sixth Bowl (Revelation 16:12-16), preparation for Armageddon war.
The Seventh Bowl (Revelation 16:17-21), huge earthquake and hailstones.

It seems that Corexit, may in fact, cause "painful sores". I'm reaching just a bit on this as I can not find any information the Corexit WILL cause sores but, one symptom of skin exposure is "May cause irritation with prolonged contact".

Also, when crude oil is mixed with water "It looks red in the water". This would give the look of blood. What I find ironic is that this happened in The Gulf of Mexico, which is a semi-enclosed, partially land-locked, intercontinental, marginal sea. Eventually, this will make its way into our rivers.

As for the Fourth Bowl, what I have quoted is a direct link to this.

The Fifth Bowl, I can not figure out what this may refer to.

The Sixth Bowl, I think, would be when the American Sheeple wake up and have had enough.

The Seventh Bowl... your guess is as good as mine.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by Catalyst317

I dont believe your correct ....this may be a very well planned out event to make it APPEAR as though we are in the end of revelation ...because if satan can fool everyone into thinking that it is then everyone will believe the trib is over the devil is gone and the Lord has come when the ANTICHRIST COMES they will believe we are about to enter the Millinial (cant spell that ) thousand year reign of Christ. ......
When in reality this is a staged set up (not YET the real deal)...
The real deal will be MUCH WORSE than this is ......of that I am SURE OF >.
I am also sure satan is hard at work here to FOOL THE MASSES before the real events start ......he knows he only has a short time to DECIEVE the masses .
This oil mess could surely do that .......

PS I say this because I have been all over the web for the last ten years watching and reading everything from everyone (especially religious peoples) ....And I have seen a mass exit from the TRUTH ..many have bought the lie that 70 ad fulfilled scripture and the pig that was sacrificed in the temple after that was the ac abominating the temple etc etc etc ..(get the picture yet ?) now they have all turned from pretrib thinking and no seven year trib (three max and they think we are almost at the end of that last three years) and that the mark is not literal but spiritual and that the ac is not literal but spiritual etc and that puts us (in their eyes) at the end end when Jesus is about to come back ..which will cause most of them to surely believe when the AC comes that he is JESUS AT HIS SECOND COMING ..
Scripture even says IF IT WERE POSSIBLE EVEN THE VERY ELECT WOULD BE DECIEVED (although scripture says only those who DID NOT WANT THE TRUTH are the ones who will be decieved) ............................

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 08:47 PM
Getting back to the original conspiracy angle of this post;

How does eradicating a billion dollar (potentially trillion dollar) company justify making a much smaller company a fraction of that amount in profit? Especially since the claim is that some BP insider's were in on it? I'm no economic genius, but if you're a BP insider (sitting on the board) wouldn't you be better off hitching your wagon to BP's multi-billion dollar monthly profits rather than some little company???

Why I doubt this conspiracy claim is largely due to the inclusion of nearly all of the right-wings favorite punching bags, from Soros to Al Gore, and anything connected to Chicago (and thereby implying Obama).

So how would these lefties pull this off? Only BP, Transunion and Halliburton had access to the facility, and none of those companies are in bed with the Dems and lefties nearly as much as they are with the GOP and the right.

Don't get me wrong I love a good conspiracy as much as the next person, but this one smells of coming from a "right-wing think tank", and designed to shift the blame away from the real cause of the disaster - deregulating safety laws and allowing the oil industry to police itself.

The fact that ALL of the oil giants have nearly word-for-word identical disaster response plans (as revealed during the capitol hill testimony) shows just how brazen these companies became at flaunting any potential disaster concerns.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by Blackmarketeer

Just to reiterate; the conspiracy here isn't that the Oil Spill was purposefully caused so that NALCO could push their dispersant, Corexit.

The conspiracy is that,

a. The clean up operation was purposefully mismanaged to allow for maximum damage (so that more Corexit could eventually be used).

b. Corexit was BP's dispersant of choice even though safer dispersants exist and it was chosen because some members of BP also have ties with NALCO.

c. BP knew about the potential danger of the Oil Rig in advance and chose not to act upon it (even after warnings from the Schlumberger crew).

I don't for one second believe that the Rig was sabataged for the sole purpose that Corexit could be used for profit.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen07

i think you have interpreted what i said about seeing the reason
for using corexit for profit, i meant it,s really wrong for BP to
be using these dispersant's and making profits off being part
of the chain that own the company who supply this #.

it MUST be very toxic to everything living and is only a way
to hide the amount of oil and as stated so MORE money can
be made from using the crap.

sorry i dont write as well as mistake.

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