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Demons 101

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by Whisper67I will take all the necessary precautions , thank you for caring.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by FBI 33
reply to post by whatsup

I can't bring myself to believe that.

It's a bit of a jump, to be sure. But we know so very little about how consciousness interacts with reality that there's room for possibilities here. After all, we create things and make things move with our minds all the time. Some things are just a little more connected than others, although it could just be a convenient illusion. Every movement of my fingers to type a letter on the keyboard comes from somewhere deep in my brain. Nobody knows how it works. How I make the necessary choices to have it happen. I toss around words in my head that have meanings and exist on some level of reality. Some interact more than others. And some may interact in ways that I'm not even aware of. I don't know if there are "psychic" links. I don't see why there couldn't be.

The problem is always one of measurement, and unfortunately we don't have any good dials or lights that allow us to measure these types of fields or interactions like we do for electromagnetic fields. The only things we have that give us some small awareness of them is our physical bodies, which somehow interact on a quantum level with these vague and subtle energies. It would be nice if we could figure out a way to amplify them, like we do with electricity. Maybe we already have, through churches and prayer. But this kind of study, even though it's thousands of years old, still hasn't found its equivalent of James Clerk Maxwell.

Do we create our own realities? Sure, to some degree. It's only the level of that creation that remains in question.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 08:07 PM
Well I have been reading the thread, and I like this kind of stuff its interesting and one heck of a fairy tale. Anyways I don't want to sound like a cook or anything so bear with me. I just wanted to share something from my life that I think some people might find interesting or not so here goes
. I was younger maybe around 16 or so, or perhaps 17 (I'm not a teen anymore). And I think I was sick so there is a chance I had a fever, and its normal to have nightmares with a temperature but none the less, so I fell asleep, the T.V. was on, my parents were watching. So in my sleep suddenly something evil starts expanding from within my heart, or so I felt. And I'll tell you it was like my mind was being controlled to say "Yes" to turn over or sell my soul. And my mind was forced to say yes, and then there was this evil deep laughter emanating from within my heart and into my body, It felt like I was engulfed in flame that spilled out from the inside and started to expand effortlessly throughout, and I lost full control both spiritually, physically, I was powerless. It was a dreadful feeling, the dream was one of those "real" dreams where I was conscious of my self lying down, and sort of out of a dream state and I won't forget it. I woke up sweating, the lights were on, the T.V. was on, no scary movies, just a normal day, evening, and I never get these kinds of dreams even when I am sick, nor did I ever again or before. I somehow convinced myself that because I did not willingly consent to the deal I was safe. Moral of the story is if any grain of salt of this is real, do not think you can out smart and control and seal or whatever you're thinking and this goes to those wanting to get possessed. You will get the short end of the stick or probably no stick at all.

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 08:17 PM
Yeah Dark days are coming! Scientists have created a synthetic life form which can reproduce. They made DNA. Amazing and scary all at once. But I do not think this will be used for good.

Heres the video.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by mf_luder

Originally posted by mf_luder

But not all.

Also, who suggested "poems"? That's borderline sarcastic. Turn to pills if it helps you cope with what's really out there, but don't belittle those who've actually experienced this stuff with nothing to back you up - especially not sufficient evidence to disprove or provide relevant information to this thread other than suggesting pills.

Dear mr. Jedi Knight,

The information provided was most relevant - I didn't suggest pills alone, but also therapy or both of them together. I also said that try those unless poetry nor exorcism isn't enough. So I suggested them as kind of a resort. As Blue Shift suggested on previous page: "it doesn't hurt to try a number of possible solutions."

I'd personally try poems and exorcism before resorting in the psychoalternatives -- that is in case I would have a demon I'd like to get rid of. But I like my demons, they are my pets

Way I see it, "demons" (as a symbols) are nothing more than suppressed contents of unconsciousness, and they tend to obsess one especially in stressful times and so on; you have suppressed them too much and they start breaking loose without control - that's the "demon posession".

The religions are known to cause these seizures, because their dogmas tend to supress ones uncoscious drives. When adopting religion and assimilating into their code of behaviour one puts his unconscious under stress. Also, some people that are forcefully raised in religion, often meaning children raised by highly religious parents, tend to resist this process in subconscious way.

I -- like few others in this thread -- may have different view about "demons" compared to yours; but I see that this contributes more on this thread if it ever wants to be "demons 101"; otherwise it should be retitled as "my little demons 101".

I know you'll understand.


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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by thegoodearthYou are lucky , God or Jesus has never spoken or shown themselves to me , that's why I want to summon a Demon , It will answer all my religious beliefs and fill my empty cup , I feel that God has left me.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by bdb818888

Start reading the NT of the Bible.

You can open up yourself for the demonic by just being interested in them and by watching youtube movies. I started with the movies from YT user madhobbit, while I was watching I started to hear voices through my headphone.

From the voices it became clear they have been around me for a while already, perhaps because of eating mushrooms one time, or by opening myself for ghosts because I was interested in them.
Play with EVP like I did.

Or just give your life to Jesus and see what happens. I have done so because of my experiences with the demonic. I can advise you to just skip the demonic part.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by bdb818888

Dear One~

I consider all my blessings in life a grace. I also consider all my trials a grace. And I have had trials, believe me. Luck really doesn't factor here. At least that is what I believe. There is no luck. There are no accidents. God is aware of all things. Ponder this, if you will. God let his only beloved Son get tortured, be beaten, mocked, riduculed, suffer terrible beating, no food, water, be spit upon, and be nailed with spikes upon a wooden cross, hung there for hours and die without His intervention.

In light of that, who the hell are we mere mortals to ask for anything?

Yet, in spite of that He gives us so many graces, if we merely ask for them...

Listen, I am not some Pious Mary who has never suffered, spouting off platitudes. I know you have suffered in life, my friend.... I know how it is to feel pain. My father died a slow, agonizing death from Lou Gerhig's disease... I watched it all, watched him wither away, keeping his faith in the Lord the entire time, never once did he EVER say a word in complaint against God for his suffering... not once. I was there when he passed over and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He died at home with me and my mother. He never had nurses, my mother cared for him the entire time as a labor of love.

I had emergency brain surgery to remove a brain tumor at age 31. It was benign, thank goodness, but the recovery sucked.

One of my best friends died four months later suddenly of a pulmonary emboli at age 33. His funeral was horrible.

My youngest brother at age 15 was killed by a drunk driver six months later. He was my Mama's world, the image of my Dad...the driver walked away without a scratch.

A year after that my mother suddenly became ill and died six weeks later. She was my very best friend. My entire life outside my kids and husband. She was only 53.

In the face of all of this tragedy I kept my faith. I had to, it was the only thing that pulled the through it, knowing that I could rest my sorrow on God and He would carry me through it all. It wasn't His fault.

If you pray for the grace of understanding, it will be given to you. Please pray for it. Do not meddle with Satan. He hates you. He wants you to do this, so he can snatch you up. God is waiting for you to ask for His help. He will not interfere, as you have free will. But if you ask, He will come to you, with all his Love that has been waiting for you. Grace is a gift. Let Him give it to you.

God Bless~

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:02 AM
To meet the criterion of the "disclaimer" in the first paragraph of your OP, please don't construe this as an insult, per se, but more of a justifiable argument in the attempt of a healthy debate.
First of all, congrats, I award you with my first ever EPIC FAIL to any ATS post. Ever. And I've read some real "winners" on this site, to say the least.
I am acutely aware of the fact that there are individuals on ATS that have beliefs that are the antithesis of my own.
Having granted that-- There are no good demons. Period. To even suggest that, speaks volumes of your gross lack of knowledge regarding something that you claim to have 10 years of research experience.
Although you state that you began your "research" in earnest around the year 2000, I can only assume that these are not 10 contiguous, consecutive years, but more like a smattering of preternatural &/or paranormal incidences that you have construed as "demonic" in nature.
My next postulation is that you have defined "research" and "demonic" according to said instances, since we're given no reference to neither the nature, or the titles, or the authors of the hundreds of books you have poured over, recent and ancient alike.

The word "demon" is based on the Greek "daemon" or "daimon." The connotation of the Greek "daemon" is indeed benign. However, "daemon" is based on the ancient Greek word, "daimon" which simply means "spirit" or "divine power." The word "daimon"is the Greek translation of the Hebrew equivalent. The Hebrew words for demons are "lashshediym" and "shedhim", which are entities people made bloody sacrifices to with their own children. The Hebrew word "seirim" is for hairy "goat" demons, also to whom sacrifices were made, and in addition to whom men & women prostituted themselves.
This type of entity, regardless of what it's called in any language, would not seem to have the best interests of mankind at heart.
Lastly, the very notion, recent or ancient, of a demon, is a deceiving spirit. Having said that, I feel that I can conclusively postulate that during your 10 years of "research," you have become that very target of deceit, based on the bulk of your OP. Man is no match for a sentient being of superior intelligence, of which he cannot see or understand. And any vain attempt to commune with such will only bring torment-- at best, if you are lucky.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by WashMoreFeet


I see you ran across the same research I did about 7 years ago on the origins of the word Demon/Daemon/Daimon and came to the same conclusions that I did based off of what you probably read.


In the interest of debate, would you mind providing personal experiences to back up what you're saying?

Furthermore - what you feel that I did or did not experience over the past "continuous" (and yes - it has been continuous) 10 years of my life is not the point of this thread or up for debate. If you care to debate the information provided, then by all means go right ahead - provide counter arguments and support them.

I will not answer to personal attacks, however. At all.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:37 PM
In love and light

Great post, it is good to see so much interest in the subject. It is my understanding that angels, like demons, are a conscious vibrational field of awareness, existing out side of the electromagnetic spectrum.

"Morphic resonance field" is a great place to start, but it really only explains what we should already know. That is that the brain does not hold information and is only a vibrational processor. Like the CPU of a computer. It is the DNA that is the hard drive. "Morphic resonance" can best explain the interesting 100th monkey phenomena, where as you have two or more monkeys in a isolated control group. If a certain number of monkeys learn a new behavior, many of the monkeys in the other control group begin to exhibit that same behavior. This is also called the "1,000th rat theory" which is well documented.

The idea is, that DNA’s, metallic and semiconductor like properties make for a great transmitter of vibrational fields. Unfortunately this theory can seemingly be debunked by the fact that although DNA has been shown to conduct an alternating current, it does not conduct direct currents, and this is exactly what you would expect if water is responsible for the conductivity. Water is a polar molecule, across which electrons can shift to produce an alternating current. But they cannot travel freely from molecule to molecule to produce direct current. The most natural explanation is that the DNA is not conducting at all.

This is a false assumption based on a empirical understanding of the laws of nature. Intelligent conscious awareness is not based on the electromagnetic spectrum. What we see as an electromagnetic reaction of thought wave formation is only 3rd dimensional vibrational fields reacting to fields outside of electromagnetism. This vibrational field can be likened to Prana (?????, pra?a) and is the Sanskrit for vital life.

The theory is supported by more then just the 100th monkey phenomenon, but is also supported by the direct affect that thought wave formation/emotion have on water molecules, see: It also explains why those who are transplant recipients often express how they have memory fragments of the donor, as there brain translates the DNA hard drive information.

More significant I found is the fact that a scientist at the university of Florida has developed a "brain" in a glass dish that is capable of flying a virtual fighter plane. This "living computer" was grown from 25,000 neurons extracted from a rat's brain and arranged over a grid of 60 electrodes in a Petri dish. The only stimuli offered is when the simulator would crash, the program would restart. The cells did learn to fly the plane. We can obviously see that this is no a brain, and is not capable of independent thought. So where is the information held? It is in the DNA while the brain cells process the frequency.

The point is that there is a sort of communication of information always being received and transmitted by the body DNA. This information is not just electromagnetism but comes from all dimensions, after the geometric archetype of reality has filtered it. Even that of non polarized timeless universal experience/energy, to physical duality and stabilized crystallization. This process is the basis of astrological theory where the stars are communicators of energy and the planets measure, manage, characterize, and regulate between each other, these energy fields.

Unfortunately the claims of DNA conductivity put forward over the past decade have since been retracted due to its inability to transmit DC current.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:44 PM
Multi Dimensional communication

Intention coupled with imagination make for manifestation. The 3rd dimension is analogous to the solar plexus region, where power is centered in negative space for the purpose of manifestation of preferably positive creation. To manifest creation on the physical plain, the spiritual mental emotional and astral plains had to be segregated in order to install a program for intensity and focus with in the extension of the 3rd dimensional experience. This relationship required a regulator geometric "valve" that would filter out the higher multidimensional, timeless and infinite awareness, and would also induce a sense of being finite, and a temporal, spatial separation from wholeness.

The 3rd dimension, becomes the power control and focus for manifestation. It is here-in that existence arrives at a spatial temporal "mirror" or reflection of what is communicated to be created from cosmic thought, as exemplified by light and love, and its duality.

The 4th dimensional matrix and the heart chakra work in a quantum field, where all probabilities operate upon the astral energies of emotional desire, choice, and mental probabilities.

The 5th dimension operates under concepts of unified field or "string theory" and cooperates with string membrane or topological fields of creation, which loop or warp and welt with the grounded beings, as friction is applied

The throat chakra operates to simulate and synthesize the elemental energies of diversity of the 2ed dimensional field of the naval chakra through communication and formulation of feelings into expressions.

With the acceptance of the 6th dimensional energies of GOD or the "higher mind", the focus of single stream of light known as the 3rd eye is connected and focused into the 3rd dimension. The 3rd and the 6th chakra operate in harmony to empower creation with light energy. The 6th dimension holds the "intrinsic mathematics of sacred geometrical forms" witch are the fundamental metamorphic paradigm, containing the archetypes of all manifestation.

Upon full acceleration of, up and with in the soul template of the individual light body, held with in the singularity with in the pineal gland of the brain, and the crown chakra of the mind, regeneration of oneness occurs, and the ascension or expansion of consciousness awareness is fulfilled.

This awareness is the restructuring upon organic biological matter, where spirit descends into form on behalf of the soul, in order to experience enlighten and raise more matter into acceleration from polarized crystallized potential energy.

When seeing the reversal of this energy from the soul into matter, the deceleration of energy moves from the highest realms of recognizable energy, which is the pulsations of divine sound, the power of the word of the prime intelligence. This is to initiate the conscious sprite, into purposeful creative action. This "word" is the first creative principal of 7th dimensional sound, which organises the sacred geometrical archetypes of the 6th dimension. This divine word is sound, and the sound is friction. Those who study various religious text, may better understand the significance of this word.

The love and light energy of absolute eternal abundances and timelessness, flows into existence through layers or dimensions to become form. From the 6th dimension where its universal patterns are the infinite generic geometric design templates, it becomes a unified field of living light energy in the 5th dimension. In the 5th dimension light is spinning through the photonic grid of super conductive waves, where all is held in the celestial realm of things. The rate of spin is non polarized, telepathic, and universal oneness of the resonant field.

Each dimension connects with its closest layer in creating reversal dissonances and accenting harmonics to facilitate the flow.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:44 PM
The geometric filters and valves between dimensions are not created by higher intelligence, or higher consciousness, but by higher awareness, which are aligned with 8th dimensional agreements and 9th dimensional higher intelligent conscious awareness. From the 5th dimension energy passes through "star-gates" vortices's into creation. These portals or celestial light bodies, stars and planetary beings, that assist in the radiating of light and acceptance through love. Begins that manifest the the expansion of reality into lower dimensions.

The 4th dimensional energy is lowered into contextual fields of content and becomes emotionally and mentally tangential, where karmatic attributes are applied, and a polarization occurs on the Astral template of the quantum field.

With in the 4th dimensional realm, duality is perceived to spin as quantum particles finally become recognizable as electrons, protons, neutrons, and the subatomic groupings of all space time particles.

In the 3rd dimension, the spin of matter locks into tiny space matrices, where events are manifested into spatial realities of individual perception and creation. Consensual reality is the collective agreement of perception of mutual participants in an active field of awareness. The solar plexus Chakra controls the mood and temperament of content of each shell that contains a separated peace of cosmic conscious energy, that appears in a spatial temporal location, as a charged material particle, event or past experience.

The 3rd dimension is always based on time as a liner separated past event that is measured empirically from the point of view of a relative or subjective observer. The past is negative charged space which creates a vortex which sucks consciousness into unconsciousness and the lower vibratory rates of crystallized internalized being. The 3rd dimension rests on a platform of elements. The elements are established by the impersonal interaction of spirit and matter to create complete duality where the attracted energy between them empower the sacred essence of "Prana, Kundalini and electromagnetism."

The 2ed dimension and the naval charka operate to provide the positive attraction and bring recreation and co-creation of the abundance of nature. The 2ed dimensional consciousness is home deep with in experience, as a gift of a appreciation in the comfort of the possession of being. The essence of being is held in the root in which the seed reaches out to find nourishment from the deepness of the terrestrial soil and communal substance of manifestation.

The spin and vibratory frequency of energy rests solely with in the grounded being where the will and the power of eternal potential becomes a pulsation of oneness where duality ceases and the seed of the universe is mirrored by the reflection of light in its contrast to the dark.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:46 PM
Do we have an idea of why there are more demons coming to earth now?

In religion and mythology, a demon or daemon, from Greek (daimôn) is a supernatural or "hyper-dimensional" being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit. However, the original use of the Greek word did not carry the negative connotations. Semantics are nonsense, and it is the meaning behind the word that is important. Therefor in following the tradition of our language in this day of age, it is safe to say, there are no such things as positive demons. If there are, we can safely and with out confusion refer to them as angels, or conscious awareness of one polarity or another.

We do know why there is a flood of multi dimensional consciousness coming through, and this is a direct consequence of the events leading up to the "Great Cycle" A 5,125.36 year cycle that began on August 11, 3114bc and ends on December 21 2012.

The "illuminati" who are well aware of this great cycle, have taken great pains "with there hyper dimensional allies" to prepare humanity for this event, in order to make our greater conscious mind, manifest the future that they want. The "New World Order" is not what we think it is. As the idea of a one world government and all that that means, is simply a conscious symptom of what is really being manifested as reality. The real agenda is a esoteric in nature.

The Great Cycle, that is called a SAC "Stellar Activation Cycle". In which multi dimensional consciousness can ascend through the star gates, into a higher dimension of reality. In 2003, Earth’s "Halls of Amenti" Star-Gate System fell to "Metatronic" Illuminati elder race control. The "Guardian" race's efforts to rehabilitate the Amenti Gates failed by the end of 2003, and the Encryption Lattice of Earth Amenti Star-Gates no longer aline with the organic ascension passage of the living cosmos. But rather to that of the Elder Illuminati conscious matrix.

With the fall of the Amenti Gates in 2003, the Guardian elder race, have progressively activated a very ancient network of trans-dimensional Earth Interface Star-Gates which include the “Arc of the Covenant–Hub Gate Network” the “Polarian Gate System” and the “Na-VA’-Ho Spanner Core Gate System” which together, in 2012, will allow for the opening of the “Aurora Silver Seed Gates” through which Earth’s Templar can retain direct connection to the Living Cosmic Templar Ascension Passages, despite the Illuminati’s scheduled 2012 opening of the Fall-aligned Parallel Gates into Earth’s captured Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system.

In 22,326 BC the Illuminati Earth Templar Quest ended in a “stalemate” between Guardian and Illuminati races. Since that time, both groups knew that the “Templar Conflict Drama Showdown” would occur during the next SAC Star-Gate opening period, as the Illuminati Force required Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to be open in order to fulfill their agenda of using inorganic Metatronic structures to “blend the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Templar with that of the fallen" Earth’s next SAC was not due until 4230 AD, but the Metatronic Fall Gate artificial structures, the Milky Way Galaxy and Parallel Earth were due to open in our time equivalent of 2012 AD.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:47 PM
In the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Earth Atlantean periods, the Illuminati Force succeeded in orchestrating two inorganic accelerations of Earth’s “wobble,” “precession of the equinox” cycle and Encryption Lattice. These accelerations caused an inorganic time-acceleration within portions of Earth’s Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system, which would cause Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to open prematurely in the 2012–2013 AD period, for Encryption Lattice blending with the opened Fall Gate Cycle of the Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System. Earth’s Amenti Gates would open in this period only if there were a sufficient number of Illuminati-Human hybrid races on Earth to “run the bio-electronic Amenti Gate Codes” into Earth’s Templar during this “Parallel Gate Alignment.” The Illuminati Parallel Gate Alignment is called the “Alpha-Omega Alignment,” which occurs between October 2012 and February 2013, with peak alignment on December 21, 2012.

If the Illuminati-Elder agenda succeeded, Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates would be prematurely forced open to engage direct Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Field Blend with the Illuminati inorganic matrix, through opening of Metatronic wormholes within the black hole center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In preparation for the “Parallel Alignment” and the Illuminati-scheduled “Earth human 2012-appointment with Illuminati destiny,” the Illuminati-Elder races progressively orchestrated the “Common-man Mass DNA Mutation” through which the Illuminati-Human line carrying the Amenti Star-Gate codes as a result of interbreeding with Angelic Humans would be “ready” for the “2012–2013 AD Alignment.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:49 PM
Demons and the Metatronic Death Science

In ancient times, both the Illuminati-Human races and their ET Illuminati Elder directors knew that every biological life-form represents a “biological electromagnetic quantum,” which exists in a symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship with the electromagnetic structures inherent to the Planetary Templar and Star-Gate system. The Illuminati intention was to harness this “raw biological power” of Earth’s most “genetically advanced” Angelic Human species, by cultivating the human biology into a “vessel” through which the inter dimensional frequencies of a "distorted Code” could be channeled en masse into Earth’s Templar. If a mass of Angelic Human bodies could be genetically mutated to “run the frequencies of the Metatronic Death Code, then a critical quantum of the collective human consciousness could be used to create “quantum override” of the organic electromagnetic coding of Earth’s Star-Gates, which are keyed to the organic Angelic Human genome. Once such a “mass of Metatronically-coded biological human quanta of energy” was created, masses of humans could then be “guided” to perform specific “spiritual energy rituals” at various key “Sacred Site” locations of Earth’s Templar, during the “all-important periods” of Earth’s SAC Star-Gate-opening “Ascension Cycles.

The metatronic death science is concerning the specific mechanics, and the perversion of geometry by false Sacred Science teachings. The death science is the inorganic, energy distortion of geometries. The structure of which, resembles a blossom. It was the ancient Atlantians, who referd to it as the "Bloom of Doom" technologies. Bloom of Doom” technologies included but not limited to the distorted mathematical growth formula for artificial finite life that in later days became known as the “golden mean rectangle” and “Fibonacci spiral & sequence,” both of which are perversions of the organic eternal-life growth ratios

The organic eternal-life sequence often called the "Krystal Spiral" has a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with its own center-point of creation, whereas the Fibonacci golden mean spiral, which is relatively based upon the geometries of the “golden mean rectangle,” has a de-centralized start point of expansion, rather than a centralized “center-point” of creation. There is a logical/ intuitive implication held within this comparative that begs the question, “Do WE not have a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with OUR own center-point of creation?” This is what all New Age philosophies strive to teach us, and yet the logical/ intuitive implication held within the “supposedly sacred” Fibonacci spiral promoted by New Age teachings illustrates a contradictory “off-center relationship to origin.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:49 PM
Another, more interesting example of contradictory logical/ intuitive implication is found in the way the “numbers” unfold within the growth-expansion formulae. The Fibonacci sequence features a sequence of numerical expansion in which the “next expansion number” to come is reached by “adding together” or “devouring” the two numbers that come before it. If we think of each number as a “quantum of energy,” then the two previous numbers are “added together” and consumed in order to “become the next number,” leaving nothing in their place; the “numbers before” become “finite quanta” that must “disappear or die” in order for the next number to be “born.” Thus the “numbers” within the Fibonacci sequence ALL represent finite energy forms that will be consumed and cease to exist, in order for the “next generation” to emerge. This is “recycling of finite energy” to create growth, not growth through self-generated power, and thus the mechanics of the Fibonacci sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for finite life, not organic eternal life. The growth-expansion pattern of the Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of a finite nature — which includes many, but not all, life-forms on contemporary Earth.

In comparison to the Fibonacci sequence, the numerical expansion of the Krystal Sequence occurs through multiplying the preceding numbers, in specific increments that are based upon the core structures, to create the “next expansion,” leaving the “numbers before” intact; in “energy quantum” terms, the eternal quantum integrity of all previous numbers remains constant, as the quanta of the numbers before are multiplied through self-generated power to “create the next unique number.” Thus the “numbers” within the Krystal Sequence ALL represent eternal energy forms that will remain to infinity within their own unique individuation, always in relationship to the center-point from which they emerged, and always within the context of what they have “grown to become,” while the “next generation” emerges as a unique quantum expansion born of relative multiplication of the quanta before. This is “creating new growth through perpetually self-regenerating power,” not growth through “recycling of finite energy,” and thus the mechanics of the Krystal Sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for organic eternal life, not inorganic finite life. The growth-expansion pattern of the Krystal Sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of an organically eternal nature — which includes all life-forms.

The differences between the Krystal Spiral and Sequence and the golden mean–Fibonacci spiral and sequence can be simply understood in terms of their respective relationships to their “creation points.” The Krystal Spiral/ Sequence emerges from its center-point of creation — to which it perpetually retains a living, “breathing” (expanding and contracting) connection through preservation of what “came before” — and it expands through multiplication of that which came before. The golden mean–Fibonacci spiral/ sequence emerges from a “point of adhesion” to a living/ breathing form, to which it progressively loses contact, as it expands perpetually through consumption and annihilation of that which came before.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:50 PM

Contemporary earth and consciousness is protected by the geometrical archetype called the "Kathera Grid"

This grid represents the organic core mathematical radiation-structures, or “lattices,” upon which eternal-life “living” morphogenetic field–matter templates are built.

The mathematical relationships depicted within the organic Kathara Grid symbol represent the literal “core mathematical formula” of organic radiation-lattice structure, numbers of which lattices group together in very specific geometric-mathematical patterns forming the structure of organic multidimensional radiation templates upon which “dark-matter,” quarks and subatomic particles organize into structured manifest atoms and forms.

The organic Kathara Grid “lattice” features 12 “Signets” or “power points” placed in very specific positions within a “cross-bar lattice” of very specific proportions; the proportions and relationships depicted in the Kathara Grid symbol represent the mathematical formulae of organized-radiation-structure through which organic, living matter, light and biology are formed. The organic Kathara Grid is not a “theoretical invention,” but rather is a depiction of the core organizational structure upon which the organic, living, eternal-life Cosmos is, and has always been, formed. The organic Kathara Grid, and what it represents, exists as part of the organic Natural Laws of Physics that are indelibly inherent to the eternal, multidimensional Living Cosmos, and to the eternal “Unified Field of Energy and Consciousness” within which the Cosmos resides.

Distorted versions of the Kathara Grid symbol emerged through the “Death Science” teachings in Atlantis as the “Tree of Artificial Life” symbol, which was originally depicted with 11 “Signets” instead of the organic 12, and which had specific structural distortions within the shapes and proportions of the “cross-bar lattice.” The organic “living” Kathara Grid symbol represents the literal “core mathematical formula” of organic radiation-lattice structure for the eternal Living Cosmos. Likewise, the various versions of the “Tree of Artificial Life” symbol represent a distorted, contrived, inorganic “creation formula” through which "unnatural multidimensional radiation template-structures can be artificially created" by abusing the Natural Laws of Multidimensional Physics to harness and direct the organization of “dark-matter,” quarks and subatomic particles, in order to form inorganic, finite-life artificial structures of light-radiation, and atomic and biological form.

Demons in what ever form they manifest, are the inorganic energy distortion of 3rd dimensional reality, and are often made by utilizing the distorted energy mechanics inherent to the "vesica piscis" by which inorganic, artificial, finite-life static “Dead Light” radiation fields can be generated through corresponding use of distorted "Merkaba" Vortex mechanics.

The "Merkaba" is the term used for the inter dimensional transport vehicle made in manifest, and is used in such things as astral projection, ans space, time travel. “Twisted” Merkaba Vortex mechanics implement unnatural distortions of the spin-speed and spin-direction of Merkabic Vortex sets, to create a particle/ anti-particle harness field within which energy and atoms can be trapped. Once trapped within the inorganic Merkaba Field, the harnessed energy quanta can then artificially sustain a prolonged longevity of form, and achieve limited local inter dimensional transport, as long as the inorganic Merkaba Harness around it can “feed”/ drain energy from organically living energy fields. The inorganic Merkaba Field, also known as the “Death Star” or “External Merkaba,” must “feed,” much as an “energy vampire” as unlike organic “Krystar” Merkaba Vehicle structures, the “Death Star Merkaba” is incapable of independently generating energy quanta for self sustenance.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:50 PM
So we see, how demons do not exist as a infinite quantum q of energy in our reality. The energy at there disposal is limited to what the summoner can manifest. When intention coupled with imagination and will, how large and stable of a energy vortex can be created? As ones will is enough to manipulate and circumvent the protection offered by the Kathara Grid.

The same principals would also apply to angels.

With the fall of the Amenti Star-Gate, contemporary Earth is presently a “Blended System” with over 66% of its Encryption Lattice in the iluminatie Fall System alignment. This is why there is no much negativity in the world, and more as of late. The distorted lattice also makes for access by "demons" who are able to easily manifest with little human participation.

To anyone interested in the US government's overt participation in the Death Science, I suggest the subject of the Montauk Experiment.

With Love and Light


posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by thegoodearthGod took my son, he was only 21 it destroyed my faith in God , I want that faith back , I pray and I pray but feel nothing, I'm dead inside . Maybe if I see a Demon it will restore my faith , because praying is not working.

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