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UFO Sightings Report - 2010

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:51 PM
This is my own personal work, for those who are interested. This is just a description of what I have seen, no pictures or video. I tried, but I need to buy a different camera for that. The reason I published this was to establish that this is real, and I urge skeptics to keep your eye on the sky, because the phenomena might be more common than most people realise. Hopefully I gave enough background for you to understand what to look for if you haven't seen one before. They are called UFOs because they are unidentifiable.


I believe that I made contact with some sort of UFO. Since I made my first contact, I have seen UFOs almost on a daily basis. I point lasers at them all the time, and this past week the sky's been really clear. I've seen at least one unconventional satellite every day for the last seven days. They could be of extra-terrestrial in origin, but the possibility exists that they are under human control. I've seen so many that I basically stopped recording everything I see. There are five different people who have seen this, and confirmed what they saw was a UFO.


I've been paying a lot of attention to the sky lately, since I found out about chemtrails, and that they were spraying almost on a daily basis. At night I would take this green laser pointer of mine, and point it at stars linking the constellations. Originally I actually expected this to be a futile attempt at making contact with an advanced being. For months I made transmissions covering the stars when airplane traffic was calm.

On the day of my first sighting I had made laser transmissions to the unidentified craft. I understood this was not human technology, and had it been I would have been contacted by the airport authority for being in violation of law. It is illegal to point lasers at conventional aircraft, but this was not a conventional craft. On multiple occasions these unconventional crafts have appeared after a laser transmission, and appeared to be moving in a linear orbit, usually crossing certain constellations, including the Big Dipper. I have had visual contact with these unconventional satellites on about 10 different days in the month of April.

It is my conclusion that I had made contact with these beings, in which the communication medium was light. The laser pointer in question is very bright and unmodified; acquired via the internet. The wavelength is of the green colour spectrum. This would mean that communication is easier than most people would expect. The crafts themselves probably detect the electro-magnetic radiation, if the beam is powerful enough to reach. The crafts themselves are hard to see, and require at least binoculars to see if they are in low-medium Earth orbit.

Most cameras will have difficulty capturing them, and I recommend digital cameras of the infrared spectrum, cameras with T exposure, or any other camera generally designed to capture the stars. Tripods are necessary, and possibly a telescopic camera lens designed for the stars.

Visibility is an important factor, especially including clouds, humidity, chemtrails, and light pollution.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:52 PM

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

APRIL 14 2010 – 22:20 – 22:45
Clear sky, low humidity

I was on my was outside to smoke a cigarette, with two other people. I stepped onto the porch and checked the sky, as was routine on a clear night. Immediately I noticed what I initially believed to be a human satellite, and pointed it out. Myself and two others then saw this “satellite” make a complete hair-pin U-turn, and swerve into a constellation and remain hovering for about 10 minutes. Another craft was pointed out, appeared to be 500m away from the first craft. After both had past, more were pointed out a few minutes later.

All crafts shared one appearance: that of a star. If they choose to remain still, these crafts are indistinguishable from the other stars and planets in the sky. They intentionally camouflage themselves as part of a constellation. Altitude was around low-Earth orbit. They had the colour of yellowish-white, to bluish-white. Their colour was affected by the atmosphere, and appeared inconsistent, at times dimming and at times shining with great luminance as with one craft in particular.

This particular craft appeared lower than the other crafts, and as it passed over my complex, it shifted into full power. It gave off a great light, the colour of lightning, 1000 times brighter than an airplane; indescribable luminescence. At that moment, I became concerned that the craft was opening a wormhole in our atmosphere, and became concerned about taking measures to protect myself. The probe dimmed after about 10 seconds and disappeared. Altitude was like the height of the clouds; jet altitude.

This was clearly alien technology. I went back outside ten minutes later with my laser, and made transmissions to the stars. Sure enough, the alien probes returned and slowly traversed the sky and disappeared. Altitude appeared to be low-Earth orbit. Possibly moving at 15,000 Km/h.

APRIL 15 2010 – 21:30
Partly cloudy, low humidity

Two probes were seen after making a laser transmission to the Big Dipper. Two objects were observed by 3 people at low-Earth orbit crossing in an eastward direction through the Big Dipper.

APRIL 16 2010 - 23:15 – 23:30
Partly cloudy, low humidity

This time there was 4 witnesses in total. Went outside for a cigarette when we saw an alien probe pass by at jet altitude. Soon after there was visual contact with about 50 – 75 crafts, flying in a constellation-like fleet. The ships were seen drifting over my complex silently, as the appearance of stars. They were distinguished from the other background stars, and were determined to be moving at a great speed, possibly 10,000 Km/h. The entire fleet travelled at one consistent speed, remained together, Travelling northwest. I suspect they waited for me, as they showed themselves as soon as we stepped outside. The fleet appeared as a constellation, with the largest ship being possibly 50 meters in diameter.

APRIL 18 2010 – 21:00
Partly cloudy

Some craft were seen. Photos were taken, but didn't turn out. The appearance of a blue-white orb, appeared to be in orbit but did not appear to be moving in a straight line. Possibly above the atmosphere. Two more were seen moving south, travelling as a pair, possibly in medium-Earth orbit at a speed of 30,000 Km/h.

APRIL 28 2010 – 20:50 – 20:55
Partly cloudy, mostly clear

Three crafts were seen crossing overhead, moving northwest. The crafts were about 1000 feet apart, and moved together silently in low-Earth orbit.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:53 PM
May , 25 2010 – 20:50 – 3:30
Clear sky

Visual contact with 11 UFOs over the course of two one hour long observations. UFOs were seen at 23:10, 21:15, and about two more approximately ten minutes apart each. The first two were travelling north-east , the third travelling south-west. The fourth was seen 10 minutes later travelling north. There were three witnesses. At 3:00 another observation was made. First sighting travelling north seen about 7 minutes into observation. About 10 minutes later another followed. The third passed overhead moving South-west, and met up with the fourth before disappearing over the horizon. The fourth object which appeared slower and passed overhead in a north-east direction.

Three objects were seen travelling at a speed of approximately 100,000 ~ 500,000 Km/h during the 3:00 – 3:30 observation, in which they were not even visible for one second. The craft seen travelling at those intense speeds were of great luminescence, like the one in particular seen on April, 14. They were distinguished from comets because none had a tail, and appeared to be the blue-white colour of the alien spheres.

May, 26 2010 – 21:45
Clear sky

One UFO was seen, the sun was set but still illuminating the sky slightly. Only bright stars and planets were visible. The big dipper was visible at the time, in which an object passed through. The object was unusually bright, and looked white. There were two witnesses.

May, 27 2010 – 23:15
Clear sky

UFO was seen to once again pass through the big dipper from my perspective, travelling directly overhead. This object similarly appeared in the south-west horizon and disappeared in the north-east horizon.


I doubt these are human satellites like the International Space Station because of the great speeds. Craft seen to zig-zag, move in slightly curved trajectories, correct direction artificially, move at inconsistent speeds, travel in pairs, appear to just pop in and out, hover, and preform U-turns. They hover to disguise themselves as a star, forming in with the constellations.

Even if this isn't under alien control, it proves that there are secret satellites alien in their nature under human control. These appear to be spherical in shape, and they are a source of their own illumination. Size unknown. I suspect them to be unmanned probes or scout ships, under remote computer control. The increase in sighting I have had may be because I point lasers at them all the time. Each UFO I see I point out with my laser, and I feel that they may have detected that and make regular visits now. Though I didn't write here all my sightings, I've seen UFOs on almost a daily bases each clear and cloudless night.

My camera is unable to capture the probes, but in April alone I have seen around 150 in total. I encourage everyone to keep watching the sky with patience. If you own a powerful laser pointer I ask you to try making communication with them because I've seen a great increase in UFO activity here, but I may have just noticed I live in a hotspot. UFOs are known to regularly make missions to military bases and institutions, and locations of nuclear arms and materials. They sometimes avoid airplane traffic, but they have appeared when some planes were around.

I encourage people to watch the night sky more, and watch for anything unusual. At times they appear to be like human satellites, but they travel in groups. If you watch the sky for a few months you may eventually see something unusual. Look mostly for maneuvers that defy the laws of physics, satellites that travel in groups or pairs, and appear to be their own source of light like a star.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 12:58 PM
Good report
, may i suggest you change the word conman to common in your first paragraph... it doesn't look good being a conman and talking about UFO sightings

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Majestic RNA

Thanks, that one slipped past spell-check.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by Svoboda
I've seen so many that I basically stopped recording everything I see.

While I enjoyed your report, and don't really doubt that you've seen UFO's, skeptics on here who live for this sort of thing are going to pick you apart on that statement alone.

I suggest you come correct with some video.

Edit: I also suggest that you stop lasing everything you see move in the sky. I understand that you aren't pointing it at regular air traffic, but some of your unidentifieds might be aircraft that would warrant a visit from the suits if lased.

Just my $.02.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by susp3kt

I'm too poor to get another camera. I've tried three different cameras, but two of them are like 20 and 40 year old video cameras. The two pictures I have aren't good at all; they don't show up. These objects are above the atmosphere.

Besides I want to see what the skeptics would have to say.

EDIT: If they do come to my door about that, I'll ask to see the patent for the technology I hit. LOL

Image One

Image Two

I could just be mistaking a planet, but there was a UFO when I took those pictures. Half the time I can't even get Venus to show up though.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 01:57 PM
Looking up, as is common for you, is one of the biggest things!! People say "I've never seen one" and I say how often do you look up!

They're all around us!

I was watching what I thought was a satelite once and I "thought to it" as a psychic sort of thing and it glowed this amazing bright flash!! Flash of light for about 1 second that was about 5 times brighter than Venus in the night sky. Made me smile
and wonder what it really was if if it was just some really bizarre random event.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 05:11 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience and putting in the time to get it all down.

What you said here,

1000 times brighter than an airplane; indescribable luminescence. At that moment, I became concerned that the craft was opening a wormhole in our atmosphere

Really interesting. I started a thread yesterday about 4 sightings in a short period of time in the Great Lakes region as well, ironically during the same duration of time of your sightings, maybe there is a connection there? But I have yet to get any replies besides myself. In one of the sighting reports the eye witness described the object as almost being sucked into a invisible tube before disappearing.

Here is the thread if you want to check it out.

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posted on May, 28 2010 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Svoboda


Thanks for your interesting reports.

Thanks also for your attempts to photograph these objects, which is always a very difficult task.

Based on your reports & your photos, I cannot draw any conclusions at all regarding what is going on.

I think it might be worth your while to download “Heavens Above” & start searching for correlating iridium flashes, satellite passes, ISS passes, etc.... so that you can start excluding such things as the cause for your sightings.

I have inserted your 2 photos for convenience (below).

Note: Use slider

Note: Use slider

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 12:48 AM
I'm still seeing UFO fly-bys. I saw two yesterday night and 5 before that. I'm sure they're not satellites like the ISS; they simply move too fast and travel in groups or as if they had a schedule.

Anyone else get positive results using LASERs to communicate with UFOs?

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