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Uber Sayans - The Theory [Godlike Abilities Via an Integrated Third Helix] (Transhumanism)

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 04:48 AM
So we are all familiar with the crop circle left next to the observatory with the "answer" to the voyager message right?:

Well, important to note is the triple helix structure of the supposed sender's DNA.

And then there is this:

And then of course this stuff (and this is where the meat is): SEARCH "cold electricity"

And now this (who gets it yet..?):

So, if you put two and two together, you can see how trans/post/bionic humans might arise. Although I hate to bust all of y'all's bubbles that think that your enlightened, "indigo" state is leading to a new form of human evolution and "phase-lock" consciousness towards a singularity where we will enter a new age of Aquarius or ascension (or whatever) and turn into everlasting beings of light automatically, an idea that is more than likely a product of "chemical ordainment" (hey, just calling it like I see it), but that pie in the sky idea is wrong but only because you are getting confused with your definitions...a product of mind control in my opinion, more on that in another post. I think that people are going to transcend into a new era of enlightenment via the power of their minds, literally. This sounds boring (or just like some ACTUAL WORK) but I feel like the power of the mind is only realized when it is enacted progressively, such as finding food in clever manners, inventing things that lead to more advancement and more invention in all forms and all of the fruits that such things may yield. One thing is for sure though, you're gonna have to get your hands dirty the saying goes mind, body, spirit and you can't have one without the other. So, perhaps after all of this "standard" evolution we have been through, we will use the sentient-ness that we have developed to permanently overcome the bonds of the physical with the physical itself, molded by the power of our minds that have developed us to such a point and that would be a project to integrate a third helix into our DNA so that we would be a genetic level...the ability to develop fields, fly, teleport, create energy, change forms/looks, heal, be able to think using an integrated quantum computer, go inter-dimensional (which is probably tied to teleportation) and God knows what would be finally locked down inside of us, vertically transmittable and just basically GODLIKE. I personally have a hunch that tales of ambrosia and elixir and Gods were actually EBE's who had reached (or at least their ancestors had) such a level of tech that looked alot like us...the ambrosia drink could have been the delivery mechanism or this power/tech was lost is up to speculation but it would explain the tails of incest in ancient God families as such things were more genetically (not morally) acceptable due to the auto-correcting mechanisms of the integrated bionic third helix. Such a theory as this one would also explain why people do alot of weird stuff trying to reach enlightenment/super human abilities, I think that they are//were bread for it (which is why they're so darn sure), being bread from DNA who's (personification) ultimate goal (perhaps by who or whatever invented it) is to evolve into or maybe was evolved from a sentient species of being who's powers of the mind will and should take itself to the next level of evolution...literally... When you think about it, it makes sens just imagine if evolution occurred bionically from the ground up...there would be species evolving that would anihalate/disappear eachother/themselves/creation before anything got going past bacterium.

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 06:24 AM
Where did you dig up these things?

Specifically Antoine Prioré's work on Electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine supported and funded by the French government and French Academy of Sciences?

You deserve some reward for revealing this.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 07:37 AM
Thanks for the props [pats self on back]. Something just clicked one day and all of of these things I had read and saw all happened after I first saw a crop circle vid about that "answer" to voyager next to the radio observatory and the other stuff that had occurred in that field (the picture of the Grey with the encoded, dire message, the larger diagram of their antenna device the year before the answer and a picture of their faces (ostensibly))...I was just thinking about all of this stuff and then I saw the head on the pictogram of what they look like and got a hunch that something was up. Whereas ours has a small, more proportional head to what we actually look like, theirs had a very very large, almost comically large head compared to the proportions of the face in the picture that was left that is supposedly a picture of one of their faces. One other thing to mention is that the building block that they list is Silicon and we all saw that discovery program on what alien life might look like (great at the time when I was still jacked I see what an insulting peice of interestingly distractionary propagandic material it was and is) wherein they had the silicon based just grew so slow and had a seriously too crystalline structure to be able to allow for something like a "fluid" humanoid life form to develop. And that's when it hit me, the big head thing is a joke about how friggin' smart they are (of course due to their inherent ability to perform quantum calculations) and that they must love their advanced, triple helical, silicone integrated bionic physiology so much (and think that they're so smart for inventing such a thing) that they listed it as their building block, hoping that the "duh carbon has to be the other two or at least one" would occur to the keen observer and they would get it (and I'm assuming here that they listed their coolest feature of their genetics as their base). Then I just started thinkin' about what sort of fields they could be tapping into (such as the ones listed) and how and it just took off from there, like literally figured out the plot for the best sci-fi novel in one crunch. I guess the final thing that convinced me that humanoids left the answer with a picture that is of themselves and, consequentially, a joke and a hint with and about all of it and all of the other glyphs in that field that are involved in this was that in the picture of the Grey that has the onerous encoded message mentioning "the deceivers" the Grey is not looking directly at the you but to the side a bit like a mugshot and the picture of the humanoid is looking directly at you like a regular self-portrait...that's why I think that that type of Grey could have some bad ones in their ranks and that there is something going on there.

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 02:07 PM
I think this is really some great stuff.

So I'll bump it cause someone else should have seen it to. I really would like it if there will be a debate on it so

Bump !

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 02:33 PM
Very intriguing. I too think something similar is going down... but you have put it into words much better.

An interesting site with all kinds of cool papers about subjects like quantum brain computers and new energy systems like zero point energy can be found here:

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 08:24 PM
Wow, so I checked out that site and nearly had an aneurysm
So, my I guess the real step would be how to figure out the integration process. I am just gonna come out and say that I adhere to a certain school thought on this question of the how on the integration of the final "link" of the third, bionic helix (the why, who, when and where's are fairly obvious...). I believe that an approach may be taken that would most closely resemble what we call "analogue" but this type of analogue would apply to in a quantum material sense. I believe that because the nature of the universe is quantum, all material is capable of quantum calculation (such as our brains) but, I believe that the integration of a third helix that could be conducive to fields such as those that are present in the buried techs (which are, of course, the coolest) such as Cold Electricity/Free Energy//anti-gravity (I use the double slash to indicate a synergistic relationship)//force fields//healing fields//transdimensionality//teleportation//yada yada yada. Now, I know y'all are saying "now hang on, if bio and non-bio both are both quantumly intertwined because and for the reason that they are both on the same "level" then why would you need to have the bionic third helix? My answer is that I believe that there is some sort of "magnification" occurring via such an inorganic addition. So, for instance, you would probably not only have beings that would have mental abilities that would most likely resemble those like Daniel Tammet, aka Brainman buy probably far exceed them and not only that, the thoughts could be instantaneously transformed into nearly limitless amounts of power via the zp energy field...making something like the design and creation of an entire planet or something like that doable with a single thought. Some of you may have thought "or the creation of a really far out spaceship" and I would agree to a certain extent in in that such a space ship of such high design would probably be more of a creature comfort/living space/work of art to transhumans such as these and would not have the things that would make them have, for lack of a better term, practical characteristics (which is what one would usually design a spaceship around as it's most important functions, things such as transportation/power generation/defense etc... Such "necessities" would be circumvented by the DNA integration. I mean, why would you need a ship to be primarily designed to do stuff that you could already do better with the power of your own body? At any rate, I am getting off topic, allow me to get back to my "school". I think that all of the complex work that we do with semiconductors and pretty much linear calculations in general could all be bypassed due to the quantumn nature of the universe existing everywhere because it is what is, functioning like a constant on either side and acting as an analoguealator (sp?)...In such a respect, we would should be able to design a third, insertable helix that would have to follow less stringent guidelines as far as the design of exact features go (because that will be up to the imagination of the implantee (literally)), almost free form, a pretty much instant AI because our own would be integrally binded...the helix would ONLY have to be stable in bonding and most importantly, DYNAMIC (self-cleaning, ever-rearrangeable...) and of course, conducive to quantumninity (made that one up) or maybe like able to arrange the fractal fields of things together to perform instantaneous (quantum) calculations (which shouldn't be hard because everything operates on those principles)..."analogue" that's my would be up to the new transhumans to iron out kinks and R&D which would be done in their mind, by and for and of themselves...that's were the link that I posted earlier about the DNA tied to memories comes in...I think that my analogue idea would make this doable in the very near future, we should just piggy back AI!

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 08:44 PM

this image is taken from the scientific american article posted in the OP.

i am amazed at how lovely the third strand of "PNA" looks, and how well it fits right into the large gap. almost like it was meant to be there in the first place.

this is one of the coolest ideas i have heard in....maybe ever. as a biotech student, i am going to have a talk about this with my professors and find out what they think.

thanks OP!

p.s. please use the enter key to space out your typing. the wall of text is fatiguing on the eyes and makes me want to not read the whole thing. thanks.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 08:46 PM
Oh ya, I also would like to add that that field "magnification" of the bodies natural energies would actually include the ability to store many many complex memories and store them fairly solidly, allowing for complex calculations/memories/EXTREMELY ENHANCED PSYCHIC ABILITIES such as being able to monitor in real time ANYTHING tied into the field of creation (through quantum entanglement...hey, everything is everything like 'cause time in infinite and so everything has probably been bonded to everything in infinite ways in all of infinite time Oh I've Gone Crosseyed...) and then automatically influence such things in that realm via field/matter interaction, or just anything imaginable, and I say that for these beings, they would literally be able to do anything that they could think up and probably know the entire past, present and future of this dimensional plain and exist in a higher yet still bonded form, which is why I truly call them transhuman. For all of you guys out there that are having problems with your Fermi Paradox issues and "why won't they come down and help us" issues and alien ant farm/we are being specially bread alien conspiracy theories, I feel your pain and I think that a reason like this one is probably why all of your theories contain substantial amounts of truth/insight and albeit, down right clairvoyance (for same reason...they don't provide alot of clues on why they won't end the pain and suffering with advanced tech)...I think that there is alot of mental fortitude that one must have who is blessed with this tech...I mean, you could kill a whole world with a thought if you just got pissed off the wrong way while you were on a royal expedition to one of your project, Class 0, pet civilizations like say cause one of your pet wolves got poisoned by a trap and then as you were healing him, you got shot by a poisoned arrow from a native that snuck up on you while simultaneously being stung by a wasp (if you had your field down for a sec) and then stepped on a rake. If you didn't have a solid foundation, you might just loose it and go back in time without even thinking about it (well, you would, but you know what I mean...colloquially, that's the word) and disappear the whole thing like it never existed just cause you thought "I wish that I had never created this damn place to begin with" a little too, I think that we are being bred to be of strong moral, physical and mental character before we get to play with the matches. Thanks for getting that pic on there, I was in kind of a nihilistic mood when I started the do I make the txt easier to read again??? (need a little less complicated explanation, I don't have an integrated third bionic helix ya know

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 11:34 PM
Pretty genius stuff going on here OP, I'm having a lil trouble keeping up

But...i agree with tgidkp...

p.s. please use the enter key to space out your typing. the wall of text is fatiguing on the eyes and makes me want to not read the whole thing. thanks.


Oh I've Gone Crosseyed...

I'm sorry I had to say it...

Just hit the enter key twice after a sentence or two to spread out the text.

And, I will leave you with a fitting quote, I think, for the subject:

The moment is near, I believe, when, by means of a deliberately paranoid thought process (as through automatism and other passive states), it will be possible to systematize confusion and contribute to the total discrediting of the world of reality.

Keep it up. Think about outlining your thoughts and refining them for us I am just on the cusp of totally understanding what you are saying haha.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 07:04 AM
Ok, allow me to clarify some:

In the above article, there is an idea that I found particularly interesting
and that is that DNA may be helical specifically for solenoidal purposes--as
in electromagnetic field solenoidal purposes... We all know that our body is
made up of chemicals and chemical reactions are electrical in nature
(meaning that they are mostly electronic (as in the chemistry term)...dunno though, there might be some neat, cold fusion stuff going on
hidden down deep in the ATP cycle in mitochondria, which is run by RNA
which is helical as wel...). So, I am lead to believe that our auras are a
summation of our cell's fields, and I would suspect that summation to be
synergistic in nature, in a super-differential, quantum nature. Now for this
page: (which, btw, I saw on here a few wks. ago) God only knows what is going on with all of that but it looks like they are definitely onto some clarifying descriptions and have relations to free energy and far out field theory tied in that I have come to know as an indicator that whatever it is, it's some good stuff...anyway, does that clarify a little more?

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 10:36 AM
I have no doubt that the helical structure of DNA is most probably due to cymatics from ZPE and the fibonacci ratio expressing itself through a 'grainy' aether. I am thinking this aether 'drags' DNA together as the organic materials are spinning in the universe. Or else it is from the spin, either way...

I had a thought the other day, that it is basically essential for space-time to spin one way or the other, and have a slight imbalance which causes everything to spin.

If it was perfectly balanced, I doubt we would be here as it would cancel out all existence.

I'm getting a little esoteric here, but perhaps Love vs. Hate is not in perfect equilibrium, but the universe will tend towards one pole(presumably love) and that is what creates the slight imbalance that imparts motion upon the universe.

Or else it could be + vs. - with one of them slightly winning over the other in a continuous expression through the phi ratio.

We also must remember that the path our planet takes around the sun is not circular, its helical because the solar system is careening around the galaxy.

So, the microcosm in the atom is probably the same thing. We are thinking the electron is in a probability circular orbits/clouds... but perhaps it is helical like everything else.

Like an aether vortex.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:31 PM
i have taken a real interest in the viability of this topic. i performed a search for academic articles on "PNA" and "triple helix".

i do not know if you had intended specifically that the target of your "third strand of DNA" should be the existing technology of Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA), but nevertheless, this is where i began my search for info.

it appears that the primary function of PNA thusfar has been in the antisense/antigene properties of the molecule. basically, the PNA molecule nests itself into the major groove of the DNA molecule (see figure below). because the major groove is where most "sensing" molecules read information off of the DNA, the PNA effectively blocks any reading or transcription of the gene contained therein.

Since many proteins that bind DNA recognize specific sequences of bases, it is not surprising that most bind to the floor of the major groove, as this provides more chemical information for recognition than the minor groove......

......A unique property of PNA is its ability to displace one strand of a DNA double-helix.

it seems likely that any other similar molecule or "third strand" would similarly BLOCK the function of the existing DNA. nevertheless, there are a few other emerging technologies based on a third PNA strand:

** targeted gene mutations
** gene transcription promotion (rather than inhibition)
** highly-specific gene splicing (restriction enzyme)


here is a molecular diagram of the PNA2-DNA "triple helix" (PNA):


overall, my assessment is thus: although any rational molecular biologist would openly laugh at your suggestion, it appears that it may not be impossible.

you are going to have a hell of a time finding ANYONE that will work on this, though.

even if we manage to get a third strand up and running, i am still not totally clear on what your intentions for that third strand might be.

SURVEY AND SUMMARY The triple helix: 50 years later, the outcome
DNA Triple Helices: biological consequences and therapeutic potential
Peptide nucleic acid (PNA): its medical and biotechnical applications and promise for the future

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:35 PM
i did a similar search for "DNA quantum computing". only one article came up. i have posted the abstract below. i was unable to locate an online copy.

it would seem that the suggestion of DNA as a method of quantum computing is also being actively studied by academia.

Triplet–singlet spin communication between DNA nucleotides serves the basis for quantum computing.

Chemical Physics Letters; Feb2007, Vol. 436 Issue 1-3, p258-262, 5p

The nature of spin communication between DNA nucleotide pairs is discussed. The results are based on CIU (2×106 configurations, 6-311G∗∗ basis set) quantum chemistry computations at a constant temperature T =310K of complementary nucleotide pairs, guanosine–cytidine (G–C) and adenosine–thymidine (A–T) monophosphates, assembled into DNA fragments of different length. Calculations reveal alternation of low energy triplet–singlet (T–S) potential energy surfaces (PESs), assigned to individual nucleotides. In a narrow energy interval these PESs approach, showing repulsion and uncommon crossings. Complementary nucleotide pairing, a result of Watson–Crick hydrogen bonding, produces a global minimum in total energy, coming from the unique crossing between two singlet by nature PESs strictly around 310K. Interaction between non-complementary nucleotides reveals no minima and points rather to system destabilization. Computations show that regularly organized DNA is a structure of similarly oriented spins along each of its two chains, so that the resultant spin of the whole structure is equal to zero. Disordering in spin structure produces coherent effects, appearing in spin flipping, which serves the basis for constructing DNA-based quantum computing. [Copyright &y& Elsevier]

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:37 PM
but, personally, i think what you might be looking for is....


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