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Offshore natural gas platform sinks off Venezuela

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:22 AM

Offshore natural gas platform sinks off Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela – The Venezuelan governnment says an offshore natural gas platform has sunk into the sea, and 95 workers have been safely rescued.

President Hugo Chavez announced the accident on Twitter early Thursday.

Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said all of the workers on the Aban Pearl platform off eastern Sucre state were safely evacuated, and he said the accident poses no threat to the environment.
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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:22 AM
Saying this poses no threat to the environment is odd. These rigs carry million gallons plus of diesel fuel. Tons of chemicals, concrete, etc.

I don't know what's going on, but a picture seems to be emerging.

I'm wondering how long it will be before they say the rig is actually gushing natural gas into the oceans.

Very bizarre news. MSM (CNN) reported it like this happens all the time, no big deal.

Something big is going on. I think we are in the End Game.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:34 AM
MSM reported it like nothing is going on because they want the people of the USA to focus on what's going on at home, we will dam BP and get them to pay for the clean up which we should but, when BP does we will be able to say look at what a capitalst nation did to help it's peoples after a disaster unlike the socialist government of venezuela. It's not the end game it's policitcal pandering. The powers that be want to be seen to be doing more.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:43 AM
Reply to post by 911stinks

That is not necessarily true. After a quick search on google shows that this was drilling rig, and not an extraction platform. Perhaps some of the media outlets have it mixed up.

At first glance this appears to be a very different type of incident, not something to worry about too much.

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by Bagel

A drilling rig, not an extraction platform? pray tell WTF is the point of drilling if you're not going to extract? i may be just retarded about the oil industry, but if you're gonna build a permanent fixture over an oil field, wouldn't you want to make sure it could do both?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 08:18 AM
Both incidents are the same one platform was a deep sea platform on was semi submersive, yet we see a government control media and oil and gas company releasing press statments, compaired to a free speach market, they delcare that the blow out prevented system worked on the rig they were renting unlike the rig BP were renting.

The problem I see is that when a rig oil or natural gas sinks It has a lon tube from it into the ocean bed when the rig goes down the tube can break if he pipe cand casing has been set there is a tube for oil or gas to flow out of. The blow out preventers is on the rig not in the hole see the problem with the blowout preventer when a rig sinks.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 08:21 AM
Most drilling rigs are not perminant structures they float once they have drilled the hole they move on. A perminant structure is erected after the hole is complete. With the deepwater rig a pipline would have been layed to the nearest collecting paltfom.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:12 AM
This is the third in a month?


How frequently have these types of things happened in the past?

Officials are investigating what could have caused the platform to sink, Ramirez said. He said there was a problem with the flotation systems of the semi-submergible platform that led to a massive water leak in one area.

He said alarms went off three hours before the sinking, giving the crew time to evacuate. Three workers including the captain stayed behind until it was clear that the platform was at risk of collapsing, and then abandoned the rig, Ramirez said.

He said a tube connecting the rig to the gas field was disconnected and safety valves shut. "There's no problem of any sort of any leak from the field into the environment," Ramirez said.


After reading the above, I can't help but wonder whether Chavez caused to have it sunk as a way of demonstrating "their" safety mechanisms worked.

He's crazy enough for that, don't you think?


Here is an interesting link:

Oil Rig Disasters

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:34 AM
Well if one more goes down I am going to start to think they are being targeted and sunk.
They are way too vulnerable and we have way too many enemies that could use them to really screw us up. Hell one of those coc aine subs could likely sneak up and sink a platform.
I think it is time to take the finger out of the cavities at the airport and start looking at our southern coast and border. The BP rig could not have been better for our enemies even if they had nothing to do with it. The potential for more such is very high as the vulnerability of these wells is fleshed out.
Think if a half dozen wells were blown where we would be right now

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:55 AM
I new it would happen in are new future tec age. we are in the middle of a world War. they fight it with the economy and resources. drop the currency and destroy there resources. Germany has got out. greese is dead.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:56 AM
Last week, Ramirez stood atop the platform on live television as its gas flare was lit to inaugurate the project. Chavez praised the project at the time as an important step in Venezuela's efforts to tap its huge natural-gas deposits, saying, "We're making history."

Did North Korea Torpedo Oil Rig In US Gulf?

Post by Vicious Jones
Here's an interesting take on the oil rig explosion that easily has the potential to turn into the worst disaster we get to witness in our lifetimes. While I find it hard to believe NK had the potential or apples to pull this one, I'm not one to sweep a theory under the rug. Moreover it is extremely interesting move by Obama sending out Swat teams to inspect rigs... honestly I haven't done to much diggin on this story and I am just posting a random piece I found, but that what I love ATS for. Let me hear your ideas!

A curious point leading people to think sabotage was at fault is the fact that US President Barack Obama has ordered SWAT teams to inspect all platforms and rigs

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:02 AM
Officials have previously said the ship was likely hit by a torpedo but have not mentioned the North as being behind the attack.
South Korea was expected to release its findings into the sinking of the Cheonan as early as next week, officials said.
Seoul has indicated it has no plans to launch a revenge strike, easing concerns among investors over a widening conflict that could cripple the South's rapidly recovering economy and deal a blow to other export-driven economies in the region.
South Korea, and ally the United States, have said they would put international nuclear disarmament talks with the North on hold until they find a just response to the sinking.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 10:06 AM
On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright. Barely 48 hours later, on April 22nd , this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon causing this $1 Billion oil rig to sink beneath the seas and marking 2010’s celebration of Earth Day with one of the largest environmental catastrophes our World has ever seen.
To the reason for North Korea attacking the Deepwater Horizon, these reports say, was to present US President Obama with an “impossible dilemma” prior to the opening of the United Nations Review Conference of the Parties to the Treat on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) set to begin May 3rd in New York.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by liveandletlive

This is a hoax people. The rumor was originally started by Sorcha Faal.

Here's the original: Linky

The whole website is nonsense. Don't be so easily duped, guys.

Two rigs fail in a month. So what? Remember back in '08 when two submarines collided in the same month as two sattelites?! What's the chance of that happening? When we just put together a few points of data, the odds seem astronomical, but when we factor in all the possible objects which we can make connections between, and realize we only choose to point out the most absurd, then it all makes sense.

Billions of objects all around, constantly interacting, some things which seem to be unlikely on the surface, are mathematically certain to happen once in a while.

If another one goes down in the next few weeks, I'll be interested. If more than one goes down, I'll be curious and do my own investigation work. As for a couple...meh.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 01:55 PM
Reply to: djvexd

Why would members of an elite NK Sniper corp be piloting and using a sub to attack vessels? That story smells alot like hoohah. Maybe Marine demo engineers or frogmen but NOT elite snipers...sorry doesn't pass muster.
On topic: This does not sit right with me either. Something is afoot.

From closed thread:

It does smell like hoohah and I’m only bringing it up as it may be related. I have no doubt that these are isolated incidents but it is a possibility. And after all, this is a conspiracy website!

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 02:57 PM
Is it just me or has COBRA been real busy?

South Korean sub
BP oil platform
Now a Venzuelan gas platform

On a more serious note, what are the chances that these three events are connected?

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