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Alleged NASA -Affiliated Astronomer Deciphers 'Intelligence' Signal From Nearby Stars

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 05:29 AM
Any other time, I'd have admired his dogged pursuit to
get people onto his website, but the question-dodging is
just getting on my nerves!

He carefully places his foot in his mouth and then ignores
anyone quoting what he's said or written.
He must be so far along the beam, he finds it okay to have
'stooges' (his nephew) hit the IReport to boost the story
and feels it's okay to tell the Community Manager of the
site, that he's done that!

Theories muttered as facts, using others to ask the right
questions, hoaxing, denying being involved with hoaxers
and many more.

Sometimes, you can get so used to a harness, you don't
realise you've still got it on... this is where our li'l Wayne is,

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 08:43 AM
The thing that really grabs my nads is that he's looking
for fame in the totally wrong way.
As seen below, if one puts the time, research and the
devotion to seek the truth, becoming a celebrity is easy!

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 10:15 AM
How about if he tried a little originality?

What Judy and/or Wayne wrote or used - where they took it from

Radio contact and decipher alien signal - Carl Sagan

Washington, The Vatican, and secret codes - Dan Brown

Alien ancestors and gods - Erich Von Daniken

Orion star map of Giza - Robert Buvaul

Human origins and ancient astronauts - Zecharia Sitchin

Masonic codes and cover ups - Dan Brown

Alien crash and body recovery - Roswell Incident

Mars anomalies - Hoagland/others

UFO religion (like Heaven's Gate) - Marshall Applewhite

Religious cults - Jim Jones

Papyrus decoding and clues - Indiana Jones

Book Photo shop pics in front of pyramid - Indiana Jones

Star map pictures - Library/computer,from author

"As above, so below" so often quoted - hermetic text

Vitruvian Man/Leonardo Da Vinci - Dan Brown

Star map computation (consumer software) - Starry Night Pro

Alien landing/announcement of new religion - Blossom Goodchild

Meeting and conversing with the alien Karne - Arthur Shuttlewood

Spy's and counterintelligence espionage - Ian Fleming/Indiana Jones

Actual study of ancient papyrus - Via computer/books only

Archeology/credited courses in Egyptology - self taught/no hands on

Radio astronomy credentials - SETI@home-no skill needed

Proof reading of books/ Doc's before publish - none

UFO landing at pyramid/Sphinx - BAUVAL and GILBERT - 1994

UFO landing at pyramid/Sphinx - Peter Tompkins 1997

The Orion Mystery by BAUVAL and GILBERT - 1994

There are many commentators offering diverse opinions on the purpose and true age of the great pyramids and the Sphinx, ranging from UFO landing pads and interstellar navigation systems, to Temples housing chambers of frequency and sound that combine different hertz rates with low magnetism to simulate human emotions including fear and love.

Peter Tompkins - Secrets of the Great Pyramid March 1, 1997

Tompkins also connects theories about the purpose and the builders of the Pyramid with theories about other ancient ruins such as Stonehenge


I'm sure I missed a few thousand but you get the drift.

And that Mag is priceless BIAD

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by dcmb1490

If you come up with a theory... and it is reasonable and acceptable, then as the idea gains momentum, it picks up 'believers' along the way. But if you badly merge all the theories that you've mentioned together, you may get a big hit from the get-go. Remember, if and when you're caught, then it's over... so hit hard and fast and take all you can.

'The Handyman's Book To Tricking The Vunerable -1978'

Quote from the back of the dust jacket:
Don't leave home without it.

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 12:24 PM
Still no reply as of yet from freedom of information at NASA or my query at SETI on NASA Judy. But I have sent out the papyrus Wayne Herschel is using as proof of an alien landing on the Sphinx for scholars to evaluate. Here is one e-mail I just received. (names removed): from a university professor in Egyptology.

Thanks for writing. I'll see what I can do to help. My first instinct in looking at the papyrus is to say that it's a lotus flower, but the leaves of the lotus tend to be wider and more closely clumped in Egyptian art than the figure on this papyrus. There's an outside chance that it's a subspecies of lotus, but I doubt it, as depictions of the lotus remained fairly constant throughout Egyptian history.

I can conceive of three ways in which you may be able to discover what the object is, but they may require a good bit of research, so it depends on how important this identification is to the thesis of your research. I don't know if you're already gone down these paths, but these may be good avenues to pursue:

1. The caption underneath the image mentions that this is a vignette from the Book of the Dead. You might access a translation of the Book of the Dead (I would recommend Raymond O. Faulkner's, and that you steer clear of E.A. Wallis Budge at all costs) and try to match up this vignette with the images in Faulkner's book. Faulkner's translation includes tons of pictures, so you're likely to find it, and the presence of Nut will make this image really stand out when you're flipping through the pages. Once you find the image, there may well be a description of the object in the translation; as you may know, the Egyptians were incredibly descriptive when they wrote religious texts, much to the advantage of modern day researchers

2. The caption mentions the name of the Egyptian whom this vignette is written for, and that it is housed in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. You might go to the Egyptian Museum's website and see if you can do an online search of their collections, by typing in the name of the Egyptian. Depending on the quality of their catalogue records, there may be a description of the sphinx and the object on its back.

3. If you can't find the object on the Egyptian Museum website, you might Google the name of the Egyptian mentioned in the caption. Be sure to do it in quotes --- "[Name of Egyptian]", and you may find that other researchers have used the papyrus in their studies. Maybe they have analyzed the image for its artistic symbolism. I doubt you'd have to comb through many search results, as this papyrus is probably the only mention of this Egyptian's name that has survived antiquity.

4. If all else fails (or, maybe you could start with this), you can always track down a professional Egyptologist who specializes in papyrology and ask them the same question. They may or may not respond, however --- academics can be fickle helpers.

In reference to your crackpot author, he's no doubt one of the many conspiracy theorists who also believe that aliens built the pyramids for the Egyptians, or some other such nonsense. However, if you're trying to use this specific papyrus to refute his argument, I would caution you --- the sphinx in this papyrus is not likely *the* Sphinx of Giza. Rather, the Egyptians were probably using the sphinx form in a metaphorical sense (as can be seen in the many sculptures of pharaohs as sphinxes), or it may be a representation of one of the goddesses who appeared in sphinx form in mythology, such as Sekhmet.

However, refuting a claim that UFOs landed on the back of the Sphinx shouldn't be too hard to do otherwise --- what a claim! The burden of proof is definitely on the guy who thinks aliens hung out with Khufu.
If you do discover what the object on his back is, let me know. I'm always eager to add another piece of information to my Egyptian symbolism repertoire.

I'm glad my research was of assistance, and I was happy to help with your query. Good luck with your detective work!

(name removed)

Wayne your work is so revered.

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:17 PM
Apologies on my absence. I'm hoping for extraction from this Chinese fire drill in the next couple of days, and will be back then. I'm guerrilla computing at the moment.

Adults who behave as children tend to get my knickers all wadded up, but I ought to be out of this spot soon.

No, the alphabet agencies haven't come for me. The explanation is much more mundane.

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by dcmb1490

nice work dcmb, and welcome back nonethtu, all seems a bit quiet at mo now wayne is deleting judys messages !.



posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by nenothtu

Hey man, welcome back. You've got some catching up to do. Pour yourself a couple fingers of Old Grandad and get ready for the bs

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:30 PM

Originally posted by nenothtu
Apologies on my absence. I'm hoping for extraction from this Chinese fire drill in the next couple of days, and will be back then. I'm guerrilla computing at the moment.

Adults who behave as children tend to get my knickers all wadded up, but I ought to be out of this spot soon.

No, the alphabet agencies haven't come for me. The explanation is much more mundane.

Welcome back, you have missed a lot and there is still on going activity with the hoaxers. We thought the MIB had you tied up somewhere. Judy was active not too long ago and Wayne admitted she was a fake, blah, blah. Hope you get caught up soon with this unbelievable saga.

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by dcmb1490

In response to your work there dcmb, I give it....
two thumbs up

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

Thanks Rich,

Just got an e-mail from the British Museum stating that they would get back to me on it. They were recommend from another source due to their expertise and had nothing to do with recent e-mail. So its not harassing them. Will post what they have to say later.

Thanks, Marrr. you have done much more.

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by Netties Hermit

Some cut and pastes from facebook as per in the first couple of dozen pages in this thread (they have all been deleted now from various facebook accounts - unless someone has kept cached copies?)

I saved some entire facebook pages when I noticed that some comments were 'disappearing', not sure if I have the ones you want or not. I'm still in the process of trying to organize all the data I've gathered in this case, but have made multiple encrypted copies, which are distributed, just in case...

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

I wanted to give this post around 30 stars...


The picture is "flopped", but rather intriguing...

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

hmmm, which post ?, i can't tell what you are refering to.



posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by CAELENIUM

Judy mentions "subcarriers" and that is my point too. Using a radio frequency as the Carrier Wave one can insert any frequency, in this case the Ultra Violet, as an internal [subcarrier] FM [frequency modulation] second tuning stage. Internal [subcarrier] FM tunings are not affected or attenuated by atmospheric impedance. Only the [carrier] AM [amplitude modulation] Carrier Wave is affected. We use internal [subcarriers] FM tunings in radio all the time so as to filter out the usual AM Carrier Wave "noise" and so as to avoid being detected by enemy receiver stations spying on our traffic. So in actual fact radio telescopes can and do look into the Ultra Violet spectrum, but not as the Carrier Wave, only as an internal [subcarrier] FM tuning stage. One can add such internal [subcarrier] FM tuning stages ad infinitum. I must admit that using the Ultra Violet as an internal subcarrier is rather exotic, but far from impossible, and since we are talking about "alien" traffic, therefore anything is possible.

So all the sceptics criticising Judy for being a fraud, just do not carry any weight in my opinion.

Care to give me the rundown on how you'd use a RF carrier wave to carry a UV light signal inside it, as a subcarrier? Were it that simple, fiber optics would be wholly unnecessary, wouldn't they? Just transmit the modulated light along a radio carrier...

Radio telescopes DO NOT receive light signals, any more than transistor radios take photographs.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 04:54 AM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

I'm still way back, catching up. I meant the post that included this:

Originally posted by RICH-ENGLAND

once again i will issue a challenge to both judy and wayne: first of all wayne herschel all you have to do is read through this thread thoroughly and check all the information, i would be quite happy to engage in conversation with you to prove once and for all that judy faltskog is a fraud and a hoaxer and was once a man called james van greunen, a known and proven hoaxer. i assure you that all the documents are very very real and are not forgeries in any way, i am also in possession of other documents and other things that i cannot post here for various reasons including the website rules which stop me posting personal information. i can and will get much more if needed but i think its already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

now to you judy faltskog, i challenge you to sue me as i would love to get all the truth out in court and get you in the media and show you for what you are, your silly claims get more ridiculous by the minute and even a school kid could see the gaping holes in your stories and claims!. your claim about the N.S.A wanting us is beyond laughable, you do realise that im english and the N.S.A has absolutely no jurisdiction over me whatsoever unless i went to america and commited some threat to their national security, and i would have to do something pretty serious on the internet to get their attention from england like make a threat to america or hack into an american military or government website.

dont you think its time you grew up a little, i mean seriously haven't you caused enough damage to people's lives in the past, do you not care one bit about your children?.

again to wayne herschel, if you really want to save any credibility and dignity then you should admit that you've been had and denounce judy and this claim as a hoax before its too late. oh and by the way, Michael Hesemann DOES have official documents proving that judy was once james van greunen and official letters, and the passports DO have official stamps on them.

also wayne you have to ask yourself how and why judy and bjorn know so much about mr Hesemann if they dont know him or have had no dealings with him, mr Hesemann is a very very well respected man and is one of the very few people on this planet to gain access to the secret vatican archives, im quite sure someone of such high standing would NOT risk their reputation and career by forging documents or engaging in any of the ridiculous activities claimed by judy.

if judy was not once james van greunen then mr Hesemann would have no need to say anything on this matter because he got out of ufology years ago, why would he suddenly want to make up documents on someone if he is not involved in the subject?, why would judy be of any interest to him if she wasn't once james van greunen?.

mr Hesemann is a best selling author, and a highly respected historian and works for the vatican, he is not some unknown fraudster hiding behind a computer like judy.

if judy owned these observatories as she claimed then she would be able to release any information she pleased, she wont release anything because she has nothing to release and once again N.A.S.A ditched S.E.T.I years ago so judy DOES NOT WORK FOR N.A.S.A!. and also if she owned all these observatories then how come she cannot find the time to look at the stars that you asked her to? the answer is extremely simple but you just dont seem to want to hear it!!!

don't you think that if judy was a real n.a.s.a scientist and we had invented these claims that she would have put a stop to it by now???. any real scientist would have had their solicitor on us and this website like a shot if what we were saying wasn't true!!!



posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 05:43 AM
reply to post by nenothtu

Welcome back Neno and as you have already seen, the house
of cards that Wayne has made is wavering!
Nice one, Dcmb1490...

... In reference to your crackpot author...

Oh, my word!... what on earth would make him say such a thing?!!

...I would caution you --- the sphinx in this papyrus is not likely
*the* Sphinx of Giza. Rather, the Egyptians were probably using
the sphinx form in a metaphorical sense (as can be seen in the many
sculptures of pharaohs as sphinxes), or it may be a representation
of one of the goddesses who appeared in sphinx form in mythology,
such as Sekhmet.

This would be a nice little nugget to offer Mr. Herchel... I would be
curious of his answer.

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 05:54 AM
Question: Does Wayne believe that we have alien friends in the Pleiades 'or it's neighboring zones'?

I have to go de-oil my 'T-zone' and curl my hair while I await replies.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 12:06 PM
Going to reapply my inquires again to NASA and SETI on NASA Judy. In the meanwhile here is the reply from the British Museum.

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your enquiry. The object on the sphinx's back is a feather fan. The fan suggests that the image of the sphinx is imbued with a divine presence, in this case it is also a convenient space filler.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Keeper (Curator)
Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan
The British Museum
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

At least you have one fan, Wayne.

Forwarded the British Museum e-mail to the good Professor.

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 02:21 PM
Well its about time. Just received an e-mail from NASA and they have my request and are looking into it.

E-mail header: Acknowledgement of your FOIA request

It only stated this and showed the CV of NASAJudy sent, so I'm assuming she is under investigation for the information requested.

Will post the results without the names when they are received.

Received this reply before it was reapplied today.

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