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Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by Nick_X
Wow, I'm surprised that over 5 pages of posts no one has found the article that completely debunks this FAUX news report

Complete Debunking of this horrible faux news reporter

Every word in the title is wrong but "physics". It's not freaky, doesn't prove anything we didn't already know, and has nothing to do with parallel universes nor does it shed any light the question of their possible existence.

Look past the details of a wonky discovery by a group of California scientists -- that a quantum state is now observable with the human eye -- and consider its implications: Time travel may be feasible. Doc Brown would be proud.

Quantum states are visible to the naked eye all the time. Neon signs, laser pointers, and all kinds of other devices show quantum behavior at the macroscopic level. What this UC Santa Barbara group has done is impressive and important - they've put a tiny but macroscopic object into a superposition of macroscopic quantum states. This is a big deal, but the difference between this and everyday single-atom quantum mechanics is just one of scale. It's not new physics. And time travel? It's a category error on the scale of a reporter watching the Ottawa Senators play hockey and writing an article claiming they were the new lawmaking body of Canada.

Quoted for truth. Take note that what these researchers found was still impressive, but just not exactly how Fox interpreted the results.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by toast317

PROVEN fact that there is time travel? Einstein's Theory of Relativity, get's PROVEN all the time -- but it's still a "THEORY" to science -- a bedrock of astrophysics but it still must be tested as there are NO PROVEN FACTS in science -- just "FACTS" and Proofs. The THEORY of why something happens is always a theory. If you actually time-traveled, it would be a "fact" that you were in a new situation. Whether you were in a new dimension, the same timeline and such -- would need proof. HOW you time-traveled, would always be a theory. So far, there has been no "fact" of time travel, and saying something is a "proven fact" when you are talking about a theory is not Cricket.

Time Travel is like putting your foot in a stream -- you don't step on the same combination of water twice, even if you go to the same place in the stream. I'm saying, that the stream does not exist beyond the point your foot touches it -- and never has. I have actually had a few brief glimpses of "future events" that happened exactly as they were pictured, done to the hairs on my knuckles. But, these sort of "pinholes" of either alternate dimensions or time I think fall into what I'm saying about "shadows of affinity" causing the phenomenon known as "Dark Matter."

I'd say, that it's impossible to prove that the Universe we know, is NOT just one particle, or field. What we know of as measuring time is only relative to how fast things move to us. It might take a Trillion Years in another dimension, for one particle to take a position and behave as if it were trillions of particles. Each tiny sliver of time, could be just a new route the one particle takes each time it "redraws reality." You have nothing to measure this magic particle, because every TOOL you use is made from it's journey.

"Affinity" is what I was thinking of based upon "unlimited dimensions and states for each particle." I was 14 at the time I was thinking about what Physicists seem to be pondering now. I thought about it's ultimate conclusion: If a particle has infinite speed, and states --- how does it appear in one fixed place and follows a rational pattern as it remains part of other structures (like a rock)? I imagined an infinitely long string -- and the only way to know where you were on that string, was where it touched other parts of itself. The DIRECTION and position relative to itself are the only KNOWN data -- even to the Universe. So, the PATH we think we see particles move in, is only when we "test it" -- leading to a few wierd Quantum Effects you might have heard of.

Seeing the future, is kind of like the "kinetic energy" in all things resolving itself and sometimes the FUTURE affinity of particles in that system are known -- because they are already overlapping the present -- like past ripples from your foot that is in the water -- since the only TIME is now, for all intents and purposes, your foot has ALWAYS been in the water -- and can get echoes of it's from reflected waves. The CURRENT TIME, is the strongest pattern that resolves the forces involved -- that's all it is. Your mind, is a bit LARGER than you, because your "monkey brain" has been trying to tap into anything that will give it an advantage for millions of years. So, beyond just the trillions of connections Science has found, I believe that MOST psychic phenomena are interpretations of our Immune system (e.g., my friend is sick or sad), or sensing fluctuations in "space time" since the SIGNAL LENGTH between axons is very sensitive to impedence which small gravity waves would effect.

So if a particle of YOU has affinity with ANOTHER STATE that resolves the current "patterns" -- for that moment, the particle can have two RATIONAL (meaning, it will still exist), paths, and since the only thing that is KNOWN is the relative position to it's other points and the direction of movement on its infinite path, your mind can perceive the two states of Branching (OK, this is a wild theory -- but it "feels right" since I've PROVEN to myself that time doesn't exist except as an energy potential). That is the best explanation for the "other Dimension" or "future predictions" that I come up with. If you were floating on a river, and were at the top of a waterfall, hitting the base of the waterfall in that boat, is a foregone conclusion as far as "kinetic energy being resolved" so in big events of history, sometimes the "resolution" may or may not happen, but there is an "echo" from the base of the waterfall.

There is not a Universe for hitting the base of the waterfall and NOT hitting the base of the waterfall -- but the "particles" can get an echo of both. THAT is affinity. And gravity is influenced by this, because SPACE/TIME does not connect to the Upper and Lower Branes -- it is a Medium that separates them.

Do you remember that I've said that "Particles aren't moving -- space is" ? There are the same number of particles in this Universe as when it came to being -- well, in the first moments, it was a lot of really hot, quarks and it took time for it to "cool" to form Electrons and Protons (so no light at first either because no photons to get trapped by electron orbitals). Well, that was "space" being rapidly fluctuated. The position of all particles is determined by the Upper Brane state and the "frequency" and potential energy it has with the Lower Brane state. As the Universe ages (what is called "Entropy") the potential energy (distance or peaks) between the two Branes lessens, but gets more complicated (the wave-form is less "tuned") -- but as this happens (things cool), and eventually the frequencies will coincide. Coherent matter, that is also a superconductor, is the final state of all matter in this Universe. At THAT POINT, it will cease to have any differentation in frequency and thus -- position relative to "space/time" -- Time will have run out, and the non-localized matter will "invert." The upper becomes the lower, and then "boom" the big bang and it all starts again. There is no real explosion going on and "distance" is the rate at which the brane fluctuations can propagate a new stable pattern across the middle brane (space).

This also means, there will be some discrete changes in fundamental properties of physics in the future -- and they will happen everywhere at once -- don't worry, it's a long time yet, and it won't destroy everything, because the new "resting state" will of course be the one state that resolves all patterns. The Universe rationalizes itself at every "moment" in time.

>> But there is no "recording" of the past or future -- merely echoes. If you want to "see in the past" you can tune for "affinity echoes" of patterns you think are similar to that past and perhaps somewhere in the UNIVERSE things are happening that are similar to that. But there is a limit, because of "entropy" and the constant change of fundamental properties of space/time. The Hubble "constant" is accelerating. Future particles have "a smaller field" of space/time that they influence and thus appear smaller.


posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

>> OK, that might be a bit too trippy -- let me try and go back to another metaphor;
The "time dilation" effect, is due to "reducing the flow of space" out of the particles being accelerated either by motion or a large gravity field. Remember -- I said "gravity is like water pressure."

Time Travel, is really just "Potential Energy of space-time" -- meaning, that when I accelerate an electron or proton in a cyclotron -- it get's larger. It get's larger because, everything in the Universe is getting smaller, so if you "stop the flow" of Space from an object, it gets more massive (takes a lot of energy too -- so you are really borrowing the potential energy from a lot of objects to move a few really fast). That's why Einstein said that if you actually did accelerate matter to the speed of light, it would eventually inflate to the size of the Universe. So, Physicists recognize that speed of light is not possible for objects IN THIS UNIVERSE.

So your idea of creating a black hole -- it can be done. But it won't give you time travel, it will slow the RATE OF INERTIA for objects in its gravity field. It bends "space" -- but only like being underwater makes more water pressure. Make sense? If you are a balloon of water, and you go into a bucket of water -- the water leaking out may slow or stop.

Can't think of the Galaxy right now, but there is a super-massive Black Hole, about the number of stars in a Galaxy, spinning around an even LARGER black hole. The revolutions are in seconds -- meaning, this super massive Galaxy is consumed by a black hole, and it's nearly accelerated to the speed of light. If Gravity Fields actually could allow space to bend so much that you go back in time -- then this would be showing "echoes" of past positions of the Black Hole -- there should appear to be more than one revolving unless it is occupying the exact same position and it's orbit is synchronized with the time dilation (echoes re-inforcing each other by being the exact same distance -- this happens actually, in a well-designed microwave because the walls are an even multiple of the length of the EM field).

>> I predict, that the Black Hole is NOT as massive as they estimate -- BUT, it's revolution, huge electrical field (conductor revolving moving around a magnet becomes a generator), multiplies it's "relative mass" a thousand-fold. It's a bit about the light curving back on itself and there being TWO of them. The other prediction that I have is that there is an "escape velocity" for what we call "space" itself, and what we think of as a black hole, is really one Electron being accelerated to fractions away from the speed of light (as Einstein predicted, but didn't realize that Black Holes themselves are EXACTLY what he was talking about). So the FLOW of gravity from one particle has stopped -- and it "appears to swell" because it is impacting a larger area of space/time. The reason that a massive star implosion results in ONE particle swelling like this -- is just because of "conservation of energy" -- there might be a stream of particles NEAR this critical state -- but they will always end up passing the energy to the MOST excited particle and THAT one goes super-critical, but it might happen to a million particles in a second as they each slam into the limits of Space/Time. That's why I didn't worry about the Super-Collider -- sure, IT DOES in a sense, create a tiny black hole as the particle goes super-critical, but there isn't enough Near-critical particle around it to create a "chain reaction." The larger black holes, are going to last longer than the smaller ones.

If you stop the Black Hole, and wait a while, eventually that matter that "escaped space/time" will "fall back down. I'm guessing this creates the Pulsar or Quasar effect -- still not sure if it's just a Proton -- but I "think" this allows for symmetry. Black Holes are not going to swallow the Universe -- merely borrow some matter for a time. But they are "anchors for affinity" and probably fix the "overlapping" of other Dimensions -- even though there is no real POSITION outside of the Universes to actually localize them. However, this does effect how space "distributes the wave functions" of the two branes that make up what we call particles -- so "gravity" which is the flow of space, appears to SLOW in these areas -- thus, we detect more massive Galaxies or areas of space that "have streams" -- channles were things move faster.

I don't think anything I've said contradicts physics as we know it. If you look at the limits of "light speed" -- it should be kind of obvious that the more matter you've got around, the more energy it takes for a particle to MOVE FASTER. Thus, in a large galaxy, it's going to take more mass to create a black hole, and conversely, less mass in a smaller gravity well -- like you could imagine that jumping on a planet like the moon, takes less force to leap -- really, it's the same thing.

Since I finally figured out what is fundamentally different between acceleration and Gravity -- that's when I realized that "particles don't really move" and how to change positions without traveling. We don't have the technology "yet" for it -- but I'm pretty clear how we could get there. It's that conundrum of two photons moving at light speed when they hit -- their combined speed is at "light speed" -- in a way, Space "stretches" to accomodate -- or in another way, their "influence on space" gets stronger as it shrinks (the square root of the distance) -- THIS, is what changes the apparent frequency of light -- the "blue shift" as an object moves towards you, the light coming off of it gets "bluer" and as it goes away it gets "redder" but the light still moves at the same speed. Actually, SPACE is still propagating at the same speed, and the shift happens because of compression of space itself in the WAKE of the movement of space. Those particles are only in a discrete position next to each other, because their patterns balance. There is not one particle in the Universe that is not balanced -- they don't exist.

Einstein didn't really say WHY the objects get more massive as they accelerate, other than to say "relativity." But I'm telling you why -- THE OBJECTS stay the same size -- they just reduce shrinking. The Universe has been the same size since it first "popped" into existence (really, it was an inversion of the "branes" -- but that's another story). Matter, is making a smaller footprint in Space-Time -- Matter really doesn't have a size -- it's merely a fixed point of folded space (like the same field that makes up the branes of the Universe -- they invert again to fold into particles, and inside the particle -- invert again).

No matter is created or destroyed -- it converts to energy and back to matter. Even "in" a black hole. The particles are still there -- only their fluctuations are "outside the middle brane" -- but balanced. The thing is, they can "fall down" from ANY point in our Universe because they have LOST POSITION -- which as I said, is defined by the Middle Brane's interaction with the Upper Brane and resolved in the Lower Brane.

So any Quasar could be spewing out matter/energy from ANY black hole -- or you might "tap into this" energy, by creating an "Affinity Window" and forcing space to give location to these particles that have too much "time potential energy" to sync up with Matter "at this time in the Universe."

Again, Time is about Potential energy between the two branes -- and if you exceed that range -- you have no location with "other matter at this time." The matter still exists, but it would appear to "disappear." Having NO POSITION relative to other matter in space time.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:18 AM

Originally posted by Primordial
So how does sucking the air out of the bell jar eliminate all vibration?

Yeah.. total BS with the vacuum and refrigerator. From my memory in relation to the development of super conductors; they could only eliminate vibration at absolute zero (−273.15°C ). Also, as ModernAcademia pointed out in the first page; it's near impossible to create a perfect vacuum.

Everyone reading this thread should be extremely skeptical of the claims in the Op. It's a bad trade to cash in your common sense for a slice of fiction.


posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:37 AM
>> One other thing I'd like to point out -- the difference between LIGHT and Radio Waves.

The electro-magnetic spectrum, is full of low-energy fields that ripple outward in circles, and then at the high end -- move in straight lines.

Well, they do both, actually. It's just that with the "higher energy" em-field, the SPACE they DISTRIBUTE energy in is more "compressed." As red light moves to blue light -- it also has a smaller "bandwidth" or area it goes through.

In the "double slit" experiments, that have given Philosophers a field day -- light behaves as both a particle and a wave, because if one photon passes through a tiny slit, and you open up another slit next to it, it forms bands of light, just as if many photons were passing through -- it "INTERFERES" with itself. Really, it has a circular wave moving out like radios from the LAST position it interacted with matter (bounced off of).

The slits can be used to EXACTLY measure where this bounce occurred -- but you'd have to have a prefect circumference to do it -- anyway, a future "test of my theory."

The point is, that what creates the "quantum effect" on atoms. Is that light photons are released when an electron drops an orbital. You stimulate a tungsten atom in a light bulb wire, the electron goes to a higher energy orbital, and then, eventually releases that energy as a photon, drops down, and picks up more energy to start the process again. ONLY on the release, does the Photo propagate. It BOUNCES off another electron on another atom somewhere by repeating this process.

Physicists have not found an "in-between state" where the find the electron between the orbitals. Orange Light, is a mix of Photons dropping from different orbitals.

This is because there is an "energy threshold" or more like a "correct note" on a guitar string, before energy can propagate through the Space (aether or the Middle Brane). Since everything is just folded bits of the Middle Brane, there is ONLY interference with these Folds at the correct frequencies. I've just explained the totality of the "quantum packet phenomena" right there. And why String Theory is just looking at the elephant when you are blind -- it's correct on results of which end eats and which poops, but not on the stomach that lies between.

The Energy Orbitals, and what is called the "strong force" is merely the "overlap" of Space moving out of each fold of space (gravity). Magnetism, is only when this flow is organized -- so it gives you an idea that there is a LOT more energy involved, because a tiny neo-dynium magnet can have hundreds of pounds of holding force.

When you look through binoculars, there is a "focal point" -- as your aperture gets large, then your focal range gets smaller, but you let in more light (why pin-hole cameras seem to have no focal point). Space goes INTO and OUT of particles (inverted space with fluctuating fields from a higher and lower brane), it has a South and a North pole (in and out), and then this flow, echoes the same "folding" that occurred within the particle, and that gives you the "ranges" or the Electron orbitals. The "first" octave, is the focal point, and that is the "strong nuclear force" where the Protons and Neutrons huddle closely together.

Anyway, that's probably enough to ponder -- but everything from the small to the large, seems to fit and balance just right in this mental model I've created -- and new discoveries seem to justify it, rather than come as any surprise.

>> The only thing that is more STRANGE, than a delusion, is if you ARE that one person who might have figured everything out. Someone eventually is that person -- and you are a minority of ONE. You might think its wonderful or special, but you cannot be judged as anything but a fool, because YOU are the only one who knows, and fools are people who know nothing that agrees with the majority. Until you can explain your foolish ideas to others using THEIR FACTS -- you will remain alone. If you cannot commit it to math, you will remain crazy.

>>So maybe I'll just write Sci-Fi books, and then decades later, someone will say; "Wow, um, this guy doesn't look like he should be in the Fantasy Section anymore."

And a few years ago, I figured that it would be kind of easy to turn HEAT into Light. You could actually manufacture such units with some of the same equipment used to make DVDs -- so, if you see a "cooling disk" that needs a tiny 9-volt battery attached to a crystal and it glows red but can feel like an ice cube -- remember where you heard of it first.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:51 AM

Originally posted by InfaRedMan

Originally posted by Primordial
So how does sucking the air out of the bell jar eliminate all vibration?

Yeah.. total BS with the vacuum and refrigerator. From my memory in relation to the development of super conductors; they could only eliminate vibration at absolute zero (−273.15°C ). Also, as ModernAcademia pointed out in the first page; it's near impossible to create a perfect vacuum.

Everyone reading this thread should be extremely skeptical of the claims in the Op. It's a bad trade to cash in your common sense for a slice of fiction.


I haven't verified the experiment too thoroughly -- but what you are saying is true.

HOWEVER -- giving the cooled substance a vibration CAN overcome the tiny kinetic vibrations that matter has due to its constituent atoms. Lasers "cool" atoms, by dampening this intrinsic motion.

It isn't just KINETIC motion that creates heat -- it's RANDOM kinetic motion -- OK, I'm the first one who might have said that.

I've been talking about "COHERENT MATTER" for some time -- that's matter that is "tuned" like a Laser is tuned -- to ONE frequency. You don't need Absolute Zero to get all the effects of Absolute Zero if all the atoms of a substance are "TUNED."

If I "tuned" a solid wall -- I could walk right through it, because the "space time" that my atoms distort, would be un-tuned (still), but the wall would all be of the same frequency. If it's strong enough that their patterns are NOT disrupted by my inherent kinetic energy (heat or incoherent space distortions), then I can walk right through it. There is a limit however, because random strikes of the matter would act like ionizing radiation. So, maybe about 2 feet of wall -- and the harder the better. Fabric is more of a barrier to tuning than plate steel, for instance.

>> Anyway, that's probably quite ahead of this little experiment -- but even if they haven't really gotten these results -- I still predict that it is possible.

The "absolute vacuum" is not achievable (in this Universe -- you can create a "pocket fold" however), because SPACE is not empty -- or not void of fluctuations. It's actually MORE energetic than what we think of as matter -- WE are the pockets of stability that travel through it. But space is more "in tune with itself" and we distort that field, which results in what appears to be Electromagnetic Fields.

>> Again, it's not about ABSOLUTE ZERO to achieve the "motion/non-motion" it's about a re-inforcing frequency that de-randomizes the kinetic motion of the molecules. Just look out a window; The difference between a CLEAR crystal like Glass and an Opaque object is what? Glass can be solid, but it allows through the Photons without disturbing their patterns -- it's JUST AS DENSE as the wall next to it (actually more so).

For each TYPE of molecule, there exists a frequency of "sub-space" that is in TUNE with it. You can both detect exactly what the molecules are, or use it to make them coherent. But the "frequency" or vibration is not created by Moving another object (like a crystal), it's created by moving space itself (which can be done with coherent light -- a laser).

So this experiment that we are talking about -- is VERY MUCH, like the TEST I've been pondering for creating "COHERENT MATTER." That's the main reason why I'm blogging about it -- because they don't know what they've really discovered and this is a Major breakthrough that I've predicted. Though, again, I don't know if they did it right -- but it sounds very close.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 11:04 AM
The experiments with Invisibility also back up my theory about "space time" -- very tiny hairs or holes on an object, appear to be bending light around that object -- they call this "quantum dots" or "quantum hairs." And surmise that light is bending as they do in a gravity well. Maybe.

But I propose that what is really going on, is that when you have these structures smaller than the light that bounces off of the survace of the object, you are really creating a "standing wave pattern" in the space around the object. As the photon (remember, spherical field, with a finite point of propagation of energy?), interacts with that standing wave pattern, it doesn't "go around" the object, it tunnels through it.

Only very tiny objects can be made invisible with this current technique -- and until they understand the "standing wave pattern of Space" principle, ONLY small objects will be made invisible. The tunneling is a limited distance and a byproduct -- Tuned matter around you, would allow for ALL LIGHT or EM fields to pass through undisturbed.

With half-plank length photon field energy generators, quantum dots, and laser "tuning" of space, you can create a gravity lense. With that, you can create a device to "tune matter." Invisibility, Levitation, and Moving through solid objects is all related to manipulating SPACE itself. The floatation we see with super-conductors is a by-product of Gravity Lensing, by the way. Meaning, you can bend space/time. If you then manipulate those Bends, you can make gravity create the "standing wave" -- and this takes you to inertia-less engines and force fields.

I've thought beyond these devices -- but there isn't much point in discussing it, until people catch on to the "coherent matter" idea, and the other theories I'm proposing (not really theories to YOU -- technically a hypothesis -- but that's a pain in the butt to always use in a sentence and doesn't sound right in conversational speach -- so forgive the ABUSE of the term "THEORY.")

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 11:12 AM

Originally posted by people=oooo
"I love how science varifies what i believe" that guy, in the article itself it says multi universes cannot be proven. and studying a human hair in a vacume has nothing to do with a multi universe. "What I believe"....should be "what i have found and physically proven" its still a theory, and a theory is not proof.

The other thing is -- optically, you can vibrate an object like a hair, such that part of it looks solid, and another part is semi-transparent. It's just about how much time it stays in each position. If you have just the right frequency, you get "banding" -- same thing you see on a fan spinning in a certain speed -- you see areas of blur and areas that are semi-opaque and seem to slowly travel -- it's a byproduct of the eye or whatever light sensor you use that has "different refresh rates" on the image.

>> However, I'm agreeing with a lot of people in that it's merely putting a so called "Quantum Effect" on a larger object -- NOT a proof of many universes or time travel.

However, I'm saying that it's more than that, and MAY be getting into Coherent Matter -- which is a lot like how Lasers are different from light as soon as they have ONLY ONE self-reinforcing FREQUENCY.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 12:05 PM
The thing is, we live in an unreal universe. Unreal or virtual universes are a projection of the one real universe and we are Mind experiencing and observing these different realities.

The reason that choice creates an infinite number of universes is because these universes are holographic projections of other universes and there's one real universe that is the pattern of all universes. We are a 3 dimensional projection of a higher dimensional universe.

This is why Einstein said the difference between past, present and future is a persistent illusion. This distinction is not an objective reality. From the 4th dimension our universe happens in one moment but from the perspective of 3 dimensions are universe plays out from moment to moment.

All of these things evolve into infinity at Planck's Constant.

So when the universes branch, they share the same history. It's just in one universe McCain is President and in our universe Obama was elected.

These are what I call unreal universes or phantasms of the one real universe (Heaven).

It's a debate that goes back to Plato and the Allegory of the Cave.

The materialist think the illusion is objective reality and the idealist think that objective reality is an illusion.

Plato was saying that there's one real reality and everything is a projection of this reality and we just see one aspect of this reality. So basically one thing is projected into all these dimensions of space and the observers in these different dimensions see different perspectives of the same thing.

Here's an interesting interview with David Bohm talking about perception.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
Too stretch this a little it possible we are all the same entity playing out different aspects of our self?

Funny you should say this! It's exactly what we're/I'm doing!

Makes things way more fun when this realization hits.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 02:00 PM
I need somewhere to write my thoughts and what I've gathered from this thread as I don't have a pen.

Every moment in time has it's own place in the multiverse. If you were to enter the base state of the moment you are in right now, you would see that this moment is frozen in the base state as there is no such thing as time there. For every moment of all time forward and back all things that are possible are open for what ever possibilities that that particular moment can offer. This means that any single life is open to all possibilities in which a life can offer, leaving each of us with a truly free destiny which we have the ability to influence from each passing moment, free will. I think time viewed from a higher level would show that time forward and back is a constant thing never anchoring any particular "time" with "now", now is subjective and all times are happening simultaneously within the multiverse.

I believe that even though there are a seemingly infinite number of "ourselves" inhabiting the multiverse we are still one being invariably connected through our soul. This is where the term I and I would come in as we are one and the same yet separate in our subjective reality;or eye and I. This is our true self that we can only interact with subconsciously. And even though our path's are open to all possibilities there is still a "correct" path if it was awareness of your soul and this higher dimension that was your goal. I believe it's a moral path and our conscience is a tool we can use, but just a tool, we have to take it upon ourselves to go further, to try and learn and understand how things are, should be and can be. All of us have learned how to suppress our conscience in certain aspects in that which we desire or accept while picking certain moral high grounds to favor. We all do it and we all rationalize it one way or another, many have long ago tuned something out and may never get it back but you will have a chance in another life, and that other life can inhabit this same "body" in this seemingly same "era" for which your life could be similar but nevertheless open to each moment possibility. I think deja vu is our reminder that we are still on the same path as before, I think deja vu means you need to change something. I feel that the Bhudda may have found that path or was able to realize that path so well that he was able to transcend his "body" and see reality through his soul.

As for this experiment if it was successful then we are seeing into the base state at the moment the "paddle" is struck and what they saw was the only possibility that could occur in our reality in response to the strike. Or all they saw was the effect of something thin moving back and forth at high speeds which creates a sort of motionless object with it's path back and forth blurred, like a humming bird's wings or something. Either way it still makes you think.

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by christianpatrick

Oh lol everybody know that no mater wich universe your in the lottory is a scam and the only reason anybody wins is to keep people thinking they could win.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by willis7737

Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist

The strange discovery by quantum physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara means that an object you can see in front of you may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe -- a multi-state condition that has scientists theorizing that traveling through time may be much more than just the plaything of science fiction writers.
(visit the link for the full news article)

Kind of oxymoronic. Headline says "Proves parallel Universes exist", article says "may exist". Interesting nonetheless.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 06:35 PM
The idea that this "reality" or Universe is a projection, or that each moment in time has infinite possibilities - presupposes, that the REALITY you've been in, and always remember, has mostly made sense.

>> I contend, that Plato, and all these navel gazers who suggest this is an illusion, a projection, or the New Philosophers if Physics are OBSERVABLY full of horse manure.

How am I sure? Because Chickens don't fly into blenders, MOST of the events are rational, and everything you remember (beyond a few "glitches" which MIGHT be more your interpretation than actual "glitches"), has been 99.99% sensible.

For Plato and the Multi-verse concept to be true, then you HAVE to assume, that you are in the one rational Universe, or one in which history and choices went the right way. If you look at every decision you COULD make, and say the Universe branched right there -- then most of the time, you are incoherent or moving in random directions.

Observably - more intelligent creatures and people make MORE right choices when faced with problems that do not have a fixed set of solutions -- therefor, lest we dismiss the "I think therefore I am" discussion (Descarte, I believe), because I can not only question that I am in reality, and because I have a history of NON-random decisions, I must either be in the Universe that is the template for all others, or be in a reality where decisions matter, or, there are NOT Universes that have irrational events that spawn new Universes.

What I've been saying -- is that all those "potentials" create echos -- but only ONE Universe exists (at least for our reality) where all forces balance. The point at which a particle is NOT in balance of forces - it does not exist and a new particle that is "in tune" with its universe takes its place. The net effect is a persistency of existence.

If This Universe is a sophisticated simulation in a super-advanced computer -- and it has created Programs that think they are alive, behave in rational ways, and question life itself -- it for all intents and purposes IS, life. We have not witnessed a "backup program" or people popping back in from the afterlife. Therefore, you might as well live as if this mattered, because you are ignorant of any information to prove otherwise.

I agree that there is no "objective time" -- meaning, you cannot go to a future or a past state. You are on one "timeline." However moving to another point in this Universe or perhaps moving to another dimension is technically possible -- though we haven't done it yet.

I just don't see how someone can imagine that EVERY POSSIBILITY creates a new reality -- because that would mean there is no such thing as intelligence -- merely a happy coincidence that you are the byproduct of a series of random chances and you live in the one Universe where you counted from 1 to 10. Do you remember counting to 10 and just saying "arbiglall-farg" or jumping off a cliff? No. Then you are in the most randomly lucky Universe and don't remember all those random "You's."

That just sounds too wasteful.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:11 PM
I'm not a scientist -- and I will spare the details of how I "know" what I "know"

There is no "past" nor "future"

Everything that could happen, has happened, will happen on every "level" (sub-atomic to cosmic) IS happening all in the NOW.

There was no "end" to everything, because there was no beginning! It is like a mobius strip, or the symbol for infinity.

There is just "Now" ... everything that can/could/will/was all exists in a state of flux that is "now".

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

The reason the universe seems rational to you is because of Mind and decoherence.

Decoherence makes a choice we measure seem like the real or rational choice because after a choice is made it's thermodynamically irreversible. So we have a consistent history that has the appearence of being the "real" universe. It's not, it's a phantasm, a projected reality.

In quantum mechanics, quantum decoherence is the mechanism by which quantum systems interact with their environments to exhibit probabilistically additive behavior. Quantum decoherence gives the appearance of wave function collapse and justifies the framework and intuition of classical physics as an acceptable approximation: decoherence is the mechanism by which the classical limit emerges out of a quantum starting point and it determines the location of the quantum-classical boundary. Decoherence occurs when a system interacts with its environment in a thermodynamically irreversible way. This prevents different elements in the quantum superposition of the system+environment's wavefunction from interfering with each other. Decoherence has been a subject of active research since the 1980s.

These choices are not random.

Every choice exists because we are connected to an infinite Super Intelligence. The Super Intelligence or Mind experiences different facets of itself through observers.

This is why everything breaks down into infinity.

This Super Intelligence is love, hurt, pain and everything you can think of all at the same time. The Mind experiences these things through local realities that it has created.

This Super Intelligence even made sure that when it entered these realities it would be blind to it's true nature. This way it can experience love in Marriage Proposal or pain in a car accident.

The infinite takes on a finite nature to experience every part of itself because it's everything at once.

We are the Super Intelligence manifesting in this 3 dimensional projection.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by MystikMushroom
I'm not a scientist -- and I will spare the details of how I "know" what I "know"

There is no "past" nor "future"

Everything that could happen, has happened, will happen on every "level" (sub-atomic to cosmic) IS happening all in the NOW.

There was no "end" to everything, because there was no beginning! It is like a mobius strip, or the symbol for infinity.

There is just "Now" ... everything that can/could/will/was all exists in a state of flux that is "now".

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Very good points.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:21 PM
I was driving home the other day and was thinking about that experiment where they had the slits like the number 11 and tried shooting atoms or something through it and when they watched the atom stabelized.

The effect of consiousness made the atom react. So now I figure that humans when starting out start off as small cells dividing. Now the universe probably started off as a atom that was all over the place then along comes consiousness and interacts with the atom and bamo the big bang.

Now that consiousness is all through the universe all the matter reacts in a somewhat stable form so we now see planets etc. Every animal or creature has consiousness but only humans have a brain that can notice it.

Without consiousness in the universe the atoms in everything would probably collapse into randomness and return to their state before consiousness arrived.

Not sure if this makes any scense but I was thinking about it.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by MystikMushroom
I'm not a scientist -- and I will spare the details of how I "know" what I "know"

There is no "past" nor "future"

Everything that could happen, has happened, will happen on every "level" (sub-atomic to cosmic) IS happening all in the NOW.

I don't buy your explanation. Time is linear as is entropy. Entropy cannot exist in your model. Sorry but it doesn't make any scientific sense... though it sounds cool in a sci-fi kind of way.

You need to provide more than a gut feeling for your claims. Sparing us the details of 'how you know' only suggests that you're aware you will be ridiculed if you disclose it. Therefore it doesn't appear you have confidence in your model or the means by which it was relayed to you, (Magic Shroom Trip by any chance?).


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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Loki Lyesmyth

Essentially, if this finding holds true with further research, it would mean that we have complete control over our lives; truly 'creating our destiny' through our choices from moment to moment.

Actually that is true whether 'this finding holds true with further research' or not. The findings don't really reflect on this idea at all.

Everybody defines their universe, their 'time tunnel', or 'existence worm', or whatever mind picture you want to use, by the bazillions of binary choices they make every instant (who knows? some may be tertiary or even higher order).

But 'we' can only ever be in exactly one of those universes, and that one universe is exactly the universe that we are in. If somehow a new (meta)physical technology allowed us to 'switch' universe time-lines we wouldn't actually be switching to another 'pre-existing' time-line, we would be just creating another universe time-line by our choice to do that and would still be in 'the universe that we are in'. The universe where we chose not to do that would (presumably) exist as well.

There is no escape. We exist instant by instant in the universe we made in the previous instant. And the universe we make for the next instant is dependent on the conditions in existence in this instant.

Furthermore, the choices we make to create the next instant are almost completely 'unconscious'. Conscious decisions are infinitesimal compared to unconscious decisions. No, fewer than that. More like 1 in a super-googleplex-bazillion to the super-googleplex-bazillionth power (I hereby claim copyright on that number, all rights reserved :-) ).

All of life's lessons, whether falling off a bike, or meditating on your navel, are exercises in gaining a little bit more control, a little more consciousness, over the choices we can make to influence our personal universe's 'time-line'. But that control will never come anywhere near the overwhelming weight of what I call the 'collective sub-quantum' - the objective reality 'probability cloud' that makes up the decision pool from which our mind invents each new instant.

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