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The Rosicrucian conception of God and the scheme of evolution

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 02:19 AM

According to the Western Wisdom Teachings, in the beginning of a Day of Manifestation a certain collective Great Being, God, limits Himself to a certain portion of space, in which He elects to create a Solar System for the evolution of added self-consciousness.

In God there are contained hosts of glorious Hierarchies and lesser beings of every grade of intelligence and stage of consciousness, from omniscience to an unconsciousness deeper than that of the deepest trance condition. During the current period of manifestation these various grades of beings are working to acquire more experience than they possessed at the beginning of this period of existence. Those who, in previous manifestations, have attained the highest degree of development work on those who have not yet evolved any consciousness.

The period of time devoted to the attainment of self-consciousness and to the building of the vehicles through which the spirit in man manifests, is called "Involution". The succeeding period of existence, during which the individual human being develops self-consciousness into divine omniscience, is called "Evolution". Every evolving being has within him a "force" which makes evolution not to be a mere enfoldment of latent germinal possibilities but a process where each individual differ from that of every other. This force, called "Epigenesis", provides the element of originality and gives scope to the creative ability which the evolving being is to cultivate that he may become a God.

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception describes that in the Solar system, God's Habitation, there are seven Worlds differentiated by God, within Himself, one after another.[3] These Worlds have each a different "measure" and rate of vibration and are not separated by space or distance, as is the earth from the other planets. They are states of matter, of varying density and vibration (as are the solids, liquids and gases of the physical Earth). These Worlds are not instantaneously created at the beginning of a day of Manifestation, nor do they last until the end. The evolutionary scheme is carried through five of these Worlds in seven great Periods of manifestation, during which the evolving virgin spirit becomes first human and then a God. The highest Worlds are created first, and as involution is to slowly carry the life into denser and denser matter for the building of forms, the finer Worlds gradually condense and new Worlds are differentiated within God to furnish the necessary links between Himself and the Worlds which have consolidated. In due time the point of greatest density, the nadir of materiality, is reached. From that point the life begins to ascend into higher Worlds, as evolution proceeds. That leaves the denser Worlds depopulated, one by one. When the purpose has been served for which a particular World was created, God ends its existence, which has become superfluous, by ceasing within Himself the particular activity which brought into being and sustained that World.

The Rosicrucians teach that the above referred seven Worlds belong to the lowest of the seven "Cosmic Planes". The Worlds and Cosmic Planes are not one above another in space, but the seven Cosmic Planes inter-penetrate each other and all the seven Worlds. They are states of spirit-matter, permeating one another, so that God and the other great Beings pervade every part of their own realms and realms of greater density than their own, including our world: "in Him we live and move and have our being". Proceeding from the physical world to the inner worlds, God - the "Architect of the Solar System", the Source and goal of human existence - is found in the highest division of the seventh Cosmic Plane: this is His World. In order to trace the origin of the Architect of the Solar System, one must pass to the highest of the seven Cosmic Planes: the "Realm of the Supreme Being", Who emanated from "The Absolute". The Absolute is beyond comprehension and, as manifestation implies limitation, He may be best described as "Boundless Being": the "Root of Existence".

From The Absolute proceeds the Supreme Being, at the dawn of manifestation: this is The One, the "Great Architect of the Universe". The first aspect of the Supreme Being may be characterized as Power, from this proceeds the second aspect, the Word, and from both of these proceeds the third, aspect, Motion. From the threefold Supreme Being proceed the "seven Great Logoi". They contain within Themselves all the great Hierarchies which differentiate more and more as they diffuse through the various Cosmic Planes.[5] In the Highest World of the seventh Cosmic Plane dwells the God of the Solar Systems in the Universe. These great Beings are also threefold in manifestation, like the Supreme Being. Their three aspects are Will, Wisdom and Activity.

I truly believe this has to be one of the most thought provoking and intelligent concepts of god ever proposed. It makes alot of sense and is very compelling. This would allow for the concept of evolution and the concept of creation and understanding.

What do you think?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 02:40 AM
Well, it's alot to swallow...
This would then mean that God and Satan are one in the same, this would mean that God is the yin and the yang. If everything exists within God, then such a thing as evil can never be eradicated because it is part of God himself...

This also fits the theory that the universe/multiverse is one huge being, and we act as cells inside it- Well if you think of it on a large scale.

I don't think God is what the Bible presents him as- I think he/it is much more than we can conceive.

Interesting read.

Edit- grammar.

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by jinx880101

Thanks for the reply.

I have recently(half year) been flirting with the idea that there might not be a god. But I was considering god as what the Abraham religions portrayed him/it as. I stumbled upon this tonight while I was reading about Deism. While this is also a theory created by man you can't help but wonder if this could actually be true. It would definitly explain alot of things that religion leaves out.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 04:25 AM
this idea resonates very close to what ive always believed and written about what I think god is, the great seen and unseen, not a seperate being with a beard but the sum of all that physically exists and all that does not.

Its basically a game god plays with itself, a game of forgetting and then remembering, re-member meaning " to put back together".

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 06:08 AM
Id never bothered to look into this group before, but almost all of what they said resonated with me and has similar fundamentas of many spiritual texts such as Ra material.

They just use different terminology to what is used by most new age type folk. Which is a good thing the resrictive nature of the spoken word often times means only people who already know what you trying to explain will get it. The more examples of the same concept, worded differently, one can collaborate, the more tools are aquired to attempt sound vibration transmition of divine concept.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 06:31 AM
spot on polar, i could agree more nor have said that better myself

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 03:08 PM
Shake Speare introduced the Hiram key in Psalm 46 of the KJV 1611 bible.

J. S. Bach connection to Rosecrucian

The Rosy Cross influence on secret societies.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by jinx880101
This would then mean that God and Satan are one in the same, this would mean that God is the yin and the yang. If everything exists within God, then such a thing as evil can never be eradicated because it is part of God himself...

Sure. But this cosmological construct has the same fault with it that every other one does. If there exists such a creator being/thing/force that is truly all-powerful and all-encompassing, then there's no motivation for it to do anything. This suggests that "God" needs to create in order to gain more self-awareness. Is it not already at the maximum state of self-awareness? Compared to what? God has needs? I don't think so.

So once again we're stuck with an attempt at defining God that fails to account for a basic, fundamental contradiction.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by Misoir
I have recently(half year) been flirting with the idea that there might not be a god. But I was considering god as what the Abraham religions portrayed him/it as.

I'm a big fan of the Gnostic Christians. They allow that there might be a Creator Being somewhere in the universe, but such a being, infinite in multiple dimensions and all-powerful, is so beyond our understanding that it might as well not even exist. You can't make deals with it. It can't be swayed by prayer. It has no particular interest in the petty plights of humanity.

They decided the God of the Bible is an impostor -- a powerful and paranoid false god by the name of Saklas, or Yaldabaoth -- and humanity is at its mercy.

That being the case, the Gnostic Jesus decided that the only way to deal with such a situation was to gain an understanding of it, and try to minimize the pain and misery of this existence by being nice to one another. Through understanding, you attain peace in knowing that there's nothing you can do, other than literally make the best of it.

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