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Hands up if you're a little confused...

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:20 AM
dam this is interesting. wow.
I feel like many of us have been born with knowledge of our past lives, and your story has prompted me to call my mom tomorrow (which by itself is extraordinary) lol
She has known I was going to be a writer since I was EXTREMELY young. She has always been intensely certain of this. It could be due to the story I wrote when I was 2 or something I may have said. Maybe she'll tell? Hope so...
Anyways, good going on the post. To me, it's less about proving whether your posts are true or false, and more about understanding that we are all on this planet together. I can understand what I've read. It's not really too hard to believe, considering that what we experience now is only illusionary physical residue from our spiritual progression. Reality definitely goes beyond what us skeptics call 'fact'. Why not?

Either way, continue your quest. And post along the way!

PS- that's some scary stuff to live with dog. don't let these ATS posters drive you from your own experience. you should definitely try to find some sort of help concerning your stomach. i don't think it would be very nice to be the housing container for Beezlebub...

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

i think you need to find yourself a trustworthy doctor and get an xray of your abdomen, obviously probly shouldnt tell the doc the reason, but you shouldnt need a reason for them to do it, however there are plenty of other legititamate reasons one could come up with to get the xray. if i for one moment suspected i had something like that inside of me id be getting many xrays and cat scans and whatever the hell else i could to prove it and get rid of it. dont embrace the parasite!

posted on Jun, 7 2010 @ 07:21 PM
prepared 4 truth / prying open 3rd eye, as well as all other posters...

Many thanks for your constructive comments and support. I've left the thread as it was for a while, as I got to the stage where it was simply leading me to interrupt my ordinary modes of thought and whatnot with retrospective 'what-if...?' questions.

All the same, I definitely have renewed confidence to look into whether there are any (non-charlatan) medical professionals out there who might be willing to assist me in further understanding my situation. I'm thinking of reputable physicians and hypnotists with a background in helping the victims of satanic abuse, ufo abductees and so forth. I will post an update on having carried out further enquiries.

Thought I'd drop one additional key experience into the mix - this one gave me a solid affirmation that I was being watched/ manipulated by actual people - not to mention unseen forces.

Staying in a hostel for homeless youth in Oxford, UK, aged around 20. I had been experiencing a lot of negative pressure to involve myself in questionable activity by some of the other residents, and had tried (mostly failing) to resist the urge to join in. So - drinking, smoking, late night speeding around in cars, being present during the incitement of a diagnosed psychopath - not me
- to violence etc... That was the background experience at the time.

One night I was falling asleep, and had a sudden 'seizure', for want of a better description. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, and I can only relate it in a way that will be understood if I explain as follows:

Ir was as if massive electrical charge was being blitzed through my brain and body. There was strong and real pain associated throughout the minute-long (approx) experience... I felt as though my head was being shaken around, and hit repeatedly at the same time - all the while in the grip of a convulsive electric-shock sensation. The most disturbing element was the imagery and 'information overload'. I saw insanely rapid image sequences, heard a cacophony of what must have been a form of compressed sound; as though a million voices and speeches had been condensed into that hideous minute. I felt like I was a hard drive - being written at some entity's command with a massive set of files at an unfathomable speed; with no compunction for how I felt during the experience.

If anyone has seen the film Outlander; the scene at the beginning where he needs to direct a data uplink via his optical nerve - it was akin to that, but ten times worse and without any sort of warning. The worst part was, I remembered nothing afterwards of anything that had been conveyed in the apparent transfer of data.

The following day, I was understandably still a bit overwhelmed by the previous night's experience - I was having a drink with my room-mate from the hostel. It was March 17th, 2000 - I remember the people celebrating St Patrick's day as I write this. We were talking about general stuff - I asked him if he heard anything from me during the night before (I didn't explain the experience). He said he'd heard me talking in a strange language for several minutes - that it sounded like Arabic.

Puzzled as I was, the conversation moved on. We were talking about our ideal jobs. I said: "I'm going to bet you that you can't guess what I wanted to be when I was growing up." Without a second's hesitation, he looked me square in the eye - the now familiar cryptic smile was in place as he said: "An Oceanographer". No BS - that is precisely what I'd spent years telling my family I wanted to do. At least, up until age 15 when I changed my mind - five years before this conversation took place. Now, if he'd guessed something typical, I wouldn't be suspicious. But seriously - how the hell could he have pulled that one out of thin air...?!?!?!

That will do for the time being. Take good care people...

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