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Sell-off in US Treasuries Raises Sovereign Debt Fears

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
reply to post by EarthCitizen07

Here we go again. People making assumptions. I'm not a Republican and Progressives have no Party either. Take your blinders off and you will see that I'm equally critical of both parties and in particular progressives regardless of Party.

First of all I would appreciate if the staff would allow me to express my political opinions as others are doing the same. Everything revolves around politics so I see no harm in that as long as people remain civilised.

Progressives are not liberals? Are the democrats not more liberal than the republicans? What exactly is a progressive anyway? I always associated *progressiveness* with changing the unfair status quo to the benefit of the less fortunate. Capitalism does NOT give equal opportunity to all except during its inception.

If your going to criticise FINANCIAL progressives that is a different story. You should say keynesian monetary policy does not work for x,y,z reasons and I could agree with you.

Originally posted by Blaine91555
If you don't think that hyper-inflation is right around the corner, you have a huge surprise coming shortly. I can hear the printing presses whirring to life the moment the interest rates start to climb. One fuels the other. It does not matter who is in power. The only reason I mentioned Carter is he was in fact in power when this happened last time and he is in fact a hard core Progressive. I doubt many in the Democratic Party agree with him much.

Raising the interest rates on an already dead economy will bring death to america one day sooner. If people are not willing to borrow, spend and invest with a rock bottom prime rate now then raising the rates will only worsten the financial crisis.

Originally posted by Blaine91555
Since Independents now outnumber the R's and the D's, you would be wise to assume you are talking to an Independent unless they say otherwise.

The phone number for the GOP is 202.863.8500. Perhaps you can find a Republican there to flame? Go for it!

As a disgruntled conservative perhaps you should join the libertarian party as I plan to join the socialist party. You and I will never win but at least we will feel properly represented. Being an independent doesn't help anyone because it is too vague.

Originally posted by Blaine91555

We The People (the United States of America) are broke. There is no more money and our creditors are getting ready to cancel our credit cards. This is for real. It's not opinion.

Link One.

I chose MSNBC and NPR for your benefit.

And as I said in my previous post republicans-in-office have been spending 2-3 times MORE than democrats-in-office. Don't believe me, read the following.......

Republicans vs. Democrats: Who spends more?

“Republicans like to call themselves the party of fiscal discipline. But if you dig into the numbers, you might find some surprises.” — Charles Delvalle

by Charles Delvalle

Baltimore — (TFN): Republicans like to call themselves the party of fiscal discipline. But if you dig into the numbers, you might find some surprises.

Since 1938, Democrats increased the budget deficit by about 8.3 percent, while Republicans grew the deficit by 9.7 percent – almost a 20 percent increase.

Perhaps most startling is what’s happened since 1946.

From 1946 to today, Democratic presidents pushed the deficit up by 3.2 percent per year. Meanwhile, Republican presidents increased the budget deficit by 9.7 percent. In other words, since 1946, Republican presidents have outspent Democratic presidents by almost 3 to 1. So much for the party of fiscal discipline.

This matters to you, because huge budget deficits decrease the value of the U.S. dollar. Read on to learn more (2nd article on page).

Secondly and as I have stated many times on this site THE FED, which is america's PRIVATE central bank, is primarily responsible for the plight of americans.

If the money was issued by the US Treasury the US Government would not have to borrow because the money belongs to government and indirectly to the people as well.

Originally posted by Blaine91555
I don't think they will downgrade the US credit rating right away, but they are trying to warn us.

When nobody is willing to finance our debt any longer, it leaves one option. You print money fast, lowering its value so you can make the interest payments, pay obligations and not default, then you raise interest rates quickly to fend off inflation, but it never works.

Unfunded Liabilities are over 108 Trillion. Total Debt is approaching 56 Trillion. Just to pay one citizens monthly share would equal more than the average citizen earns per month. Borrowing more is the right answer

No the answer is not borrowing more; its abolishing the FED!

Originally posted by Blaine91555
You can rob from the successful to support the un-successful for only so long. Eventually, there are no more rich to steal from. Then the house of cards comes crashing down around us. The USSR would be the best contemporary example. Venezuela will fail shortly I assure you. It always leads to a Dictatorial Government and a two class system. Are you one of the Elite, guaranteed your position? If not, you should study history IMO.

What a revolting paragragh! I can't possibly answer this without breaking numerous ATS T&C and end up getting banned by the conservative staff on this board.......

Originally posted by Blaine91555
Obama is not going to let you or I live in his place on Martha's Vineyard (metaphor) when he is done. He might let us eat out of his dumpster and deduct it from his taxes, if he pays any.

Obama is NOT a socialist! That is the MISTAKE many, many people make.

He is a mild/moderate monopoly capitalist and the republicans are ULTRA-right wingers. In america there is no such thing as right vs left, don't you get it? DUH!!

[edit on 31-3-2010 by EarthCitizen07]

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 05:39 PM

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posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 07:02 PM
CBOE Interest Rate 10-Year T-No
(Chicago Options: ^TNX)
Index Value: 3.99
Trade Time: 2:59pm ET
Change: Up 1.35 (3.50%)
Prev Close: 38.59
Open: 39.64
Day's Range: 0.3994 - 40.13
52wk Range: 0.3994 - 40.13

from yahoo

You catch that rocket shot on the 10yr today gools?

4% on the 10yr seems to be the magic number where things get interesting over the past couple of years.

There was actually an unscheduled Fed Board of Governors meeting today that Zerohedge first reported on Friday.(Meant to make a thread about it in Global Meltdown but didn't).

Seems to be a nice little confluence of events going on right now. Problems in euro-land with Greece about to default or be bailed with the rest of the PIIGS block waiting in the wings for a bailout if Greece gets one; Unscheduled Fed BOG meeting; and the ^TNX sprouting an erection.

It's only 10 days away from April 15th and the .gov probably has an idea of just how bad tax receipts are this year. How long will the .gov be able to run the deficits that it currently is and keep borrowing costs low?

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by jefwane

I didn't so thanks for the heads up.

This week's treasury auction should be interesting.

It's only 10 days away from April 15th and the .gov probably has an idea of just how bad tax receipts are this year. How long will the .gov be able to run the deficits that it currently is and keep borrowing costs low?

I do think the squeeze is just around the corner.

Canadian dollar traded at par with the US today. Gold is up and oil is at $85/barrel before the official summer driving season is even on the horizon.

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Gools

The depreciation of the USD is concerning to me.. as it is for almost everyone, it will increase the price of not just oil and gold, but food as well. The last time oil goes through the roof, it effected us, but people had jobs to cover the increased expenses. Can we withstand $150/b of oil when we have 15 million Americans looking for work? Good god..

The only good thing I see from this decreased USD is it will boost manufacturing profits who export overseas, and make imports more expensive, hopefully giving us a bit of a boost. Also it will attract more tourist than usual, as it will be cheaper for them to travel here. However, last time we were seeing heavy Deflation, deflation is slowly ebbing away.. when the Dollar depreciated + loosing net jobs = the monetary base shrinking AND devaluing .. unusual. Now, we are at the very least seeing net job gains.. so who know.. this summer could be the start of true inflation.

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