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Martin Bryant - Port Arthur - Double Psyop

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posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 06:58 AM
For those of you unfamiliar with the Martin Bryant Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania Australia I'll attempt to give you a fast overview before moving onto some of the events.

Bryant has provided conflicting and confused accounts of what led him to kill 35 people at the Port Arthur site on 28 April 1996. It appears his desire for attention, as he allegedly told a next door neighbour "I'll do something that will make everyone remember me," as well as mounting frustration at his social isolation had made him unbearably angry. His first victims, David and Sally Martin, owned the bed and breakfast guest house "Seascape". Bryant later described them as "very mean people" and as "the worst people in my life". The Martins had bought the B & B that Bryant's father had wanted to buy and he often complained to his son of the "double dealing" the Martins had done to secure the purchase. Bryant apparently believed the Martins had deliberately bought the property to hurt his family and blamed the Martins for the depression that led to his father's death.[4] He shot them in that guest house before traveling to the Port Arthur ruins. Bryant entered The Broad Arrow Café on the historical site's grounds, carrying a large blue duffel bag. Upon sitting down to eat a meal in the front balcony area, he remarked "There's a lot of wasps about today"[8] to no one in particular. Once he finished, Bryant moved towards the back of the café and set a video camera on a vacant table. He took out an AR15 semi-automatic rifle and began shooting patrons and staff. Within a matter of seconds, he had killed 20 people and wounded 15. He then fled, shooting at people in the parking lot and from his yellow Volvo sedan as he drove away. Bryant drove three hundred metres down the road, to where a woman and her two children were walking. He stopped and fired two shots killing the woman and the child she was carrying. The older child fled, but Bryant followed her and killed her with a single shot. He then stole a gold-coloured BMW by killing the occupants. A short distance down the road he stopped beside a couple in a white Toyota and, drawing his weapon, ordered the male occupant into the boot of the BMW. After shutting the boot he fired two shots into the windshield of the Toyota, killing the female driver. He returned to the guest house, set the stolen car alight and took his hostage inside with the Martins' corpses. The police soon arrived and tried to negotiate with Martin for many hours before the battery in the phone Bryant was using died, ending communication. Bryant's only demand was to be transported in an army helicopter to an airport. Sometime during the negotiations, Bryant killed his hostage. The next morning, 18 hours later, Bryant set fire to the guest house and attempted to escape in the confusion. Suffering burns to his back and buttocks, he was captured and taken to Royal Hobart Hospital where he was treated and kept under heavy guard.

Regardless of your stance on the Port Arthur Massacre this event was the deal clincher for the Australian government to disarm the Australian people and buy back all the fire arms that people owned, it was a tragedy so shocking it quickly gained public support in light of the massive number of casualties.

BUT ..... like any major event there seems to be some massive holes in the real story and people have theorized that Martin Bryant was another pasty like Lee Harvey Oswald, set up by the powers that be to achieve a certain objective - DISARM THE AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS

I digress ...

Australia is trying to implement internet censorship at the moment and they are using the Martin Bryant conspiracy theorists as leverage to "curb internet wacko's" that theorize over such absurd things. They're using the shock and awe of the Port Arthur Massacre as part of their movement against freedom of speech on the web.

"IF" it was a Psyop then they're getting double the mileage out of the shock factor connected with the killings.

See this article :

So what's actually happening is you're not allowed to question the media's portrayal of official events - if you do you're a lunatic or an internet wacko DESPITE an abundance of evidence that may suggest different. This leads to TBTB to censoring the internet in Australia... how could anyone question such tragic events, it's like the whole 911 thing "How dare you question the official story"

Here are some interesting points that have been questioned of the Port Arthur Massacre (don't shoot the messenger I'm just relaying the information)

Wendy scurr was the first person into the broad arrow cafe after the Port Arthur massacre, she has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media , the police and the federal and state governments, find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre planned Port Arthur massacre.

"I have read Joe Vialls book, I was heavily involved in the Massacre itself, I was working at Port Arthur. I know that what Mr Vialls is stating is true and that the official version is one hell of a cover up. The video footage is one issue, the time factor is another, why did it take police 6 hrs to arrive except for one policeman at 4.30pm and two female officers at 5.30pm to control over 500 people and 5 major crime scenes.

"There many other issues to be considered. But it is one huge coverup."

Unexplained discrepancies
1 Whoever was on the trigger that fateful day demonstrated professional skills equal to some of the best special forces shooters in the world.

His critical error lay in killing too many people too quickly while injuring far too few, thereby exposing himself for what he was: a highly trained combat shooter probably ranked among the top 20 such specialists in the western world.
2 There was lack of forensic evidence at Port Arthur. There were no tests to matched Martin Bryant's guns and no fingerprint comparisons from the Broad Arrow Cafe.
3 Both the guns Martin Bryant supposedly used were damaged to the point where forensic tests to match cartridges to guns weren't possible. The damage to the guns could have occurred in either of two ways.

(1) A cartridge blowing up in the breach which would mean the user would have a damaged hand which Martin Bryant didn't have.


posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 07:02 AM
2 There was lack of forensic evidence at Port Arthur. There were no tests to matched Martin Bryant's guns and no fingerprint comparisons from the Broad Arrow Cafe.
3 Both the guns Martin Bryant supposedly used were damaged to the point where forensic tests to match cartridges to guns weren't possible. The damage to the guns could have occurred in either of two ways.

(1) A cartridge blowing up in the breach which would mean the user would have a damaged hand which Martin Bryant didn't have.

(2) Deliberate use of explosives remotely detonated, which is a trick learned by special forces to avoid make positive identification impossible. This must have been done somewhere other than where the guns were found at Seascape because, despite a thorough search of the area, some gun parts were never found. The guns shown to media were a reconstructed version with missing pieces supplied from police weapons archives, a fact which was never mentioned in the mass media.

4 No legally valid eye witnesses to the massacre. Out of the few survivors of the massacre who were able to identify the shooter, non were called on to identify Martin Bryant as the shooter. It was explained that these people had been put through enough trauma and their evidence would not be required.

5 Martin Bryant was left handed, the shooter was right handed.

6 Police decoyed away from scene just before shooting began on a "first time in history since records began" hoaxed call to pick up some heroin which turned out to be soap power.

7 Descriptions of the shooter didn't match. Eye witnesses to the shooting describe the shooter as being around 20 with golden blonde hair a few inches below his shoulders which was straight, with rat tails and a heavily pock-marked face.
Martin Bryant was 29, had whitish blonde, slightly curly hair which was just above shoulder length and a clear complexion.

8 Martin Bryant had an IQ of 66 (average IQ 90-110), making it hard to believe that he could have planned and executed the massacre with any degree of efficiency.

9 A refrigerated hearse large enough to hold 22 people was bought before the operation which was considered strange. After the massacre it was disposed of.

10 Martin Bryant underwent trial by media, assumed guilty, human rights abused.

11 Is it significant that no Jews nor Freemacs nor Politicians and their relatives 'were amongst the deads'?

12 Faked "first time ever" video showed overcast sky when the actual massacre happened when the sky was clear.

To this day efforts are still being made to prevent anybody getting a photo of Martin Bryant to compare with the video.

13 The very fact that his back was on fire when he exited Seascape Cottage, and the fact that he came out unarmed, and that he said "Don't shoot, I am the hostage", should have received immense scrutiny.

14 ASIO were on the scene too quickly making it look like they had fore knowledge. How soon was ASIO on the scene after the incident? What is meant by 'ASIO screened out some people'?

15 What Hobart logs of departure were falsified? enroute Melbourne CTR logs, Bankstown secondary arrival log falsified?

Various airport departure and arrival logs were falsified which points to a well co-ordinated escape strategy for the actual shooter and his accomplice.

16 30 year embargo on evidence

Lack of forensic evidence
By Joe Vialls', "Deadly Deception at Port Arthur"

Martin Bryant had two guns - a Colt AR-15 and a Belgian FN-FAL.

There was an overnight siege at Seascape cottage where two gunmen kept police under fire. The next morning the building came alight and Martin Bryant came out of the building saying not to shoot that he was the hostage.

When Both Martin Bryant's weapons were recovered after the Seascape fire, it was discovered that both had damage to barrels, breech, and receiver, making "individual characteristic" matches with bullets and cartridge cases from the various crime scenes impossible to match.

"Sergeant Dutton's eighteen-page article on "ballistics" includes many photographs, but not one of them shows individual characteristics matching the bullets and cases at Port Arthur with the weapons at Seascape. Without individual characteristic matches, the weapons are no more valuable than scrap iron, and absolutely useless as evidence against Martin Bryant."

The AR-15 was found in the house after the fire and the FN-FAL was was recovered from the roof of an outhouse some distance from the main building.

Both guns damaged

Both the guns were damaged, one with a bent barrel and the other with the type of damage that either comes from an exploded cartridge in the breech, or being deliberately blown out.

"Special Forces typically know how to destroy enemy artillery pieces behind the lines. A sizeable chunk of C3 plastic explosive is strategically placed inside the breech of the artillery piece and then later detonated, destroying the breech and rendering the weapon useless."

In cases where a faulty cartridge causes a gun to explode it does serious damage to the hand of the person using the weapon. Yet Martin Bryant had no damage to his hands.

"The type of damage the guns displayed is consistent with a "faulty cartridge" exploding in the breech. However, in such cases the resulting explosion usually amputates a finger or two, and shreds the skin on the rest of the hand. In addition there is very significant marking of the flesh by firearms discharge residue (FDR), caused by microscopic particles of burned or unburned propellant impregnating the flesh at high velocity. When Bryant was taken into custody he had no injuries or serious burns to his hands, and no trace of FDR despite severe burns to his back and left-hand side caused by the Seascape fire."

Pieces of both guns had missing pieces

"Despite being terminally damaged, nearly all of the AR-15 components were located close to the weapon in Seascape, though the pistol grip was missing and was never found. However, the FN-FAL lacked a major component called the "return spring tube assembly" (without which the gun won't fire), plus its butt plate and magazine. These are all large items impossible to miss in thorough forensic searches of crime scenes. The forensic teams went over every crime scene with a fine-tooth comb several times, leaving no stone or even a blade of grass unturned."

Both guns reconstructed from police spare parts

To Be Continued ....

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 07:08 AM
Both the two guns Martin owned were damaged at Seascape, yet turned up later in police evidence complete and undamaged. The weapons on display were in near new condition because the Tasmanian Police reconstructed them with spare parts from the NSW Police firearms library - a fact which didn't receive media coverage.

Guns weren't damaged at Seascape

There were pieces missing from both guns which weren't found at Seascape. Therefore they must have been damaged at another location and the pieces planted at Seascape.

"Evidently both guns had been carefully "damaged" at a location a considerable distance away from either Port Arthur or Seascape, before the mass murder took place. Martin Bryant was completely contained by SOG personnel throughout the entire period in the same Seascape compound as both crippled weapons. The guns were probably dumped at Seascape as stage props long before any of the shooting started, ready to be collected and identified by the local constabulary the following morning."

Seascape Seige lasted throughout the night

Martin Bryant said he was the hostage, yet there were two people firing from Seascape. How did these two other people escape from Seascape?

"The siege lasted throughout the night and finally ending with Seascape being caught on fire and Martin Bryant coming out yelling, "don't shoot, I'm the hostage".

"Who was doing the shooting - Martin Bryant or the unknown person who supposedly set the house on fire when Martin fell asleep?"

What was Bryant shooting with?

What was Bryant firing at the police with if both guns were destroyed?

Why would somebody damage the guns to make positive identification impossible? Obviously to cover the fact they weren't the same.

Therefore the conclusion must be that it was a setup and Martin Bryant was the patsy.

The source for the above information is here :

Mod's it won't format properly in the quote box (sorry) but reference added for original author.

The long and the short of it is there are some strange events surrounding the Port Arthur massacre , the crimes were horrific regardless of "WHO" did them but the Australian government have some major holes in the official story and if you dare to question it then you're a wacko and we should ban you and your site off the net.

Folks Australian is meant to be a first world country, the truth is we're more policed than many other nations .... if we get internet censorship then it may catch on all over the world.

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 07:27 AM
Basic production old footage but some very salient points raised ..... video 6 shows a letter of a lawyer putting the squeeze on a gun shop that sold fire arms to Martin Bryant.

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 07:36 AM
Regarding the source you provided, most of the links there are non-existent and the ones that do link to similar sites as the original link, in short, nothing concrete.

Bit hard to verify the claims when the only sources are merely opinions of someone who just made a website to share these opinions.

Plus there are several threads already covering the subject:

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 07:43 AM

First - S&F great research. Have read your thread twice now.... and I'm still thinking.... having seen much the same in the UK. After the Dunblane masacre - and to-day the UK police are armed to the hilt.....

Edward Abbey a progressive US author wrote;

'Suppose we were planning to impose a dictatorial regime upon the American people - the following preparations would be essential;

1) Concentrate the populace in megalopolitan masses so they can be kepy under close surveillance and where, in case of trouble, they can be bombed, burned, gassed or machine-gunned with a minimum of expense and waste.

2. Mechanize agriculture to the highest degree of refinement, thus forcing most of the scattered farm and ranching population into the cities. Such a policy is desireable because farmers, woodsmen, cowboys, Indians, fishermen and other relatively self-sufficient types are difficult to manage unless displaced from their natural environment.

3) Restrict the possession of firearms to the police and the regular military organizations.....'

There are 5 more 'precepts' but I won't continue here.

The book is 'Desert Solitaire' that was published in 1968!

Seems rule that 3 was being applied.


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posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 07:47 AM
Tested the links they work fine ...

Wendy Scurr was first on the scene and she raises some valid points and so do the video's, website or no website people are allowed to share what ever views or information they may have and present them for discussion.

Stop trying to shoot down a thread that could be opened to fresh discussion.

The Oz government are using this as leverage to curb the internet seeing it's relevant then it's re-opened bud.

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 08:13 AM

Originally posted by jpvskyfreak
Tested the links they work fine ...

The only links that are working for me are the pam06 link, 2012 unlimited, liberty Australia, Allen Douglas and Michael J. Sharp article, gun controllers, bible believers, the shooters party and sports shooting association.

The rest, no good.

I'm just saying it's hard to verify fact from fiction with no reliable sources.

Wendy Scurr was first on the scene and she raises some valid points and so do the video's, website or no website people are allowed to share what ever views or information they may have and present them for discussion.

By all means, providing there is adequate proof to back these claims up

Stop trying to shoot down a thread that could be opened to fresh discussion.

The Oz government are using this as leverage to curb the internet seeing it's relevant then it's re-opened bud.

I'm not trying to shoot it down, I'm pointing out that A. you have just cut and paste the work of someone else from a website that obviously hasn't been updated for a very long time and B. That there are other threads covering this subject already, including one that is 4 months old.
Why start a new thread when you could have searched the older threads to see if your information has already been posted, if not you could have added to the 4 month old thread.

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posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 08:26 AM
For an FN-FAL on handin you got $400

For 2 sequentially numbered ithaca riot shotguns was $340

For a SKS we got $290.

I probably have the receipt somewhere still.

I'm off there for a weekend Anzac Day...lived here all my life and never been to Port Arthur. The idea of the place gives me the creeps, and did before the massacre (with it's convict history)

I've read the court transcripts, the interviews, been to the functions they had with Wendy Scurr giving her side of the story.

I got woken up by the nurses telling me to turn the TV on, because of what was happening (my baby boy was born that day)

For the record my opinion is that Bryant was a patsy for it.

Why did they have a specially built 'morgue' ambulance?

Why were most of the police in another area of the state for a fake drug bust that day?

posted on Mar, 28 2010 @ 08:32 AM
I was providing the material and the reference to those links (not trying to claim any credit for peoples work), so that anyone reading this new thread who was unfamiliar with the story and the conspiracy theories, could take a look and get the picture what's going on.

My claim is that the Australian government police nazi gang are using these conspiracies as leverage to censor the internet, so if it is a psyop they're getting double the value in using these sites as a means to fulfill their censorship objectives.

The massacre worked to disarm the population and questioning the massacre will help remove your freedom of speech.

With ATS readers as my witnesses I was providing you with these references so you can get the big picture and see what the Australian government are trying to do....

Back to the thread, this is one of many conspiracies that if deemed wacko then you wont be able to read the information in oz as it will be censored.

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