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What is there to do when you're dead?

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:52 AM
I highly suggest reading the Law of One, and its view on reincarnation. It makes the most sense to me then anything I have heard thus far.

Basically there is eight densities of existence, with each person only being able to see the density it is in, or below. Every 75,000 years there is a harvest of souls, the ones who graduate move onto the next density. The ones who are unharvestable are left to repeat the cycle through many, many reincarnations until the next harvest. Hopefully by then they get the idea, or repeat the density again.

As for animals in second density, they have to develop being self aware. As a third density being such as our self, we have to become aware of the intelligent energy around us, in every cell, being, and atom. Through life experiences we will realize certain things about life that is necessary for moving on. Fourth density is the density of love and understanding. And it keeps going up until eighth when you become one with all.

Each density has certain characteristics of the ones on that stage of their spiritual evolution. One is rocks and such. Two are things which are not yet self aware such as snakes, lizards, most animals. Three are ones that are now self aware and have learn what is needed here, such as humans. Fourth is unexplainable for our minds to understand. So are the rest in terms of what they would look like. Mostly just rays of light to our eyes.

It gets really complex and even if its not true, its a very good read and extremely interesting. I suggest googling, the Law of One, and check it out. Its quite long, but very, very worth it. You will have a hard time stopping.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by zatara

What is there to do when you're dead? Well, it depends where you end up.

If you end up in Hell, there'll be plenty to keep you busy. For details, go here.

In Hell, you also get to meet all your friends.

But if you are sent to Heaven, you must... sing.

...and to our high-rais'd phantasy present
That undisturbed song of pure concent
Aye sung before the sapphire-coloured throne
To Him that sits thereon
With saintly shout, and solemn jubilee...

-- John Milton, At a Solemn Musick

And when you're out of breath, you shut up and stare:

Father of Jesus, love’s Reward!
What rapture it will be
Prostrate before Thy throne to lie,
And gaze, and gaze on Thee!

--F.W. Faber, My God, How Wonderful Thou Art

Heaven. A dead bore, if you'll pardon the expression.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by zatara

How about getting educated and busy as a citizen and communicating with your elected representatives who are bankrupting the country with out of control spending and helping ensure the economy never recovers in your lifetime. No job growth=no job for you.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 08:14 AM

Originally posted by IntastellaBurst

Is this thread for real ?? how old are you kid .... 7, 8 ??

anyhoo, you can do everything imaginable on the other side, there is an overwhelmingly sense of peace, and true love. ... and if you ever get bored you can come back here, where everything feels so real.

I know because I've been there, .... most of you will read that, but not truly process it. I HAVE BEEN OUT OF MY BODY. anyone can do it with training.

I feel sorry for everyone who feel's there is nothing after life, .... but perhaps that's what you need to tell yourself, ... to make the most out of this lifetime.

No, I am not 7,8 or 9....or ten.....Hell......past 40!! But why do you consider my question....or better said this question something a 8 year old would ask?

Anyways.....for you this question is already answered and the answer the truth for you. But I can ride the same bicycle and ask if you are under 10 years old for giving me such a questionable answer. But let us not go that road but consider every serious answer and think about it.

As this thread has developed I sense that more people tried to give this question a serious thought. And in my view it does deserve some serious thinking.

Practically every commenter has given me an other idea about what is waiting for us after our last breath. But this is good....this does give me the knowledge that dying itself has a reason and that living has everything to do with dying.

What those reasons may be is still open for discussion but that there is one is enough for me. Assuming that you will live on consiously after you died.....ofcourse.

What all the people said about this question I can take with me and will prepare me somewhat for the moment I will depart from this world.

Now I will still not know for sure ofcourse but hopefully it will help me to comprehend where I got myself into. Just like it is for you to know what is next....I didn't have this valuable experiance you had. Do not consider a question an infant question when you know the answer....or if you think you know the answer.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 09:43 AM
Here is some information on the AfterLife, a basic Road Map based on their research.

and here

They work with a group of spirits, many former members of the ITC organization, on the otherside known as "Timestream" which attempts to develop technologies in the spiritual realm that allows them to contact the physical world while relaying information to make that communication better.

Here is a quote from their website:

"We have been told by our spirit colleagues that it is not an easy thing for them to speak into our world loudly and clearly in a voice that sounds natural and normal to us. When they come through our equipment, they somehow have to transduce the subtle energies of their world into electrical and acoustic energies of our world. They say they employ techniques and apparatuses in their world that are currently beyond our understanding."

Hope this helps!

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by IntastellaBurst
I know because I've been there, .... most of you will read that, but not truly process it. I HAVE BEEN OUT OF MY BODY. anyone can do it with training.

I'm going to go with another view.

Finally, in five patients, brain damage or brain dysfunction is localized to the temporo-parietal junction (TPJ). These results suggest that the complex experiences of OBE and AS represent paroxysmal disorders of body perception and cognition (or body schema). The processes of body perception and cognition, and the unconscious creation of central representation(s) of one’s own body based on proprioceptive, tactile, visual and vestibular information—as well as their integration with sensory information of extrapersonal space—is a prerequisite for rapid and effective action with our surroundings. Based on our findings, we speculate that ambiguous input from these different sensory systems is an important mechanism of OBE and AS, and thus the intriguing experience of seeing one’s body in a position that does not coincide with its felt position. We suggest that OBE and AS are related to a failure to integrate proprioceptive, tactile and visual information with respect to one’s own body (disintegration in personal space) and by a vestibular dysfunction leading to an additional disintegration between personal (vestibular) space and extrapersonal (visual) space. We argue that both disintegrations (personal; personal–extrapersonal) are necessary for the occurrence of OBE and AS, and that they are due to a paroxysmal cerebral dysfunction of the TPJ in a state of partially and briefly impaired consciousness.


Also, wanted to add: If this is what's going on, I in no way think that you're dysfunctional. I've had oobe's, but don't attribute anything supernatural to it. Everyone has lesions on their brains these days. It's what we do with these abnormal neural networks that matters. Many great artists had out there thought processes. It's their unique view which enabled them to create such masterpieces, and influence so many. I just think it's best for someone to have insight into their possible condition.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:55 AM
It's interesting to note that surgeons sometimes don't know if an operation was successful until the person "returns to consciousness". Where is the consciousness returning from? The answer to this seems to lie outside of conventional science. The brain appears to be but the physical organ that consciousness uses.

It's been suggested that there are two life lines between the soul and the body. One is connected to the heart and the other is connected to the brain. When the brain's life line is disconnected, consciousness is lost. When the heart's life line is disconnected, death occurs.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:18 PM
I dunno what happens after you're dead, but there's the possibility that you only have one life, and what follows after is the cleanup detail of the party, so doing your best to enjoy life seems to be important.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:19 PM
I suppose you could always start a worm farm
And practice being still.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:23 PM
Truthfully is it a fair question for all, I mean would you ask what you got for your birthday or just wait for the gift patiently it would be hard for one to be able to transmitt and recieve from there without the the data being fragmented intentionally, preventing any secret data from being given here on earth to those who may be on the genemy side of the plane. I would assume there is lots of fruit though

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by Neo__

Becoming conscious means returning to a state of awareness by means of using ones senses. When we're not conscious, we're unconscious! As in, not interpreting sensory data. The brain still receives it, but there is no perception of this taking place. Self awareness may still exists, it's just absent of external stimuli.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by unityemissions
reply to post by Neo__

Becoming conscious means returning to a state of awareness by means of using ones senses. When we're not conscious, we're unconscious! As in, not interpreting sensory data. The brain still receives it, but there is no perception of this taking place. Self awareness may still exists, it's just absent of external stimuli.

[edit on 13-1-2010 by unityemissions]

Exactly, and the question is where does self awareness still exist? I agree that sometimes it could still be in the brain, unable to connect with the senses, but sometimes I'm sure it could be outside and away from the physical brain, especially after death! It would be like when you come of out of a very deep sleep. You have this deep impression that you were a long way away from the body. So far away that you can't even remember if you were dreaming or not.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by deadline527

Thanks for suggesting this book to me (and others). It sounds very interesting and does make sence from what you have told how the basics work.

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:30 PM
Heres an idea of the afterlife for some, most will repeat this third density cycle though. From the Laws of one:


" Questioner: Thank you. Is it possible for you to give a short description of the conditions in the fourth density?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider as we speak that there are not words for positively describing fourth density. We can only explain what is not and approximate what is. Beyond fourth density our ability grows more limited until we become without words.

That which fourth density is not: it is not of words, unless chosen. It is not of heavy chemical vehicles for body complex activities. It is not of disharmony within self. It is not of disharmony within peoples. It is not within limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.

Approximations of positive statements: it is a plane of type of bipedal vehicle which is much denser and more full of life; it is a plane wherein one is aware of the thought of other-selves; it is a plane wherein one is aware of vibrations of other-selves; it is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of third density; it is a plane striving towards wisdom or light; it is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.

Questioner: You use the same nomenclature for the fourth-density negative as for the fourth-density positive. Both are called the dimension of love or of understanding. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Love and understanding, whether it be of self or of self toward other-self, is one.

Questioner: Could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a fourth-density negative or service to self planet?

Ra: I am Ra. The graduation into fourth-density negative is achieved by those beings who have consciously contacted intelligent infinity through the use of red, orange, and yellow rays of energy. Therefore, the planetary conditions of fourth-density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form dominant patterns of combined energy.

The early fourth-density is one of the most intensive struggle. When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. Always the fourth-density effect of telepathy and the transparency of thought are attempted to be used for the sake of those at the apex of the power structure.

This, as you may see, is often quite damaging to the further polarization of fourth-density negative entities, for the further negative polarization can come about only through group effort. As the fourth-density entities manage to combine, they then polarize through such services to self as those offered by the crusaders of Orion.

You may ask more specific questions in the next session of working. Are there any brief queries before we leave this instrument?

Questioner: In the next density, the fourth density, is the catalyst of physical pain used as a mechanism for experiential balancing?

Ra: I am Ra. The use of physical pain is minimal, having only to do with the end of the fourth-density incarnation. This physical pain would not be considered severe enough to treat, shall we say, in third density. The catalysts of mental and spiritual pain are used in fourth density.

Questioner: Why is physical pain a part of the end of fourth density?

Ra: I am Ra. You would call this variety of pain weariness.

Questioner: Can you state the average lifespan in the fourth density of space/time incarnation?

Ra: I am Ra. The space/time incarnation typical of harmonious fourth density is approximately 90,000 of your years as you measure time.

Questioner: Are there multiple incarnations in fourth density with time/space experiences in between incarnations?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: How long is a cycle of experience in fourth density in our years?

Ra: The cycle of experience is approximately 30 million of your years if the entities are not capable of being harvested sooner. There is in this density a harvest which is completely the function of the readiness of the social memory complex. It is not structured as is your own, for it deals with a more transparent distortion of the One Infinite Creator.

Questioner: The physical vehicle that is used in fourth-density space/time is, I am assuming, quite similar to the one that is now used in third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The chemical elements used are not the same. However, the appearance is similar.

Questioner: Is it necessary to eat food in fourth density?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: The mechanism of, shall we say, social catalyst due to a necessity for feeding the body then is active in fourth-density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The fourth-density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is extremely simple due to increased communion between entity and living foodstuff. Therefore, this is not a significant catalyst but rather a simple precondition of the space/time experience. The catalyst involved is the necessity for the ingestion of foodstuffs. This is not considered to be of importance by fourth-density entities and it, therefore, aids in the teach/learning of patience.

Questioner: Could you expand a little bit on how that aids in the teach/learning of patience?

Ra: I am Ra. To stop the functioning of service-to-others long enough to ingest foodstuffs is to invoke patience.

Questioner: I was wondering, then, if the mechanism of teach/learning was the same relatively then in fourth density. From what you say, it is necessary first for a call to exist for the teach/learning of fifth density to be given to fourth just as a call must exist here before fourth-density lessons are given to third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This query is misguided, for experience in fourth density is emphatically not the same as third-density experience. However, it is correct that the same mechanism of calling predisposes the information received in a way consonant with free will.

You may ask one more full question at this working.

Questioner: The question that I was trying to ask at the end of the last session was: Of what value to evolution or experience with respect to the Creator knowing Itself are the positive and negative social memory

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:31 PM
complexes that form starting in fourth density, and why was this planned by the Logos?

Ra: I am Ra. There are inherent incorrectness in your query. However, we may answer the main point of it.

The incorrectness lies in the consideration that social memory complexes were planned by the Logos or sub-Logos. This is incorrect, as the unity of the Creator exists within the smallest portion of any material created by Love, much less in a self-aware being.

However, the distortion of free will causes the social memory complex to appear as a possibility at a certain stage of evolution of mind. The purpose, or consideration which causes entities to form such complexes, of these social memory complexes, is a very simple extension of the basic distortion towards the Creator’s knowing of Itself, for when a group of mind/body/spirits becomes able to form a social memory complex, all experience of each entity is available to the whole of the complex. Thus the Creator knows more of Its creation in each entity partaking of this communion of entities.

Questioner: Then at fourth-density graduation into fifth is there anything like that which you gave as the percentages necessary for third-density graduation into fourth in polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. There are, in your modes of thinking, responses we can make, which we shall make. However, the important point is that the graduations from density to density do occur. The positive/negative polarity is a thing which will, at the sixth level, simply become history. Therefore, we speak in an illusory time continuum when we discuss statistics of positive versus negative harvest into fifth. A large percentage of fourth-density negative entities continue the negative path from fourth to fifth-density experience, for without wisdom the compassion and desire to aid other-self is not extremely well informed. Thus though one loses approximately two percent moving from negative to positive during the fourth-density experience we find approximately eight percent of graduations into fifth density those of the negative.

Questioner: What I was actually asking was if 50% is required for graduation from third to fourth in the positive sense and 95% was required for graduation in the negative sense, does this have to more closely approach 100% for graduation in both cases for graduation from fourth to fifth density? Does an entity have to be 99% polarized for negative and maybe 80% polarized positive for graduation?

Ra: I am Ra. We perceive the query now.

To give this in your terms is misleading for there are, shall we say, visual aids or training aids available in fourth density which automatically aid the entity in polarization while cutting down extremely upon the quick effect of catalyst. Thus the density above yours must take up more space/time.

The percentage of service-to-others of positively oriented entities will harmoniously approach 98% in intention. The qualifications for fifth density, however, involve understanding. This then, becomes the primary qualification for graduation from fourth to fifth density. To achieve this graduation the entity must be able to understand the actions, the movements, and the dance. There is no percentage describable which measures this understanding. It is a measure of efficiency of perception. It may be measured by light. The ability to love, accept, and use a certain intensity of light thus creates the requirement for both positive and negative fourth to fifth harvesting.

Questioner: Thank you. That clears up that point very well. Can you tell me how positive and negative polarizations in fourth and fifth density are used to cause working in consciousness?

Ra: I am Ra. There is very little work in consciousness in fourth and in fifth densities compared to the work done in third density. The work that is accomplished in positive fourth is that work whereby the positive social memory complex, having, through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid those of less positive orientation which seek their aid. Thus their service is their work and through this dynamic between the societal self and the other-self, which is the object of love, greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained. This intensity continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is fourth-density harvest.

Within fourth-density positive there are minor amounts of catalyst of a spiritual and mental complex distortion. This occurs during the process of harmonizing to the extent of forming the social memory complex. This causes some small catalyst and work to occur, but the great work of fourth density lies in the contact betwixt the societal self and less polarized other-self.

In fourth-density negative much work is accomplished during the fighting for position which precedes the period of the social memory complex. There are opportunities to polarize negatively by control of other-selves. During the social memory complex period of fourth-density negative the situation is the same. The work takes place through the societal reaching out to less polarized otherself in order to aid in negative polarization.

In fifth-density positive and negative the concept of work done through a potential difference is not particularly helpful as fifth-density entities are, again, intensifying rather than potentiating.

In positive, the fifth-density complex uses sixth-density teach/learners to study the more illuminated understandings of unity thus becoming more and more wise. Fifth-density positive social memory complexes will choose to divide their service to others in two ways: first, the beaming of light to creation; second, the sending of groups to be of aid as instruments of light such as those whom you are familiar with through channels.

In fifth-density negative, service to self has become extremely intense and the self has shrunk or compacted so that the dialogues with the teach/learners are used exclusively in order to intensify wisdom. There are very, very few fifth-density negative Wanderers for they fear the forgetting. There are very, very few fifth-density Orion members for they do not any longer perceive any virtue in other-selves.

Questioner: I would ask this question in order to understand the mental disciplines and how they evolve. Does fourth, fifth, and sixth-density positive or CONTINUED

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 02:32 PM
memory complexes use both the slingshot and the personality disciplines type of effect for travel or do they use only one?

Ra: I am Ra. The positively oriented social memory complex will be attempting to learn the disciplines of mind, body, and spirit. However, there are some which, having the technology available to use intelligent energy forces to accomplish travel, do so while learning the more appropriate disciplines.

Questioner: Could you give me the same information on the negatively oriented social memory complexes as to the ratios and as to how they use the slingshot effect or the disciplines of the personality for travel?

Ra: I am Ra. The fourth-density negative uses the slingshot gravitic light effect, perhaps 80% of its membership being unable to master the disciplines necessary for alternate methods of travel. In fifth-density negative approximately 50% at some point gain the necessary discipline to use thought to accomplish travel. As the sixth-density approaches, the negative orientation is thrown into confusion and little travel is attempted. What travel is done is perhaps 73% of light/thought.

Questioner: Thank you. I did not wish to create the wrong impression with the material that we are including in Book One. I may find it necessary to add some of this material. As I say, I know that it is transient, but I believe it is necessary for a full understanding or, shall I say, a correct approach to the material.

I’ll ask a few questions here, but if you do not care to answer them we’ll save them. I would like to ask, however, if you can tell me what, for the most part, the Confederation entities look like?

Ra: I am Ra. The fourth-density Confederation entity looks variously depending upon the, shall we say, derivation of its physical vehicle.

Questioner: Then as the fourth-density vibrations come in this means that the planet can support entities of fourth-density core vibration. Will the planet then still be first-density core vibration and will there be second-density entities on it with second-density vibrations, and will there be third-density entities on it with third-density vibrations?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working. There is energy but the distortions of the instrument suggest to us it would be well to shorten this working with your permission.

Questioner: Yes.

Ra: You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths. There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth. During the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourth-density entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how to maintain the illusion that fourth-density cannot be seen or determined from any instrumentation available to any third-density.

Thus in fourth-density the red, orange, and green energy nexi of your planet will be activated while the yellow is in potentiation along with the blue and the indigo.

May we ask at this time if there be any brief queries?

Questioner: What about the ones with the dual type of activated third and fourth-density bodies, harvested from other third-density planets? Are they able to heal using the techniques that we have discussed?

Ra: I am Ra. In many cases this is so, but as beginners of fourth-density, the desire may not be present.

Questioner: After third density, in our experience, social memory complexes are polarized positively and negatively. Is the interaction of social memory complexes of opposite polarity equivalent, but on a magnified scale, to the interaction between mind/body/spirit complexes of opposite polarity? Is this how experience is gained as a function of polarity difference in fourth and fifth densities?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

Questioner: Then you are saying that as a result of the polarization in consciousness which has occurred later in the galactic evolution, the experiences are much more intense along the two paths. Are these experiences each independent of the other? Must there be action across the potentiated difference between the positive and negative polarity, or is it possible to have this experience simply because of the single polarity? This is difficult to ask.

Ra: I am Ra. We would agree. We shall attempt to pluck the gist of your query from the surrounding verbiage.

The fourth and fifth densities are quite independent, the positive polarity functioning with no need of negative and visa-versa. It is to be noted that in attempting to sway third-density mind/body/spirit complexes in choosing polarity there evolves a good bit of interaction between the two polarities. In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love. This is not difficult for the positive polarity which sends love and light to all other-selves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.

Questioner: You stated previously that fifth-density entities bear a resemblance to those of us in third density on planet Earth but fourth density does not. Could you describe the fourth-density entities and tell me why they do not resemble us?

Ra: I am Ra. The description must be bated under the Law of Confusion. The cause for a variety of so-called physical vehicles is the remaining variety of heritages from second-density physical vehicular forms. The process of what you call physical evolution continues to hold sway into fourth density. Only when the ways of wisdom have begun to refine the power of what you may loosely call thought is the form of the physical complex manifestation more nearly under the direction of the consciousness."

In Love and Light.


posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by unityemissions

If out of body exsperiences are directly related to brain dysfunction or lesions, ... why did I, and many LEARN to have them by our own accord ???

This is science's attempt to explain something beyond their capacity,.... Just as the world was once " flat".

I think it more likely that certain brain dysfunction's and lesions only make these people more prone to OBE"s than anything.....

Yet even IF that is the cause of OBE"s, ... does it render the OBE any less significant ?? perhaps that is simply the mechanism we use to accomplish such a thing.

and I have had OBE's while fully awake without any impaired state of consciousness.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 04:26 PM

Originally posted by IntastellaBurst
reply to post by unityemissions

If out of body exsperiences are directly related to brain dysfunction or lesions, ... why did I, and many LEARN to have them by our own accord ???

Because you're learning to mimic the same brainwave patterns that these lesions or seizures cause; which is a disintegration of brain areas.

This is science's attempt to explain something beyond their capacity,.... Just as the world was once " flat".

I think it more likely that certain brain dysfunction's and lesions only make these people more prone to OBE"s than anything.....

You could be correct.

Yet even IF that is the cause of OBE"s, ... does it render the OBE any less significant ?? perhaps that is simply the mechanism we use to accomplish such a thing.

and I have had OBE's while fully awake without any impaired state of consciousness.

I would think so. It would be a big step to proving that this is a mix up between a dreaming state, and the thought of reality. Sort of like dejavu, where we think what we experience is real, but it's actually just a brain fart.

Can you explain having an obe while fully awake and without impaired consciousness? So you were entirely aware and alert, then just started to move out of your body? I'm pretty sure that's just a type of temporal lobe epilepsy. Our perception is just the best guess based on the incoming data sensed. If these senses get jacked up, the guessing machine can provide false perceptions.

Hm...well....this site is interesting. I'm beginning to reconsider my thoughts on this. Maybe there's something to it. I've had these experiences. They seem incredibly real, but after just a few minutes of coming back, I become convinced that it's all in my mind. Maybe not, though?!

One explanation, which these (and other) researchers failed to consider, is that out of body experiences may be a natural, organic function of the brain. Their occurrence in near-death experiences seems to suggest that they are a part of the human death-process. That they also happen during seizures may have more to do with the unique pathology of epileptic electrical activity, which can recruit sets of pathways that otherwise would only function in rare states of consciousness. Almost any part of the brain can be involved in an epileptic seizure. If we suppose that out of body experiences represent a rare but functional kind of brain activation, then it's not so unreasonable to suppose that epilepsy triggers them, but that the reason that they are possible is that our brains are pre-wired to produce these experiences. The seizure may only spread into it's areas, triggering the experience. Further, the fact a few individuals are able to have out of body experiences at will suggest that the reason for their existence is not epilepsy.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 04:54 PM
Speak to the dead in real time Franks Ghost box!

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 04:57 PM
Reminded me of this old Warren Zevon song:

(Warren Zevon/LeRoy P. Marineli/Waddy Wachtel)

I called up my friend LeRoy on the phone
I said, Buddy, I'm afraid to be alone
I got some weird ideas in my head
About things to do in Denver when you're dead

I was working on a steak the other day
I saw Waddy in the Rattlesnake Cafe
Dressed in black, tossing back a shot of rye
Finding things to do in Denver when you die

You won't need a cab to find a priest
Maybe you should find a place to stay
Some place where they never change the sheets
And you just roll around Denver all day

LeRoy says there's something you should know
Not everybody has a place to go
And home is just a place to hang your head
And dream up things to do in Denver when you're dead

You won't need a cap to find a priest
Maybe you should find a place to stay
Some place where they never change the sheets
And you jut roll around Denver all day
You just roll around Denver all day

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