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Giza Pyramid Machines: Their true purpose finally revealed.

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posted on Jun, 28 2018 @ 11:37 PM

originally posted by: bluesfreak
Interesting! I still maintain that many 'breakthroughs' in science (or any subject for that matter)must start on the 'fringe' at some point in some way or another.
a reply to: Byrd

No most science is built off previous scientific discoveries. Very rarely if ever does something just pop up without some prior knowledge. Even look at relativity Einstein didn't create it in a vacuum. He consolidated many schools of thought into a coherent theory.

posted on Jun, 29 2018 @ 12:40 AM

originally posted by: Itsobvious
Well, ill just leave this picture here, taken through a crack in -08 zoom in / adjust brightnes etc if you dont see anything.

i see dead people. Yes it looks similar to a mummy but looking at it could be just a trick of lighting

posted on Jul, 20 2018 @ 12:39 PM
I have an idea....why don't we ask the people who seeded this planet what they used these complexes for....I mean they needed gold and gold is a byproduct of life not something found in the ground like is a part of a biological lifeform...and whoever planted the dinosaurs here knew this and was terra-forming the planet so as to place life here so as to produce gold eventually so as to keep themselves alive and immortal....first they found the planet then they parked the moon then they got tides rolling the they planted life as in plants ect….then they planted massive lifeforms to produce the blood which produces the gold....then they let things age nicely…..and then they came back to mine said biological gold which they eat....and they created a slave race of tiny little humans to do all of this work in an easier manner...replicas of themselves but miniaturised....and we have been happily mining for them for about 3653 years.

posted on Jul, 20 2018 @ 12:44 PM

originally posted by: gLuEBoY
a reply to: gLuEBoY

Put a battery in the sarcophagus..,.. turn the pyramid on. The book of Exodus has instructions.

Now we are getting somewhere.

posted on Jul, 20 2018 @ 12:47 PM

originally posted by: Astraea108
a reply to: seattletruth

Nice. Not sure whether any contributors to this thread still actively check it, but I figured I’d throw in some thoughts for consideration.

The Giza Pyramids represent the Axis Mundi union (it’s located at the center of the Earth’s landmass) and what people refer to as the 2nd Day of Genesis. Day 1 is the Vesica Piscis, which signifies the union of Spirit and Flesh - what Ancient Egyptians referred to as the union of the Ka and the Ba to form the Akh. The Akh - the shining one - signifies the light that is the product of the union and this is what we get with the Ichthys of the Vesica Piscis - light and all of its mathematical codes and such. In Ancient Egyptian mythology regarding Creation, the story is Ra stood on Ma’at’s platform to establish the world. Ma’at is the foundation of Ancient Egyptian civilization and regarded as the reason the universe exists. This is a reference to the Vesica Piscis and is also known in Christian tradition as the Incarnation, the Immaculate Conception of Mary. The Vesica Piscis is the upward pointing star tetrahedron of the Axis Mundi Merkaba - and we see it basically embodied in the mathematical proportions of the Great Pyramids themselves. The middle Pyramid is considered the dominant Pyramid because it represents the Ichthys of the Vesica Piscis.

Day 2 of Genesis is the union of Ma’at - the upward pointing star tetrahedron signifying light, yang, the Vesica Piscis of Day 1 of Genesis, the Sun (which is another reason why the coordinates of the Pyramids is the speed of light), and Thoth - the downward pointing star tetrahedron that signifies the Moon, yin, the Earth. What do we know to be the “work” of Day 2 of Genesis?

The water was separated from the land and the firmament was established to fine tune the atmosphere. That you recognize the pyramids functioned to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen is awesome because that was one of its functions. Purifying water is another and that explains the nearby Temple for Thoth and why he’s associated with the Ibis. Another, you correctly identified, has everything to do with harmonic resonance specifically directed towards renewing the fertility of the planet. Look directly beneath Orion’s Belt and you will see the constellation Lepus, the astronomical Easter Bunny. That’s why Phi, Fibonacci, the Golden Ratio are all part and parcel of the Pyramids construction - its purpose is also to anchor the harmonic resonance of fertility into the heart of the Earth’s harmonic grid - the center of the landmass.

A few contributors mentioned the Younger Dryas and that is also awesome of them. Kudos for that keen observation. Why is that important? Because the Earth was experiencing uncontrolled global warming right after coming out of the Ice Age and many scientists scratch their heads over what appeared to be an abrupt climate change event, the Younger Dryas, that effectively stopped it. For the next 1000 years, the planet experienced a mini-cold age, not so much an ice age, but a cold snap enough to stop the ice caps from fully melting. Neat when you think of how Scripture states a day for God is a thousand years on Earth (that’s relativity for ya). We know we get over 70% of our atmospheric oxygen from the ocean - from the phytoplankton - so a mass extinction event that likely preceded the actual Ice Age and perhaps the prior to the Younger Dryas could possibly have contributed to widespread ocean anoxia, thus making a contraption that could separate water into hydrogen and oxygen that much more necessary. That is consistent with the work of the 2nd Day of Genesis and the Axis Mundi union. Interesting.

Food for thought.

Now we are really rolling....exactly the pyramids were used for terra-forming before the dinosaurs were planted like seeds so their biological remains could later be collected for the gold they turned into by us wee little manufactured humans...and then this gold was eaten by whoever is running this show to aquire benefits.

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