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Heard a strange noise while meditating

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 12:35 AM
I think I have experienced what you have experienced a few times., though I personally stopped meditating as much as I used to in the summer it seems every now and again I'd still hear something in my ears, my spine starts to tingle and suddenly I feel as if my body is "jerked" and in a few moments I'm sitting up straight.

I've had this happen when I'm going to sleep as well which usually makes my leg go rather stiff usually causing me to straighten it out or something. To this day still not to sure what it is, but I would hedge a bit on probably something from the mind and what it's trying to do, but as to the goal that I have not figured out yet.

P.S. About the noise perhaps it's merely your ears becoming more in-tune to the electrical currents that are flowing within' the room. I only say this because it's happened to me quite often, but it is not the end all answer for everything as I've come to figure out

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 07:44 AM

Originally posted by Mastermind_2011
Isis is,
You do have a quite misconception about what it truly is. Have you any experience with Astroprojection? Do you know how it happens?? Do you have any experience with Ora's? Have you ever seen it.
I can assure you that by meditation on something evil will open yourself up to some bad stuff like demons. I do thank you for your ideas though

I am a Meditation/Yoga teacher, so yes, I have a fair idea of what Meditation is.

Yes I have much experience with Astral projection, Meditation is very different from that though.

I assume you mean Auras not Ora's? And yes, I have been seeing/sensing other peoples Auras since I was a child.

Do you have some material regarding Demons and Meditation?

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 04:49 AM
That was a release of your energy or chi. You should be able to feel it, and eventually control it as it swells inside and outside of you. You can direct and effect what is around you through training and most importantly you can use it to protect you like a shield. When you get stronger it will be like a walk in the park literally as your energy will activate all around you and until then you will realise that has allways been the case and now you have relaised your potential. That is anything you desire.

You will be tested and it wont be easy. This is a process.

That pop you heard is the same thing as your muscles do when you crack them and hear it pop. Its like spiritualy streching your muscles and working them out.

Keep at it and you will be able to control your reality and do things you thought not possible. The cool thing about this, is that everyone has different talents and you start to unlock and learn more about yourself.

Spiritual talents: Lucid Dreaming, Thought Enhancement, Cell Memory, Manifesting Intent, Regressive Memory Training, Connection to the Divine Soul, Communication and Understanding Dynamic Relationships of Life.

All of these things come out in different ways for different people.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 03:00 PM
The popping sound is usually an indication that your consciousness has left your body. It can be extremely loud, and extremely frightening at first. With practice you learn to tune it out.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 11:40 AM
it could be your pineal gland awakening

posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 08:42 PM
Last night i was meditating and while in deep trance i heard this same loud noise.

What i did to achieve this was i only focused on my breathing while feeling but not thinking "i am"
and when i felt in deep trance i just kept repeating, and feeling "myself on top of my self meditating" so me on top of my head, on top of my head on top of my head all the way up to inifnity. i felt the head and body vibrations as usual.

I love meditating. oh so much fun!

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 11:58 AM
The small cracking noises of the furniture i hear them too, yes are way often than normal. I think it's due to trapt energy releasing itself. like the other guy said here on the topic.

About observers and guardians.... while meditationg, after some crown chakra i saw this 3 shadows in front of me from de upper of my visual field to down low, huge presences and very imposing. gave me that ingrid cold felling (profecies of the mothman). trying to go pass them would give me something like a tazzer felling to my mind. so i just sat there looking at them and then i started to feel analyzed... like someone was searching to my brain, i could not help show them what they wanted to see, somehow i had to think of what they were wanting to see. felt like i was mind raped, i've tried focusing my meditation in another direction but right away would take back again. this last around 30 minutes maybe. after the 30 min started to wonder off... and the purple clouds were back again but black in the background was deeper as ever. i did not saw them afterwards ever...

i got here searching popping sound during meditation, i tought i found something but many from here describe different things.

I had that popping in my head but it was like someone shot me in the face from close range... feels like an incredible heavy and fast thing hit your head, and you kind of loose it for a second, kind of you're not there anymore. really hard to explain in words. scared me to death.

my theme on that meditation was to see some answears regarding the future with my girlfrend / fresly proposed wife and some other smaller things. i saw and understood that it will not work between us. i was not mad at the moment, i just understood the situation so i don't think that was the trigger but not long after the poop ocured. my mind was relaxed in deep meditation at the moment of the occurence.
my toughts on this
-may be an energetic barier... like the sound barrier
-another barrier regarding future seeing
-a pop that comes after seeing the future

altrough meditation feels wonderfull and gives you joy this hard head pooping felling was terrifying.

Also i am looking for someone familiar with the shamanic rituals. i have some questions if someone reads this

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