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Abused, disowned- but maybe not by my REAL parents?

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 06:40 PM
Wyle, maybe you should just pull yourelf together and quit worrying about the Past.
The past is dead and gone, so forget it.
When you think about unpleasant things from the past you just get in your own way.
Where do you want to live? In the past; or in the Future?
Start creating the future you want for yoruself starting NOW!!

Your behavior and your feelings about yourself are choices only you can make. And it is Your choice. Think about it. Who is inside your head there running things? Is it you; or is it your parents?
"Simply put, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Our thoughts determine the present and future of what is contained within our lives. It’s all about our choices. How and what we choose, upon what we focus, concentrate, or direct our attention, and where we spend our mental and emotional energies -- this is precisely what we will attract or draw to ourselves. And the universe always provides."
"Many people behave as if we live in the purely objective reality. However, it’s easy to see that this answer is definitely wrong, but only when you’re on the outside looking in. If you believe in a purely objective reality, you’ve trapped yourself in your own thought bubble, where your beliefs are creating a higher degree of objectivity than inherently exists. By dropping this belief, you’ll be more capable of taking advantage of the creative power of your thoughts. In order to use your thoughts to create, you must first believe it’s at least conceivably possible to do so."

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by OhZone

This is what's thrown me: My entire life has been stolen from me, and the ones who have done it have not only gotten away with it, they got REWARDED. I'm living a barely eked out existence (and dont hand me the fluff about 'you make the decisions'- I have- not a ONE goes right. Drives me nuts.). After a long sit, a good loud tantrum, and a whole bunch of thinking- I have come to a conclusion: I somehow have been borked. Badly. My life, as I knew it and should have known it, is gone, stolen from me, and others are living it. This isn't metaphysical mumbo jumbo, it's the complete and utter truth. What can I do? Apparently, not a damn thing about it. Trust me, I've tried. I have worked myself into a complete and utter frenzy trying.

Now, note to anyone who wants to give me the 'you're having a pity party' crap: It's NOT one. This is an observation (ok, so I had a nice, long fit- who wouldn't?) of what I was shown to be completely 'wrong' with my life. A short search turned up a nightmare I refused to accept: My life had been stolen, from one end to the other. Leaving me...... Well, I dont even know where that leaves me- except for back at square one, just with a massive headache and the realization of the magnitude of what's happened.

Let's be honest- my parents and sister should be massively ashamed at what they've done. HOW they did it... I'd love to know. Fixing it? Far too late for that, kids. Not only that, but seeing as how (once again) I have managed to find myself in a spot very, very few, if any, have been in- there's no point of reference, no guide, and the usual cliches dont apply.

So- back I go to fix my equally borked, but hopefully data salvageable computer. Anyone who has a definitive, solid answer (about how they pulled this off), feel free to post it.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by GENERAL EYES
Read "Thanks For The Memories" by Brice Taylor (aka: Susan Ford) can get a free copy here:

Look for the pdf file at the bottom of the first post (thr33timtim3) You will have to save it - it won't let you just view. Very interesting. If just 1/100 of this stuff is true, mind control is alive and well.

Check out page 57 Chapter 3 "We're Off To See The Wizard (Walt Disney).

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:11 AM
Could you explain how you do not even know your parents names?

You have left a lot unexplained, and honestly, reading the posts in the thread left me quite confused. You seem a bit disjointed, perhaps it is just me not understanding, but I can't see how you never saw a piece of mail, or heard someone call your parents by name.

Were you never alone in the house and thought to snoop? Surely, you know your own last name.

It could be a simple explanation, that you were simply conceived from an extramarital affair, and therefor resentment was given to you.

It seems, however, that your family has broken off relations with you, but you have yet to explain why, or how this happened.

Fill in some missing pieces of the puzzle, because it just isn't making sense to me.

Also, do you have any infant, baby, or childhood photos? Not asking you to post any, but to suggest that perhaps you could go to the Missing Children''s Network and browse the photos of missing children. Some have those age progressed ones, too.

How old were you the last time you lived with your parents?

Polly Klaas Foundation

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Aside from the parent/family issue you speak of, you talk of feeling a lot of self failure, and exhibit some paranoia about other aspects in your life. Why exactly, do you feel so many people are out to get you?

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