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Kulbrin Bible? Culdian Trust?

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:44 PM
So not sure where to put this thread...but I have found an interesting book. Would love some feedback on it.

From the Kulbrin website, says this...

The Kolbrin is a collection of ancient manuscripts said to have been salvaged from the Glastonbury Abbey arson in 1184. The Kolbrin is also said to have had a connection to Jesus, historically through his Great-Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. This Culdian Trust version of The Kolbrin was publically disclosed online by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S. Chapters from The Kolbrin are made available on this website only with direct approval from the Culdian Trust.

So then before I read on I searched Culdian Trust and got this...

Between the two sites is some interesting readings.

Here is the low down on the home page of the kolbrin site...

It has been rumored that Nikola Tesla acquired some knowledge from this book (according to James McCanney). In the past, only a very select few, some might say an elite group, have had access to this book. Now, the current caretakers of this ancient knowledge believe ''these are the days of decision, when humankind stands at the crossroad,'' and are making the book available subject to explicit conditions. is currently the largest online source of information regarding the Kolbrin and Kailedy Manuscripts, it is not the official website of the Culdian Trust, but we have worked in close communication with the Culdian Trust in an effort to provide this partial electronic rendition of their original translation (also notably the first Kolbrin ever published and made available to the general public in modern history). The Kolbrin is printed in New Zealand by the Culdian Trust, and they remain responsible for it. The Culdian Trust believe that they are the of inheritors of the ancient wisdom of the Culdees of Britain who were part of the British or Keltic Christian community prior to its romanisation under Augustine, after which it suffered severely through persecution and suppression. However, it survived to a greater or lesser degree until the great persecutions of the late Middle Ages, when the flame was further extinguished, leaving only a few sparks surviving to kindle the present revival. The Culdian Celestial Age Trust do not refer to The Kolbrin as a "Bible" and do not agree that it is a version of the 'Old Testament' on the grounds that it is clearly not the history of the Jewish people. From combined research, the origins of The Kolbrin can be traced back to a large collection of manuscripts salvaged from Glastonbury Abbey during an arson attack that was intended to destroy them. It was the time of history when there was a great suppression of monasterys. As fate would have it, the once considered heretical works were transcribed on bronze tablets by the religious druids of the time. Since they were thought to be destroyed during the fire, they were preserved in secrecy. Since then, much of the original text was lost or destroyed due to the passage of time, their environment, and human error. Each caretaker though, has gone to painstaking efforts to preserve what was left and to fill in the gaps with the correct knowledge in order to preserve the original meaning. During the early fourteenth century, John Culdy, the leader of a small community in Scotland, owned The Kolbrin and took steps to ensure its survival beyond his care. The Kolbrin eventually became known as The Bronzebook of Britain, and the contents of additional salvaged manuscripts known as The Coelbook were later incorporated into it to form the modern version. In the early parts of the twentieth century, the responsibility of The Kolbrin’s preservation rested with a small religious group in England that never gained much power due their very restrictive membership requirements. In the years leading up to the First World War, only two copies of The Kolbrin existed in book form, written in biblical English. Only part of the original survived to the Second World War, when the books were thought to be worthless junk and thrown out by their owners, only to be saved by fate then discarded again as works of the devil, and salvaged by destiny before any irreparable damage was done. Until 1995, The Kolbrin was in the care of The Hope Trust, of which little is known.There is currently a Hope Trust registered in NZ but they have nothing to do with The Kolbrin, nor did they have anything to do with it. The current custodian is The Culdian Trust, which was formed in 1980. The Culdian Trust inherited The Kolbrin and other books when the Hope Trust was deregistered around 1995 in accordance with its constitution. Around 1992, an elderly man from the Hope Trust who is now deceased put together the current draft from the originals. His character, reputation and relatives are still living. He was an extremely private man while alive and the trust are respecting his wishes with regard to continued privacy. The Culdian Trust members did not get to see the original manuscripts on which the most recent version of The Kolbrin was derived, nor do they understand how they came into the elderly man's possession or where he sent the originals upon completion. They believe, based on speculation, that he may have been a member of a hermetic order probably based in England, so the original manuscripts may have gone back there. Despite the continued ambiguity of The Kolbrin’s origins, a Culdian Trust representative that knew the man for approximately twenty years held him in high regard and found him to be a man of extremely high integrity. We are covering ourselves legally and morally and have done everything within reason to prevent large portions of the kolbrin texts from being copied unlawfully. We have an obligation to the trust, we wish to honor these values. We are curious about The Kolbrin and it's content, and would put the entire kolbrin text online if given permission from the Culdian Trust, but we have not. Only portions of this book are publically viewable online. Unfortunately at this time the Culdian Trust Hard Cover version of the Kolbrin is not cheap. The book weighs alot... is 443 pages, hardcover, with layers of packaging. The Kolbrin has a gold inlay and a Keltic symbol on the front cover. This site is maintained and updated regulary and has not been created by a member of the Culdian Trust, but they have kindly given us direct permission to distribute to those who contact us regarding their publications.

The first 200 pages of the book are here...

Would love to know more about this or see what others think about it.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 10:55 PM
Thanks for the book, does anyone know how to save its contents?

Sorry for the one liner, but just in case this book goes down...

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:02 PM
Thanks for posting about this. Never heard of these books but am finding them quite interesting.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

This is really quite fascinating stuff. I have my doubts about it being as old as they claim simply because for a translation the words fit together far too well in English. It's quite interesting thus far, I'll definitely be reading this for a while.

Star and Flag for bringing this to our attention

Edit to Add:

I found a separate site talking about the book


The above site mentions 2012 and Planet X so I'm thinking the whole thing is rubbish that some 2012 New Age author cooked up to make money and sway the gullible. It could be legitimate but I'm wondering why they're trying to connect it to 2012 and Nibiru, that doesn't sit right with me.

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:25 PM
It reads with such a nice flow, who ever wrote these is defiantly in touch with what they felt was a sacred wisdom. What ever it really is, it is a wonderful read. I couldnt copy and paste from the actual book online....was wanting to quote so many things it says for those not willing to sit through it.

The following is from the 'Gospel of the Kailedy'....

Think not that God will descend from Heaven to do the work of men; the world is yours, but life is with God, in the end there is the accounting. Man must be responsible for his own destiny, so seek no divine intervention while men remain apathetic. God comes to the aid only of those who strive, who surmount the difficulties and obstacles of life." Having said these things Jesus revealed Himself to them in His form of glory, so they might know Truth had been established in Him. Then they were all bedazzled and astonished at what man could become and the extent of his powers awaiting development. Then they knew Jesus was all He claimed to be and hailed Him as Christ the Anointed by God, for in Him the Spirit of Christ was manifested as in no other. After this, Jesus left."

From the book of Gwineva...

To the service of the Supreme Spirit and to the fulfilment of the Great Design which we now see only dimly. To the Great God and Superspirit, the Fountainhead of earthly life, the Supreme Oversoul of mankind. The Strategist of earth's evolutionary creation, the Great One above all in our own spiritual sphere. To the God of the Wayside and Wave who brought comfort and solace to the weary and illumination to the mind and spirit of the wanderer. To the never absent God, the God of our hearts and to the Forgotten God of materialistic men, To the God of Life and Love, And to the common cause of humanity, the progress and welfare of mankind in its entirety, This work is humbly dedicated. That it may be as a beacon to the diligent seeker after Truth, as a guidepost to those on the upward path and a law unto those of compatible mind and spirit, is the sincere hope and belief of those who launch this small craft onto the seas of life.

The actual book cost 94 bucks. I am considering getting it.

Im still reading the 200 pages, ive only read about 40 pages of that. The entire book is huge.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

From what I am reading, the Kulbrin talks about a destroyer and it seems to relate this destroyer as something that comes from the sky. Some people relate it to Nubiru I guess. I have yet to see if the book suggests a date for a return of this 'destroyer' or not.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:32 PM
Would love to find this entire book somewhere...for free

94 bucks, that is a lot.

I read somewhere that there is a law suit going on between this 'Culdrian Trust' and the publishers of the 'Kuldrin Bible'. The Culdrian Trust claims ownership of the contents within the book, saying it is something entrusted to them more or air loom, not sure, but I read that there is a law suit against the people selling this book.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:35 PM
So, only the first 200 pages are available?

94 for the rest of it?

I call Scam.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:36 PM
The Kulbrin bible was brought up on History Chanel last night. The first 6 book were supposedly written by the Egyptians shortly after the Exodus. There is also information in the text that talks about what we know as Nibiru and the 3600 year orbital path that brings it close to Earth. It goes on to say that the ancients called Nibiru the Destroyer and that on it's last pass through our solar system it was responsible for destroying the pyramids, thus leaving them in the state they are now. Historians had no evidence to back that last claim up however.

Actually I was thinking about writing a Kulbrin Bible thread because I have been reading through it since last night. Tough read but the parts about the Destroyer are quite intriguing.... well for some I guess. I know there are many here that would find it too shocking and start some kind of denial induced tirades about why another planet causing destruction of our own is absolutely impossible. Pft.

There is more ancient texts that all refer to a period of destruction that is within our future time line. If only the rest of the Mayan codices were not destroyed, if only Egypt would open up all of their knowledge to the rest of the world, If only... eh, I digress.

I believe in the ancients. Ignoring their great wisdom is pure ignorance. They knew more about the world and humanity's place among other races in the universe than we ever will today, unless the proverbial spaceship lands on the front lawn of the capitol.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by Chiiru

That is just it, a family claims the book has no right to be sold at all...but it is being published by someone and they are trying to stop that. So yeah, someone is trying to make a buck for sure. But its not the people that claim they have the rights to the material within. Ill have to find the site that I read that on.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:52 PM
oh, ok. My bad.

The people who are trying to sell it... that's just horrible, trying to make a buck like that.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by W3RLIED2

Hey there!

Thanks for adding here, I heard the same thing, that the first part was from the Egyptians and there is some books within it that relate to the time of Christ, so some same its kinda like a 'old book' and a 'new testament'.

Surely there is somewhere that has this book online.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 12:02 AM
From the very first excerpt of the beging of Chapter , It is overtly obvious that the 'Destroyer' Is some sort of space object.

Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour. It raged across the Heavens in the days of wrath, and this was its likeness: It was as a billowing cloud of smoke enwrapped in a ruddy glow, not distinguishable in joint or limb. Its mouth was an abyss from which came flame, smoke and hot cinders.When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies.When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and seas will boil. The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall.

"it will return in its appointed hour."

My source is Scribd. I don't think it's the full text though.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 12:18 AM

Men will talk peace one with another, hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day. Women will be as men and men as women, passion will be a plaything of man. A nation of soothsayers shall rise and fall and their tongue shall be the speech learned. A nation of law givers shall rule the Earth and pass away into nothingness. One worship will pass into the four quarters of the Earth, talking peace and bringing war

That sounds eerily close to a government a lot like ours. In another excerpt:

A hundred and ten generations shall pass into the West and nations will rise and fall. Men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the seas as fishes

Airplanes and submarines? And I'm not certain of the math but 110 generations of man since right after the exodus is right around where we're at. with out specific dates it would be hard to calulate but if we use the Exodus as a bench mark it's got to be close.

. It was not a great comet or a loosened star, being more like a fiery body of flame. Its movements on high were slow, below it swirled in the manner of smoke and it remained close to the sun whose face it hid. There was a bloody redness about it, which changed as it passed along its course. It caused death and destruction in its rising and setting. It swept the Earth with grey cinder rain and caused many plagues, hunger and other evils. It bit the skin of men and beast until they became mottled with sores.The Earth was troubled and shook, the hills and mountains moved and rocked. The dark smoke-filled Heavens bowed over Earth and a great howl came to the ears of men, borne to them upon the wings of the wind. It was the cry of the Dark Lord, the Master of Dread. Thick clouds of fiery smoke passed before him and there was an awful hail of hot stones and coals of fire. The Doomshape thundered sharply in the Heavens and shot out bright lightings. The channels of water were turned back unto themselves when the land tilted, and great trees were tossed about and snapped like twigs. Then a voice like ten thousand trumpets was heard over the wilderness, and before its burning breath the flames parted. The whole of the land moved and mountains melted. The sky itself roared like ten thousand lions in agony, and bright arrows of blood sped back and forth across its face. Earth swelled up like bread upon the hearth.

I think the point the ancients are trying to make here is that this has happened to them before and they know that this planetary object, that takes up more than a fifth of the entire sky above, will be coming back again at an appointed time. As if to say that there is a schedule of it's occurence... or maybe an orbit?

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 12:44 AM
I agree...we can defiantly see with this book of writings as well as many many others that there seems to be an oral story that was past down about a time of catastrophe from the sky's. I was really surprised to see this though in this book...not sure why.

I found a site that you can download the entire thing if you sign up and pay 5 bucks...then I found a site that said the contents had been removed and then my computer crashed. Go figure. Im still searching for the entire text onlin for free.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 01:16 AM
I found a site that claims they have the Kulbrin Bible available for download as well as to view. I just skimmed through the end of both of the different documents and there are differences. I wonder if the site I am going to list here gives the book in its entirety.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 01:33 AM
I found this: Kolbrin bible 1-5. Is this the same one as the one posted by the OP? 206 pages...

Download it here. Problems with the link? say so and I'll use a different hoster.

This from the page where I orginally found it... If anyone wants the exact webpage where this came from u2u me.

The Kolbrin Bible dates back 3,600 years and offers unique and enlightened insights from the past to both challenge and affirm our present day beliefs. This 2-part, 11-book secular anthology is nearly as large as the King James Bible. The first six books are called the "Egyptian texts" and were penned by Egyptian academicians following the Hebrew Exodus. The last five books are called the "Celtic texts" and were penned by Celtic priests following the death of Jesus.

Several accounts describe an object in orbit around our sun sun called the "Destroyer," which the Celtic authors call the "Frightener." According to recently translated Sumerian texts, this object (also known as Nibiru or Planet X) is in a 3600-year orbit around our sun, and The Kolbrin Bible warns us of its imminent return and of yet another Biblical tribulation.

The complete publication is:
PART 1: The Egyptian Texts (Books 1-6)

DESCRIPTION: Following Pharaoh's defeat at the hand of Moses, the Egyptians searched the Middle East for clues to the one true G-d of Abraham. What now survives of that noble effort comprises the first six books of The Kolbrin Bible.

OTHER EDITIONS: An abridged edition, the Egyptian Texts of the Bronzebook is also available in print and electronic editions from Your Own World Books.

PART 2: The Celtic Texts (Books 7-11)

DESCRIPTION: A historical treasure trove of ancient Celtic and Druid folklore, philosophy and mysticism. Penned by Celtic priests in the first millennium CE, it includes a never-before published biographical sketch of Jesus Christ with several first-person quotes by Jesus, himself.

OTHER EDITIONS: An abridged edition, the Celtic Texts of the Coelbook is also available in print and electronic editions from Your Own World Books.

Currently, we have only books 1 to 5 available

I'll stay on top of this game... if any are uploaded I'll get on it.
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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 06:23 AM
Hey Star in a Jar....thanks for the help in searching!

From what I read on the Kulbrin website, the actual book is 430 pages (round about) it looks like no matter what site we find, we are only getting half of the book. So far our sites listed still only offer half of the book..I am kinda shocked that we cant find the entire download of this somewhere.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo
Thanks for thread, very interesting, who ever wrote book did have a lot of insite into things so it seems.
The level this book is writen on it is hard to believe it is from somewhat 3600 years ago.
I don't know what would have changed in the traslation.
The first part about Creation alines much with my thoughts on the matter.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 04:02 PM
Ummmm... Why is there no entry in Wikipedia for this?!

I was going to try and do a little more research so I could take part in this conversation, especially after a History Channel "Nostradamus Effect" show that recently aired, I found this topic interesting.

From what I understand the book/religion that produced it, is legit (?!)

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