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Why am I not seeing myself visiting me from the future

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 04:58 AM
Dude, it's because time travel has not been achieved in your lifetime.
If it is achieved in the future, the people using the technology will be different people, not you.
You only get one life.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 08:44 AM

Originally posted by Skyco

May i ask how spiritually enlightened you are? How much do you know about yourself, and your mind. You talk about most people not being spiritually enlightened, so perhaps you could enlighten me as to what makes you more enlightened than others?

You have been discussing the power of thought, what have you been able to do with that superlative ability?

As you said, we are all one, we are whole, all we need is the power of thought. Then since you and i are one brother, then i ask you to tell me OUR name, since we are one and the same, you don't need to use your power of mind to create anything, the name is there, in our mind, our mind which is connected, our mind which is one.

Wake up, you're living in a dream world.

[edit on 8-12-2009 by Skyco]
Where in that paragraph did I say AT ANY POINT that I AM more enlightened than others???
But what I do realize and have come to experience in my own life, through meditation and researching quantum physics,different competent source material,but most importantly by listening to my own intuition and inner knowledge(and my intuition has never been wrong,against ALL odds, where everyone was certain I was wrong(even my human mind) etc in multiple situations in my life)
The power of thought indeed is the underlying foundation of everything you see in your every-day life. I have created and continue to create my WHOLE reality thanks to my consciousness. NOT TO confuse with MIND, mind is only a tool human beings have come to use in the last few tens of thousands of years-for the purposes of human evoluton and so on. This has nothing to do with the soul consciousness however.

Besides, "the quantum field" and the fact that atoms etc are basically EMPTY and are only filled with matter upon the moment when the mind of an individual or a collective consciousness has made a decision of what it WILL SEE- thus it will be manifesting in that particular way.(for ex the table will look like a table because you have come to expect it looking like that and so you have pre-determined how the particle structure of the table will look like*/manifest).This has to do with the wave-function of electrons as well.(It is a wave of possibilities until the OBSERVER decides upon the way it will ultimately play out,thus wave of possibilities collapsing since one option has been chosen).Also known as the observer effect.

I really suggest researching the facts proven by quantum mechanics and how the roles of conventional physics simply don't work or apply when it comes to the structure of reality on the molecular and particle-level. That will give you a better idea of how it is that You indeed create your reality.

P.S. What name would you give to eternal conscious infinity ? There are as many names as there are people on Earth, each person has their own name for it, humans who aint Earthlings have their own name for it.
The labels don't change the CONTENT. You can call it ONE, all that is(and always was and ever will be), infinite intelligence, the Universe, God etc
Liek I said,many labels, same thing. We are all parts of God, parts of the Universe, parts of all that is, parts of ONE.
So there is your answer my friend.

Like you, I too am incarnated into a human body at this time, and in many ways it is challenging to break the limitations of the illusion of physicality,but with a possibility to ascend beyond it is fastly approaching, I will do my best to be ready when the moment is at hand.

May I suggest reading the Ra material, the cosmic awareness material, hidden hand's message, read up on the Maya's and Hopi's and many other cilvilzations REAL knowledge and not the MSM-s version of it.
By researching it and also listening to your inner guidance you will come to see that when one says ENLIGHTENED, it is simply saying that just like Buddha,Krishna,Jesus etc in their own time, being enlightened DOESN'T mean being better or mightier or higher or anything like that. The problem with most Earthlings(I would know,I am one) is that they have so much illogical fear of being worse or less than someone and so they think when one expresses an opinion "you are not enlightened yet", that that somehow signifies their worth being less than of those being enlightened.
This is simply not so.
Jesus among others,who was truly enlightened, gave only one basic message during his life on Earth, that message was "You are all divine and equal and I too am no better than you so I should not be looked upon as superior". Later ofcourse his message was perversed and changed a lot by the human society and its religions.

So the point is, someone being enlightened means simply that, nothing else.It doesn't signify someone being better or worse. Such a thing does not exist for all are parts of the ONE WHOLENESS.
So I stand by my point, those not seeing the world around them as simply a projection and creation of their consciousness, take a better look at what your thoughts about the world are and you will find that they are mirrored by YOUR OWN reality around you.
To find this inner connection simply invest into finding it, for it is always within you. Once you start meditating upon this, the answers to all that I have said will come to you as naturally as breathing.

Namaste(You,just like I,are God)

[edit on 12/8/2009 by Valeri]

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 10:23 AM

Originally posted by thesaint

It could also be that your future self has infact visited you but just not in this dimension. (Did you think of that) Your other dimensional self and your future self could now be enjoying a drink in a Parallel dimension

Time gives answers, you were correct in many ways assuming this version. I would not necessarily call him another dimensional self however, but rather, a duplicate me,because one cannot change or interrup the origina ltimeline,it would put at risk many souls,besides you can't change a life that you have already experienced and lived..HOWEVER you can go back and create an alternative timeline so to speak,but it will not be changing THIS one we live in,the one we already lived through,it would be a duplicate of it. otherwise grave consequences may occur, I may mess up my past selves spiritual evolution by giving him money and a slacker billionaire lifestyle for ex, he won't grow up to fidn out about spirituality,which autmatically would put my own evolution at risk, my ability to time travel and visit him in the first place.

So my original idea in my OP was correct surprisingly,more or less, I can't see him,because it will occur for ME,when I MYSELF travel there, not me being visited in the original timeline,but me visiting a copy/duplicate of this earth life,everything same,world events,people,places,relationships,simply a copy,not the original being changed.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 11:34 AM
Im not sure if I am understanding the thread from the correct point of view but I will share some things.

Since we are 'one' then another self, is not really anything separate from us...but its more of a 'sign' of change or awareness.

From what I understand, its a 'conscious' thing, to seemingly see another self. Its all a part of the 'minds vision' depending on what your path is, what changes are made in this life, what you become aware of and what you live for.

I will share 2 experiences with you.

My son, at the age of 5, saw a 'yellow light being' that came and played with him. I will make the long story short and say that he told me this 'being' gave him a 'new life'. Well if this is 'another seemingly separate self' to him....then would this not be 'intervening' and would this intervention not affect my son in his later life as he remembers this experience he was not seeking? My personal conclusion on this experience is the 'one self' the IAM that we are all of....offered him this experience....or he was able to tap into his own power of the mind to 'create' and 'project' the IAM through his own self.....when I asked him what he was doing before he had this experience...he said he was looking at the sun while swinging on the swing in our back yard...and the being was was was very separate from him...he tried to touch it...he ran with played with filled him with a happiness, a euphoria. I asked him how it 'came to him'. He said it came as a ball of light from the sky, as it came down, it formed a 'being' that stood before him. He stopped swinging and he said it 'played' with him by zooming around the yard (he called this playing tag with it) and he 'chased it'. When the being stopped, he tried to touch it. He said a 'ball of light' came out of the being and went into him. He then said it gave him a new life. I said what makes you think it gave you a new life. He said his mind just told him that is what it was.

When I went through some life changing choices about what I as to live for in this well as I had just experienced my mother standing at the edge of death and experience a NDE of 9 hours...I had a 'time lapse' lets say where I thought I was a year older then what I really was. As I began to notice my what seemed to be lose of time with my age....I began to deeply reflect my life and experienced other people around me telling me they were seeing 'another me'. Sometimes this other me would be standing in the doorway as if watching the kids in the yard....or going down the hallway as if cleaning and doing daily chores...once my brother saw it walking into the back door and thinking it was me walking through the back door, he was shocked to find 'me' in the shower. My family was being bedazzled during this time because often they would follow this other me, to find 'me' not really there. This 'other me' seemed to of 'went away' after I had an experience through meditation of a understanding of what the soul is to live for and I made the choice of not living for the 'self'. I must tell you, this choice came upon me after a year or two of studying the law of one and the belief in 'self ascension' and me finally turning from such a path, to not 'live' for the self in the end but to instead understand that the soul strives to live for the all....that there is no glory to be found in seeking things like ascension or salvation, for the 'self'. If this is what you seek, then you dont understand your 'part' in being 'of one'. I feel, this was my unconsciousness, projected the 'true self' of me, through seemingly separate, it was not, only through my own personal projection, was it a seemingly separate 'thing'. It was as own true self...knew a great choice was coming, and that choice had the complete a possible opening for a 'changed timeline'. The opening, occurred through my mothers experience...but it was I, who had to complete it. The hospital told us, they have no idea why she lived through her experience...because her kidneys were not functioning. Through her experience, I gained new understandings of some things and me being able to listen to the things she 'saw' she described this as 'me standing on the mountain without taking my shoes off'.

Being a 'part' of the 'one self'....we too are creators/projectors. Its hard to differentiate between what the 'one self' is creating...and what we as a part of the creator, is creating. Our desires and fears create things, like experiences.

The details that led up to my mothers experience as well as what were after her experience....were very personal to us as a family. I actually 'called' the experience two weeks before, when I went to her and told her 'someone was going to die'.

Its like, we are filters. The 'true self' finding its way, through what it is not. Finding its way, distinguishing what is finite and what is infinite. When we, as a part of that infinite self, become aware of what we are and are not....there is a 'marker' that seems to happen, in our 'timelines'. Something like a 'sign' to show us or others...there is a 'change' occurring or maybe in my sons case, showing its 'true self' through the eyes of a child.

Im a believer that 'we create' our experiences. Our 'true self'....creates what we need or even, what we desire. I think it depends on if the person was seeking something out of desire or not....or out of be able to say what 'filter' the experience occurred through. The need can be as simple as 'comfort'. A person needs to feel the 'true self' creates a experience to show them they are loved, always. A persons drama may feed off of fear...and their unconsciousness can filter through the avenue of 'fear' and create a experience that feeds that drama, such as an experience of 'hell' or a experience of a negative energy.

The only thing I know for sure, is that this universe, if of a 'one'. Its one work, working in many facets and fractions. All facets and fractions, work together though, as one. None of them, can work, standing alone. Just as us as a 'self' can not work standing alone, without all the other parts. When we can really 'see' seems a 'sign' or marker occurs, in this 'life'. Something....changes. Its like the universe, saying 'hi'....I see you as you see me...we are one.

Such things are nothing new or old. They have always been. There is no date that causes them to occur or brings them into 'being'. The design has always allowed such things to become. I think these 'beings' or others selves...are far beyond our understanding for 'why' the occur. I think its something that happens, when the 'true self' see's itself, in the mirror, of its emanation/expression. Its like a 'reaction'...a cause and effect. Its something that is natural.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 12:23 PM
I have something you can try.

It will though, demand a 'change' of what you seek.

Instead of seeking ascension in this life, for yourself....start to meditate on reasons you would choose to 'stay' here, at your own will, for others.

Instead of seeking a 'home' beyond here....bring 'home'...bring through you.

Home is where your heart is. If your heart is somewhere else or seeks home outside of you, beyond here....your heart is not here.

Now is the only 'time' you can be sure of.

Instead of seeking what would satisfy YOU as a self, what you desire as a self (such as to ascend)....start to question what it would take, for you to understand, the offering of being willing to 'stay'....for others.

Start to ask yourself daily as you wake and before you sleep. What does your soul live for? What does your ego live for? They each have a different nature. You must discern that...and then choose which nature suits you for the path you are on now. You are free to hold onto living for the 'self' you think you are....but at some point you will awaken and see the soul still thirsts, to live for the 'all'. Then it matters not where the 'self' is...for the soul knows, the true self, is everywhere, here, now, it IS. Ascension, is something that attracts, those that are on the path, of living for the 'self'. Its not wrong...but its also, just marker to test ourselves.

The idea of ascension is no different then religions ideas of 'salvation of the self'. Both are markers to show what a 'facets' has chosen to live for, to show where they are at in understanding what they are, to show if they understand what the soul is a part of.

You can view ascension as simply gaining a higher understanding of what you are....but this takes no date to occur. Its something that is very natural and has always been, through the design of 'life' itself. Its not something that 'takes us away' or where we 'leave' physically.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by Valeri

Dear Valeri, You exist as a multidimensional being. You exist in multiple dimensions and times all at once, so therefore how can you leave to go to where you are already there? Ride the wave my brother. We are not moving through time, time is moving around us. Some day you'll wake up from this dream and find out that your a magnificent sparkling blue being seated in a lotus position. You will be startled at first, but then remember all. It will be amazing. Peace.

posted on Jun, 21 2011 @ 02:09 PM
Time travel is physically possible.

However everyone who wants to travel in time has a reason, a few loose ends that the wish to sort out in the past. Some want to travel purely to change the past. This is why it hasn't happened and probably won't. Once you have gone into the past changed the thing you so desperately wanted to change then the event that made you want to travel in the first place never happened.

If you were to create a time machine at some point in your life and come back and see yourself then you would put less effort into creating the machine in the knowledge that you were going to make it anyway. This time you wouldn't make the machine meaning that you never did and thus never saw yourself and will never see yourself.

Unless, you travel to see your future self. This is something that also cannot be done, you can't see your future self because from the point in time you get in the machine to the point in time that you have set as your destination (20 years for example) you would have disappeared off the face of the earth for that amount of time.

Time travel can only exist if the traveller wishes to observe or not make his journey public knowledge.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 09:57 PM
if the future(or their "now") has a law about time-traveling to tamper with the past then that's probably why your future(or "now") self isn't visiting you. or maybe your future(or "now")self (god im tired of doing that)realized that tampering with the past might make irreversible consequences that could destroy the universe as we know it.

posted on Jul, 15 2011 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Valeri

There is only one time and it is now.
Past and future are imaginings, concepts, that appear presently.
There is no future you or past you.
You are the creator and destroyer of all worlds.
You imagine yesterday and yesterday is created.
You then imagine tomorrow and you have destroyed yesterday.
None of these worlds (yesterday or tomorrow) ever existed.
Only this eternal now is.

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