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? G. Beck's solution ?

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by EarthQuake
hey 5 o clock, instead of coming up on your thread and bashing Glenn Beck like everyone else going to answer your question, check it out, he was at some retirement community in cen. fla.

Hey EQ, My point was that: (GB hyped this up on his show) I've been a little pre-occupied with family in town for the holidays. Basically I like Beck I said in this post and others on ATS. When I did get to a t.v. I see some freakin fiction writer being interviewed by Beck. WTF??? Along with c span??
After doing some initial searches all I could find was the bit on Politico that I linked.

Thanks to those who posted other articles, but after I read through them if I find that this was his big plan, see you in August, Beck can kiss my ass!

This wasn't intended for a "who's for or against GB post" someone who dares to say some of the things he says on his show reaching millions of people will get my support, but I'm starting to think twice after this.

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 11:06 PM

Originally posted by j2000
You have got to be F ing kinding me! Wait, no thanks.

From Glenn Beck .com

- I have begun meeting with some of the best minds in the country that believe in limited government, maximum freedom and the values of our Founders.

Watch him not mention Ron Paul even once. About 2 years ago he called Ron an elderly Timothy McVeigh and his supporters domestic terrorists trying to bring down America. Now he's supposed to be awake, and whenever I drive while his show is on I listen in and havent heard RP mentioned even one single time all year (I'm not saying I listen to all of every broadcast but many many hours this year).

He in effect calls for the military to go after Ron Paul supporters:

And he totally misrepresented what Nov 5th was about, and this video clip wasnt rushed the day after it.

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by IgnoranceIsntBlisss

I used to hate Glen Beck, I really did. Though lately I find myself watching his show.


He makes me laugh.

He in effect calls for the military to go after Ron Paul supporters:

That is not correct but it is obviously a reference to the comparison of Ron Paul supporters to the blowing up of the Parliament Building in the movie V. Glenn Beck compares Ron Paul to an Anarchist and essentially he is right.

Ron Paul wants to audit the FED and I agree with him. But in reality, auditing the FED would be about the same as blowing up Parliament. There is no back up plan for auditing the FED, the only result would be anarchy.

I am a huge Ron Paul fan but like Glenn Beck, he also does not know how to effectively start a revolution.

His intentions are great, and he has the political power to make huge waves, but he simply does not know how.

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by 12.21.12

It goes from the military, to defending the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, to homegrown enemy domestic terrorism, to RP. I'd call that hardly even subtle propaganda.

Ron Paul IS auditing the Fed, it passed Friday!

RP tried, but a brainwashed apatheic / neocon / liberal public and the Media that helped make them that way made sure he couldnt even get the chance to get to the end where they would have rigged the election against him if they had to. "He cant win", and noone voted or did anything, and then he didnt. This society is so dumbed down they assumed it was over since he couldnt get into the white house, go Obama! As if the system is legitmate to begin with.

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 11:49 PM
reply to post by IgnoranceIsntBlisss

AUDIT THE FED is part of the plan.

Stock up on food and whatever you can.

And the system was never legitimate youre right about that. At least not after the FED was created, but doing an audit on the FED is not the answer.

This is the answer: Any State USA, Preferably CA or TX. Legalize marijuana and succeed from the union effective immediately.

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by Southern Guardian

Originally posted by 12.21.12
Actually Glen is now awake,

Yes Beck is awake. His awake to the potential masses he could scam attention and money off of, and that would the disgruntled rightwing who feel left out. Its so darn easy to get the attention of the rightwing by merely bashing the president day in and day out and proclaiming america as the sole christian global liberator. You just have to say those things, no facts necessary, and you've got a none-objective audience from the rightwing willing to empty their pockets. Glenny has awoken to this fact, fox has been for years, alex jones and Limbaugh have known this for years.

They all are awake to the mindless masses on the right that want to listen to things their way.

Ah, the sophmore speaks, again. Can someone turn this garbage off? Bashing the 'president' when there are over a dozen lawsuits in court challenging the citizenship of that Muslim anti-American? He is not my president and can never be my president. I really wish I had not used up my ignores, and I wish I could simply have your sophmoric blatherings deleted so others didn't have to vomit it back up. YOU are an accessory to the Kenyans crimes, and YOU need to be thrown out of this beautiful country to do time in Guantanimo with the Kenyan when he is finally exposed in court. When that happens, and he will be exposed, you will realize what a wise-fool/sophmore you really are. Beck is saying things noone else is, including the fat man. Pointing out blatant truth and facts. But you are to 'wise' to understand truth. Give us all a break and leave.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Gregarious

You don't need to believe in birther conspiracy theories to know that the country is messed up. Yes, Glenn Beck is awake. He knows what he's doing. I've watched him enough times to know that he's a hypocrite. He leads people to false solutions. He's one of those directors. He leads people to a set of facts and then he leads them to a solution- to his solution. He wants us to be a religious nation... and he wants us to be really patriotic... if you look behind his lies- he's just a nationalist... and when you look down to it he's just playing in the control of the Republican party whether he wants it or not. He's not even controlled opposition- he's one of the controllers of the opposition.

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by 5 oClock

Beck only dishes on the Republicans if he's foaming at the Democrats. it's his tiny concession to trying to look "fair and balanced". He'll say something like "Democrats are baby-raping nazi cannibals from mars! They're going to kil lyour grandmother and steal her inheritence to pay for abortions that black black BLAAAAACK crackwhores are having!" and then he'll follow up with "But Republicans aren't innocent, Olympia Snowe agreed with a Democrat about something!"

And then it's back to the Democrats.

He's a demagogue. Whether it's real or an act, it's mental poison.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by 12.21.12

Ron Paul's not an anarchist. Ron Paul is a lazy idiot. There's a very, very, very slight difference. Namely an Anarchist isn't going to serve as part of "the system".

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