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A Creator - Who?

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posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by resonance

But see this is what you fail to realize...the christian faith is different from all others...true christianity isnt even a way to control the masses and make money...yes it has been perverted..i dont even attend church

Blind faith in a deity is no different than blind faith in a different deity. It's the same exact concept, blind unfettered faith.

but saying there is no evidence is wrong

There is no more evidence for the Christian God than there is for the Hindu Gods or the ancient Greek Gods. With six billion people alive worshiping a variety of different Gods all proclaiming the same tried and true argued approach of personal experiences for why we should follow their religions. Obviously personal experience in this regard is utterly moot, pointless, and blatantly worthless and if one were truly honest with oneself, they would realize that even their own personal experience is equally faulty. I am honest with myself, are you?

once you take in to account everything about what makes our life here so unlikely yet we are here anyway;

Claiming to have knowledge of where the universe while at the same time exclaiming how else could it have gotten here only makes you a hypocrite, and I despise hypocritical arguments for the Christian God, it's the only religion that I know in which utilizes these pathetic ignorant arguments.

The best honest answer any of us can give is, we don't know where the universe came from or why it exists, with or without reason for it's existence. I accept the possibility for a creator, I just don't accept the possibility that whatever creator may have existed is any of the ones arrogantly proclaimed to exist by Earths population of six billion people ignorantly spouting to hold the truth to reality.

the fact that history validates the bible; the fact that even being written by 40 different people it doesnt contradict itself once;

That's an outright lie; The bible certainly does contradict itself in many instances and nor are all of the events depicted even verified to have actually occurred in history.

and the fact that the OT has been around in written form longer than any other major religion and the ones it wasnt it predates orally..

Another outright lie; Monotheism has only been around at best for three thousand years, whereas we can date Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations and mythologies which closely resemble some of the tales told in the bible to at least three, maybe four thousand years earlier than monotheism.

if you look at the big picture and dont try to nit pick and find things wrong..the evidence is just have to stop wanting it to be wrong

Exactly, you wish for me to remain a closed minded ignorant religious dupe. I'm sorry, but I can't do that as the evidence against your God and religious convictions is literally miraculous in itself. The reason that it's miraculous is due to the sheer amount of arrogant ignorant followers of your religion who say the most idiotic things such as "Don't try to find alternatives and the evidence is all around you!" How dare you people call us closed minded when we're practicing humility and humbleness on our search for the origins of our universe. At least we possess the balls and maturity to exclaim proudly that we don't know. We loath the arrogant ignorance that the religious uphold with the highest amount of pride. Until you can prove the actual existence of your God, then he shall remain just as valid as Zeus.

posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 08:03 PM
Why does humankind insist on looking for a Who Created?

Perhaps they should try a "What" Created, for a Change?

Roman Catholicism is recent....

The main reason for Religion is to hide Something...

Perhaps it is the TRUTH that is trying to be buried
by religious Primates lost in their experiences.

[edit on 20-11-2009 by The Matrix Traveller]

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