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Several Shot In Downtown Orlando Office Building

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 04:39 AM

Originally posted by badkarma90I think the most logical explanation is that these shooters have been stepped on by those around them for so long (fact: world is filled with douches), that they decided to put a bullet in that cocky all-american head. Can't say it hasnt crossed my mind either... of course I've never reached that breaking point.

Wasnt that soldier a muslim, who kept getting bashed on by the other soldiers? I read that on some MSM site. CMON PEOPLE CONNECT THE DOTS FOR ONCE!!!

eh, ats community is letting me down...

this is one of the most disgusting posts I have ever read on here, justifying these perverted deviants and their disgusting snuffing out of innocent human life- perverting the "victim", the shooter is not the victim, he is the murderer who murdered people who did diddly squat to him- really, really angry with your post

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by jimmyx

this is a country with over 300 million people in's a wonder these are not happening all over the place...even with this violence, it is still a rare occurance when this happens considering the amount of people and the availability of millions of firearms.

It is a rare occurence BECAUSE of the firearm availability. Some Women who testified at a Congressional hearingon gun control took out the gunman trying to shoot up a restaurant. An old Granny took out a guy holding up a store, Heck a friend of mine took out a guy murdering a woman with and axe in Boston and another friend of my brother-in-law knocked out a guy mugging a woman in a parking lot. I a little old lady stopped a guy from strangling a friend.

Compare that to what is going on in Australia and England

One resident, who did not want to be named, told the Australian Associated Press that about 50 cars had swept into the area, disgorging men of Middle Eastern appearance who began trashing every car in sight with baseball bats...

A large number of Middle Eastern males would enter the club, upwards of twenty at a time. They would outnumber the security staff and begin assaulting Australian male patrons, sometimes stabbing them. The incident would be over in minutes and the gang members would be long gone before police arrived. A few days later, senior members of the gang, well dressed and business-like, would approach the club owners and offer to provide protection from similar incidents for around $2000 to $3000 a week. Many of the owners paid up and considered it a necessary expense in keeping their business viable. If they didn't pay up, or contacted the police, the gangs would wait some weeks, even months, before returning to the nightclub and extracting a terrible revenge on the owners, who would pay up or leave. There is compelling intelligence that in one well-known entertainment precinct in the city, nearly all the bars, nightclubs and hotels pay protection money to Middle Eastern crime gangs.

What sets the Middle Eastern gangs apart from all other gangs is their propensity to use violence at any time and for any reason. ... The Middle Eastern cycle of violence is not local. It can occur on the central coast, around Cronulla, Bondi, Darling Harbour, Five Dock, Redfern, Paddington, anywhere in Sydney. Unlike their Vietnamese counterparts, they roam the city and are not confined to either Cabramatta or Chinatown. And even more alarming is that the violence is directed mainly against young Australian men and women. There is a clear and definite link between violent attacks on our young men and women being racial as well as criminal. Quite often when taking statements from young men attacked by groups of Lebanese males around Darling Harbour, a common theme has been the racially motivated violence against the victims simply because they are Australian.

[b] So what is the reaction of the police to this crime wave?

AN EXAMPLE of the confrontations police nearly always experienced in Muslim-dominated areas when confronting even the most minor of crimes is an incident that occurred in 2001 in Auburn. Two uniformed officers stopped a motor vehicle containing three well known male offenders of Middle Eastern origin, on credible information via the police radio that indicated that the occupants of the vehicle had been involved in a series of break-and-enters. What occurred during the next few hours can only be described as frightening.

When searching the vehicle and finding stolen property from the break-and-enter, the police were physically threatened by the three occupants of the car, including references to tracking down where the officers lived, killing them and "#ing your girlfriends". The two officers were intimidated to the point of retreating to their police car and calling for urgent assistance. When police back-up arrived, the three occupants called their associates via their mobile phones, which incidentally is the Middle Eastern radio network used to communicate amongst gangs. Within minutes as many as twenty associates arrived as well as another forty or so from the street where they had been stopped. As further police cars arrived, the Middle Eastern males became even more aggressive, throwing punches at police, pushing police over onto the ground, threatening them with violence and damaging police vehicles.

When the duty officer arrived, he immediately ordered all police back into their vehicles and they retreated from the scene. The stolen property was not recovered. No offender was arrested for assaulting police or damaging police vehicles.

But the humiliation did not end there. The group of Middle Eastern males then drove to the police station, where they intimidated the station staff, damaged property and virtually held a suburban police station hostage. The police were powerless. The duty officer ordered police not to confront the offenders but to call for back-up from nearby stations. Eventually the offenders left of their own volition. No action was taken against them.

Knifes and tire irons in the hands of roving gangs can kill you as dead as a gun. Besides thugs can always get guns it is the honest citizen who has his hands tied. And the most important thing is an armed population serves as a check on dishonest politicians.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Here are your choices America:

Ban Guns


posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 01:19 AM

Originally posted by Dorian Soran

Originally posted by CanadianDream420
It's not terrorism folks, even if he is of Muslim religion and shots "allah ackbar"..

Remember this.

See my friend that is where you are WRONG - totally WRONG!!!

That is exactly what DOES make it terrorism.

Why does it not in your mind, may I ask?

Dorian Soran

Everyone wants to grip the word terrorism like it is the only way to describe anti-social behavior. You've been watching far too much mainstream media and have let that word become part of your genetic makeup. Pretty soon the mere mention of that word will be responsible for the indefinite detentions of undeserving people.

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