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Trance Dancing - Gaining Access to Alternate Reality

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posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 03:29 PM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
Without a previous connection to nature one should avoid trying contacting spirits. You will need helpers and they come to you when you experience nature in a deeper way. If you want to try this, go outside and ask the great spirit for guidance and helpers in meditation. This is where to start, your foundation to build upon if you seek to enter the spirit realm. Don't put your head in the clouds unless your feet are connected to the earth.
Back to the original point I think that there is currently some kind of malaise that is keeping people from opnely expressing joy and peace. Dark forces have come and now openly oppress those who do not have the power to deal with them. Today's fight is NOT political, it is spiritual and I fear we are all in grave danger. Keep love and light close to your heart in all things, live with care and deliberation.

I heartily agree with you. I have been into deep trance dancing for some time. This is so refreshing as it is a feedback confirmation.

The expierience connects me with many streams that at times are ancient also. I have already attempted to explain how to connect to the dance in my thread
There are times I am overcome by the awesome power of the stream, along with its divine inteligence. If and when it turns to you then you truly know you are in a blanket made from love.

There is indeed an opposing wave of devolution with regard the development of the spirit, there is a reason for this, it's nature is based in manipulation and deception.

I have learnt much from entering these streams of consciousness associated with Trance Dancing, indeed they are shamanic in nature and reveal much about the nature of our layers of reality. The yoda in me wants to say much can be learnt from understanding and taking part and in the absorbtion of pleasing frequency modulations expressed with the medium of dance.

I believe that much information has already been absorbed and most importantly more and more of it is being understood. But the educational aspect and preparating of individuals for understanding the true aspect of the forces they are being exposed to is lacking. Which is why i have been working on methods to help unfold the spiritual 'sleeping' aspects of the love, desire and purpose that burns deep within us.

It seems we are shy to open up, and feel weak when it comes to fighting for freedom. Freedom can and will unlock many treasures, but we need to better understand what it means before we can seek it out!

I can tell many stories that can be understood using the medium of trance dancing, it would be wonderful to see happen witnessed and interpreted.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by whaaa

Great vids.

Voodoo drumming isn't done proper justice in a short vid. The intensity is wild and frantic but think of it going on for an entire night. Think abut what it would be like to move to that quick beat and then consider being an active participant. There's something special about the night... a hot bonfire, the darkness beyond, a bit of rum and the cool air. Just a perfect combination.

Interesting comment about 'healing dances' held by the San of the Kalahari:

most dances are held at night,especially after a good meal. during a period of thirteen months in the 1950's, the Marshalls (Lorna and Lawrence Marshall, authors of many books detailing San shamanism*) observedthirty-nine dances. In the July (mid-winter) of that period, eight dances were held. They are common occurances, a routine part of San life. Everyone comes to a dance - men, women, children and visitors. Indeed, people consider it dangerous to absent themselves because they would expose themselves to the predations of the spirits of the dead

San Spirituality J D Lewis-Williams/D G Pearce - Altimira Press pg 87

*details mine

Strange, when thinking of Voodoo, that the first thing on most peoples minds are spirits taking over the dancers and yet, within the San concept, the spirits of the dead are kept at bay by dancing. I find that to be an enlightening notion.

I'll be using the book mentioned above a lot, since I have it available and was the inspiration for this thread. Another book by Lewis-Williams, The Mind in the Cave led me to San Spirituality.

reply to post by dzonatas

I listened to each vid, dzonatas and thanks for the pleasant experience. I've enjoyed that type of ambience music for a lot of years now. Great for background While painting in my studio.

I think we need to dance more, trance more, and as you say gain access more to these other realities in whole because if we don't we lose them to other that try to control them.

Good point. In many ways, we already have lost the access, at least perhaps the greater percentage of us have, globally speaking. The first control was the 'formal' dance steps that appeared in the west, probably due to the reluctance of citizens to cave into the religious bans. The church was very powerful and sought to insinuate itself into every facet of life, including dancing. Since it was impossible to completely eradicate, certain 'types' of dance was allowed; structured carefully to accent the values of the church. One of my favourite examples is Irish step dancing in which the arms are held tightly down along the side. Yet, just across the Irish sea, Scottish Sword dancers held their arms curved above their heads. I don't know for sure, but I'm betting the difference is due to either Catholic or Protestant social mores.

One thing for sure, free-style movement was severely curtailed and set into pre-determined patterns. That was a loss of freedom. Other examples are what you'd see at balls held the courts of nobility. You can bet that 'common people' weren't into it, though, and that there were some pretty wild dances going on away from the eyes of the PTB.

reply to post by Fett Pinkus

you know the score?

Sure do. In the OP I mentioned an after hours club I frequented. That's exactly what it was like. After a few hours of non-stop dancing I felt on top of the world. I'll never forget it.

reply to post by pharaohmoan

It seems we are shy to open up, and feel weak when it comes to fighting for freedom. Freedom can and will unlock many treasures, but we need to better understand what it means before we can seek it out!

Yes, but we shouldn't be afraid to take those first tentative steps back into 'losing oneself' in things. Most who have commented so far already have, but the greater majority are even afraid to get out on a dance floor and just move to the tempo. That's because of the shyness you mention. The dark force of self-consciousness precludes daring to 'look silly', We must all be 'super cool', not mess our hair, get our expensive shirts sweaty or spill our drinks (

To get on the path of human consciousness called Intensified Trajectory, which all shamans aspire to takes a bit more than a few rounds on the dance floor to songs lasting 3 to 20 minutes (at most).

It takes a determined effort with many participants. Hard to find except at raves.

posted on Nov, 12 2009 @ 07:21 PM
Speaking of dancing, here's what Robbie Williams said in the discography about his new album Reality Killed the Video Star:

Talking about the album, Robbie said; "I want people to feel elated, I want them to dance, I want them to forget about who they are and where they are for 50 minutes – and, within those 50 minutes of forgetting who they are, I also hope people relate to the songs.

Nice to see we have like-minded superstars who also love ATS.

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posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 10:58 AM
Facebook has several trance groups to join. Here is one that recognizes the roots as this thread does:

Facebook group: Trance

posted on Nov, 13 2009 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by dzonatas

Thanks for that... I'll have to check it out for pertinent links, etc.

Speaking of related info:

Often, dances continue through the night and into the next morning; dawn is a time of especially fervent dancing.
The "medicine songs", like the "strong" things for which they are named, contain what the Ju/'hoansi San call n/om. this essence is a diffuse potency that has been likened to electricity: When under control, it can be harnessed for the benefit of the whole community; out of control or in intense concentrations it is dangerous.

San Spirituality J D Lewis-Williams/D G Pearce - Altimira Press pg 89

Just exactly what IS n/om and how can it be explained scientifically? Is it the same thing as Chi?

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 08:51 AM
Sitting Bull's Sun Dance

Before the battle with Custer, Sitting Bull performed a ritual dance lasting two days. At its beginning, he had a piece of his flesh sacrificed to the Creator.

Here we have an example of extreme trance dancing with the purpose of contacting the spiritual realm. The vision revealed both a victory in the coming battle and a dire warning against looting the bodies of the soldiers.

The warning, of course, was ignored with the predicted results.

[warning - contains short scene of mutilation and bloodletting]

posted on Mar, 20 2010 @ 01:35 PM
Matt Harding - in the true spirit of dance:

Dancing is borderless, needs no language, requires no politics or religion. It's allways universal in what is does.

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