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Everything that is wrong in America today is entirely Bush's fault

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posted on May, 20 2004 @ 12:42 AM
Here's a link for the opposite point of view (always two sides there is, to every coin)
Fraud Factor

Alot of strangeness occured during that election, of that there is no doubt.

Here's a blurb about the Military vote at sea:

Members of the military who are currently stationed overseas have complained that the Pentagon has not yet sent out absentee ballots this year, meaning they will not get to vote for a new commander in chief on Tuesday.

Specifically, members of U.S. Navy aboard ships supporting the USS Cole -- the destroyer recently attacked by terrorists while it was undergoing refueling in the port of Aden, Yemen -- have either not received ballots or won't get them in time because of current deployment circumstances, Pentagon officials said yesterday.

"I've heard about this within the past week," said Lt. Dave Gai, a Defense Department spokesman. "We are trying to get more information. We don't know if they were delayed through the mail."

He added that due to current deployment considerations, some military members overseas likely would not get their ballots in time.

"The support team for the USS Cole may not get their ballots due to intermittent mail," Gai said. "Some ballots could very well be delayed for a number of reasons."

A Maine resident -- who asked not to be identified -- said her Navy daughter who is stationed in Tokyo has received her absentee ballot for every election except this one.

"No one at the base will be voting because all the absentee ballots are missing," she told WorldNetDaily.

Now this is beginning to take on that all too familar conspiracy theory flavor. I'd rather steer away from that but I think it helps to understand that things of this nature, when there's no proof of what is actually transpiring and only hunches and guesses, can lead one to believe just about anything if it fits into one's world view.

And moving right along, here's a blurb that also discusses the state of distress of the military members overseas who did not receive the absentee ballot:

WorldNetDaily has received an enormous amount of e-mail from military families overseas, or their stateside relatives, complaining that the service personnel did not receive absentee ballots they had requested. A number of WND's military readers have specifically reported that their ballots were sent fourth class "bulk mail" -- which in some cases delays delivery by a month or more -- instead of first class.


A reader in Heidelberg, Germany, who is married to a U.S. Army colonel, had applied for absentee ballots "by the end of September." Yet by Oct. 24, they still had not arrived, so she called her county clerk in the U.S. to see if they had been sent out.

According to the reader, she was told the ballots had been sent Oct. 19, but "by the 28th we still didn't have [them]."


"Absentee ballot envelopes were clearly marked as such and should not have been filed in bulk mail," she said. "They were small enough to fit into our post office box and should have been placed with our letters and bills."

She and her husband filled out the ballots and mailed them the next day, "return receipt requested," she said.

"Today is Nov. 11 and we have yet to receive the return receipt," she said, "so I do not know if our ballots arrived" in the U.S.

Seems fairly strange but still, without proof, you can only guess and extrapolate and make up fancified conspiracy theories. Right? It's really hard to decide from my perspective what to think in situations like these but I try not to go off the deep end, as there's not much proof of anything other than someone somewhere putting military absentee ballots on a slow boat to China.

And here's a little something I found particularly interesting. Not only were the military absentee votes curtailed but according to the records at the time, The Washinton Post calculated that Florida would only receive 750 military absentee votes for the 2000 election as compared to 2300 military absentee votes in the 1996 election. Multiply that discrepancy by all the states in the US and ya got yerself a really wide margin of error.

WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 15With the presidential election supposedly hanging on Friday's count of absentee ballots from overseas, observers caution this potential bomb may turn out to be a dud. So far only 447 military ballots have been received by the postal authorities. At that rate, The Washington Post calculates, the amount of military ballots would end up at an underwhelming 750a far cry from the originally projected 2300. Military votes were projected to make up the bulk of overseas ballots, which are set to be tallied on Friday, November 17.

And for the finale, here's a few military people discussing their missing military absentee ballots:

"I'm a frustrated Coast Guard officer who has been trying to secure an absentee ballot from the state of Michigan. I initially requested my absentee ballots for the primary and general election back in February. I received the ballot for the primary, and voted. I never received my ballot for the general election. I began to get concerned and sent a second letter 3-4 weeks ago requesting the absentee ballot to no avail. I am a registered Republican.
"My neighbor, an officer in the USN, never received his absentee ballot from Florida -- he's even more upset than me. This seems too widespread to be a coincidence."

"My son-in-law who is an Air Force officer in Iceland did not receive his absentee ballot until November 7, 2000 -- too late too get it postmarked and mailed!! It was ordered well in advance of the election!"

"Failure to receive an absentee ballot didn't just happen to military people overseas. I have a young Air Force staff sergeant who lives next door to us in Montgomery, Ala., who has been complaining about not getting her absentee ballot. And she hasn't gotten a satisfactory answer as to why she didn't get a ballot after requesting one."

"I am a retired U.S. Navy chief. I can tell you flat out 'some' absentee ballots do not get to service members."

"While my husband was registered for South Dakota ... his military absentee ballot never arrived where he was deployed. My husband, an Air Force pilot stationed in Indian Springs, Nev., was deployed 82 days in Bosnia. He was able to receive a magazine sent by me through the postal system (it took one week), and he received two cards from his former boss in South Carolina. The mail sent was at the beginning and end of his deployment to an APO address. Yet, he never did receive his absentee ballot. My husband knows he did give plenty of time to send out for his. I am outraged at how this election has been run."

"I am an instructor at a small community college in eastern North Carolina. Several of my students are the wives and girlfriends of military personnel stationed out of Cherry Point, N.C. Before the election, I reminded every class of students to vote and encouraged them to encourage their friends and family to vote. After the election, I praised the students who took the time to vote. You would not believe how many of those military wives and girlfriends came to me after the election and told me that their husbands and boyfriends had not been allowed to vote because of delays in getting their ballots."

"I live in Southern Oregon, and my younger brother is stationed in San Diego. He just returned from service in Korea, and he did not get his absentee ballot."

Anyway, if you add all these voting irregularities up, you'll find that the 2000 election was just one big mess and it's highly doubtful that the democrats can hold any higher ground the republicans on this issue, as I think they are equally suspect by the normal methods of conspiracy theorizing.

[Edited on 20-5-2004 by Undomiel]

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 05:25 AM
OK Neocons, you want more documentation, here's today's news:

1. Oil/Gasoline Prices Out of Control, leading to higher prices to cover out of control transportation costs, causing more exporting of American jobs and manufacturing to Bush-Communist China to provide profits to support Saud-Bush Family Oil Wealth and World Power

2. Bush's War Crimes Killing More American Military Heroes with Grenades Tossed by Saud-Bush-Al Qaeda Allowed to Run Free For Bush's Oil-Halliburton-Fascism War In Iraq

3. Out of Control Local Cutbacks to Children and Family Education, Public Safety and Health To Pay For Bush's Contributions to Cheney-Halliburton and CIA-Chalabi Deferred Retirement War Corruption Compensation


posted on May, 20 2004 @ 08:09 AM

Originally posted by orang
OK Neocons, you want more documentation, here's today's news:


orang-ooo-tang...let me see if I can put this in terms you can understand, although I don't speak your lower primate language.

Documantation means PROOF, not just more of your yelling bullshiite. A link, a reference to something, somewhere we can go to see something in writing other than your rantings here, eh? is that simple enough, or do we need to go to the zoo and get one of your relatives to translate????

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 08:36 AM
I found something of interest you might like to read. This is in regards to some interesting decisions made by Bill Clinton, who brought us GATT, NAFTA and the WTO. In this particular instance, we have one of the results of the WTO.

That is what is happening right now in California. The governor has banned the gasoline additive MTBE because it is leaking into the drinking water. The Canadian corporation that makes it is using NAFTA to sue the United States for nearly $1 billion because they think this constitutes a trade barrier. Think about that. A foreign corporation is asking our taxpayers to give it $1 billion because the people in California do not like the taste of paint thinner in their drinking water and think it is good public health to ban this gasoline additive.

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 09:50 AM

Originally posted by Undomiel
---Bill Clinton, who brought us GATT, NAFTA and the WTO.]
That is what is happening right now in California. The governor has banned the gasoline additive MTBE because it is leaking into the drinking water. The Canadian corporation that makes it is using NAFTA to sue the United States for nearly $1 billion because they think this constitutes a trade barrier.

Good points Undo, which begs the questions:

1. Why does Bush follow in Clinton's footsteps forcing America to continue stay in GATT, NAFTA and the WTO?

2. Why doesn't Bush countersue Canada for a $Trillion to clean up pollution that Canada exported to America?

AR, all I can do is read the newspapers to you, it's up to you to think about it, but thinking is something that Bush Neoconzis refuse to do anymore than their great leader does.

"Gut Feelings" of the Crawford Village Idiot are destroying everything that made America great:

American labor jobs and manufacturing are being exported as fast as the Neoconzi In Chief can do it so the Bush Family can promote Chinese Communism (as followup to Bush's Ho Chi Minh treason that caused America to lose the Viet Nam War), and
Saud-bin Laden Oil Terrorism against America and the World.

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 10:36 AM

Originally posted by Undomiel
As I'm observing this thread it dawns on me that Bush is going to get a reaming no matter what he does. If he defends the nation, he gets a reaming (iraq/afghanistan).

After all that's happened & near $200 Billion being spent on unwarranted military adventurism & corporate cronyism as the nadir of the Military Industrial Complex, you think that Iraq & Afganistan were orchestrated to defend America !?!?!?!

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 01:18 PM
Bush Asks Worried Republicans to 'Keep the Faith'
May 20, 1:20 PM (ET) By Thomas Ferraro, WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

President Bush asked fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill on Thursday to "keep the faith" as he sought to ease their jitters about Iraq and his lowest approval ratings ever.

posted on May, 20 2004 @ 01:25 PM
how about posting a link.

do you know how???

if not someone can teach you.

links are most helpful. links are your friends! embrace them and learn to use them please. thank you.

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 01:27 AM
The Fl election.
As a member of the media from West Palm (then) who had a front row seat in covering the election...a few observations.

I watched as one dem, one rep, and one neutral person took stacks of ballots at each table...(im guessing 20+tables of these review groups) under constant live video and armed personal security survailance...looked at EACH at a time until there was a consensus of the 3 as to what the vote was on the card, and what was an invalid card...according to defined criteria for how to interpret the card. (agreed to by both parties before the recounting)

I watched them recount the millions of votes THREE TIMES in this manner...including reviewing ones deemed invalid!!! They did this 24 hrs a day for 3 days. this was done on a local level, using VOLUNTEERS, not state employees or paid people. these local recounts were then subbmitted to the Supv of elections.

The Suprv of elections had to BY LAW submitt the vote totals BY A CERTAIN TIME to have ANY of them count. She did. But this info came from thousands of local volunteers of both parties, not some faceless gov office.

Indeed some of the ballots were not countable because the 3 person panel found them to be double punched (one example) or otherwise had some discrepancy that violated the guidelines for usabillity.

Politicians have known for DECADES that there has NEVER BEEN a vote where EVERY ballot counted....there was always a margin of error like +/-3%....They often times counted on this margin in their campaing calculations. did you the avg citizen even think that there was an error rate in counting votes ANYWHERE?
Wecitizenz all had blindders on there.

After watching the citizens that worked hard, under tons of preassure recount and recount and recount and recount the votes...I feel certain that Gov Bush, nor Suprv of elections or any politician was able to steal anything.

Much of the problem was with using a butterfly layout for the ballot that was confusing on the antiquated equipment.
Bottom line, noone stole anything. The process (ballot layout, old equipment that lent to confusion/innacuracies vor voters, and good old human error/judgments) was prone to discrepancies to start.

CURME says
"Some thought, because of the instructions, that you had to punch, and write in the name. So any votes that were punched, and written were discounted"

So because citizens were to stupid or senile to follow directions (created by a democrat mind you) that they invalidated their OWN votes, you can extrapolate that to Bush thievery?

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 01:43 AM
Bush has extreamly little to nothing to do with outsourcing. Blame Corporate GREED.

The "anything to make a profit for shareholder" mentality as well as economic realities of competing businesses is the direct cause of outsourcing jobs.

If you cant make it cheap and sell for a profit, and your competition can, you wont be in business long. So business that think with their wallets, took actions to keep profits up and business flowing.

But Bush went to every business that outsources and told them to right? Even tho this was already occuring before he was even close to being President?

As far as adopting an isolationist strategy for pulling out of trade deals, even ones that might contribute to outsourcing in certain sectors....isolationism is neither desirable or worakable in todays global economy....we'd only end up hurting ourselves.

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 06:10 AM
Yesterday, Bush called in a group of "economic columnists" (conspicously excluding Lou Dobbs who is really telling it like it is to the great fear of Bush Neoconzi Lie Machine) to program them on what they should be saying:

1. High Oil Prices that more than double consumer spending on gasoline are good for Saud-Bush-bin Laden oil company interests and are therefore good for America.

2. Exporting American Jobs and Manufacturing by the 10s of 1000s per month by American TraitorCorporations are good for the Bush's Rich and Powerful campaign contributors and therefore good for America.

3. Out of control deficit spending is good for tax refunds to Bush's Rich and Powerful campaign contributors and therefore good for America.

So, as Bush says over and over, anything that is good for his Rich and Powerful campaign finance 2000 Pioneers and 2004 Rangers is good for America, and that the rest of America should just suck it up for Bush and stop complaining about Bush's disastrous economic plan that is about to crash and burn America's economy for those who are not Bush's Rich and Powerful campaign finance Neoconzis.

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 06:24 AM
hey orang...heres a site which you can link to then put it in bold face...

Its got all the bush bashing information you will ever need....and then some...way better than some crappy news paper

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