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Book of Revelation: the seals have been opened

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 01:30 AM
I think......... God said , O.K you all want freedom of will ,

...sure , why not . you got it . [Babylon, Sodom,Gomorrah]

....but, if you follow your own whims and beliefs ,

the fall from Grace is self inflicted , and when things get

completely ridiculous , He will shut the circus down .

.......what did you expect ?

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

You have a very sound understanding of things it would seem. Agnosticism seems like a good base to start from. Someone al ot wiser than me said the wise man knows that he knows nothing and thats where i want to start from knowing nothing. I also do belive in a supreme power far greater than our limited human capacity to understand. And i think most people intrinsically want to do the right thing but for some reason that i cant fathom i have also come across people who are for the lack of a better word plain evil. these people just seem enjoy in other peoples misfortunes. and i believe they love to congregate with their own. What are your views on negative entities and their influence on the world. The old saying comes to mind the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didnt exist.

now im not talking about the devil as depicted as some cartoon caricature stereotype. Im talking about extra dimensional entities that SEEM to feed of human suffering and misery.

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by TiM3LoRd

My friend think of yourself as a battery. An intelligent sentient battery. An intelligent sentient battery with an extended shelf life. An intelligent sentient battery that is self recharging and capable of replicating other batteries (breeding).

That is essentially what you are. Your body operates off of an electrical current that you yourself create. You nourish and sustain yourself. You can perform tasks with the energy you create. You can perform physical tasks, you can perform mental tasks, you can perform spiritual tasks.

So you understand better Slave Planet Earth is a mining operation. We mine ores and precious metals, we drill and extract oils and gases.

Everything else in the way of business and professions is in support of those mining operations. Gold, and Black Gold are the principal and most lucrative of these things.

What ever you do for work it is to get some Gold (money) and some oil (fuel).

We are a race of miners. A slave race of miners actually.

Rome oversees that mining operation. What Rome does with the proceeds is Rome's business. You must render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and that is precisely what everyone does whether you are aware of it or know it or not.

All batteries have a positive and negative polarity. You are capable of an output of both or a neutral output.

Most humans are on neutral. The remain relatively indifferent to the bad and negative (in other words you won't try to stop bad and negative things from happening at your own risk) while trying to do good (in selfish ways for Gold and Oil and the things it can bring you) but primarily good for you and those you care about and love.

All things have energy, somethings have more energy than others. Old trees and mountains and the ocean have the most energy. You can tap into these energies by comuning with them.

Part of what makes us self sustaining is something called power exchange.

How we interact with others both human and non-human increases or decreases our energy.

If someone belittles and berates you and cowers and intimidates you into submission they are feeding off of your energy and gaining power from it.

This is a negatively charged individual.

If someone praises you and encourages you and is kind and generous to you this is a gift of energy to you. This is a positive charged person.

When someone makes you angry they are stealing energy from you and feeding off of it.

When someone makes you happy they are giving you energy and usually drawing from other positive forms of energy around them when they are doing it. Or they will later recharge from a positive source like through comuning with nature or the universe and other sources of great power.

War is a negative energy that many people view in a positive way. This is an example of a neutral charge.

Making love is a positive energy that some people view in a negative way. The act is a positive one the response though may be a negative one.

Two humans happily making love is the strongest form of power exchange that two humans can join into and create a positive charge.

Two humans attempting to kill each other violently is the strongest form of power exchange that two humans can join into and create a negative charge.

Negatively charged people sometimes do positive things.

Positively charged people sometimes do negative things.

The more your actions are centered on your self and about you, the more you are gravitating towards a negative polarity.

The more your actions are centered on other people and about them, the more you are gravitating towards a positive polarity.

It is not extra-dimensional, inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial beings and entitities you need to worry about and focus on, but your fellow humans and the things that surround you in nature.

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 05:13 AM
Thanks for taking the time to respond. Are you saying there are no dark entities that are not human?

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 05:33 AM

Originally posted by TiM3LoRd

Brother against brother, neighbor
Against neighbor, kingdom against
Kingdom, stirring up anger and hate;
But they will perish in so doing.

William Gorzynski, 15, ... 14-year-old Matthew Gorzynski.

+ Just thought we should remember there were people involved...

++ Next, the lead-in 'quote'.... it is not part of scripture, nor the Olivette prophecy as is trying[ to be implied by the Source.
Has nothing at all to do with the 7 Seals....

but i guess the worn-out-phrase "As it was in the days of Noah...
is so tired and overused,the writer had to use the '7 Seals' as the 'connection' to excite the reader.

I wonder if the OP author actually feels the '7 Seals' are opened and the end-times Tribulations / beginning-of-sorrows is upon us?

if so...the connection is very flimsy indeed,
2 obscure brothers locked in a tragedy

~~~sorry Mod, i couldn't get all the tags remixed right at first ~~~

[edit on 30-10-2009 by St Udio]

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 08:15 PM
i was merely making an observation about how society seems to have degraded to this point where kids were killing each other over trivial things. Im not saying this actual even is part of a seal but just that based on certain bible prophecy it would seem as if things are heading down a dark path. Do i believe if the seals have been opened? im not even sure what form the seals would be if they are literal or symbolic. So the answer is i dont know.

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