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Jon Stewart captures the essence of the madness

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 01:21 PM
i think he capters the true american thought

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by JBA2848
I watched the clip yesterday and he did hit the nail on the head. Fact checking is a thing of the past its more entertaining to have people argue over baseless claims and propaganda then to discuss the facts and call people out for lieing.

This would really be a hilarious video, and I almost caught myself laughing a time or two..

But this is real.

The joke is on us.

And whether the enlightened few avoid the mainstream media, the masses do not.

This is "The Most Trusted Name In News."

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by silent thunder
reply to post by Atomic

Good post.

Ever notice how every day on the news seems to be like Superbowl Sunday? You have all these "swoooshing" and "booming" noises, spinning multiple screens, scrolling tables, stirring tunes, etc. Compare this to a news show from, say, the 50s or 60s, where two guys in ties would sit down and have a 1/2-hour-long conversation in slow, measured tones about important issues.

I think the MSM underestimates the intelligence and attention span of the public. They think we are no longer able to "handle" that kind of show. Perhaps, sickly enough, they are right, but there are still lots of intelligent people out there who don't need to be treated as ADD-riddled basket-cases who can only think in visual this thread proves.

I think you're close, but the truth is, the mainstream media (not just news, but television and radio and print each as a whole as well) is all designed to "dumb down the masses" and to lead people by the nose in the "right" direction.

They do it deliberately.

And if you ever wondered why American kids are so dumb and wonder why the public education system has made them ignorant gullible busy working sheep?

It's been the deliberate goal from the start.

We're fleshy organic robots built from an early age to the right specifications to do busy work all day in a factory.

Not only was free thought and open mindedness destroyed, but now we don't even have the god damn factories to work in anymore!

You reap what you sow, and it's harvesting time. Now we will have a generation of gullible dolts and we rely on them to sort out social security and such when we're old as dirt down the line?

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by whatukno
reply to post by Solomons

try this...

It is true, the MSM really does drop the ball. Thank god people can research for themselves online

The MSM drops the ball? Wtf ball is that?

The ball without an opinion attached to it? The ball with all the evidence in it? The ball that is not the BULLSH-T ball? The ball that says "This is NOT propaganda > Please use the other ball labeled "Propaganda" when playing with the public."

Is it that ball your referring to?

Drops the ball - drops the ball ..? My head hurts - I need a little lie down ..

Ok - the ball they are using doesn't get dropped, because these little fkrs know how how to play the game - the public don't know how to play - they are lucky if they even know its a game - and they NEVER NEVER EVER drop the ball.

Except maybe when maybe they get someone admitting they 'pulled' building 7, or they report fake war footage and its obviously shot in the studio - maybe that counts as dropping the ball.

They have one game - get you to believe what they want you to believe - and obscure any contrary evidence as well as possible.

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by iNTERPLANETARyR.O.M.E.O.

Reminds me of how Colbert was cheering that the swine flu vaccines finally came in. I thought it was blatant propaganda too. Know what they saw control the opposition by leading it!

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 11:47 PM
I stay away from Jon Stewart now a days. His show with Bill Maher as quest made me angry. I Thought Stewart had some pride in his heritage but he does not. Bill called the Virgin Mary a Palestinian and Jon said nothing. Jon Stewart is a self hating Jew.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 03:59 AM
Jon Stewart isn't any sort of journalist or investigative reporter so why any of you would get pissed about him not asking Janet "hard hitting" questions is a mystery to me.

He runs a comedy show. Now keeping that in mind do any of you people honestly think that if he decided to ask these people in power any sort of difficult questions they would just come out and spill the beans? It's stupid to call out Stewart as a propagandist simply because he doesn't meet your totally unrealistic demands. All he would achieve by asking these people hard questions is a much shorter guest list as all these government types would refuse to come on his show anymore simply to avoid a tough interview.

All he can do is invite them on and hope that somehow they will have a slip of the tongue and embarrass themselves on their own without him having to do anything but softball em. So you get is a bunch of worthless interviews that you can tell HE HIMSELF KNOWS are crap, just hoping for that one in a million screw up that will bring him even more ratings and press.

And for the record, he has grilled plenty of people. Part of being a great interviewer is getting a good read on your guests and I'm fairly sure that Jon can tell when hes not going to be able to get anything out of someone and just doesn't bother wasting his time.
Which would you prefer, watching 10 minutes of sidestepping dribble and "no comment"s or getting a decent laugh at some of the jokes Jon throws at these morons?

The daily show does a great job at putting the insanity of politics and media into a clear package that everyone can see and understand. He accomplishes more for "our" side then anyone on the planet as far as exposure goes. So
for all you guys putting down what they do...

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 04:58 AM
dam are there any links us aussies can watch and pass comment on?

Going by some of the comments sounds like its just more MSM disinfo.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 12:46 PM
I would like to point out the fact that the Daily Show is an Entertainment show, not news and information. Also please note that it is a Comedy show. Written, produced and acted out by comedians. If you go to the jester for your news, please do not expect to be informed and dont expect hard hitting journalism. You want hard hits? See the BBC, they can be down right rude with the questions they ask.

EDIT: Sorry about repeating what was said two posts up. I did not see it when I posted my opinion. Star for plausable.

[edit on 15-10-2009 by Obinhi]

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 12:47 PM
Jon Stewart probably the only man on TV who makes sense.

For any UK viewers, More4 channel at 20:30GMT

Comedy that hits the nail on the head

[edit on 15-10-2009 by EvilTwin666]

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 12:51 PM
Sorry for this post so soon, but I would also like to mention that if you really want an unbiased view read everything with a knowlage of geopolitics and history. I would also suggest that you read serveral news papers, forign and domistic.

Please excuse the spelling above. I cannot spell check at this computer, I'll fix it when I get home.

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