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Aliens will "comeback" in a official way this year!

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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 04:02 PM

Just curious, and only read three of these pages here, on this...

Does your experiences coorolate with the wisdom of the ancient Hopi indian tribe?

Blue Star Kachina - The Eye of God

That thread is small compared to the Hopi writings and stories, but may give a little of what I am asking.

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 04:10 PM
acidic...i dont know if you realize this...but for me i think you have a very agressive way to ask things. do you notice that you even dare to say that i just unswer "punny" liitle not important" things. eastead of unswer true big ones?!??!

do you noticed that in a racional basis. you cant say what is important or not!?...what is imprtant for you, could not be important for others!
i have free will too as you have..i chose what it is important or not to say! i have that right. althou the one that have all that kind of information is me...not you,,so you must get used to that, as i get must get used if you belive or not, or if you need proofs or not! if you need proofs, thats your problem, i dont need them! and i cant be blaimed just because milions of other people need them! just wait for the "d"day, and i am sure that all of your questions will be unswered at that time...althou i assure you that you will have mush less "freedom" that you have now, that time if you wish to ask something you will ned to be real humble, and much more "hearth pure" or you will be just ignored! like so many others.

just curius you know what your avatar is?!..i know what is,,,i just want to confirm if you know it! if you care to unswer me that i will be thankfull.


the quet storm wrotes

I would like to know why you have "Reptilian Power!" in your signature.

if you just quote that, other pople can have a false impression of what i mean there, in the signature.

the full signature says: the doom is near...reptilian power"!
i think , after all what i have write here, that phrase alone makes a specific meaning. no further explanations are need it!

that idian information is extremly acurate, and is good information to read.. all my personal informations are not related to nothing that you can know, but several parts of them you and all the others can find in a lot of ancient philosophys, and public documents.
many many times high wisdom coltures and people, have tryed to inform us in many ways, but as you can notice in the history, and at the present time, each time some one have tryed to say something important, that info desapear, the guy desapear...or something more "important" in bring to public, to deviate the public atention)
you will became just shocked if you know the total amount of historical documents that the modern world have, that talks about what i am saying here, and much more.

other people have asked something i think is important too.: "how deep they life in underground?"

theyr caves and bases are between 2000 and 8000 meters(2 to 8 Km)deep.

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by kangaxx]

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by kangaxx]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 04:47 PM
Can you also answer the question about whether we would have any defense against them if attacked and where they enter the earths surface when they come above ground?

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 04:52 PM
yes i know what it is , its a pentagram , its a mathematical shape made with lines and a couple of circles around the edge - actually the one i have as my avatar pic is classed as being upsidedown with a goats face in it.

its a symbol used for magik by wicans until about 100 or so years ago when some bright spark decided to use it as a sign for the devil.

since i dont believe in satan/god etc then i dont lose sleep about having a symbol like that on my profile , ill let people who do lose sleep about it come to their own shallow conclusions of my personality in real life. thanks for pointing my avatar out , i didnt notice it was there

last point , since your totally skipping my questions now out of pure spite while deciding to make comments on my personality as being "aggresive"(when i have asked you nicely to answer me time and time again) and talking about my avatar instead of a serious question that could either validate or crush your little scifi story (i realise your not soft and you also realise where my questions will lead so you refuse to answer them) , ill leave you and your little flock of sheep to continue talking about startrek and the doom aproaching

take care

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by acidhead]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:11 PM

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by acidhead]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 05:29 PM
thank you acid, i am charmed. hoo by the way...dont forget that was You that have make the start Trek question. but as you can also can notice,,you will be always welcome, independet f i think you are agressive or not, cheers then

P.S- im truly thankfull by your unser about the Avatar thx!:up

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by kangaxx]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 08:56 PM
Thanks for your great straightforward answers. You said that others are out there to help guide people and spread the news around. (well, that is my interpretation
) I was wondering if you would know of any internet sites that may have started this information? I would love to do more research? Do you have any suggestions on where to start?

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 10:42 PM
wow Kangaxx......WOW!
This is amazing.........
Amazing how many people are getting bent about your well as thrilled!! a bit of both as to be expected of course........
I had to laugh at your Bigfoot explaination because, I have KNOWN that about those creatures for a looooong time. Its a 'inner knowing' I truly have no explaination for........I gotta laugh at that for goodness sake. Those beings underground sure have some flippin UGLY 'pets'.....dam
......"here Chupacabra! here Chupie Chupie! nice Chupie fetch a stick!!" .......can you imagine???? OMG!....I can understand the desire for a pet Bigfoot, they can reach the high shelves, and I seam to THINK they would make a very good type of Nanny........lololol

I am going to jump in here and make an ATTEMPT to answer some questions on this thread...IF I may???

The POLAR shift is a NATURALL occurance of planet earth. The Alien factions planning on putting us into another dimension are doing this to SAVE the life that they can...NOT to kill us.......without being maipulated SOMEHOW on this planet SHALL cease as we know it....the Aliens are NOT doing this, not CHOOSING to do this...its a NATURALL occurance.
THE ALIENS ARE NOT TRYING TO KILL US......they are attempting to SAVE the best parts of US......and its up to each one of us, individually WHO will stay and WHO will be taken.....VIA: our own desires and behaviour. Our inner vibratory frequency......our thought patterns and natural responses.

lolol and I dont think its so they can EAT our spines

I believe it is because they have a respect for EXISTANCE and truly desire our existance to go forth....

No....Kangaxx is NO Prophet attempting to gain followers....and he does NOT give a whip about his points.....he is a HUMAN, attempting the best way he can to SHARE what he KNOWS to be true......

Someone ELSE mentions STAR TRECK and then accuses kangaxx of having little STAR TREKKY followers. Strangely 'interesting' maneuver~~~~hmmmmmm

I am NO follower......not a 'groupie' in any sense....I, like NetStorm have studied and learned.....taking in what FEELS right and tossing things that feel wrong.....I jumped in on this thread EARLY, and I keep following this because it FEELS right.........and Kangaxx must be able, as a free thinking individual to decide WHAT he can/will say, and what he not ~ALL~ people behave in this manner? some things we just CANT do...its an individual choice......and a right as existing as a human with the power of individual thought.

Kangaxx....I am going to u2u you about the silly points system , so you can better understand why it matters so much to need to reply to it, I know your a busy person ATTEMPTING to have a life, even if some of the ATS members wished you just lived in a computor and gave us information on demand at all times.

This thread IS killer! and I mean that as extrordinarey and fabulous!!

[Edited on 18-5-2004 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on May, 18 2004 @ 11:43 PM
Kingaxx... thank you for posting this.

Ok, I'm on page 3 right now... I'm reading posts about "love", and people seem to think of love as being compared to:

Originally posted by acidhead
...why are you classing these aliens as "good" if they are going to kill all animal life and people who dont feal "love" within a certain timeframe - say some people are hurt and feeling negative about something in their life and have been a great person for the rest of it and also a really evil person feels love and so gets a free pass? ...

4.what about people who are incapable of feeling love - sick people , young children , etc etc are they going to die ?

5. love is actually a word used to describe lots of feelings depending on the person you claim to love - lust , happyness , closeness , longing , desire , etc etc - so true love basically is a myth, the feeling "love" doesnt actually exist and people who feel it in their "heart" is an impossibility as your heart is a blood pumping muscle. how will aliens know if people feel a feeling that doesnt actually exist apart from in romance novels

Love is what you feel for others of your kind. Compassion is a form of "love". Love is not the queer lust that you read about in cheesey novels. Love is...

Ok... if you have someone that you disagree with ALL the time... you fight, you hurt eachother, etc... none of that matters if you really love others. Love isn't reserved for that one "special" person in your life. Love is reserved for all that you encounter. My girlfriend swears up and down that I'm "emotionally constipated". I admit that I have all other feelings (except, on rare occassion, guilt). As a matter of fact, today I was about to grab the next person that I saw being inconsiderate, rude, or just self centered, and kick then square in the teeth! But, these emotions don't come from hate... they come from frustration. For some reason, I can comprehend "love", but I can't comprehend the fact that I'm stuck on this planet with so many people who just don't feel/know/comprehend that they are NOT the only ones in existence. I mean, I can comprehend it... it just doesn't seem like it should exist. This world that surrounds my observable area is so dirty... like grease-stained cement... the only way to get rid of the grease stain is to get rid of the cement. It frustrates me because I don't want to be around these people... I want to be around people like my friends D, Mike, and Bry... and ATS members like DeltaChaos, faceless, liblam, watcheroftheskies, Amuk... people that are true. That is the love I feel. I hope that the good people that I haven't met, and will never meet, prosper and are happy. That is part of love. I wanna see all the good people in the world do good things and destroy the evil that hasn't overcome those who weren't ready for it. Love is something that is innate within you, so it doesn't matter whether you are newborn, sick, or mentally ill (btw, mentally ill is a medical term for someone that they don't understand yet... everyone's minds work in different ways). A newborn during this time will be instantly marked because a newborn's emotions are raw and unsoiled. A newborn's emotions are so basic. They are either Happy, or NotTooHappy (couldn't resist, sry NTH, lol!) They either love, or they hate. Everything in a newborn is trinary (everything in the universe boils down to trinary... positive, neuter, or negative). So, basically the timeframe given is ample enough for you to show even a spark of love if you are capable. Love from ALL humans should've been registered on the first day, but as Kingaxx mentioned, we have evolved in a world influenced and permiated by evil influence, no matter how seemingly helpfull or innocent.

Ok, I'm gonna continue reading...

Kingaxx... your response to Weeman's question was pretty good, although I believe it to be slightly mistranslated (not from language, but from your knowledge...). As I pretty much said before (and you as well) love is... you are either capable of love, or you are NOT capable of loving. I really don't think you should have to invoke those feelings, but I may be wrong... I just "know", but I don't KNOW. I could assume that you were given these specifics because alot of people have a 'block' (or have basically been separated from the 'source' conscience for too long and need to reconnect). Would I be right in assuming this?

And I'm on page 4, lmao!

JCMin, above should answer your questions as well... within reason. Think about it like this: You have a good kid that could grow up to be a scientist, but his parents are rather "ignorant"... he will grow up to be, most likely, only about half the scientist they should have been... On the other hand, if you have a kid that is just completly stupid and they are raised by a bunch of geniuses, they are gonna grow up to be a smartass (man... when the jokes come, they come! lol... can you smell the 'cheese'?)... seriously... that kid is probably gonna grow up to be smarter than would've been normally expected. If a child is capable of love, but the parents aren't, that child is going to be brought up ingnorant of what love is until he finds it for himself... and on the other hand, if the child is NOT capable of love, but the parents are, that child may be raised upon a false image of love... something he/she thinks they know and understand, but they really don't. (I think I just answered my own question from above.)

Originally posted by kangaxx

2- yes" , meditation it's just one of the many possible process that we (adults) have in order that we can be helped to reach that vibration.many many others, and more simple, can be used. it's our duty here to find/seek the one that can fit in our specific character/ vibration. for example...i used to reac it in meditation process,,,but i have reach it too when i was in the movie theatre seeing ( the passion of Christ) as you see some other ways can be so simple as ...seeing a movie!

I really wish I could even begin to explain how easy it really is to reach the 4th dimansion vibration... Kingaxx probably mentioned one of the most emotional movies made in the last ten years (major production... indy movies are a completly different story). For those who are all about numbers and math/quantum/geometrical sciences, I'd have to definitly recomment "PI" to try out. At the very least, it's a good movie. EDIT: a DAMNED GOOD movie! (for the scientifically minded... and Kabalistically minded).

3- they will just move the majority of human kind (passed in the tests) like 1-2 mounths before the "D" day(in 2017)! althou several other "human" groups will me moved much sooner then that, because they are not humans at all...! many "humans" here are "transmigrated alien souls", that work here for centurys, from the "good" faction, and they will need to go again to they'r original bodies. but this is another huge and great subject to explain here now.
i will try to post here a "better" especific date soon.
you are always welcome to ask me good questions like this ones my good friend

Ok... This, hopefully, should get special attention... and, I have a question for you, Kingaxx... do you know if the transmigrated souls (aliens) have a personal form, like our human form, but more like what a christian would refer to as a 'demon' entity? (visual description: a griffon-type appearance, but it's all 'shadow'... no actual discernable mass, but more like a solid smoke with a shape). If you like, I will send you a U2U explaining this in further detail... the experiences and such that brought about this question. I don't feel comfortable discussing this one in public just yet.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 01:57 AM
Kangaxx...... in contemplation of this information.......I've thought of something I want to ask........and its a tad scarey
for me to even think this.....

Alot of people nowdays are using chemicalls to help them control prozac. I have good dear friends using such medicines.
I am thinking that in the eyes of the Aliens, this could be seen as having artificial emotions. Would people using chemicalls to be able to DEAL with the reality/frequeceys of this planet, be excluded from being chosen to move on to the next dimension? I hate to think this, but I think it would be true. I bet the Aliens would see this as a NO GO for being able to take the higher frequenceys, and anyone on mood stableizers would be automatically left behind...........oh dear could I possibly be correct in thinking this? please tell me I am wrong here........ ok?

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 03:15 AM
wow... well i've been monitoring this thread from the beginning and I wanted to wait until I finished reading all 7 pages before I commented on anything.... kangaxx alot of this does feel true to me too... and is very interesting with the information you supplied... However, I have a question about bigfoot... I've had mutliple bigfoot sightings and interactions with them by my house... Is it dangerous to look for them? I have gotten real close.. and this summer we will be looking to see where they all live around here. Am I in any danger?

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 04:29 AM
WOW.... im too happy to see you again river
please came back always and feel totaly free to unswer all you can here,,( and all the other people too)because i am not andled all the questions here,,,and i am so sorry for that, please acept my apologises, but i cant undle so many questions at the time. altho i will unswer the ones that i can ! please try to understend that my good friends

i am very pleased to see that the "quality" of the questions here is "rising" heach day
very good ones i see here at the moment. yestarday i was here alll the day omg.. and today maybe i will do it again. i am a classic musician and i work a lot on my comp "writing" music scores" for schools and music orquestras. so i usualy have a lot of time to "looking" here to seee if some one is asking something or not.
as you can see i edit my posts a lot, thats because i use that good function to correct mistakes
but now i use it too to unswer any good question that i see i have forget it, but even with that i know that i "pass over" many others, pleaze dont be mad,,,i cant just handle so many questions at the same time. so please...if you are real interested in unswers be in "touched" here, and maybe you will see your unswers here.

thx for your wise and friendly interest in this message!
i will strt to read all the new thigs here, cya good friends.


hi mate, first let me tell you that you post here to me the best, and whise questions i ever see till now, and i am true thankfull for that, they are extremly interesant and very deeply in they'r meaning, and as far as i can have the proper time to unswer you i will! but just for now: you are right, some things i have told here , are "slightly" more complex , but in order all the people possible can understen i try to make them "light", and soft!...i hope you can understend, i have a huge lack of words in english for some things. thx brother. P.S.- im not ", its Kangaxx, a lich from Baldur' gate 2, a PC game
hoo..btw,,fell free to u2u me to ask what you need.

P.S. please do not take this in a offensive way mates, all your questions are extremly important too, im just saying that the ones that this brother have asked , are too deep , and very important

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 04:40 AM

my advice for you:

please!!!!!! do not try a contact with them at all costs, do not atract they'r atection to you or your house, they will not try something bad if yo do not "show" up to many times.... they will look for you...they will look for your house,,,but please ignore that...althou that is a very danger situation anyway, if you see so many, that indicates that one of the many "entrances " to the underground is very very close to your house.

if possible in a possible close future i will advice you even to "change" to another place. but if you can't,,,just igore them at all costs!
althou if you have wemans in your house they are in more danger then any man or boy!
please this is a extreme dangerus situation if what you told is 100% the truth, and i belive you.


hi mate, yes there are a "moviment" in the internet that i do not am related to them but as far as i know its the place where i have read the best things about the true truth, i do not have a specific site for now, but use the google and search for "ashtar sheran", they have a lot of documents to download, and i have read it all(They are more the 100), i have read there more then 90% of the all truth! so go diging there
you will not regret at all.
p.s- "they areamoung us to help us", do not read that like, "they are here to inform us!! that is not the work of the "infiltarte ones., they are doing, and monitorizing reptilian activities.


hi dear friend

ok i wi try make you understend . altho thats a complicted one....that only depends of,,,what quemical are some one taking!
some qhemicals do not alow you to reach the correct vibration , and others, can lower you vibration , but that does not mean that you are not able to reach it!
althou i do not have all the knoledge about what quemicals or not can "block" you!. so i think the best advice not take quimicals at least if you are trying to reach the "love" it first and back to your medications after that!

i hope i have unswered you good my good friend


Mpeak wrotes:
"Can you also answer the question about whether we would have any defense against them if attacked and where they enter the earths surface when they come above ground?"

my dear good frien...unhappnly we do not have a chance agaisnt them,,,thats why they will cam to help us. althou some governements are studying for almoust 50 years, special wepons to fight aliens, and they'r undergorund facilitys, but omg,,,how stupid they are,,, they will be totaly "not efifcient" agaisnt them! one of they'r wepons is a special kind of missile that can go deep in the hearth in order to blow theyr underground bases, but for the underwater ones they have nothing efficient yet, one of the biggest problems in this ones is because they blow at a especific "water pressure"(i cant explain better), but even if they can reach it, they blow in the underwater base force its quite useless.
"where "the exit and enter?"- sorry mate that is extreme top secret, even for your safety!
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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 05:32 AM
time to explain to you why so many times you read/hear/ see something,,,,and something in you "ring" tell you in a "weird" way/feeling that is true!:

as you know know, we have "receve" a reptilian brain, in order to "block" us a lot of things.
that brain does not just block high/good vibartions, it serves too, (in many other things) to block you all the memorys from the past of our human race!
as you can learn in other places, just as a example, there are some animals that as far as they born, they know already where they need to go to eat, and how to survive. surely they do not have time(they are babys) to have learned all that, so how this can be possible?

there are a especific place in the all the types of brains, where a lot of memories from that spicie is stored. thats why they know just after born what to do. we have the same system, we have tons and tons of memorys/informations about our human history in the past. but the reptilian one , blocks that, but, thx god, it not blocks all!!

each time you see something that is true, and are stored in that brain sector, something quemical strats to ring on you, and that makes you feel that "weird" sencation that you know that its true...not to complex to it?...

funny in a special all know the truth,,,but you cant remember it!

you rock mates

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 05:36 AM
Hi Again kangaxx

Have been to your link ''Ashtar'' very interesting reading so far.

I was wondering the link between the beings from Vulcan and Ashtar and company - are they the same beings as their names seem similar in sound and resonance?

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 05:50 AM
dear friend valorian, i do not have all the knoledge about that sites, there are plenty of them, so i do not know what "link" you are talking about. i dont even im sure if "my friends" are from the "Ashtar fleet", because never any alien have told me nothing about Ashtar, but as a human,,i have "rings" too
, and i bet they are from that faction.i never have seen that Ashatar commander, but i have seen aliens extremely similar to spiting images of him. very very similar.

P.S- be awere..there are a lot of "desinformation sites" about astar,,,,be wise mate, i know you will can find a tru one
its not too dificult

"tip"=the true ones will have more then 100 docs to download...and will have a news in the front page about the "microchip" theory

"A second thought is that u are a Buddhist, have u ever had an introduction into Sant Mat? "

i know his philosophy but i am not related to him , that philosophy basis is "Hinduist", not "Buddhist.

many many Hinduist philosophis are very similar to the Bhuddist ones.

[Edited on 19-5-2004 by kangaxx]

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 09:51 AM
Kangaxx, I must say that I am rivetted to this thread and that I am not normally moved enough to reply.

But I consider this as an important one, because I have a gut feeling that you speak the truth.

I would appreciate it greatly if you could answer a couple of questions for me though.

You say that the species that evolved from the dinosaurs live 2-8km down and are much more advanced than we are. Can I ask: did they evolve in a similar pattern to ourselves? e.g. discovery of fire, communication, the wheel, writing, tools etc.

Also can you clarify whether the feeling of true love creates a HIGH vibration or LOW vibration.

Also how can it be possible for a human to perceive a 4th dimension? will the survivors of the travel to the 4th dimension be able to eat/sleep/procreate normally, or will the experience be totally different?

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 10:34 AM
Kangxx :
The story you told first, sounds exactially like what I read in the Lacerta Files

1. Lizzies in the ground, that are decendants from dinos.
2. Lizzies using copper for there tech.
3. we are the 7'th civilization
4. there are 14 types of aliens here now, 1 is ultra advanced (on another plane) and could kill all of us with one thought.
5. The huge war back in the day, and the bomb that killed everything for 200 years, sending the lizzies under ground.

Have you ever read that before?

While the vibrational stuff reminds me more of the Zetas or the Cassieopans, the majority of what you are writing is word for word from the Lacerta Files.

p.s. the Lacerta Files were supposidly an interview WITH a Lizzard person, and if they are supposed to be the bad guys, then you might want to be sure who you are getting your messages from. Good post though.

[Edited on 19-5-2004 by Wgatenson]

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 10:52 AM
I thought I knew the name kangaxx from somewhere...BGII, great game!

I have a question on those you say are here in human form but are ...I forget how you put it now...not human..

Would these be what is often refered to as Starseeds?

I have a few friends who feel they are not from here, and came from other planets, but were born here in human form. They feel like they are here to help mankind thru some sort of event, would this be the same as you are speaking of?

And sorry about my ant comment earlier. Although I am still skeptical, I mean, who wouldnt be, but still I got that feeling of truth in your words, so I can't ignore it or disregaurd it, my own spirit wont let me.

this is one of the coolest threads I have seen here since I signed up.

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 11:16 AM
its rubish like this that is the reason people will never take real unexplained occurances seriously.


It cannot be explained anymore than religion.

and what if they are so powerful havn`t they done it yet.
you are all just the end result of the media.if you had been born 50 years ago you would never be thinking this rubbish.

Life is to short.

Must leave now to go and shead my skin and eat some worms.

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