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Your scariest experiences contest that isnt a contest

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 02:47 AM
Pretty creepy stories so far, I have not posted in a long time but this thread is making me come out of the shadows LOL.

This did not happen to me but to my great grandfather. Before my gran dad passed he told me this story on a visit to the old folks home.

It happened in Portugal in the late 40's or early 50's, anyways my Great gran dad was coming home from work late one night, he did a lot of work tending to the fields which were a good 2 towns over from where they lived. It was reaching sundown and he wanted to make it home before dark so he took all the shortcuts he knew. I will be using GGD and GGM from here on out as abbreviations for Great Grand Dad and Mother

One of those shortcuts involved cutting through a cemetery (and from what I was told he did it quite often as their house was on the opposite side, and the only road went all around it). It was dark by then and as he walked through he saw a man in a trench coat and hat hunched over a grave, Now my GGD was a big guy(in fact everyone in my family is), he was 6'6 and weighed 280 LBS in his prime, he wasn't afraid of much so he asked the man " What are you doing disturbing the dead at this hour?" The man snickered and answered " I should ask you the same thing" and with that stood erect. The man over towered my GGD as he tried to explain himself that it was just a shortcut to get home faster, that's when he saw not feet but hooves and a flickering tail under the coat, he ran upon seeing that and when he got near the house he began screaming asking someone to open the door to let him in he then turned out to face the street and walked backwards to close the door as if he was already home and closing the door on a visitor. ( I asked why he did this and apparently it was in area folklore that if you walked into your house with your back turned you trusted whatever was behind you to follow and come in, while facing out and walking back was like refusing someone from entering). That's when my GGM came out of the kitchen asking what was the matter, he said to her if anyone comes asking for me tell them I'm not here and DON'T open the door to them. Some time later a knock came at the door, my GGM walked to the door and asked who it was a man replied saying that it was a friend of her husbands and wanted to speak with him, she said he wasn't home but the voice insisted to let him in and he would wait till he arrived, my GGM then replied Get out of here you devil your not welcome. Again the "man" snickered and said " Alright but tell your husband the next time you're in a hurry mind your business and don't talk to strangers."

When I first heard this both my sister and I were pretty freaked out and didn't know what to say. To this day it is one of my favorite stories to tell no matter how scared I may get.

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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 02:57 AM

a DEVIL? With a tail?

Hmmm thats an interesting manifestation.
Thankfully he was superstisious enough to ward him off.
Thats story gets a clap!

posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 03:20 AM
At 14 I'd just moved in with my Uncle and Aunt's to live with them in the back woods of Vermont when I got the fright of my life.

Halloween Night, I was alone, outside was freezing cold and blacker than anything I'd ever seen. I mean it was spooky from the get go Halloween or no!

Too dark to see anything beyond the thin light that spilled from the windows (from an old hurricane lamp no less), but I kept a watch on the night anyway, all the while trying to convince myself I wasn't.

I jumped every time the little stream in the field below boomed like thunder as the it's ice shifted and cracked.

I shuddered each time the wind whistled while chasing leaves around the corners of the house...

Like I said, spooky-ness...

But, ready as ever for Halloween I was in luck - The tiny little television that got just one channel was playing the Exorcist! So I cuddled up on the horse hair couch, pulled a blanket over me and proceeded to get thoroughly spook-e-fied... And it shook me, that movie did, at 14, alone in a house way out in the woods of Vermont!

After it was over I tried to convince myself it was *just a film* - but there was no way I was going to sleep. So, wide awake and oh lucky me again - a special Halloween double feature - Amityville Horror was up next after a commercial break.

The movie kept me breathless in fright, little half moons of my fingernails digging into the palms of my clenched hands and wishing I'd never turned on the television.

At the moment the mother in the movie saw a pair of red glowing eyes in her daughters window while hearing the squeal of a pig from the same (her daughters *imaginary* friend Jody) I about died of apoplexy.

From that point on every creak and bump in the night became evidence of ghosts and evil spirits, restless evilllll spirits that had invaded my house, just like they had in the Amityville.

The movie over, I scrambled up to bed in the loft and like a missile I flew under the downy coverlet to hide my head. And I was NOT going to look out the window that ran flush on level with my mattress.

I would NOT look out the window. Nope. Not going to do it. I wouldn't.

But just like the chickie in the horror flick that reaches to open the door the monster is on the other side of? And even though we all know we'd never do such a stupid thing and everyone in the movie house yells *Don’t open the door*! What does she do? Yip - She opens the door.

No matter how I told myself not to, I 'opened the door' - I snuck a peak at the window.

And there staring right back at me were TWO EVIL GLOWING RED EYES!


I ran screaming from the loft, tumbled down the stairs and started shaking and crying.

Holy hell, teach a good catholic girl like me to watch the Exorcist! Now there was a demon in the house - or at least right outside the window!

Long story short my Uncle finally came home, woke me up from the couch, I told him what happened and thankfully, well he didn't laugh, but, what he did do was explain the *eyes*...

In Vermont, he went on, most windows are double pained to help keep out the cold.
The *red eyes of Jody*? The reflecting of the light switch from across the room, the one that glowed at night to make it easier to see.
The double red eye effect in the window?
You got it. The reflection of the night switch in the double pains of the window.


Thanks for starting a Great thread! Will be reading it with interest - the stories so far are a blast!

Happy Halloween!

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 05:39 AM
Oh I hope people will add more wonderful stories from THIS Halloween!

What a great thread!


posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by silo13

Its more of a slow creeper thread...people find it any add their story
I agree, I love all of them, Its like a comic book of eeeek.
Cheers Zazzy

posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 02:21 PM
OK I luurve Christopher Walken, and I love Edgar Allen Poe. Now this is Scary storytelling, though HE would be Off topic in this thread is he tried to post, as it's not a original experience.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 10:38 PM
I know Halloween has passed, but I happened to have some odd experiences just recently.

Actually, one was on saturday, Halloween, and it was inside my friends room in his barracks. Now, the sotries I've heard from people that live there are extreme compared to what I had happen. But hearing these stories excited me. So, me and my buddy are going to do some EVPs and we thought it'd be interesting to do it in the dark, mostly to see if that'd make a difference. He has one of those iHome things with an illuminated clock, so we needed to turn it off. He walks over, clicks it off, we both watched it turn off. He turns, takes three steps and the iHome turns itself back on and it's blasting music. We tried to debunk it, but couldn't.

The next one was while I was on duty at my regiment which no one told me people have experienced paranormal stuff, so I was caught off gaurd. Okay, the only people in the building was myself, the duty officer(RDO) and the duty driver. At one point, the RDO sent me upstairs to make sure all the lights were off and doors closed. I walk up there and I make my way down the hall to what's known as the Cpl's Course room. Before I get there I hear some moving around and I think a voice. It was kinda soft so I don't really know. I walk in and look around and start asking if anyone was there. A civilian worker might be up there still. But no one was there and no one answered. I don't think I've conducted a thorough check like that so quickly. I just wanted to get down stairs ASAP.

So, it's a little later on, and the restriction marines come in to check in. One of them points out the door to the Command Deck was open. The door sits about 10 yards from the desk right by the front door. I asked the RDO if he closed it earlier cause I thought he did, but he said he didn't. Well, a little later, I'm trying to get some sleep and the RDO wakes me up and says that yes he closed the door. And he closed it a second time and just heard it creak open. So we go out to investigate if someone is messing with us, but find that there's no one in there, no other way in. Well, I'm trying to get a little more sleep. When I wake up, he tells me the door opened again and he heard foot steps down the hall way like running or fast walking. When he investigated, no one there, no way in, usual story. Well, I'm creeped out. And the RDO who is a SSgt that's been around a while is getting creeped out too. We sat there the rest of the night focusing on the TV show My Name is Earl as loud as we could get it. I never want duty there again.

Er, if you ask where the driver was, he was asleep the entire time. Poor guy was posted for two days straight.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 12:01 AM
A quick story. Some years ago on a visit to the Hualapai Nation, we toured the grand canyon caverns. There in the main gallery 260 feet below the surface are two stuffed animals recreated from the the skeletal remains found within the cavern when it was discovered.

One is a bobcat that still exists locally to this day, the other is a Giant Sloth.

As I learned that day time is apparently non linear, I saw images from its life,and could hear it crying, a kinda of mournful bleating not unlike the voice of a lamb, it was trying to dig it's way out of the cavern that became its tomb,.
Its claw marks are still there on the granite wall. I could kind of see pictures from its experience and feel it's emotions I Knew why it had crawled into the cavern to begin with, the sky had turned thick with fallout from the asteroid strike in what is now Arizona.

It knew that its family had died, that the beautiful emerald jungle paradise it had been living in was gone forever, and that it was going to die where it was. To this day when I think about it I can see the images and hear its voice.

It's more sad than scary, I have been forever changed by the experience
Hope it's worthy.

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