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Your scariest experiences contest that isnt a contest

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 02:26 AM
for a few months off and on, me and a few friends of mine from college used to go check out a place that used to be an insane asylum, turned TB ward, turned abandoned building in upstate NY. we were sort of like the local odd club on campus interested in the paranormal, cryptozoology, occult, stuff like that. We'd drive down to this place some nights. We'd have to park a little ways down the road to avoid the caretaker seeing us, and walk down ( we had at one point tried getting permission, but got threatened with a shotgun, then his down syndrome kid blocked our truck hitting the grill with a baseball bat, and we got threatened with a shotgun again for getting out and pulling his kid out from the front of the truck so we could pull out without running him ver, nice family) we'd bring in digital recorders, cameras, video cameras, stuff like that, and had alot of strange experiences with footsteps in the same room that weren't there, windows slammign shut, finding a room that was freezing and had ice forming in the corners (in june I might add), there were actually two scariest moments we had there though, we didn't even get into the building either time. the first one was more creepy than scary, we were going in one night, as we got closer to the building, we saw some figures on the roof, dark shapes, the place was known for local wanna-be satanists hanging out, and a previous night we had found a half burnt cat in a circle on the floor, one of the shapes looked like it had t of lit a ciggarete and saw us, and they all filed downstairs, we went back to the truck and left before they came down, wile none of us are particularly religious, we didn't really want to mess with the sort willing to burn a cat. The second time, we approach the building, see a large black shape on the roof, that JUMPED off the roof, onto the ground, (of a 4 story building) and started coming at us, we ran screaming like little girls back to the truck and peeled out of there, most I could say was it was just a really big black shape, couldn't make out any form to it but to be honest, we weren't looking.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 06:55 PM
This member posted this story in aanother thread of mine, and has OK'd to post it here.Felonius thx

Ace story

I had a very similiar experience to this. When i was about 17, we kids hung out at a little general store that was near Lake Ray Hubbard. Hamburgers, bait, sandwich's, corner store stuff. On the road past Gov. Clements house, the trees over hung the narrow road like a cavern at night. Old Oaks, Pecans, and Cottonwoods-beautiful even now. One of the "pack" came back to the store with a story of a little girl in the middle of the road that disappeared. He got out to look but found nobody there. I got curious and asked if anyone knew of any cemetary's nearby. They didnt. That night, one of the more clairovoyant of use had a dream about the little girl. She identified herself as "Jennifer Anne". She said that we wouldn't find her grave. The next day we "went a huntin". Well, we found one alright. Fairly old one. Most from the Dahn family from the mid to late 1800's and a few 1900's. It was off in a bramble patch and totally forgotten (fisherman have probably passed it for years and never knew it). We uprighted as many stones as we could. Cleared it out a bit. Many babies that died young and some kids and the rest were adults. We guess it was a small pox outbreak that wiped the family out. Jennifer, true to her word, wasnt found. We found out later that someone we knew had stolen a headstone as a "hey this is neat" thing. Lets just say he was "encouraged" to return it. We hung out at the site for a few weeks and then stopped. She was forgotten for the most part for a while. I went to visit with a female cousin of mine that lived not too far away. Later that night, she said that she had a phone call from one of my girlfriends. I found this odd because first, i wasnt dating at the moment and second, why would they call her? My cousin said, "yeah, some girl called to say thanks". I said ok. Who was it? Jennifer Anne. My cousin had no information about anything and knew none of my friends. I guess she was at peace.

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by Peter093
my experience is more creepy than scary..

well a couple of years ago, my friends father came home from work, he was a trucker so his health condition wasn't to great and he would complain about his chest hurting all the time.. well one morning i woke up to police cars and an ambulance outside of his house..he had a heart attack in the bathroom, and my father was apparently having a cigarette when his daughter came running outside and asked my father to help her's.. so he went upstairs and my friends father was lying on the floor and he was shaking and pretty much dying right there so when the ambulance came it was too late and he passed away.. but recently they sold the house and now my uncle has bought it so every time i go there and use that bathroom, its like i have a strange feeling like someone is in there with me and no lie.. my i feel chest pains when i am in there as well, its like hes still in that bathroom.. its kinda creepy because my family says the same thing and i didn't mention anything to them because i thought it was just me

i was wondering..
has this kinda thing ever happened to anyone else?
where the feel the presence of someone who passed away in certain areas?

Ok the first thng to say, is check out your system with a doc.

There could be a residual energy in there. Stress causes intense 'imprints' And that could have stayed there. Good news is you can clear it off....
incence,a bell, and a simple clear thought in there all light and free, and the words this is our space meany with no fear only conviction.
I know doing in this there is kinda odd, but the space doesnt matter, its whwere the imprint is residing.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by Gren

Gren what is this placed called?
These old assylums etc are notorious for the distressed energies in there, Its actually quite sad, in life they were miserbale, and some parts of them can remain for a long time in that distressed loop.

People doing satan worship that hurts an animal is awful, the poor cat. There is certainly ways to attract negatively charged/imprinted energy. Their intent is also creating it.
What they were doing would only conitnue to torment the residing energies there, and possibly brought in a non incarnated beastie.

If you guys are in there scared, your energy will also be a bit like a bettery for whats in there.

Great story...cheers zazz

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:27 PM
I've got a couple of stories (both with comical endings, sorry). The first one starts out with my cousin and I on a phone call with one another. She in one town, me in another. She had been complaining about the house that she and her husband had recently moved into. It was her husband's recently deceased grandmother's. After being there for a couple of months, she started complaining about not being able to sleep because she would see a woman in dark dress with long black hair standing in the doorway between their bedroom and the living room. This apparition never did anything other than stand in the doorway and stare at my cousin.

She tried asking what it wanted once, but was greeted with silence and the same stare. As she was telling me this story, she stopped in mid-sentence and screamed. Of course, I started screaming thinking something was happening to her, courtesy of this apparition. I could hear a loud moaning in the background that set the adrenaline coursing through my body. Just as I was screaming to her that I would call for help, she stopped screaming and started laughing. It was her two year old son on an echo microphone! Needless to say, it gave us quite a scare and I promised to make the 45 minute drive to dispose of that stupid microphone.

The second story involves myself and my two oldest daughters. It was spring break of 1998 and we decided to spend a couple of nights at a somewhat famous hotel in Eureka Springs, AR. There was a room there that was supposedly haunted (can't remember all the particulars) and that's the one I asked for. Unfortunately, it was already booked, but the clerk said he would do the next best thing and give us the room next to it.

As we settled in for the night, we started talking about the ghost story and how spooky it would be if something happened. My oldest daughter was getting pretty worked up about it, so I told her it would probably be best if we stopped talking about it as to avoid nightmares. We didn't have tv, so I broke out the book I'd brought with me. My daughter said she had to go to the bathroom, and just as she was getting out of bed, the glass sitting on her table moved a few inches. If she'd been a cat, she would've been hanging from the ceiling by her claws. She was screaming that the glass had moved and that the ghost must be in the room. I saw it move with my own two eyes, and I have to say that it froze me for a few seconds. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the glass had condensation on it, and because it was sitting on a marble top table that was slightly canted, I deduced that that was the reason the glass slid. Or was it?

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 01:51 AM

OK, so I don't have a scary story, but I have the next best thing.....


posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 06:43 AM
Ok, these stories are really cool, and I can't resist putting my own one up there...

So, It was about 5 years ago at University (in england btw). I lived in a pretty run down house with some friends and it was CHEAP rent, my room was the front room of the house and was on the ground floor, there was CONSTANTLY a draft by this one chair there but we always put it down to bad insulation... Let me say this, which I (thankfully) never thought about much, the house was on the same road as a grave yard (might have something to do with it!!!)

Anyway, it was about 2/3am and I had just gotten into bed . I was lying down looking at my computers lights in the corner of the room, there were loads of bright lights blinking and it always looked nice in the dark, let me say this 100 times over... I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP (I was not intoxicated either)!!!

I had literally just got into bed, there was a beam of light (about 4 A4 pages in size) pouring in over the curtains and it was just in the corner of my eye as i stared at my computer lights flickering away...SUDDENLY, a shadow swoops across the square of light that was being projected on to the wall, I didn't think anything of it, but then it happened again, and again. I knew the light was from a lamp post outside so whatever was flickering past it must have been either a large bat or something mundane closer to my window...

The shadow kept very quickly moving across the light beam (i'm getting really scared as i remember this!) just shooting past very quickly with a definite shape but too fast to grasp... the shadow kept moving and suddenly STOPPED in the frame of light, the shadow of a person side-on was in the light beam (I now have goosebumps as i type this!) I could make out the persons head, shoulders and parts of their arms as if they were moving very fast into the light beam, staying for a quick second, then darting off... I was REALLY scared by this, but not because it was some ghost! I thought it was a burglar!!!! I lived in a rather grim area, on the ground floor, with cheap doubleglazing, so I was sure it was a burglar just outside my window casting a shadow up high onto my wall....

I waited for a bit, then plucked up my courage, leant over (while still in bed) and pulled the curtain back enough to see...THERE WAS NOBODY THERE!!!

At this point, I got really anxious, but NOT scared...I was actually rather excited, I got out of bed and stared at the light beam as the shadow darted past once or twice more... I then did something that I'm surprised I did... I tried playing with the shadow, as it shot past again, I decided to wave my hand in the light beam and cast my own shadow on the wall, I had to really stretch to get my hand in the light source and when I did, I remember vividly seeing my fingers and palm cast a shadow on the square of light, all of a sudden, the whole light beam went black, as if a blind had been pulled down over the light outside, I pulled my hand out of the light and was in a state of shock, suddenly the shadow slid back up and the light beam shone through again, I didn't dare put my hand in again and as I thought about this, the shadow again came down for a few seconds casting me in total darkness and then came up again allowing me to see the beam of light... At this point, I ran over to my bedroom light, switched it on, jumped into bed and put my head under the covers!!!!

I woke up the next morning with the light on and had completely forgotten about the experience till the following evening, The whole experience was really creepy and a bit scary, afterward I was lying in bed excited because I had always wanted to experience a spirit and was proud of myself because I had the courage to try and communicate with it (even if that failed completely!!!) Another thing to add, One of the most memorable parts about that night was how silent it all was, I didn't hear a single sound the whole time the event occurred, is this often the case? And also, are there shadow demons or spirits? It is a subject I have never dared researching because I can imagine this is something that happens often!

This is a completely honest tale with no hint of fiction, this really happened to me and it really woke me up to the possibilities of this infinite existence, I hope to hear other similar stories from people on this site and look forward to your thoughts on the encounter...

p.s. I can draw a picture of the shadow because it is still very vivid in my mind even after 5/6 years!

I have had other strange encounters and experiences but this tops them all!

All the best


posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 02:35 PM
OK, seriously now, this is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

If she was the last female on earth, I doubt she would survive 5 minutes before someone offed her.

You have been warned....

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 02:43 PM
Seriously though, I can't even watch the whole video as I fear for my screen on my laptop, as I am close to driving my fist through it watching this.

You want scary?? This is it.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 10:07 AM
Well, I am not an easy person to scare, But I will tell you one of the scariest things that ever happened to me. I actually started my first thread here at ATS about it. It's titled "Flying Humanoids in Florida". Well anyway it was the most terrifying thing I ever experienced. I was home alone, all the kids stayed at friends houses, my hubby was working overnight out of town, and I was, as I often do, watching scary movies, I do this most often when I am alone because I don't want the Kids to have nightmares and hubby hates horror films. Well, it got real late and I got tired and it was a full moon outside and bright enough to see and as I lay I gazed out at the sky always searching for UFOs and such when to my horror I caught something alright, it was a dark human shape above the treeline and was descending down to the tops of the trees, I shut my eyes for good then covered my eyes with the covers. I wanted to see a UFO instead I saw something that I will never be able to comprehend!

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 12:28 PM
(It's one of MANY I could choose from hehe, since you can be scared in different ways)

So, alls well, I'm going to sleep at about 12, and the rest of my family is already asleep, I get into bed and lie next to my wall and my dog jumps up and lies under the covers next to me.

I turn the lights of, put my head down and say goodnight to the dog and generally just start to sleep. Now I'd say about 10 seconds in theres a noise at the end of the bed, I think nothing of it since it's probably just my schoolbag that had been leaning in an awkward position. But my dog has heard the noise to, and instead of ignoring it like he normally would, he starts to get up and head towards the end of the bed; NOW I am scared and I grab him by the fur and after a couple of tries to escape my grip he stops but keeps looking towards the end of my bed.

(I know because I have him by the tail

So I get up the courage to take a peek and there at the end of my bed is a face, I can barely see it because its so dark, but the eyes stood out fairly well. Now it's at the height of a fully grown man but I am frozen and trying to convince myself it's just my little brother. This face was angry at something, but it didn't move or make towards me, and I would say it was there for a good 20 seconds before it suddenly faded into blackness again.

(then we get the funny bit)

By now I am insanely scared and under my blankets with my phone (I'm actually too scared to call to my parents) and I text my best friend waking her up and she has to give me the courage to get to my parents room which involves walking straight past where I had seen this face.

Not had a great nights sleep since then, and I will never forget that face. It was just angry, and staring right at me; and the end of my bed is away from the wall, so it's not even as if in the light of day I could explain it away as a shadow.

I think thats the only time I have ever been so scared I daredn't move. That was the epitamy of fear for me.

I've had times when I've endangered my life because I'm so scared and running away from something that probably wasn't there. I've had times when I've feared for my life for much more sane reasons.
And I've had times when I;ve been scared after waking up in strange places, or before operations. but none of them will ever hold anything to that for me, and it all happened within the space of about 5 minutes hehe.

Needless to say I took my dads place in my parents bedroom and he had to sleep in my bed. I was in tears, and I'm a 17 year old lad who without boasting, doesn't cry about much.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 06:01 PM
these stories are SCARY!!! that last one by Steve was freaky! Its definately not a good idea to stay up late and read these...but...oh well....More!!! There must be a reel of them from people here on ATS!!! I can't wait for them...

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:30 PM
ALright guys, this experience is shared with a freiend of mine and it is deffinetly the scariest thing to ever happen to either of us.

We are on vacation with my family in upstate NY. My mom and dad are staying in a house we rented out, and my freind and i are sleeping in a tent about 500 meters away from the house, but up a really big hill. Most of that distance is pretty steep hill. The vantage point from where the tent was was wonderful. Anyway, its winter time and theres about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Going to sleep in a freezing tent is hard, but we found things like this fun, especially because we are city boys so its great to go to the out doors and live it up. The area we were in was desolate too, Houses were very seldom and the nearest town was a little far and also very tiny.

We had been scared a bunch of times by random noises and things that sounded like footsteps outside the tent, even to the point where we were ready to go into flight or fight. But every time we just realised we were being scared of wind and nothing else.

One night we woke up at maybe 4 am because it was SOOOO cold . We were both shivering even in our jackets sleeping bags and comforters we decided we needed to go back home and get more pillows and blankets for insulation.

So we go outside the tent, and the moon is almost full. Since everything is covered in snow you can see everything. It was really beautiful. Really nice. Once we were out on the way back to the house it didnt seem so cold. We are making our way down the steep hill back home, just making our way by the moon and the stars. Suddenly my friend goes.. " what the F*ck is THAT???"

Behind us, on the top of the hill where we came from, is a black figure. It appeared to be facing us. And it was moving, slowly but as if there was nothing resisting it. It was gently what looked almost like gliding down the hill, in our direction. It didnt have to walk at an angle to not fall down the hill. It looks like a humans sillouhette but if they were wearing thick clothing and draped in cloth, or a robe. I nearly crapped my pants. Needless to say my friend and i ran so fast we were practially falling down the hill. Didnt look back once, just wanted to GET AWAY from there.

However this was perhaps not the best thinking, because the hill was super icy. We were sliding and slipping and without gloves on our hands were getting really cut up from negotiating the ice on the side and keeping us from falling out of control. We make it back to the house, look out behind us and see nothing and then finally go inside. Shaking like leaves. My parents hear us come in and laugh saying " Were you guys just cold or scared?" We replied first one, then the other, and told them what happened. They laughed and told us to go to sleep ( we are not children at the time i am 17 and my freinds 18) Needless to say we spent the rest of the night warm and INSIDE talking about WTF it was that we saw and playing xbox, and endulging in some herbal relaxation. We needed it after being that spooked.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by greeneyedleo

I, too, had a house hunting experience that went funky.
I was looking for a new home with a friend.
It was a normal house, the realtor was sitting in the kitchen.
I went to check out the closet under the stairs, and the doorknob dove off before I reached for it. It wasn't that I was shaking the floor with my step and joggled it loose, the knob didn't fall out, it dove out.
The realtor came and put the knob back in, He had that tired look of "This house will never sell.".
We looked over the house, and before heading down to the basement to look at the furnace, we asked the reator a few questions. He was sitting at the kitchen table, his back to the washing machine/dryer area. As he was answering us, no joke, the doors of the upper storage of the laundry area opened and Tupperware fell on him. bouncing off his head.
It was kind of funny because he looked so resigned sitting there with things falling on him.
No one was upstairs to jog the floor, all of us were in the kitchen standing still.
I go down the basement to look at the furnace and foundation, and halfway down the stairs, it felt like I missed a step, or like I was shoved against the wall.
I was at the furnace, and said to my friend coming down the stairs to watch it because that one step-
Never mind.
"Something just pushed me." This was said by someone I used as a verifier. This person debunks for me all those things that at first think are paranormal.
My friend said something on the second floor wasn't right, either, though he never said. After the basement stairs incident, we agreed this was not the house for us.
Later, in talking to a third friend, we spoke that we were in his neighborhood the other day, looking at houses.
He told us to watch for one house (The House of Falling Tupperware), because it was haunted.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 02:51 AM
The most scariest thing that happened to me was a really bad nightmare.There are nightmares and then there is the really nasty experience i had.It was so shocking it very hard to explain but i will give it a try.Just imegien you were looking though the eyes of a totaly psycho serial killer.You could feel his twisted thoughts and see his actions.You can nearly experience his total twisted self though a presence of total evil thoughts.As the psycho killer is moving though the dark house with never a thought of fear.His thoughts are like pure evil and fear leaves him behind.He is one with the dark.His patience and inhanced hearing can hear every little noise in the house.The killer,the evil,the house seems as one with the dark.He prowels the house looking for people to kill.He has inhanced streagth and speed.His choice of weapons is a axe.He can move a axe faster than any man and hits its target every time.Heads split open and choped off.Seven slain people including children.It was like i was the killer and i could not stop him but it was only a dream a bad dream that i will never forget.So you might say i have experience the thoughts of a total serial killer.The prensence of evil was so strong it was if i was looking though the eyes of pure evil like the devil or a demon.

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 04:14 AM
I have an experiance where i was haunted.

when i was 12 we built a new house on some junk land out in the country. In a small town where land is born into. So they would only sell us that one little piece of land. We built a new house on top of the hill but all the furniture and pieces such as doors and windows were all from old churches and imported form old buildings in Europe. Along with some strange furniture. One of which was this weird armor we used for a tv stand and under was this hidden metal pen with these little doors that had a lock on the outside. Like to lock an animal or a person in it. We jsut shoved our blankets into the space. This was about a 200/300 year old piece. I was 16 when we got this. We always got really bad vibes while walking through the room this thing was in. Everyone agreed about the feeling and we didn't have a clue what it was used for. Well after we got that piece we started having weird occurrences. At abut the same time my parents bought a new sailboat and were fixing it up so they were going out and staying on the boat for 2-3 days at a time leaving me all by myself at the house. Also our closest neighbor was about a mile away. Nowhere to really run to when stuff happens. there isn't another person within a mile of you.

This is when i started having some really scary occurrences. First my bedroom would always be 66.6 degrees (had a weather station) regardless of the air conditioner or the weather. Second we stared hearing sounds. Someone walking around upstairs, people calling your name, a baby crying.

Now that i was staying alone i had one night that went nuts. It started as i was coming home after a basketball game after class. I walked in and the lights in our dining room were changing brighter to darker. as i watched they changed faster. Scared the cr@p out of me. i then got over it and was in the kitchen. I saw a shadow of my side vision form the laundry room. Lie someone leaning their head out the doorway looking in. The room was too dark to really see well into. but didn't think much of it. just tried to act like i wasn't seeing anything. I just thought go back to my room and dont bother anything..dont look at that room with the armoir, just stare at the ground while walking. haha. i get to my room and its a chill 66.6 again. I am in my bathroom, just brushed my teeth and i am looking toward my bedroom door. it opens quickly. like someone just walked in. I stand still just looking at it. then all of the sudden i jump twards the door. almost running like i was going to pounce on it. just instinct. don't know why i did that. But as i jumped across the front of my bed the door slammed shut like it was running away. Really strange. Odd that it reacted to me charging at it. i just sat there wondering what was going on. but all this was right above the room with the armoir. on the 2nd floor. My room was right over the armoir. i then managed to get to sleep without anything else happening. just smothering my had under pillows so i blocked all the light, head phones on. the whole get up so block my senses so if something happened i wouldnt know about it. The next morning while i was asleep my alarm went off at 6am. I have never set my alarm for that time and this was Saturday morning so i definitely didn't set it on at all. It freaked me out. A little confused at first. i turned it off and i hear another alarm in the house also going off. I go into the hall and its coming from my parents room. I go turn it off. and i still hear another alarm going off. at this point im freaking out! I go to her room. she is at collage so not home. and her door is locked. She locked it before she left so no one would get into her room. So i couldn't even get in to turn it off. I just go back and get in my bed and turn some music on really loud. I was the only person at the house for the last two days.

after that night nothing major happened for a few months then one night all the candles in our house were being thrown off their holders. we would pick them up put them back in and within 10 seconds we would hear it being thrown across the room. We couldn't figure out why this was going on, but my mom had some artifacts form egypt. tomb canisters that held organs. i told her a few weeks earlier that maybe those were causing our haunting so i told her to mail them back to egypt. So instead she went to the creek by our house that morning and smashed them. So we figured that was why we were having so much stuff going on that night. The next day im at school and i get a call that my house was on fire. i drive out fallowing about 2 firetrucks seeing a huge flume of smoke in the distance. I get there and sure enough. about 12 fire trucks and the house looks like a massive bonfire. Fire was twirling out the third story window. Liek a tornado of fire.

Nothing happened after the house burned except for one incident.

The house is now a bed and breakfast and we had some guests staying. they were swimming in the pool and saw a girl banging on the windows of the house at them. They thought she was one of our waitress that were working the night before. They came up to the house and were asking our inn sitter what she wanted, that the girls were banging at them from the house. But no one was there except the in sitter. thy said it was a young girl in a white dress and black boots.

My mom always joked that the ghost had a crush on me. We have always kinda known there was a little girl ghost but i think there was also some others. Just very weird. I think all the old furniture and such was not a good idea. We also found evidence there was a house built where we built ours a few hundred years ago. there was also a town there that was destroyed in the early 1900's. All the children in the town died from a virus and were baried about half a mile down our road in an old little cometary. its all little kids. Also a woman was shot to death about 100 yards from our gate on the road. so just some possible things. We had a painter who was painting it when we rebuilt the hose and he would sit in the house for hours by himself and he would tell us the house was haunted and they were hurt by the fire but they would regain their energy over time. So who knows. I really want to get some friends and try to do some EVPs there. I no longer live there. My parents run it as a bed and breakfast now. can check out the house. see some pics. So thats my story.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 06:31 AM
I have had a few unusual happenings before.
One time me, my bro, and my uncle were playin football. I ran at him with my elbow out and hit him in the nose and he started bleeding. It was an accident but I was still feeling guilty. So me and my uncle are standing there facing my bro on the ground. Now i swear all the grass was fresh and cut no brown spots or anything. I am looking at my bro and i see someone or something beside me, like a tall dark figure, and I saw something move toward me and I yelped and beside where I was standing there was a brown spot in the grass.
Another one was when I went ghost hunting in St augustine. The whole trip i have seen and experienced things I have never and probably never will experience again. We were doing a tour of the fort there, dont recall the name, and when I was least expecting it, it happened. I was looking over one of these walls and it was a little chilly outside, I felt the coldest sensation I have ever felt on my shoulder. I dont know why but i jumped back and was expecting to bump into someone but amazingly there was nothing.
I wouldnt say this was a strange experience but also in St Augustine we went into this hospital when I went into this really creepy room, idk but me and some of my family members felt real sick and uneasy. Cant explain it

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 06:56 AM
this didn't happen to me just a favorite story to share at this time of year...

before you read this story first know that in old southwestern lore when a Bruja (Bad Witch) was killed they chopped up her body and buried the pieces at a crossroads the head in the center of said intersection. Don't know if it was ever really done but that is the myth...

La Mala Hora
retold by
S. E. Schlosser

My friend Isabela called me one evening before dinner. She was sobbing as she told me that she and her husband Enrique were getting divorced. He had moved out of the house earlier that day and Isabela was distraught.

I called my husband, who was on a business trip in Chicago, and he agreed that I should go stay with Isabela for a few days to help her during this difficult time. I packed a small suitcase and got right into the car. It was late, and it would take me at least four hours to drive from my home to Sante Fe. Isabela was expecting me to arrive around midnight.

As I traveled down the dark, wet highway, I kept feeling chills, as if someone or something were watching me. I kept looking in the rear view mirror, and glancing into the back seat. No one was there. Don't be ridiculous, I told myself, wishing fervently that I was home in my bed instead of driving on a dark, rainy highway. There was almost no traffic, and I heartily wished that I would soon reach Sante Fe.

I turned off the highway just before I reached the city, and started down the side roads that led to Isabela's house. As I approached a small crossroads, I saw a woman step into the street directly in front of my car. I shrieked in fright and slammed on my brakes, praying I would miss her.

The car shuddered to a halt, and I looked frantically around for the woman. Then I saw her, right beside my window, looking in at me. She had the face of a demon, twisted, eyes glowing red, and short pointed teeth. I screamed as she leapt at my window, her clawed hands striking the glass. I put my foot down on the accelerator and the car leapt forward. For a few terrible moments, she ran along side the car, keeping up easily and striking at me again and again. Then she fell behind and in the rear view mirror I saw her growing taller and taller, until she was as large as a tree. Red light swirled around her like mist, and she pointed after me, her mouth moving though I could not make out the words. I jerked my attention back to the road, afraid what might happen to me if my car ran off the street.

I made it to Isabela's house in record time and flung myself out of the car, pounding on her door frantically and looking behind me to see if the demon-faced woman had followed me. Isabela came running to the door and let me in.

"Shut the door! Shut it!" I cried frantically, brushing past her into the safety of the house.

"Jane, what is wrong?" she asked, slamming the door shut. She grabbed my hand and led me into the living room. I sank onto the couch and started sobbing in fear and reaction. After several minutes, I managed to gasp out my story. Isabela gasped and said: "Are you sure you were at a crossroads when you saw her?"

I nodded, puzzled by her question.

"It must have been La malhora," Isabela said, wringing her hands.

"The bad hour?" I asked.

"This is bad, Jane. Very bad," Isabela cried. "La Malhora only appears at a crossroads when someone is going to die."

Ordinarily, I would have laughed at such a superstition, but the appearance of the demon-woman had shaken me. Isabela got me a cup of hot cocoa, brought my luggage in from the car, and sent me to bed. She was so concerned for me that she didn't once mention the divorce or Enrique.

I felt much better the next morning, but I could not shake the feeling of dread that grew within me all day. Neither of us mentioned La Malhora, but we were both thinking of her when I told Isabela that I wanted to go home. Isabela insisted on accompanying me. I flatly refused to drive after dark. I was afraid I would see the demon-woman again when I passed the crossroads.

We left the next morning, and we hadn't been home more than twenty minutes when a police car pulled into my driveway. I knew at once what it meant, and so did Isabella.

The officers spoke very gently to me, but nothing could soften the news. My husband had been mugged on the way back to his hotel after dinner last night. His body had not been found until this morning. He had been shot in the head and was killed instantly.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 02:14 PM
Cemetery- Halloween Night- Midnight
Chapter 1
One moonless Halloween night, I and two friends decided to go to the cemetery near my home. We arrived at midnight and entered the rear around a chain link fence. I was not at all frightened, nor were my friends. We did not really believe in ghosts or the paranormal, we just thought it would be spooky and somewhat adventurous. This graveyard was located at the top of our local waterfall.
The moment I stepped around that fence, I was completely haunted by a feeling that someone was behind me. I tried to wear one of my friends like an overcoat in order to protect my back. We came to a road and began to follow it. We passed the children's section on our trek through the dark and came to a crossroads where we decided to stop and sit down on the curb, and as I sat there, the feeling of someone behind remained strong. Suddenly, I saw a blue light burst from the ground a few feet in front of me. I said nothing since no one else appeared to see it, so I thought. A few moments later, another blue light burst upward from the ground but futher down the road. I looked around for some kind of source this could be coming from - nothing, just the dark all around us like a blanket. Moments later, yet another light bursts up but even farther down the road. That was enough, I had to say something, since no one else was saying anything. " I keep seeing lights coming up from the ground" " I saw that too" he answers. Another spoke up, " I keep seeing a dark shadow walk back and forth through those trees" Then out of no where we hear a baby crying, and it was coming from the children section. All the sudden the trees came alive with no wind, just a bone chilling sound as though something was moving through them as though the leaves were made of metal. All three of us stood up simultaneously and said " Let's get out of here!!!"
We cautiously walked ahead then I stopped and looked to my right. There was something there - within the four evergreens - waiting, perched upon a large headstone that I could not see with my eyes but in my mind - a grotesque figure - winged with no skin, only muscles, a demon if you will. I screamed and grabbed one of my friends and ran as fast as I could, feeling the creature fly toward me, but now in my mind was an image of an angry man, balding, gray hair, and red eyes. I realized that our other friend was not with us so I stopped to find him walking towards the trees. We yelled at him to stop and come with us, but he kept walking and we kept yelling stop. He finally stopped and took off running after an odd pause. We all ran around the chain fence, and as we reached the other side, SOMETHING HIT THE FENCE!!!! The sound was as though the fence just stretched outward towards us with an awful screeching noise. I.... fainted. I awoke at the bottom of the falls with the others above me, wondering what had happened. Dazed and confused, I stood up and we all walked to the car. As we drove home, I kept hearing " DON'T COME BACK" "YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO" I never returned.

Chapter 2
We arrived home a short time later. The three of us did not speak a word at first, until one said " What just happened?" It was like someone just opened the dam. All at once we spoke up and tried to make sense of it all. Many hours later we settled down and went to bed exhausted as if we had just ran a marathon.
The next day I awoke still troubled by our experience. I was obsessing over the 4 four evergreens, and what I felt was Hell within them. I asked another friend that had a family member buried there (because I was also told that night to get out, you have no reason to be here) if he would go and look at what was within those trees. He agreed. When he returned, he told me there was a large headstone (remember, I never saw a large stone with my eyes, only in my mind, it was covered by the trees and it was so dark) that had the name Parker that died in the 70's I think it was, but there was another, a small stone, a baby's stone that died in 1921. The name of the child was Katie B.Crowley and she was 1 1/2 years old. My friend said he would not have found that area if I hadn't told him to look for 4 evergreens, he said the the stones were completely covered by them.

Chapter 3
Time passed on and we all dealt with what happened in our own way. One night, I was watching some documentary about witchcraft, and a photo of a man was shown, it was the same man I saw coming at me. I jumped up and pointed at the screen and yelled " That's him" " That's the man at the graveyard!!! " ,the man they were showing was Aleister Crowley. I began to weep uncontrollably out of sheer fear.
After that happened, I became obsessed with finding out more about this man that was called in Europe " The Wickedest Man in the World " I decided to go to our local college library (this was before the internet) I had never been on campus before and when I pulled in, I wasn't sure where to park. I looked around and saw a man standing on the steps. I drove over to him and all the sudden it began to rain while the sun was shining, which has an old meaning, it's referred to as the devil's rain. I thought nothing of it until the man approached my car before I even asked him anything. He did not let me speak first, he came right out and asked if I would give him a ride home. I hesitated and told him that I shouldn't, I didn't even know him. He pleaded with me and offered me $20, and I thought for a moment about giving in, that I could just get his ID, but then I thought, what good would that do me if he killed me. The longer he stood there the more troubled I became. I realized that the entire time he stood in the rain, with the drops hitting his face and in his eyes, HE NEVER BLINKED, NOT ONCE. I then told him no, and I drove away. As I drove back around to exit the parking lot, I looked back at where I left him, he was not there. He was gone. I realized then that he was a balding man with gray hair and then the hairs stood up on the back of neck.
I became extremely frightened and cried all the way home. It was this day I decided to let everything go and to pursue it no longer.

I have had several other paranormal experiences over the years, but nothing that brought me so close to true evil. I once doubted if there was a God or demons, well after that night, I doubted no more.

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 03:42 PM
I've had a few scary experiences, I related some from my hometown in this thread:

I had one that's got me scared of my work place that happened to me about two and a half years ago. I'm stationed in Okinawa, Japan which, if you know history, was the site of many bloody battles in WWII. There's a plethora of storied from this island.

The building I work at is a comm company. It's faily big. It's got a large bay where a bunch of gear sits stacked and there's green boxes everywhere and doors in to the different platoon's offices. Well, the duty of locking up the company building falls on a different platoon each week. Well, I remember as a young PFC on island, they made me lock up one night when it was our platoon's turn. So, I was going about doing the usual, turning off all the lights in the bay and making sure the doors and everything were locked. Well, as I was turning off the last of the lights in the bay, I saw a pair of boots on the other side of a HMWWV that we had parked inside the bay. I didn't notice until thinking about it later, the boots were different than the ones we wear now. Anyways, I saw them and called out if someone was there and that I was locking up the company. The boots turned and took a few steps as if it were coming around the back side of the truck where I was. They went out of site behind the tires. I waited for a moment then called out again that I know they're there. I walked over to look on the other side of the truck and saw no one was there. I looked around the area, inside the truck. No one was there. I just thought nothing of it. I locked up, and went back to my barracks. A couple of the guys in my platoon came in my room a little later asking if anything happened. I said I turned off all the lights and locked up just fine and asked if there was anything that I should worry about. They said they meant anything weird, unnatural. I told them about seeing the boots, thining someone was there. That's when it hit me. A chill went up my spine as they all started telling their experiences.

So far that's the only one I've had. Of course I've only had lock up twice more and there were other people in the company and it was still someone light outside, so I wasn't really scared. In fact, right now I'm sitting in a tent in a field next to my company office and the worst part is up until about an hour ago the power was out and I had to go in there for some things. Complete darkness. Never thought I'd be happy to have only a chemlight to guide my way cause if there was more light I'm sure my mind would play tricks on me with my side vision.

I did get a story from a buddy of mine in the old barracks I used to live in. He said he would have a dream of this werewolf type beast that would stand over his bed saying stuff like he was going to die or they're coming for him and he would wake up to someone pounding on his door, but when he answered his door there'd be no one there.

I swear this island has so many spots that have activity because of some of the crazy stuff that happened during the war.

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