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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 02:46 PM
PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION – Prime method of Enslavement

Due to lack of attention being paid to my extremely lengthy, multiple post threads, I will keep this to a one page post. Unfortunately, this results in me having to cut pertinent information, and inevitably leads to questions. This is good, post your questions and I will do my best to expand where I can. Enjoy.

In my other thread, “Your number one enemy”, I briefly covered the Problem, Reaction, Solution (PRS) formula. Due to lack of characters I was forced to cut short, lengthy explanations, which led to questions both in the thread as well as in my U2U. In this thread I will detail not only how, but why this formula has always worked through history, and why it will continue to work unless people begin to recognize it. Through the use of past and more current examples of the PRS, I hope that anyone reading this thread will have a firm grasp of what it entails. Further, ill explain how to identify a PRS scenario even when it may appear that it happened naturally.

Ahhh he said, it is not coincidence... but by design... it all makes sense now


Obviously, we have 3 phases lets begin by breaking them down.

The problem can be practically anything. A prime example of how “anything” can be turned into the problem, is Swine Flu. To date, we have 5 or 6 hundreds deaths. Yet there are hundreds of things that kill many more people, yet receive zero media attention. It's all a propaganda campaign to convince us that a problem exists.

Side note: Some wonder how people like myself were able to recognize Swine Flu as a fraud so early on. My secret is simple, as soon as I realized that it was on the news 24 hours a day, and every sheep I came in contact with, not only knew about Swine Flu, but was already AFRAID of swine flu. That was it for me, I knew right then and there that it was a gigantic hoax. Thus, I spoke out against it, and as mentioned in the past I was ridiculed and belittled. But that's how I knew. So keep your eyes on anything the media is disproportionately covering.

So the problem could be real, it could be natural, or it could be completely man made, or completely produced. Don't get me wrong, some time's the perfect problem falls into their laps. They never fail to capitalize on it, and to capitalize on the problem, they will often prolong it to produce the desired reaction.

This for me, is both the most interesting and the most tragic aspect of the PRS formula. Never once have they had to FORCE the solution, researching this thread I could think of almost no incidences in which the PRS formula was used, and the Solution had to be forced.

That's why I call this the most tragic part. People always DEMAND the solution. But that's only because they do not recognize this formula in use.

Katrina was a great example of the powers capitalizing on a natural Problem. If they had of immediately sent supplies, money, and bodies to the problem and dealt with it promptly. There would have been no need for a solution. In this case the solution was yet more expansion of resources and power of FEMA.

So instead of losing the opportunity, they stalled, so that the problem would have time to grow and fester. This delay could last any amount of time, the only thing that matters is that it produces the desired reaction. Without the proper reaction, people will never allow the solution.

Ahh, the solution. In all cases, the solution is always more devastating to the common man than the original problem. Further, as previously stated, without the Problem, and Reaction, the masses will not accept the solution. So you must understand that the powers see this formula as the only legitimate way to make sweeping changes. The destruction of our rights and freedoms was not done overnight, it was done incrementally through many, many PRS scenarios, until finally, nothing will be left.

The solution is especially important to understand, because most often most people are unable to recognize the formula until they see the solution. As I said in my other thread, if FEMA had of come out in 2000, or even 2004, and said 'we want billions of dollars, and expanded powers', it's likely most would have told them to shove it. But, with the proper problem, and the desired reaction, people no longer tell them to shove it, they demand they take it! Tragedy.


WWII (Pearl Harbor) – PRS Is used to enter wars routinely. It is no conspiracy theory that the United States wanted to enter the war. It's also no conspiracy theory that the United States was provoking Japan (breaking treaties that they signed). But the problem for the powers, was that there was no public support for the war. No one wanted to go to war, so they were forced to turn to the trusty PRS formula and created a problem.

This is where it doesn't matter what Pearl Harbor theory you subscribe to. Because the above points are facts, so they “allow” pearl harbor to happen, and even facilitate it. And now we have our problem.

Then comes the reaction of the people, the same people who on December 6th, 1941, had absolutely no want for war. Yet by the 7th, everyone was on board. Then over a million people volunteered to take part in the solution (war against the enemy). The Lusitania Incident that lead to WWI was practically identical. Public opinion was instantly swayed by allowing an attack to happen.

Reichstag Fire – Lets rewind a bit here. Hitler even knew of the PRS formula. And he also proved the value of Propaganda in expanding the perception of the problem, and producing the desired results. If you look at the situation on it's own as official history dictates “One looney, burned down the reichstag” …

Can anyone see how this justified the Gestapo? The final solution? And the rest of his tyranny?

Of course not, because the problem was only perceived at the time to be a large problem. Thanks mostly to propaganda. I bring up this example because it perfectly illustrates what we're witnessing with Swine Flu.

Gulf Of Tonkin – Don't really need to expand, just look into the topic. It's typical PRS, and as it turns out, was a complete fabrication (thanks declassification).

911 – Ok, with all you have learned upto now, really take a moment to think about this one. Cause it's exactly like Pearl Harbor. The Plans to invade Afghanistan were on Bush's desk prior to 911. So do you think it's just a coincidence that it occurred?

Once again, they had their own problem. Lack of support for a war they wanted. So they created a problem for the public. Had the media perpetuate and place blame for that problem on certain people, so that they could produce the desired public reaction.

And voila, we have the solutions:
- Patriot Act
- Destruction of Rights
- Domestic Spying
- Everyone's a Terrorist
- Two illegal wars
- Trillions in wasteful spending
- Numerous robberies that day, insurance policies, missing gold, or don't forget the DOD's missing trillions (thankfully announced Sept. 10th, talk about timing)
- While were at it, let's also not forget how the Pentagon attack wiped out the accounting department and the team investigating those missing funds. (Talk... about......... timing?)
- Etc, etc, etc.

Now answer me this, if Bush had of held a Press conference and told the people on September 10th, that he wanted ALL OF THE ABOVE. How likely do you people think it would be, that he got what he wanted? Something tells me, people would have told him to shove it. What a coincidence, hey?

Using the Knowledge of the Formula:

Now, once one can understand the PRS formula, they can then start to recognize them even before the evidence to back it up comes in.

For instance, without looking at every piece of damning evidence there is against the Official Story of 911, I already know it was no accident, and was intentionally conducted so that they could implement their solutions.

Which as the rules state, the solution is always worse for the common man than the original problem. In soldiers alone, we have lost more than triple what we lost on 911.

That's before we consider the thousands that are maimed. Or the thousands that have committed suicide. Or the trillions that have been wasted, while people are losing their homes, and cannot find jobs, we've spent trillions. All of which was spent with compounding interests.


So 911 is a great example of how the Solution is always far more devastating than the original problem.

A Quick PRS Test:

So a problem occurs, people react and a solution is implemented. But wait, was this the natural flow of order, or was it actually by design?

There's a simple test you can use, and for it, we'll use the 911 example.

Ask yourself, prior to the problem, would the people have accepted the solution? So in this case, ask yourself, if Bush had of asked for all the things above on September 10th, would he have received it? Nope. And thus, we recognize a controlled PRS.

Thanks I hope you have enjoyed and understood, please post any questions i'll do my best to expand.

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:31 PM
So true. Enjoyed the thread.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:47 PM
I found the thread very informative. The formula is something I've been aware of for a very long time, and even deviously employed in my own life at times

The two most important uses of it currently that I can think are Swine Flu; which is:

Problem.............killer pandemic
Reaction............Fear, accompanied with take the vaccine, or die
Solution.............The vaccine will be the real deal killer, and it will commence something which is truly contagious, or obviously deadly. I totally recommend since the PTB are holding us against the wall We are gonna feel hurt somehow, but the vaccine is assured.

Without the formula the excuse for giving the vaccine wouldn't occur, and without the falsehood of the pandemic the killer vaccine would be exposed for just that.

Now, People will see the deaths, and scream,"FLU"""

The second Use of a the formula that I'm not going to get into is false flags, and a war with Iran.

Thanks King for clearly stating problem, solution, reaction.

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

Although I am sure you were well aware of the pattern prior to this thread, I appreciate your response

You speak of the up and coming, but we have already seen PRS used for Swineflu. It was easy to recognize from the start, as I mentioned the media made it too blatant for anyone looking for the signs of PRS.

False flags, or "getting into a war" is a common use for PRS, in fact it may be THE MOST COMMON. So it would not surprise me one bit if our next major war was one that followed the PRS formula.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 05:59 PM
Don't mind me, just sweeping this trash under the rug. Got to make some room for more mainstream media platter debate.

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