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I Sympathize with the NWO

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 06:27 PM
reply to post by Nathan_Orin

But suppose they're looking for the relatively few individuals in humanity who question things for themselves? public schools are horrible, this is no secret. so teach your kid yourself. turn off the damn t.v.

seriously, what better way to weed out the disinclined to self-fulfillment of knowledge than to make it utterly impossible to find real knowledge anywhere except through personal study, through personal determination for self-betterment?

That, is a very good point. If that were the case, then whoever was responsible for the eugenics experiments would be having a field day with today's statistics. The free-thinking do tend to stand out.

I have never looked at it from that point of view, but, the thought of mass genocide still bothers me deeply. You could never convince me as to why someone deserves to die. I agree with many of the posters on here that it is not over-population that is our problem, it is the irresponsible management of Earth's resources because of our monetary system that is harming us.

Genocide is not intelligent, and I do not believe whoever comes up with such an idea is very good at problem solving.

posted on Aug, 19 2009 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by HongPong
Heh, I'll bite!

i love that saying for some reason...

First off, the Georgia guidestones aren't really the key to NWO-style ideas.

not proclaiming that they are. however, a goodly portion of conspiracy theorists believe otherwise. i just thought that they would be a good stepping stone to the conversation.

1) .5 billion is well below the modern carrying capacity of human population - 3 to 5 billion is pretty manageable from an environmental perspective, if you can contain/fix the permanent waste.

already addressed this in a previous post... should be on page 2.

2) I don't really get what this means. A lot of times you have genetic traits that are moderately negative when you have only one, but are extremely positive in certain situations. Best example is sickle-cell anemia gene: if you have one, you are way more resistant to malaria. If eugenics will take hold, we'll get told that reproducing with a sickle-cell gene is bad. If you are worried about genetics you should get the Bt corn and synthetic viruses shut down before you worry about the human genome. Genetic engineering contamination (your corn gets into your DNA etc) will probably mess the human genome up soon enough anyway. And then there are the bad vaccines...

i have to admit that this is the first time that i've heard of the scenario that you're proposing. and i sincerely welcome any links you can provide to this information.

but i would like to imagine that the proponents of eugenics would have a fairly acceptable grasp of logical reasoning and, if your scenario is realistic, would take this into account. so the sickle-cell gene would have a varying level of support if it can, indeed, be beneficial.

as to the rest, i honestly don't know of these things. can you point me in the right direction so that i can learn?

3) New language?

no one stated that older languages should die. there's no point in denying cultures their native languages. but there is a lot of good in promoting a separate, common language.

4) Tempered reason may be devoid of ethics.

"ethics" and "morals' are completely natural instinctive responses to every animal on our planet. humans are no different. our morals can be completely explained with a logical view of evolution. morality, for a human, is what is ultimately best for your idea of humanity.

5) who sets these?

the nwo, apparently.

NWO squads can circumvent the US Congress via international courts and treaties, courts that overrule local wishes.
i haven't argued, only commended them for this.

6) letting anything with international implications roll to a world authority is the same problem as NAFTA.
nafta isn't a world court. but still, you haven't explained your problem with a world court or nafta. "it's bad" is all you've said. why is it?

7) sure, but maybe locals want petty laws. Would they be allowed to have em?


8) this is so generic it's hard to say what it means.

i agree. which is why i stated that before i could ever completely decide that the nwo is benificial, i'd have to have first hand experience with the members.

9) chaos is a strong force too.


10) This whole thing has little to do with the nature of decisionmaking structures & more about being a depopulation coolcat before the Club of Rome got going.

is your point that the nwo is trying to be cool?

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 03:23 PM
hey this is my first post here. And I actually can not beleive i am going to say this but in a weird sort of twisted way I do feel bad for the NWO even though they are sick and twisted.

I feel bad for anyone who is born into this organization because once you are in, you are threatened with death if you speak out against this which is very very sad. That being said, more people within should stand up and speak against this

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 01:25 PM
Let me start by saying that this is my belief on the Georgia Guidestones, not the New World Order because that remains just a conspiracy theory, and the Gerogia Guidestones are what this post was actually about. I agree a lot with what you said.

Secondly, I don't want this to be an offensive argument like some people are trying to make it. I would like this to be a reasonable discussion and I would very much like to hear every single persons opinion.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

I know this is the most debated on point but I simply believe it is because people do not understand what it is saying. It is not saying we shall go out tomorrow and instantly wipe out 9/10th of the world, it is not saying we should kill anybody.

It is simply saying there should be a controlled birth rate so that humanity will ease it's way back down to 500,000,000, not through extermination. If everyone was limited to one child then this would easily be a possibility. Because for one there are many people who would or can not have a child, so each generation would gradually be lowering in population.

Now, let's say there are some people who want two kids, this is still entirely possible if they are not your biological child. There are plenty of people in the world who do not want their child after it is born, and put him/her up for adoption. These couples who want a second child could easily adopt their second, as this would lower the number of children without families while still letting them have more than one child. Some will say it is unfair to not have kids to share the same genes but the argument of if it's selfish or not of parents to only want biologically their children will be saved for another day.

I also do not agree that mentally or physically disabled people should ever be removed. They still have the right for life.

Lastly, I do not believe that the policy of guided reproduction should be enforced with a death penalty or even prison if you have a second child. How about instead once you have a child, the mother and the father are somehow "fixed" to where they can't have another. There is no real nice way about that, I agree, but it's better than what some people are assuming.

To support that point one does not mean extermination but guided reproduction standards we simply just have to look at point number two:

2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

I see this as really more of a reinforcement of point one, and not entirely it's own point, if you get what I'm saying. It's basically to remove the idea that humanity will be killed to lower the population. However, many seem to miss that.

Now however combining these two points, or even looking at one at a time, many people (dalan, and JustG for example, I apologize) think that there is enough room for many many more people. This, however, is not the argument. The argument is that even though more would fit, just the amount we have right now is destroying the planet. There is enough space for plenty more, but we would still be destroying the planet quicker and quicker. Area is not the issue.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

While I believe this should be a goal that is worked towards but not immediately made law, a few things should be noted. For one, I disagree with what TheMythLives said about it should be English. I believe, like it says, that is should be a new language as to not show favor it any direction. Also, if it were a preexisting language, English would still be unreasonable because it is not the most spoken language in the world.

I believe a new world language should be created, and taught globally, but still allowing the freedom to speak others for cultural preservation while people who grew up on those languages still exist.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 01:26 PM

4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.

I believe that point number four should have been around for forever. Basically have a tempered reason in all of your beliefs, not forcing them on others. Discussion is one thing but it has gone to such worse levels all over the world. All of the wars fought for faith, and tradition, not actual reasons, all of the people who hate each other just because of their belief system. This should especially stand on these forums, where we see so many argue offensively instead of discussing peacefully.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Nothing needs said, this should be true already.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Now I really love this one. I wish it were like this today. Imagine if instead of war we had court, it really isn't that hard to imagine. Two people get in a legal fight over something (either an accident, an animal attack, anything really) and what do they do? They take it to court, they don't start enlisting in other people who think they are right to wage lethal war on the other person. That sounds foolish, I know, but this is precisely what countries do on a much larger scale.

Imagine a dispute over land or something else between countries being taken to a global court, with a global jury, evenly divided from the nations. It could also be checked, just as it is today, if any of the members of the jury have personal or financial interests in the case.

Many say these ten points are meant to have people living in fear, but without war people would be living in such a state of peace that I believe happiness would excel beyond anything in history.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

A small point in many peoples eyes, but a point still.

I completely agree, not because it is just foolish but it is a waste of resources, time, and money to focus on very trivial matters. There are such a ridiculous amount of petty laws that books, websites, and iphone applications about these "silly" laws are produced such frequently for profit. There are better things to focus on.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

This is a very good one, I believe. It is basically a societal version of "give and take". So many people just take, and take, and take, without giving anything back. If points 1-7 have already been taken care of then we would have such an abundance of freedom that this would seem very small in peoples minds.

By this point there would be no wars, and such a low level of crime and pollution (due to the population level) that there would be so little people would be bothered from doing. Basically, it is a whole point focused on helping to make the community you live in a better place.

9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.

As you said, many see this as a world religion, when it is in fact just a recommendation to be spiritual, or think with peace, beauty, and love. It's just saying to appreciate beautiful things in life, whatever they may be, as long as they bring you harmony. That's how I see it. It did after all say "prize" and not "you must do this", basically just be appreciative.

10.Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

This is just going full circle and reinforcing the first points. Humanity has spread at such an alarming rate, repeatedly moving into a beautiful area, full of resources and life and just sucking the area dry. We kill everything around us, and we should really be more mindful of the earth. How anyone couldn't agree is beyond my understanding.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 01:26 PM
Finally, let me just say that I do not believe necessarily in a "New World Order" that is ominous like many make it out to be. I'm basically thinking of an improved U.N. and my previous two posts are just my belief on the Georgia Guidestones, nothing more.

Let's also recognize that these do not say "law" or "order" anywhere throughout them, but are basically guidelines, or suggestions. I do not believe any single solitary person should be harmed.

Many people also compare what they fear may come to the Nazi Regime, but I disagree that it would ever come to something so fearful. We saw what happened when the world sat around for too long previously, and this is why we have to be grateful that humanity has experienced the horrors it has, so that we may spot out the bad eggs before it is too late again.

I do not believe one way or another about a NWO, I just wanted to provide my response to what Nathan_Orin, the original poster, has said.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 06:08 AM
Obviously, your already brainwashed (either that or your a really #ed up individual) but I'll give it a shot.

1. So your saying it's okay to murder in cold blood BILLIONS of people? We have to technology to make it work (to supply our entire race), but the NWO is purposely getting in the way of that so it looks bleaker than it really is. If our industries cared about human lives in foreign nations, we already NOW (in this economy) have the money to fix pretty much every poor nation on the planet. Our Government doesn't want the competition. They say it will drive up prices, I highly doubt that.

2. Guide reproduction wisely. AKA I cannot marry who I want to AKA I will spend the rest of my #ing life arguing with some asshole they hooked me up with. You obviously don't understand the basics of human emotion and love connections between people. And if you think it is okay to kill people "deemed unfit" your pretty much siding with HITLER who wanted a SUPREME RACE? Ring any bells yet? I'm sure the human populance would have LOVED him to be our leader...... NOT

3. Unity Humanity with a new language..... Probably the ONLY thing they will do that will lead to any MINOR conviniences.

4. So your saying that it's not okay to think for yourself? What better a way to brainwash us into thinking that we never were worth anything, therefore decreasing the chance well ever be able to regain freedom. This is a reference to thought crimes.

5. Protect people with fair laws..... like mass extermination?

6. You obviously haven't done enough research. they are going to meld all nations into one.

7. they will do this by shooting anyone they fancy.

8. When they take away our guns, were defenseless. Why would they bother wasting their money on us?

9. this is pure brainwashing.

10. leave room for nature. Let humanity suffer an eternal hell.

if you seriously still think this. Do all the sane humans on this planet a favor. Don't reproduce.


maybe learn a little more about the NWO and you'll realize they aren't going to help humans AT ALL.

You are obviously new to this topic, so I've gone very easy on you. believe my buddy, they are here to help. You'll see.

Good luck on the path to TRUE enlightenment.

posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 07:15 PM
I don't think a one world government would work at all. It's easy to put something like this down on paper, but I think you'd hate it if your plan became reality.

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 09:55 PM
now you will read something about the truth:

- There are other beings flying around this planet from millions years ago.

- They don't interfere except in matters of our cosmic future.

- They are in contact with powers of this planet from ancient times. Our powers know them. Actually, even poor countries has been informed of what happens. Everybody knows.

- Actually we are suffering cosmic changes. Our neighbors are protecting this Earth and the rest of the solar system. They can control the Sun activity and the activity and rotation of planets. They have very powerful knowledge and technology. Don't believe they want something of this planet. They don't need nothing of us. No water. No element. They can made what they want in physical terms.

- We need changes in our actual system. We need serious corrections in our actual civilization to have a future. One more time we are forced to develop a civilization in the search of what is good. But this time it's a special occasion

- Climate change is a sociological strategy to teach how to feel our own planet in a respectful way. This strategy is developed by earth powers. Respect to environments is only a part of needed changes. In the rest of changes actually they are quite shy despite the urgency. It is a very serious concern.

- In recent decades our powers were divided: some of them have accepted the unavoidable changes while others not. Some of them prefer the global destruction if they can prevail their actual power. They are not a representation of the whole human kind, and the world cannot accept it.

- 9/11 was an attack to stop these crazy powers in order to avoid a planetary disaster. Attack was developed by earth people with higher technology. This people is in special relations with our neighbors from many time ago. It was a need to show no individual or group can force the extinction of this human kind. This extinction only can appear by a collective attitude. It was not the case.

- We need the help of our cosmic neighbors to survive. If we don´t apply these changes, then our civilization will be leave into the natural way of changes happening now in all the solar system. We don't have any option.

- Chemtrails are related with biotech devices, to share a new consciousness space. Don't be silly: there are thousands ways to exterminate people without this sky show. Don't be afraid. With the help of this technology we will make a new step. We will understand directly the needs of this planet and other people. We will jump over the actual mediatic filters to understand our reality and to get a better world. It will be like a "mind-internet". Not invasive but pervasive.

- Traditional position is to hide these things to the public knowledge because social problems. However, precaution has been also an excuse to reject and to delay changes. Please, don't be foolish to believe in reptilians fights, cult-contacted people... Be aware about constant messages (films, TV) to inoculate fear against "aliens". Our neighbors are around us from always. They don't want nothing bad. Many times they have protected us of cosmic disasters. Now we had technology and knowledge but we must learn to be ONE world without wars. On the contrary we are rejecting what already exists in other planets. It is a NATURAL way to be in the universe in the search of what is good. If we reject this, then we will perish.

- All inhabited planets have emerged the help of earlier worlds and civilizations. We are not any exception. It doesn't have nothing to do with God and religions. God and religions are about growing the spirit. Taking care of spirit is something present in the universe using many names.

- 2012 can be successful or not. We must press our governments and economic powers to get a real World peace. Real laws and procedures to end the social and economic injustices. They are quite infected by an strong codice.

- No Nibiru. No reptilians. No sky poison. No bad aliens.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 05:43 PM
I must admit when you look at the human race as a whole I can kind of understand where an agenda like that would have to be carried out. The masses are being dumb down very quickly.

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