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Letter from the Whitehouse (so it begins)

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posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 02:53 PM
I sent this e-mail today in response to one I received from one of my senators.

I am afraid of retaliation, but I feel it is my responsibility as an American citizen to voice my opion to my elected officals.

Tuesday August 18,2009

Dear Senator__________
I appreciate your response to my earlier e-mail.
I totally agree that the healthcare Costs are a major problem. Which is hurting both business and the individual. My thought then, is to attack the underlying problem, the Cost of healthcare, and the Insurance Industry.

We already have a “uniquely American” health care system, though it is definitely flawed .I do not believe that revamping the Whole System to repair the flaws is the answer to this problem.

I believe that I did read something in the Public Health Service Act that states that an insurance provider cannot change or drop an insured person, or increase insurance premiums because of a catasrophic illness.

I understand that one of the concerns is that the insurance company’s are allowed to deny coverage for someone with a pre- existing condition so maybe that is something that should be put into the Public Health Service Act.
Also as far as I can tell there Are community based services for uninsured persons. I have checked the local listings and a few smaller communities and All have free clinics, including women’s clinics.

From what I have been able to glean from what I have been reading the real problem is Funding these programs.
And I have to ask Again, if Medicaid and Medicare are going to go bankrupt How is the Government going to pay for this major health care reform? Whatever the answer is, my question would then be Why Cant the Government use that resource to fund, and expand, the existing programs?


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