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Ponzi America - Systematic Rape of the American Public

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 07:54 AM
Great post Many people on this site don't see how BIG this subject really is. I mean we all pretty much know the general scheme of what was happening, but thnx for bringing it to full detail.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 08:18 AM
Fantastic post King

There is nothing much more that can be added. You've pretty much summed up how things work.

FYI the bit on division is exactly 100% how they keep themselves in power.

It's like a magician using slight of hand to perform a trick.

S&F buddy

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 08:49 AM
Great post,I think the bankers manifesto needs to be included here as it now seems so relevent.

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

History repeats itself in regular cycles. This truth is well known among our principal men who are engaged in forming an imperialism of the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism.

Another link I saved marks the ascension of the Rothschild dynasty and their influence and control of the new world.

1811: The charter for the Rothschilds Bank of the United States runs out and Congress votes against its renewal. Nathan Mayer Rothschild is not amused and he states,

"Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war."
However the United States stands firm and the Charter is not renewed, which causes Nathan Mayer Rothschild to issue another threat,
"Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status."
1812: Backed by Rothschild money, and Nathan Mayer Rothschild's orders, the British declare war on the United States. The Rothschilds plan was to cause the United States to build up such a debt in fighting this war that they would have to surrender to the Rothschilds and allow the charter for the Rothschild owned First Bank of the United States to be renewed.

Isnt it rather peculiar that all presidents who dared challenge their monetary control were assasinated? Jackson (attempted) Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy ?

Was it the bankers who killed Kennedy? Seems likely to me.
The president who told the

fixed link,someone feel free to imbed,I couldnt get it to work.

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 08:52 AM
Good work. S & F

Reading this is not a point of "I read it before", it should be read and said outloud until it becomes engrained into our minds and way of life. These are the important things in life that you teach your children and your grandchildren.
These are the lessons that have been forgotten over time. It is never too late to pick them up and teach them. If you only get thru to one that is fine, maybe they will teach 10.

This is what made our Fore Fathers so great. They knew the one thing that made living life so great.

On a side note, one correction on the post. McFadden was never assinated. There where two different attempts, but they did not get him. Tough old bird.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 08:58 AM
The other thing to note.

Our congress and the president are important.
This is why it is important to defend the Constitution without twisting it. With bloodshed if need be.
Our Constitution is the only thing that "really" does give us the power to guide Congress and the President to take back control.

They can get rid of the Fed Res. any time they want.
Poof! Gone! and any debt they have against us.

Just like the failed bond sales. That one is complete BS after I read this thread again. They did that, to put pressure on and keep from being audited.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:01 AM
Here is another question/idea.

How many in Congress and Senate know this truth of History?
If they don't know, how would they vote if they did?

From what I have seen, some of these people walk around totally clueless to what is in the world.
Just because you have a high IQ does not mean you know squat.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:10 AM
Very well put together essay of the facts.

The sad truth is no matter the issue, whether the Federal Reserve, The truth about 911, a presidents with holding of transcripts etc. we simply will not do anything in a massive form to make a change.

This post should make people mad enough to do research, contact congress (which is a waste of time), but the fact is we will read the post, complain a little, and go back to our normal routine.

Just as with the IRS and audits, none of us get affected enough at one time to unite in a consorted effort to make a change happen.

I do not have any hopes to see us unite anytime soon to bring about changes that we do need. Perhaps something will be of the magnitude to awaken us. something the will produce the intestinal fortitude to rebel and make the changes that will be necessary for our USA to survive, I look in anticipation of that event

Thanks for the post it was a great read.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:19 AM
Great Post S+F.

Well summarized. There were also a few points I didn't know about like how JFK was the one to introduce silver certificates.

We need to stop the petty squabbling and become united with one issue, one goal and that's to kick the FED's teeth in.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 10:31 AM

Thank you for being conscious.

Honestly, I feel as if this is something that should spread. If you know something like this, it should almost be a 'voluntary compliance' to spread this message around. Lol.

It is the one that needs to be shared. WE the people need to not be so complacent, apathetic, and show unquestioned servitude towards the system that drives our standard of living so slowly into the ground that it is rarely even noticed.

Also, to add a quick thought:

Just because one thinks they cannot make a difference, does not make it so. It is only because they BELIEVE they can't.

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:12 AM
I could not agree more and its sad that so many do not have a clue as to why over the past few years starting with that bush demon freek and now an islamic demon freek in the white house who will destroy what freedom we have left. Which isn't much.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:25 AM

Time to get a grip people
- We're all here cause we see things aren't right with the world.
- We're all here because we can see our freedoms being stripped.
- We're all here, because we know these fraudulent policies are expediting our road to true bankruptcy.
- We're all here, because we want to be free
- We're all here, with what seems like a common goal, yet we continually to let ourselves be brainwashed and divided by the use of clever marketing and flashy banners.


What is your suggestion?

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:32 AM
A defeatist attitude is not what we need now,what we need need now is more Andrew Jacksons,not cowards.
There are many things we can do individually and collectivily.

We can start here.

If your politician will not or is not on board with this issue you can harass them incessently untill they are. If they refuse to get on board tell them its at the expense of your vote, expose both them and the fed to everyone you can. Its gonna take some work,nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
It is my opinion that whomever opposes this bill is one that should not be re-elected on this issue alone, I know it will sway my vote.

Individually if your American then stop using credit,stop borrowing, use cash almost exclusively and work for cash where possible. Education is key here. Many if not most people are yet unaware that the fed is private and above the law,you will not believe the amount of people even wealthy people who are unaware of the feds history or private ownership and control.

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 11:32 AM
I just joined ATS today so I could respond to this. This thread is without a doubt the best explanation of the situation we are in, period. Makes me wonder how come Ron Paul has been allowed to speak the truth without being taken out like Lincoln and Kennedy. Ron is a great and courageous man.

I do believe the Feds days are numbered but this puts us in a very dangerous situation as I suspect numerous distractions are on the way.

This is a great web site and I am very happy I found it.

Let's wake up the sheeple by sharing this thread with others.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 12:26 PM
Great post!

I knew all these big issues but I have never had the pleasure of looking at the bigger picture. I knew these companies all colluded with each other but not a massive scale. I am afraid to admit that I am a sheeple.

I always knew it was divide and conquer that plays a major role in history. The more divided the country was, the more control the leaders had.

The question is what could we do as individuals to help better our country without looking ridiculous amongst our countrymen? Most of these people
have their head so far up their leaders behind and usually tend to have a closed mind. What can a guy who stumbles on his words say to a nation to help them see the truth?

I am a follower not a leader. If a revolution were to happen I would follow not lead.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by 1111111

Ron Paul is allowed to speak because like the OP said, the more divided the people are the better it is for the elitists. These are more slices for the pie.
Ron Paul goes after the FED but not after the people who helped the FED get into power, or the people backing the FED. That is why I believe he is allowed to speak.

His followers are divided and few compared to the rest of the leaders.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 12:48 PM
A quick note here. I don't disagree with what has been outlined. It is a Ponzi scheme.

BUT ... macroeconomics are complex and not always subject to the laws of financial physics we think we understand. Money and wealth become fluid after a certain point of magnitude. How much money and leverage an institution has is based on *perceived* value. Are a million shares in Microsoft worth $XXX or $YYY? Depends on whether you want to sell them for cash tomorrow or use them as security for a loan.

This whole mess got to the breaking point because a trillion or two in American real estate was discovered to be insanely overvalued.

Right now the people trying to sort it all out are playing the same games of trying to manipulate illusory values. If the Chinese want to cash in their 800 billion in Treasury Bills how does that translate? If they do it all at once it collapses the system and everybody loses out.

No simple answers or solutions here. The US has been a Vegas gambling casino and is the house. The house sets the rules. But now there are rumblings about the rules and whether the house really has the cash in the vault to pay people when they want to cash in their chips.


posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 12:53 PM
wow, extremely well thought out with a great presentation.

stared flagged and added to my F-list.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 01:11 PM
I read all of your post. Any open-minded ats-er should already know all that..... or at least i do anyway. Great post

Alien Mind

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 01:13 PM
I am brand new here at ATS and love this post! Very well put together and thought out.

I have a question = Why Obama?

What I mean = We have pretty much established that Obama is a puppet and Others pull his strings.

Why did "they" choose Obama as their latest puppet?

Why choose someone that will not show a simple thing like a birth cert? Someone that has had 4 (?) Different Names?
Someone that may not be an American?

Why not groom someone that would Not cause all the uproar over so many things?

King you did a wonderful job of outlining things above =
What do you (all) see as the Endpoint to their plan?
What do you think the timing is?
What can we expect to see next?

Am I on a Watch List because of posting and joining?

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 01:17 PM
ow, my butt hurts from reading this.
not much new to me, but awesomely well laid out. chronological and concise. nice.

now, where is the army of "capitalists" and "economists" and "accountants" that will tell us how the the system is fine and fair, you just have to know how it works to become one of the uber rich and successful "investors". i eagerly await their arrival.

buy oil and guns (in stock form), and you can't lose. just buy the stock of the listed companies on page one (better yet, THEIR suppliers, as that's where the profits get funneled to, i'd guess. like the laundry service, for example).
i for one, refuse to own slaves, and so i have no "stock", even though i could have been independently wealthy (AKA a rapist slave owner) starting twenty years ago when i realised the way the world turns.

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