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The Camp Fire

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:17 PM

Originally posted by The_Tick... panther nope not in North America.

Panther, yep, in North America. I've been about 8 feet from one in the woods here in Fl. It was kinda nerve-wracking.

I have no cool stories to tell, but I like campfires. And marshmallows. And the woods.
So if'n you don't mind, I'll sit and listen. I'll get some more wood to keep the fire going, too.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:17 PM
In that area IMHO I would have to lean toward bobcat, coon, coyote.
Unless you talk with Ravenshadow13 shes kinda the local expert on local North American animals, heck that could be another thread in itself..

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by The_Tick

Probably Bobcat those I know were around. They most likely said panther as to be more scarey. LOL

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 04:53 PM
Welcome subject x;
I hate to say it but it's not a panther but a puma or mountain lion, same thing.
There are some jaguars in south Arizona and northern Mexico, but very few.

Does anybody have any more true stories?

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 01:10 AM
Hey there folks. Just when i thought the fire was dieing, someone threw some more wood on the fire...

I do have more stories that I could share, but I'd like to see more contributions from others. I'm betting that somebody has an awesome UFO story...

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by apaulo

Come on tell us another story.
Maybe then someone will show up with one.

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 04:05 PM
Hey Apaulo,'
since this is your thread, why don't you throw in one of Steve's stories. Most of what I have can not be posted do to the above top secret nature & confidentiality issues that must not get back to me since most of it involves US security to the highest nature.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 09:16 AM
I'm trying to think of a story to tell, I have so many I can't choose. I'll share two short ones.

One night, my friend was driving and I was in the passenger seat when I saw a person in the middle of the road. My friend didn't appear to see it, didn't even slow down or slam on brakes or anything. I yelled an expletive and braced myself for the impact but nothing came and we drove right through the man I saw. I yelled "did you see that?!" To which my friend of course replied "see what?" I explained, then felt really embarassed because I thought I must have sounded crazy.

The other one was the same thing sort of. I was walking on a long country road, mostly straight. I saw a person up in the distance, it was a man, and being in the middle of nowhere and female, I had a brief thought of "I hope he doesn't say/do anything" something like that. I turned and looked around me and when I looked back he was gone. There was nothing but fields around me, no roads he could have turned down, no houses he could have gone into, no bushes or anyplace he could hide. that was freaky too.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by apaulo

Thank you for the marshmello..... ok here is one short true story. As a child in the early 60's one thing to do when you were bored was to "go for a ride". One favorite destination was Uncle Johnnys house. He was a jolly man with a million storys. I found out much later in life he was actually my Great uncle but I digress....... anyway one night my father said who wants to go to Uncle Johnnys? Of course I wanted to go. This particular time I might have been about 12 yrs old. Ok so we get to Uncle Jonnys house and its the typical evening of stories and laughter. Its very late and thru his living room curtains you could see headlights comeing down the long dirt road to his house. We all wondered who it might be. Soon the car reached the front of his house and you could hear the engine stop, the car door open and shut and then heavy footsteps across the porch and up to the front door. Well nobody knocked or walked in. So after a couple of minutes Uncle Johnny yelled "well are ya comin in or not?" There was no answer so her got up from his chair to open the door. No one was there. There was no car in front of the house. Nothing. Needless to say, it was so weird that I never forgot it.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 11:06 AM
I'm heading out camping this morning, looking forward to a campfire tonight but before I go here's a story I heard from my dad.

My grandfather died of cirrhosis of the liver but he was a powerful man to our family. After he died, he didn't go willingly... Many times my dad and grandmother and other family members would see him.

The best story I have on this topic is that one of his close friends was in a garage working on something with a hammer. As he was banging at this thing (no clue what it was) his hammer stopped midair almost as if someone grabbed it. The friend couldn't move the hammer for the life of him so he let go and the hammer floated in the air for a few seconds and then fell to the ground. After this he heard my grandfather's unmistakable laugh. Huhahaha!

I never had any experiences myself, I was young when he died. I hear it took some number of catholic rituals to get him to move on...


posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 06:46 AM
Lexxia, nice stories! I will tell you this right now that your first story about the man you saw and drove through. The man died right there by being hit by a vehicle. You can tell what era he is from by the cloths that he associates himself with.
Magantice that just sounds freaky but I have a friend that was playing with a eujiyboard and that happened to them, scary stuff!

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 06:50 AM
incogniteus I would have left Gramps around that would be kinda cool. Well enjoy your campfire. I hope youe return with some stories at this one.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by subject x

10:am August 28th 2009. Athorities in rural Urbana Ohio found the missing semi from Bob Evans warehouse parked in a local Flying J gas station earlier this morning. There was no sign of Steve Lang, the missing driver.
The Offering
previously.......4:22 pm August 26th 2009. Steve was rolling across I70W to take another load of supplies to the Bob Evans restarants in Indiana. He was thinking how relieved he was that his son Troy had started back into school. At least he wouldn't be home alone like he was all summer. When you have a 16 yr old son who has developmental issues you just never know whats going to happen next. Right after he stopped for gas, Steve would call home to make sure Troy was in the house and playing his xbox.
Pulling ino the Flyin J Steve noticed one of those road side vegetable stands that farmers have this time of year, just off to the right of the driveway. He made a mental note to run over and check out the corn. Troy loved corn on the cob and Steve was a good dad." Hi buddy, hows the corn today"? The farmer told Steve that actually he wasn't going to sell this corn because it was against everything he was made of to sell corn that had been picked more than 8 hrs ago. The farmer began to trash bag up the corn and while doing so he told Steve he has fields full of corn right down the road. Hop in my truck and I'll have you back here in 20 mins with enough corn to last you for a bit the farmer said. No charge either since you have to go to the trouble. 20 mins wouldn't throw his delivery schedule off much so Steve agreed. Steve and the farmer drove into the dirt driveway which was actually one really long driveway. I'd hate to have to drive down this is deep snow Steve thought to himself. At the end of the driveway was a small farm house and laundry was hanging on a clothes line just like people used to do in the old days. "Lets get you a basket out of the barn" the farmer said. Steve followed the farmer out to the barn. Once inside the barn, the farmer reached for a hoe that was hanging on a hook and politely knocked Steve in the head with the hoe. Steve fell to the floor uncousious. The farmer got a roll of rope off of another hook and tied Steves wrists securely. It wasnt easy dragging him back out to the pick up truck but he was used to it . After all he had done it just about every day for the past 2 weeks. Thank goodness this would be the last one for the year. The farmer got up in the truck and pulled Steve up into it by grabbing both arms and lifting with every ounce of strenght he had left. Once Steve was in the truck the farmer closed the tailgate. Hopping into the truck he wiped the sweat from his brow and started the engine. Behind the barn was a smaller dirt road that went back thru the cornfield and into a small clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a large wooden pole deeply embedded in the ground and about 20 feet high and as thick as a phone pole. The farmer dragged Steve out of the truck and over to the pole. Well if he wakes up and starts yelling like the others did, nobody will hear him either the farmer thought to himself. With that he tied Steve securely to the pole with the remaining rope he had brought along. He was so glad this was the last one for the year.
After dinner that night, the farmer went out to sit in the porchswing like he did every night after dinner. The sun would be going down soon now. This was the place that offered the best view.He rocked and waited. Rocked and waited..... Darkness fell later in August but this would be the last night so the wait seemed somehow easier. Somewhere around about 11 maybe he saw the light in the sky. It was them. They had come after the last offering. They had made the deal oh maybe 12 yrs ago or so. It was the night they took his wife. He had ran out into the field screaming up at the sky but it was too late. She was gone. Yelling into the night, he screamed
"Bring her back and I will give you more." The next morning she was in bed beside him. They said to tell you that they want one each night for two weeks every august, she told him over breakfast. If you give them that, they will leave us alone. So he had kept his word.
Now he watched the ship hover over the clearing. Ten minutes later they were gone. Well thats it then , he thought. He went back into the house and directly up the stairs. He walked softly because didn't want to wake her.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 12:54 PM
Can I throw a log on the fire?

It was mid-october. Deep in the woods in West Virginia. About 2 hours away from any town, or city dwellings.

My father, his 2 buddies, and me. Hunting trip. Oh yeah and his dog. Mind you, this dog is fear-less! He's a big-brute jack russell. Probably 25lbs! Fought a pit bull once, and didn't lose. The pit had to be put down.
Anyways, back to the story. We all came back to camp after a long day of squirrel hunting. My dad's buddies prepared the fire, and started cooking the grub for the night. Well, we started to run out of firewood and it was getting dark so my dad's buddy and I were going to look for firewood. We heard a rock go flying against a tree about 100 feet away from camp. Weird. But we were in a valley with rocky peaks, close by. Nothing unusual.
So we drove to the tree about 100 yards down the path. Started cutting away, to make for more firewood. The dog was happily chewing on a piece I cut in the beginning. All was well.
All the sudden, we heard a loud, bellowing, scream. Right in our ears! Sounded like a 20-30 second long, woman shrieking. sounded like the most horrific, awful things were happening to someone. Like she was getting murdered! But then I realised, its not human. This is the longest scream I ever heard to this day. No bobcat, puma, or mountain lion has lungs that powerful. It sounded like it was close. Too close.
I looked at my dad's buddy. He looked at me. The scream came again but it sounded like it was aimed at us! 4 times this scream bellowed. All for more than 20 seconds. We froze in panic. The dog stopped chewing on the wood and cowered like a scared animal. He would not move! I've never seen this dog get scared like that. I've never been scared like that. We both said "LETS GET THE $&#$ OUT OF HERE!". So I got in the truck and dad's buddy got in the truckbed. We got back to camp, emotional and panicked. My dad and the other guy at camp thought it was us screaming and the weird thing is, they said it sounded close to them too!
All through the night I heard movement in the surrounding woods, rocks banged together, wood hitting wood, almost like breathing sounds.

Lets just say I slept with my gun that night.

TRUE STORY. I might say it was Bigfoot, if I was a crypotzoologist.

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 05:21 PM
Nice story incogniteus, but this camp fire is more towards true stories. But very nice none the less.

Havok wow all I have to say is truly freaky!!! I fell for you at that moment I too know what that hart pounding out of your chest scard felling feels like.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by havok

Great story! I have heard similar stories from credible sources as well...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --

I guess I did promise a story about Steve, didn’t I?

Alright. For starters, I don’t endorse astral projection, and neither does Steve, but I do believe that what Steve experienced was interesting and worth sharing…

Years ago Steve got into astral projection through mediation and was able to successfully enter the astral plane. On several occasions he described events where he encountered beings that were NOT very friendly… they were demons, ((at first they were benevolent)) but he said that sometimes they appeared very beautiful, and then on other occasions they were just hideous. He also said that he came across other people but that it wasn’t possible to know if they were disembodied spirits or other people who were astral projecting as well. On one occasion he met a yogi who was actually giving a lesson on the astral plane… I know, some of you may be thinking Beverly Hills Ninja, but this was true. He even met the guy later on in real life and he tried to instruct Steve on some things but he just wasn’t very accommodating…

One particular time he described accidentally attaching himself to another person and in doing so he began to think that he was this person. A couple months had passed before it dawned on him that he wasn’t this guy. He had just been living out this guys life as if it were his own, but then suddenly he recalled his true identity and he went back to his body. Strangely, only about 30 minutes had passed in his body, but he clearly remembered the details of another life over a time span of several weeks.

I found this amazing, and my response was, “Time does not exist.” Einstein said time was relative, but apparently it isn’t even virtual. It’s simply a figment of our imagination.

Steve has expressed that astral projection is dangerous and that eventually you will lose all control. I personally believe that it is spiritualism and should be avoided.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---

..... Looks like Steve might join ATS. He'll be able to do a much better job of telling his own stories. Not to mention that we prefer first-hand accounts.


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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 08:20 PM
I just thought that I'd add something of interest that goes with what I just posted above... Dr. Laurie Nadel was on C2C last night and she told a story of where some native people she knew actually had intentional meetings in their dreams. Several people would actually hang out in there dreams... I don't know. Sounds kinda strange, but who knows. You be the judge. Dr. Nadel herself has actually had conversions with friends while in a dream... the friend was having the same dream and then later confirmed it.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 09:25 PM
Ok time to add my own stories to this camp circle...

So when I was young I lived in a place called the Persidio its right next to the golden gate bridge in San Francisco. It was an old military base dating back to 1846. Before that it was owned by the spanish and in 1776 the mexican army took it over.

Well I have a few second hand stories about the place but I also have 2 first hand stories that I'll share. Both are stranger then fiction and might even be more funny then scary.

The first was during a party at the officers club, I had wondered off into the back to explore. I peeked into this room and there sitting in front of me was a frog! But it was huge, atleast 3 feet tall and uprite sitting on a bench at a piano. It looked like a cartoon it appeared to glow and was wearing a pianists coat with no bottom. There I was standing in the door way shocked at what I was viewing when it suddenly reached out and grabbed the cover for the piano keys and slammed it down. I freaked and bolted, I was'nt afraid so much of this giant human looking frog as I was afraid someone would head the noise and blame me for it!

The second time I was back near the house we where living in, there was a road that was not finished next to it and I was standing staring at these 2 things. Again they where glowing like the frog before, but this time the creatures where different. One was covered in fur and tall the other was small and looked like a skinny green gobblin. I stood there staring for a while, I couldn't figure out why these 2 things where there. But before I could scream out in terror about what I was seeing 2 cousins who where visiting came and got me. Totally unaware of what I was looking at the just grabbed me by the arm and we walked away like nothing happened. The next morning I went back and found 2 small plastic toys where the creatures stood, one of each of them. I kept them for a long time till one day I was sitting around thinking about what I had actually seen and decided to throw the toys out. After looking them over they clearly looked like they where from a manufacturer they looked liked rubber injected into a mold (tale tale seam on the side) but there was no copyright mark on them or manufacture infomation.

Very weird and I would have dismissed both of these memories as the run away imagination of a kid but the physical elements just cant be ignored.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 10:02 PM
On and off since childhood (I believe around age 10) I have had strange things happen to me. Some of these range from hearing people walk around my bed to being afraid of the boogyman (my description of the boogyman is a small naked bald man who peeps in windows.)

Then somewhere around puberty the dreams began about aliens. Can I say they were Greys? I really do not know. At this point in my life, my memory is horrible and I believe some of these dreams have been blocked. I would wake trembling.

The most significant dream was the last one. I must have been about 19 years old. One alien told me their name and for the first time I was not afraid. It told me that I would not see them for a long time.

I have not had one dream since the latter, and that was nearly 20 years ago. At the present time, I have the feeling of anxiousness. I am not certain why. My psychic friend did mention to me that I am a doorway. For what she did not know. She has had this gift all her life and hates it. She's never wanted to develop it further (and has never had to either.)

So now I wait for what is to come through my doorway.

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posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 03:04 PM
WOW MrPbody,
I would have dismissed your experience for an over active imagination, but I had a very close friend that had some very similar experiences in a very old village in Mexico where he lived much of his life. No cartoon frogs but the correlation with the figureans was similar. They unearthed an ancient pot about the size of the palm of your hand from their front yard and placed it in their living room. From that time tell he got rid of the small pot he was haunted by an old man. The old man would just stair at him, and some times sit on his bed. The impression of this ghost sitting on the bed would wake Alix u, some times he could see the old man other times just impression on the bed. Alix told me he would be more scared of a live man sitting on the foot of his bed then a dead one.

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