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what event opened your eyes?

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 10:45 AM
Religion, Schooling, Advertising Design and 911 was the cake on top.

Religion always drew major flags with me, especially when I was a kid. I remember when I was 8 or 9 I would be dragged to church because my grandparents thought it was right thing to do, I would kick and scream, and I finally got to the point to where I would yell this is a cult. My parents where pretty passive on the subject, they let me make my own decisions. They never spoke of religion. Ever since I made that statement i was never dragged back to church.

Once I hit public schools, I always asked questions to the teachers who became deeply offended, they called me a problem child who did not follow authority. Even then i felt indoctrinated. I went off to college where the same things happened. A far left view point was being shoved down my throat and the more I questioned it the more ridicule i got. After digging threw that I entered back into the matrix in odd jobs eventually art school and advertising design.

Working in advertising design I started to learn about the whole energy field and the deeper meaning in the subconscious. If anyone gets a chance google for the 'Pepsi logo brand identity package.' They talk about how the pepsi logo pulls energy from the earth ect. Well all of my colleges thought it was just some fantastic BS and showmenship for pepsi, I knew otherwise. This was way to thought out for some BS. During those times I was a huge Bush supporter and my pops keep telling me, Bush is not good, watch, Bush is not good. I ridiculed him for that statement, I felt offended.

Then I came across a book called 'propoganda' put out by the CIA in the 1960's about using TV as a brainwashing tool. That was mind blowing, suddenly it was all clicking together. That set off the research through 911, the big corporations, the US government past and present and manipulation the American people face on a daily basis. It is very sad, It seems the more i learn the more isolated I get because the people around me just do not want to believe it, some with an open mind say - 'well their is nothing we can do' - those type of comments are sickening.

As I try to wake other people on and direct them towards good information I am highly concerned still that even ATS members will strongly support the mainstream qou and the corrupt matrix we live in. I do not understand how anyone can still be living in this left right paradigm. The flags are all over the place and the sheep continue to ignore these signals. Someone actually made a comment in the Obama eligibility thread that the republicans would been all over BO if he wasn't eligible. Well that is just not the case, they work for the same master.

I saw this good interview with David Rockefeller last night, it wasn't very productive from a NWO rule the leader type view but it was eye opening only because it seemed David Rockefeller has and had no idea who Ron Paul was and his bill to audit the FED. The look on his face was priceless.

Check it out here.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 10:54 AM
The day 3 towers fell into their own footprints. I could of swore at least one of the twin towers would of tip'd over. When that did not happen and they fell straight down at free fall speed I began to question what exactly was going on and why?

Then the chicago ohare ufo incident and the attempted coverup of the story. This convinced me the government is up to things behind the scenes that the avergage person will never know about. Also that event brought me to this web site

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 10:58 AM
I had an ex-girlfriend's methamphetamine addicted mother put a .45 to my head. That was the moment that redefined life for me. I told her to kill me, and evidently she failed to do so. In that moment I realized there are things more important than life itself. In this case, the mother cleaning up, and the daughter having a shot at a better life.

dillon mark reed

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 10:59 AM
I saw the movie "Bowling for Columbine". It shocked me. I suddenly realized not everything was as it seemed. I saw it after 9/11 and in between then, I always thought something was fishy about it but never really gave much thought other than that. But then I saw the movie and it was like it all just converged for me.

From then on I was out thirsting for knowledge. It was like, once my eyes opened up about our government/politics, everything else followed including my views on life and the universe. I've learned so much since then and I'm still learning. I definitely have different views now than I did even just a year ago because I'm always learning new things that change the way I see things.

I love it!

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:12 AM
I remember, as a kid, watching the movie "The Day After". It was a horribly possible scenario of global thermonuclear war. Looking back it was kind of funny because it wasn't scary enough to a child watching our President (Reagan) talking about nuclear war in his addresses to the nation just to turn out to be the big hero when Gorbechev came to power.

I remember thinking about Afghanistan. In the movie, the reason we went to war was over Afghanistan. I'll spare everyone the history lesson but we fought a silent (or not so silent) war with the USSR through the funding and training or the Afghans. We were trying to get the Arab world to declare jihad on the Soviets...woops. I found it strange years later that the same people that Bush and his buddies were shaking hands with in the 80's were the same enemies we were all programmed to hate 20 years later. It was a very horrifying time to be a kid when you're having nightmares about nuclear war while tons of coc aine were being glorified on Miami Vice.

Afghanistan has been on my mind since I was a kid but now did anyone else find it strange that when we FIRST went into Afghanistan the poppy fields were making the news? Our military was allowed to bomb the crap out of neighborhoods but the poppy fields couldn't be touched. After watching too many friends that I played sports with as a kid die from drug related deaths it makes me wonder if, like Vietnam, this whole new police action is the same old sh#* repackaged and served cold to our kids today?

I've been awake most of my life and people do not listen, or don't have the mental capability to care. The people that ARE intelligent enough to see through the mist are getting more outnumbered by the second.

I don't think it's about taking away our freedoms, that may just be a side effect. The point is power and money, luckily two things that I KNOW I'll never have too much of...I'm OK with that.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by rubbertramp

I hear you, brother. The War on Drugs™ started it for me too. I was not dealing, but that did not stop them from trying to make me a dealer. No joke - I'd fess up if I did actually deal. It is crazy because I get all defensive about it now...

Anyway, back in college I would smoke it. Duh, it is college. Sure, sometimes I'd pick up a little extra for my buddies, but that was it. Anyway, the one and only guy I knew as a source conned me into helping him out and selling some back to his "cousin" while he was "out of town". Mind you, I knew this guy for 2 years and even took classes with him! Sure enough, that was a cop. They played it well... about a week later he asked me for a phone number of somebody that could sell to him cuz 'his source was dry' but I did not know any. He was relentless and called me every 30 minutes until I finally gave him the # to some girls I knew that may know somebody for him. Long story short: I get popped for 2 felony counts and the PD tells the DA to "make an example out of him" by going for 3 - 15yrs.

Fortunately, the DA read the case and realized it was weak. They wanted to plea down to a year and some misdemeanors but I had family that managed to talk to the DA and he caved and gave me 4yrs probation with - get this - 3 pee tests PER WEEK.

Anyway, that is when I started realizing how the gov't always has an agenda and usually it is a regular citizen financing some lobby - whether it is the prison system or the drug testing companies or whatever else...

That is when I realized things are not as they seem. Then years later I started getting into theoretical physics, metaphysics and OOP artifacts... now I am convinced that much we experience is not exactly as it seems. Oh, and watching The Matrix helped a lot too...

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:23 AM
It was about 2 and a half years ago. i was 15 years old and i was at a party with my buds. I always had an intrest in the paranormal, some conspiriacy theories (the mainstream ones)and allthe other good stuff like that, which most people have at least a curiosity towards. I considered myself to be fairly smart i did well in school and was pretty much raised on discovery channel instead of cartoons.

So at this party i was having a good time but the whole time we were there i noticed that my buddies friend was sitting in the corner on the computer the whole time. he was watching some sort of video and at times it seemed to make him very angry. This caught my intrest so i went over to see what it was all about.

The video he was watching was called 9-11 coincidences on youtube it was like a 3 hour video in like 20 parts or something and he was about a quarter way through. he explained to me what it was about in an upset mannor and i couldnt believe it. so i joined him and watched the rest of the video for the rest of the night. It made so much sense.. it was common sense.. i couldnt believe it. i was so mad. i didnt understand WHY they would do that. but it was done so perfectly.... I needed answers.

i think i stayed up into the morning every night of the rest of that week watching videos that spun off of that one and other videos. i started seing that it was part of something bigger... it led me to the bible.. and to the end of days and to jfk and wars and it was all too crazy i could feel that something very grand and sinister was taking place throughout our history it seemed.

And from then on i got into the builderburg stuff, new world order stuff, freemason stuff, depopulation stuff, 2012 stuff, corrupt religion... Aliens, ancient civilizations, it was all mind boggling the list could go on and on.....

i was so mad i started to write a book... but it never got finished because i kept on learning and learning and discovering and aweakening more and more every day and discrediting old stuff and connecting the seemingly millions if dots and puzzle pieces. Almost Every single day since then i have been researching and learning and almost remembering. And it all seemed to unfold so perfectly like i was being shown the right information at the perfect time for me playing off of what i had just learned.

and it wasnt just learning either... it was MUCH more that that... it was affecting my life, it was affecting my consciousness it was shifting my paradigm so fast yet so beautifully i couldnt believe it. i was waking up.
I could relate this knowledge with the world around me.. i could see it in my daily life. At first it caused me to be very depresed at times and feel hopeless and helpless. But eventually i grew out of it with my spirituality and grew above it along with my consciousness shifting and expanding even more so. Somewhere in this i discovered that many of the teachers i loved and studied were not in my best intrests. they were telling lies and witholding truth purposly, i started to filter through this and learned more about the truth and what the lies were in the process.

I started to become deeply spiritual, i started to love and appriciate everything more i began to feel a closer connection with nature and animals, i now realize that we are just another spicies in this universe just among many, most are loving and good natured like we can be. I now have no fear of death more of a curiosity almost anticipation, while realizing that it will only come at the right time and for the right reason. I now am humbled knowing that there is much more to existance than life on earth or even in this physical existance.

It seems like i have grown in all areas more in this 2 and a half years than some people do in lifetimes. It has and is almost an exponential expansion of consciousness continuing to grow. i feel that i can now wrap my mind around the largest concepts in existance with ease. LOVE

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:25 AM
911 was also a catalyst for me. i had a roommate that was always trying to get me to watch FAHRENHEIT 9/11. I balked at it at first. I was real pro-bush and believed his every word lol. It's almost like some one else began to inhabit my body and mind. I don't remember that "moment of clarity" but it all just began to flow until i had turned a 180. Then I read the secret and, although I can look at it now with a huge grain of salt, opened up the spiritual, fractal, holographic thin veil of reality.

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I was finally pushed over the edge though after reading "Why Is God Laughing?" from Deepak Chopra. I lived three miles from my job at a hotel and i closed the book, put on my shoes and walked to work. went right into my manager's office and quit.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:47 AM
Great question. For me, my awakening occurred over time, and it's still happening to this day.

I stopped trusting authority in the 8th grade, when my teacher accused me of cheating on a history test. I was sent to the principal's office for protesting my innocence and even though the principal believed me, I was forced to apologize to the teacher anyway and received a zero on the exam.

In college, my sisters and I were attending a wedding in upstate, NY, and made hotel reservations ahead of time. When we arrived at the hotel, the hotel clerk, seeing that we weren't white, lied and said that we didn't have a reservation, and threw us out. Five minutes later, we were pulled over by the police, who had a German shepherd with him and searched our car. Fortunately, one of our friends in the car was white, and vouched for us, so the police let us go. God knows what would have happened to us otherwise. I've never trusted cops since then.

A couple of history classes in college opened my eyes. Reading about the Tuskeegee experiments in the 1940s, Iran-Contra, the role of the CIA in overthrowing democratically-elected governments in Latin America, etc.

In 2000, I took a bus over to Washington DC to protest Bush's inauguration. If you were there, you would have seen that there were thousands of people at this event - but when I got home later that evening and watched the news on t.v. they only showed a handful of crazy-looky hippies holding handmade protest signs. Now I realized that the media does not actually report the news, but dispenses propaganda.

And the final kicker was 9/11. I work in Manhattan, so it was especially frightening and upsetting to me. When I heard that members of the Bin Laden family were shipped out of the U.S. instead of being detained for questioning, that was the final straw.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:56 AM

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:59 AM
In the 1950's I remember riding around one Sunday after church and visiting a friend of my fathers that was building a bomb shelter under ground. Only this man had made a small hill in his back yard and dug down through the hill.

My dad told me where the city and county officials would go in case of an emergency.

It wasn't until 1956 that I fully understood why he was telling me about such things.

I listened to a radio and heard that Nikita Kruschev had said, "He would bury us". It was many many years later that I Learned that was not a correct interpretation of his Russian speech.

In 1961 my dad asked my mom to take my younger brother and I out west where her family lived. She refused.

Dad wanted us out of harms way before the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Mom refused to leave so we hunkered down here. Thankfully we were not bombed like many on the east coast though was going to happen.

You know what was really scary? The men of the families were to be prepared to shoot and kill their wives and children and then themselves when the bombs dropped.

Needless to say I took the red pill my dad offered me at an early age.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:17 PM
I think what changed it all for me was watching the zeitgeist movie followed by loose change. The biggest problem I faced was the fact I was in the military at the time....needless to say my opinions just fell on deaf ears. But when I got deployed to Iraq the videos really helped to remind me of the futility of war and stopped me from doing anything stupid.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by Haunebu

Heil Hilter!!!

as a jew whose against zionism and much of what the israelis are doing in the middle east and elsewhere, i'd be very interested in knowing what this statement means to you?

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by rubbertramp

People are becoming more aware of what is going on.
It's funny, people I lectured years ago who walked away with blank stares
are now coming back and lecturing me.

Plant the seeds they will eventually grow.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:00 PM
i'd like to expand on my op a bit.
so, there i am during sentencing, the judge says very clearly, mr. soandso, you are the only one out of 3 co-defendants in your case that i am sentencing to prison time. your co-defendants both recieved one year house arrest. your refusal to cooperate leaves me no choice in this matter.
i just figured, oh well, at least he explained it to me. a while later while locked up, i was going over my case with a jailhouse lawyer, a convict who knows the legal system and helps other inmates review their cases. i tell him what the judge said, and he's like, 'are you serious, that is completely unconstitutional.' 'huh, why is that.' 'well, a judge is allowed to sentence you because of the crime you committed, not because of your refusal to cooperate.'
we sent away for the entire transcipt, guess what was the only part missing. yup, you got it. at this point i knew how corrupt the judicial system in this country really is.

i mentioned getting beat by the brotherhood. well after i was beat for the second time, i'm on the ground, semi-unconscious when i feel being lifted up and carried. my eyes were pretty much full of blood, so i couldn't see much. after getting cleaned up and patched back together in the infirmary a huge black man, i mean huge walks in and asks me if i was feeling better. his name is bernard, and he said he watched the whole thing and had to put an end to it before they killed me. he said he was proud of me cause i hurt 2 of them before they got the best of me. he was the one that picked me up, no little task, i'm 6'1" about 215-220, and carried me very gently to seek help.
we became good friends after this, bernard used to stroll in to the tv room and switch on the x-files and snarl at anyone who complained. after a bit the room was full of all types of different people, and we'd sit around after and discuss all kinds of different topics. i was never a racist man, but being raised in segregated philadelphia i was never really exposed to those different from me. at this point my eyes were definately opened concerning the seperation of peoples as a way to keep everyone fighting with each other and not uniting against any cause.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by Haunebu
In a way, we can shake hands. It was the marijuana-business that opened my eyes. I've been smoking it since I was 16 and still smoke every day. I was 17 as I started to work in a Dutch Coffeeshop at the German border selling small amounts of Pot and Hash to Germans. The differences in Jurisdiction between Germany and the Netherlands were huge, in Holland you were allowed to own 30 grams of Hash or Pot and in Germany you would get a penalty for one joint. Although many people still think it's legal in the Netherlands, it's not and never been! It is being tolerated up to a certain level. But there is a war against it going on. Meth, Coke and other stuff is being ignored, they are only hunting for "the Green Gold" as the cops call it.

In comparison to alcohol and other Drugs, Marijuana is a very Harmless drug, so why is the political world fighting so hard against it? Because of the many benefits it could provide in Agriculture, Industry and Healthcare?

Because the Marijuana-Business is being criminalised by not legalising it, you automaticly get involved with criminals that want to make money out of it but do also other businesses. I've met people that made headlines in the Dutch National Newspapers and at some point I was indirectly a witness of a deal in which weapons were traded for diamonds. Two weeks after he returned from his "Business-Trip" a horrible war started in somewhere in Africa The guy that set the deal up told me once his father-figure was a very influential Jew that lived in Amsterdam. I don't want to go into too much detail in order to protect my self but this really happened and I have little or no evidence to back my statement.

I also always had n interest for UFOs and as I started to investigate the matter I saw similarities in the behaviour of Governments. But what really triggered it was the Book called "Secret Societies of the 20th Century" by "Jan Udo Holey" which is forbidden in Germany. It opened my eyes for good although I didn't agree on everything he wrote.
I stepped out of the Matrix for good!

Heil Hilter!!!

I gave you a star and support much of what you said, but just to clarify I do not support Hitler, in case this comes back to bite me later on and I get labeled as a nazi or some bullsh!t, like Obama criticism being labeled as racist.

Anyways, what really woke me up was at first 9/11, which happened when I was in 7th grade. I did not think too much of it at first, but the collapse always felt wrong. I started questioning it and realized that there were others who were like me who were asking questions too. I started digging all throughout high school and dabbled in various conspiracy theories, but it was not until the Ron Paul campaign and it being censored or obviously not given a fair chance that really woke me up and got me pissed at the injustice of the world. By doing more digging, I began to realize that the New World Order was indeed real. The powers that be may attempt to obscure the truth, but the truth shall live on. It is now the responsibility of those of us who are awake.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:13 PM
for me corruption in every religion started many loving people, but also too many wolves...

Then 911 woke me up a bit more, but the icing on the cake was Katrina.....911 and Katrina were both so sereal they were like staged ats in a movie.... I kept waiting for the "in a theater near you".......

Also the Tsunami our friends died in still has me a bit traumatized...

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:14 PM
Four things m8:

1. My own, so called "hungarian and national" government.

2. My former schoolmates with they fashion mania, group-therapy sessions and their snobby fathers/mothers.

4. Religious zealots in my local church (nearly became an atheist thanks to them)

3. World of Warcraft/Warcrack, a massively multiplayer online "role playing" game. Yeah, really. (20-30% of these guys are probably addicted, 10% as hell)

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:20 PM
there are very interesting comparisons in all of your experiences...

most striking to me is the answer to exactly what the event was to you personally that triggered your responses.

for me, that trigger was three words:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

i first heard about it in a news report, i never even was aware that there was a prior amnesty and the rhetoric surrounding the matter spoken by the various news commentators and public officials on so many levels made me think i had just walked into a house of mirrors.

up until that moment i think i was going through life half-asleep and half-aware of anything and everything that wasn't immediate to my concerns. it struck me hard because i have lived in southern arizona my entire life. i was schooled in areas with high hispanic populations.

i had hispanic girlfriends, best friends, and my family has hispanic spouses and children through marriage. basically, i love the hispanic people as a whole, but...

knowing the laws of many sovereign countries and how strict these laws are, it confused me that it somehow was a BIG issue with the powers that be at the highest levels of government that this nation should just GIVE amnesty to 24 million people who are in this country when they should NOT be.

this is why:

I did a lot of personal "life-cleaning" in recent years leading up to this epiphany, and that had a huge relevance to my feelings.

it came down to this: " if i didn't get a PASS on things i did wrong, AND i did everything i could do in order to be PERSONALLY responsible, why in the HELL should i expect ANY less from anyone else?"

it was a law thing, not a race thing or a poverty thing to me.
but it started a journey for me and this website has been a pretty good watering hole as i travel.

in my travel i learned about aristocracies who have held power and who have influenced world events for generations, that have spanned centuries, and that have infected governments, media, commerce, etc.

i began to see through the veil that was over my eyes regarding the things i was seeing and hearing.

i began to see connections where there were common associations. i saw words said in the same way from what would be, to me, different points of view, or contrary to what i thought was society "norm" or conventional wisdom.

i saw lies.

one example would be subprime mortgages...

no money down???
no qualifying income statements or bank records to PROVE the loan was good???

i NEVER got a break like that! when did THAT happen?? ..and i'm an architect, for god's sake, (or was, anyway... before the crash)

another connection was made.

i started finding things like this:

the beginning
...nobody heard much about it on the day it happened.

i think the plan was for the next president to fall on the grenade.

then this:

the fed covers the bases

as the fraud became obvious, this:

the blame game

& threats:

threats to government

threats to banks

i now understand that the trouble i and many millions of Americans find ourselves in are a direct result of the most massive CRIME ever perpetuated.

it has been done with the full cooperation of many senior members of the United States Federal Government. it has no connection to political parties.

THEY did it, helped by the "aristocrats" and their banks.

and there's going to be HELL to pay for it.

...but WE sure got stuck with the check.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by epete22


thank you for that link!

more was said there to give me real hope than anything i have read in the past 18 months.

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