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What do you think is in "hollow" Earth

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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 09:43 PM
Enoch wasn't talking about our Earth, he was referring to the Moon, which is hollow sounding per NASA from 1969. Its beyond Woodstock to me.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by GerhardSA
Thinking there is another world with its own little sun(as some claim, with blue, green yellow men, aliens the OP might suggest in original post) in the middle is not even a educated guess..thats plain fantacy and just crazy....
We go by what we know as "theoretical fact" (produced by science) and from what we can observe.

Ok, ok, I'll pway awong.

Theoretical fact, whenever we have dug below the surface of our Earth, we have found tunnels, caverns and cave systems. The crust makes up 1% of Earths volume. We haven't been through anymore than a third of it, if I remember. And where we have been, there have been many caverns, tunnels and caves etc.

Same with relativity, string theory, quantim Mech's etc...we go by what we observe of nature and the universe, and we theorise on how it works, and relativety and quantim is pretty close i would say, not perfect...but close, but they are far closer that this crazy theory...

If I would've told you 20, 30 years ago that an atom at one end of the universe, could 'feel' it when another atom, at the opposite end was 'tickled' excited, whatever, you would've told me I was crazy.

On a side note, I don't think we are anywhere near understanding how our reality/world/universe works. I accept Quantum mechanics, string theory and relativity for what they are, a step in progression. Each one will lwad to more questions we can't answer and with each one, our understanding will grow, just a little bit more.

Saying the earth is hollow with another world (wonderland type thing) deep inside the crust.....i can only...
Abselutely no facts involved in that so called theory, but in the iron core, malton rock layer...there is more evidence of this.

Hollow Earth is a misnomer if you ask me, it was coined when I think it was when that Olaf dude drew a picture, he drew it as the Earth, with the sun in the middle. Personally, I think this was a mistake on his part, IF he did 'go down there' I believe what he saw was a merely an enormous cavern, and due to it's size, he thought it was the Earth itself, maybe the 'ceiling' couldn't be seen, who knows? But a honey-combed Earth is alot more probable than a hollow Earth, or even a solid Earth. Don't forget, we build on precedent, and the precedent has been set.

As for the aliens and such, fair enough, there is zero evidence. You could say that all the DUMB's stories could be linked to this, or the Dulce wars, but in all honesty, I can't say this is evidence. It was just stories that interested me. Am I going to sit here and say it's all rubbish? No, I have no idea, so I keep and open mind.

As for exotic life down there? Most definitely. We have seen that life can exist Anywhere. Chernobyl reactor? Fungi using radiation as a source of energy rather than photosynthesis (or light should I say), bottom of the ocean floor? yup, Volcanoes? yup. So exotic plants and creatures, oh hell yes. As for dinosaurs and such? Maybe. I could suppose that before they were completely wiped out, they may have fled into some cave systems to avoid whatever happened, but again, no evidence or the infamous 'proof', just an idea. Humanoids? Again, maybe. Fled underground to avooid ice-ages, decided to stay and have since evolved to suit there surroundings.

Mayne there is a hole in the north pole of the sun as well with a wonderous world in there as well....

Undecided on whether there is a hole in the pole, but since I have never been there to see it (or not see it) I won't sit here and say it doesn't exist, or does.

This topic belongs in BTS in my opinion...(not trying to fight...just saying)

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My point is, all this is entirely plausible when viewed from the right perspective, it is no great leap of imagination.

Also, I'd like to add, imagine the volume of some of these caverns?! for instance, say 1 mile cubed. From our perspective, it ain't great. 1 mile squared? We can only build on the land, but underground, in a cavern? With the techonology and the will, every inch of surface area in that cavern could be built on. Now imagine caverns the size of city's, countries, continents?! That's alot of space to play around with, more so than the surface I'd say.

Anyway, they really need to change the name of Hollow Earth theory, so many people reject it outright through knee jerk reaction because they can't comprehend a hollow earth. It offends their sensibilities.


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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 09:52 PM

Originally posted by Maj35t1cI2
None of you must have made it past grade school if you truly believe it's even possible the earth is hollow in the sense you're thinking. LOL this is the most ignorant topic ever, and has no place in modern day discussion.

The earth is not flat as it was thought to be. The earth is not the center of our solar system as it was thought to be. atoms we can not see are everywhere as was thought to be non-exsitant. etc. etc. For the last 50 years or so + or -, the "earths molten core" was thought to "control" the magnetosphere, and now the belief that it is the salt water oceans tides and currents that "control" the earths magnetoshere is gaining some ground. Who knows what, really. not me and not you for sure.


posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:30 PM
Ancient advanced civillisations that disapear in the cataclismic event from the end of the last iceage. Have they took what was left of them to a higher or lower dimensional realm inside or around the Earth?

Did they leave behind some expendable people to make a decoy for spacetravelers or uninvited guests? In this way not to be in the center of atention? In this case Human cannonfood.

Hitler had a very special interest for insideearth civilisations some even belive he got a lot of his advanced technology from that source.
Was WW2 only against AXIS or was it against the originaly owners of this Earth sponsoring NAZI`S ?

Sorry for my bad Inglish.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by Maj35t1cI2
None of you must have made it past grade school if you truly believe it's even possible the earth is hollow in the sense you're thinking. LOL this is the most ignorant topic ever, and has no place in modern day discussion.

For moments i tought i was reading a quote from Torquemada...
No really, the same type of philosofy was used in that time!
And many was burned and tortured. disgusting!

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by ElectroMagnetic Multivers

I agree that the name "Hollow Earth Theory" makes me think of a bunch of loonies hallucinating some insane theory. Obviously, the entire earth isn't hollow.

I had never really considered the possibilities of a large network of huge caverns though...and while certainly not a "hollow earth", there would be more than enough space for large groups to go undetected if they chose. Interesting concept...for sure.

As for the hole at the North Pole...I'm just not buying that...don't think it's possible. I'm very open minded and can accept that the caverns are theoretically possible. Interesting discussion for sure.

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