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Jesus Christ is the only way

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 02:45 PM
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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 09:17 PM

Originally posted by Psychonaughty
reply to post by Arbitrageur

Excellent, Jesus of Nazerath and Mohammad both are Humans and therefor should not be idolised.
Religion was fabricated to divide people, humans should not be praised over the Good One or any higher being for that matter.Oh and again, Jesus of Nazerath was not the Christ nor should he be praised as anyone significant
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Jesus was not human and neither are you. The human experience is a vehicle to live in the lower densities. We all know Religion was fabricated, but that's all part of the game. Every deception on this world has a purpose the same as every truth brought to us likewise. It's the experience we have on this world. This is why you have the gift of free will and discernment.

Jesus is a 7th density being. Who has direct access to the 12th dimension consciousness because the energy of "the one" radiates from the source. There are very few beings or "I ams" if you like, are in touch with the source and can see the source and not be taken over by fear and ego. Jesus is the carrier and giver of light. Jesus is not a "singular being" or "human". The source assigned "the one" for a much more complex role than people could imagine.

He is you and all that is. Jesus role this time is to bring the lower densities into to balance with the higher realms. Since we are all god and every being on earth is "the one". Jesus role is to show you the way to the light as one. Jesus will come as a human and he doesn't preach he is the messiah infact, at childbirth everyone forgets their past reincarnation. So Jesus is on his evolutionary path to remember the "I am that I am"

That is it. It is not religion, it is not idolising, it is not anything of judgment or showing to be "it's great"

There is nothing cool about been Jesus. Jesus is aware of the ""I am" He gives up his body and sacrifices his heart to bring harmony to the lower density. This universe cannot complete fully unless words such as Earth completes. Jesus is no more special than you are. Jesus has one mission to do and that is to be the light of you. Jesus is the light within you. Jesus is coming here to help you the light that you really are.

Earth is very special in this ascension. Back a very very very long time in the beginning of this universe you had complete balance, harmony and light. Everything was just one big ball of light(as one description to hard to go into detail as I channel). This was the seed universe we are from.

The "P- taals as they were called were basically us but trillions of years ago. They are not physical and have the capacity to go to parallel universes and shapes existences in every light. The human form is universal within this construct. They are many stages of forms you can be as life evolves. After 7th your completely light density.

These beings were the masters of existence and basically shaped the universe as it were. But they could not create universes or raise to the 12th dimension or go beyond if you like. Everything they tried pushed them back. Like an exam they couldn't pass and could never figure out.

So they had to do something. In our way of understanding it, it is sacrifice and the "the will to let go all that you are To grow beyond that you are" The 12th dimension is absaloution and also nothingless (if thats a word) D.

So they created the negative polarity in this construct. This negative charge was (in a physical sense) like a dark ball of matter hitting our universe and polarising into each other and exploding out like fireworks. This is one way of looking at it. The negative polarity was ruled by Lucifer. Lucifer is not a negative being, Lucifer is the "bearer of light and governor of darkness". Lucifer is one of the most misunderstood beings in this universe. Nor is he really a singularity. I cannot go into details at this point as to what he is.(it's off topic).

I will give examples to some primal negative races that were first brought here or manifested here. These were the Draconian and others along with them came into this universe to create polarisation. These beings govern the 4th density. These basically (whether aware of it or not basically brough evolution to the lower density such as the 3rd form)

The souls construct of this planet represent every faction of the universe. So every race, every representative of this existence has manifested here in a 3-D hollogram.

The reason being was to create polarity and separation in a lower density and this then gives the challenge to bring harmony all dimensions within the universe. The 11th density beings needed to sacrifice their whole solves and bring everything back to the lower densities into the reality of deception, division, separation and illusion. The reason being again as ive stated was because, In order to grow and evolve you must face all aspects of yourself be it joy or pain (polarity) This is the law of infinity. If your a 11th density being you need to experience a dual self in order to have complete power as "the one".

This is why earth is absolutely vital in this whole game on this Universe. Earth has been the gem waiting for so very very long. So it comes back to Jesus and you.

What does this mean. It means we came here and forgot everything that we are. We came to experience all the aspects of polarity in order to find our way. "The one" Jesus role is to carry the message through to you.

Your job is to manifest the message and create the reality from the light Jesus has shown you. This enlightenment of all mankind will radiate through the entire construct of the universe and you will complete the 7 stages of growth to the divine counterparts. Once this is done, you will then live heaven on earth. The fathers of humanity will then ensure that harmony and balance is restored throughout the entire Universe. The 11th dimensional beings will then seeds many Universe's from this.

So when Jesus comes, you will know, and you will all know "the I am presence" It is you that we have been waiting for it is you that shapes the Universe.
Anyway sorry for the spellings and whatnot it's very late. This all comes through as channelling so it's hard for me to type the visions as I gather it. Well I hope this makes sense.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 10:54 PM
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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 12:11 PM
Where are you channelling this message from? The bottom of an empty absinthe bottle?

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 01:01 PM
I'm a Christian Mystic, and I do not think Jesus is the only way.

If you were God (hypothetical), and you were getting ready to create existence, and knew that the there would come a day where only those who believe in Christ, would be saved from eternal Hell, keeping in mind all the bias with which people are programmed, being born into Muslim families, or into Atheism, or having a brain that is more attuned to logic/reason instead of intuition/heart ........would you still create existence knowing the majority of souls would be in hell forever?

I wouldn't. And I don't think Christ is the only way. In Buddhism it is taught that to break the cycle of reincarnation and to escape it and this world once and for all, requires Spiritual Enlightenment. Now considering that Enlightenment through the Buddhist path is rather difficult and most people won't leave everything behind to enter a monastery, it would make sense for Jesus to eventually show up and make it easier to reach Enlightenment through Jesus and Grace.

The Path through Christ is one of Mystical Grace. Love God, others, Pray, and get Baptized, and the eventually the Holy Spirit descends upon you and illuminates the third eye, soul, heart, turns all the lights on to the Kingdom that is within you. The yolk of Christ is simple, easy, peace, love, letting go.

I think it has to do with the afterlife as well. There were about a dozen or So mystics/Monks in Christianity that recalled seeing traps in the afterlife where demons snatch up your soul. They called them aerial toll house, and you had to pass a bunch of them with correct answers to be able to go back to God. Buddhism has something similar called the book of the dead which are instructions on how to bypass all the traps. Gnostics also speak of a bunch of traps in the afterlife and that the way you go passed all of them is to use the name of CHrist and to say that you are a Son of the Pre-existent One, the One who has always ever been (God Himself).

This whole matter is alot more complicated and deeper than most people think

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