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"Classic Rock" Fans?

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:40 PM
I am talking Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

There are lots of music that interest me, but THESE are some of the bands that I can listen to for eternity.

There is a reason they are all in the rock of fame...

One of my favorite songs from each band. These songs are EPIC. This is a time where looks did not matter. You could be the ugliest duckling in the world. What made you was the music.

It is a shame that nowadays we have bands that only get fans by their looks and "repeating" music. By that I mean half of it sounds the same.

Anyone out there also a fan of these great bands?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:13 PM
Now this is my kind of music!!
You have another fan of classic rock coming into this thread Frito.
Here are some favorites of mine from each of these great bands.
I will see your "That Smell" and raise you "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynard Skynard.

Over The Hills And Far Away.

Run Like.......HELL!!!

Don't.......Stop Me.....Now!!!

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by gimmefootball400

Ah Tuesdays Gone is such a work of art! Especially when Billy Powell kicks it with the Piano mid way.

While the bottom 3-4 songs you posted are good, I do not consider them master pieces. Regardless, still good songs.

Tuesdays Gone? Ill go a bit slower than that...this song has a unique sound to me compared to many of their other songs.

Love Will Keep us Alive - The Eagles...if a band nowadays can make their songs sound better LIVE then I give many props to them. This version rocks the studio version.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 11:52 PM
Perhaps I have a different view of what classic rock is. Rock and Roll started way before the Beatles and Stones. In fact they learned from these guys.....

However I feel the need to add of my favorites.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:30 AM
All those are truely great...

Blackfoot, I've not listened to them in a long while...gotta remember to replace those...thanks for the unintentioned reminder...

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 08:51 PM
Some of my favorite rock songs, and I think they are classics

The Who - Magic Bus, See Me Feel Me
Derek and the Dominoes (Eric Clapton) Layla, Bell Bottom Blues
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
Eric Burden and the Animals - Oh Lord Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Too many to list, but if I go way back like Elvis it would be
Buddy Holly - I Fought The Law, It's So Easy
Don McLean said it best - The day the music died is the day Buddy Holly died. Can you imagine what he could have done with rock and roll if he had lived. He was the great one.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by whaaa

I consider early 80's and anything before to be classic rock.

You have posted some great songs as well.

Highway song is brilliant...while Blackfoot has only about 3-4 songs I enjoy, that is a top contender among many of the bigger name songs I have on my list!

While Buddy Holly is certainly a great name, he doesn't grab me like many of the other songs posted...he is more of an icon than someone I would listen to.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by FritosBBQTwist

Flag and I would star everyone who has contributed if I could. Thanks!!
I'm glad you started this thread. It's great to check in and listen to songs
that will always remain in my heart and soul. And yeah, I suppose pre 80s qualifies as classic. thus......

God I miss the days when R&R was tribal, sexual and just plain ole kickass FUN.

But at the same time, R&R was taken from just I, IV, V into something entirely sophisticated with the likes of Steely Dan, Dire Straits and these guys....

F. did you click on my sig? u2u me your honest opinion.

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by whaaa

You got it

Just do me a favor and reply back at the very least with what you agree/disagree with.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 06:27 PM
Don't forget...

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 11:25 AM

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 09:29 PM
Back from the dead! Some of the more recent posts are sure real classic songs haha...

I shall continue...

One of the best lyrical songs and one of the best guitarist songs...

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 09:53 PM
Thread brings back a lot of memories, I've seen a fair # of these bands do these songs. ZZ Top was always great live.

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 10:09 PM

I like Deep Purple. Helluva band.

Pretty unknown band from the 70's and 80's, Renaissance. Mother Russia is a tune about Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Annie Haslem has the voice of a goddess. They currently are on their 40'th anniversary tour. Ain't all the real guys but what band, after forty years, has all their original members?

I better stop here, make sure I embedded these properly. No use making a long post with a bunch of black boxes in it. I got them all right except that last one, which I am trying to fix right now. See what happens.

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posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 10:56 PM
OK, fixed that. Here's another favorite of mine from Renaissance, recorded just a few days ago. Haven't listened yet but I've heard decent refviews of the shows they have been doing so I hope it sounds ok.

Now it's time to show the Devil's Horns. Ronnie James Dio, back when he was only forty or so. Hard to believe the guy was born in the thirties and is still rocking.

I would be remiss if I didn't put up "Long Live Rock N Roll"

How about The Dixie Dregs? Steve Morse is freaking amazing. Hell, the whole band is.

Ok, I think that's enough for now. Just a sampling of the music I love. No Led Zeppelin in my posts as I have no desire to ever hear that band again, but that's just me. Never really did like them, too folky and Jimmy Page is sloppy.

One last song. Another forgotten band from BITD, a cool one from Uriah Heep.

Hope you guys enjoy! I've been thinking of starting my Progressive Rock thread back up, or just doing another one and getting it right(bunches of black boxes, it's kind of lame) but this is good enough for now.

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posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by whaaa

That is my kinda music too, great music

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 04:39 PM

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 04:15 PM
This thread has been still for awhile, but I just had to add:


Thanks to all the thread contributors, you've all posted some great memories!

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 05:36 AM
I hate the word classic rock, it makes the music sound old.

I mostly only listen to music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I completely dislike the 90s (worst decade musically) and the past ten years weren't that great either, though there were some good new bands like Crashdiet (well the first album, then the singer committed suicide and the band wasn't the same), Crucified Barbara or Benedictum

I like all the old bands. Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Vanilla Fudge, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Rush, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper and so on.
Great music, too bad i'm so young...i would've loved to see those bands in their prime

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