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TinWiki: Astral Projection

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Astral Projection is the paranormal ability for the mind to travel through time and space without the constraints of the physical body. Case reports suggest that it is indeed possible for the consciousness to leave the body and see it from without. Astral Projection, or Out of body experience is commonly described as part of Near Death Experience or NDE. However the phenomenon has been reported in healthy people as well.


A lot of testing has gone on to see if this ability is real or not. To date, there have been some intriguing test results, however nothing has been conclusively proven. Since many people claim to experience OBE while near death, some doctors in some operating rooms try and test the hypothesis. They do so, for example, by placing something on top of a shelf or cabinet near the operating table. Sometimes it is just a sign with some shapes on it. It should be noted that the target cannot be seen from standing on the floor, it is usually placed above eye level. When a person claims to have been floating over their body in the operating room, they can be quized as to what they have seen.

Some studies have shown that astral projection is believed to be a fact in most cultures. Other studies point to a number as high as 25 percent of people being asked saying they have experienced this phenomena. The most common traits of OBE are a sense of heightened perception, greater awareness and the feeling of being disconnected from the body.

In 1965 - 1966 Dr. Charles Tart of the University of Virginia put the hypothesis to the test. He employed a self confessed telepath to carry out the investigation. He asked a man named Robert Monroe to project himself astrally from one room to the next. Out of eight attempts, it appears Mr. Monroe was able to project twice. He accurately described objects in the other room and their placement there. In the 1970's one Dr. Karlis Osis of the American Society of Psychial Research tested an OBE adept, who on many ocassions was able to describe objects that were out of his line of sight. He also tested a school teacher by the name of Alex Tanous, who appeared to be able to set off vibration detectors while While none of these tests were 100 percent conclusive, they were highly suggestive that something paranormal was occurring.

More on the Phenomenon

Experiments have been carried out to see if animals could be aware of an astral being in their presence. Of course the animal cannot tell the researchers what they are seeing. However some of their behavior is highly suggestive that something is going on. There have also been experiments that seem to indicate that while the psychic is projecting, the body reaches a definitive physiological state.

Many skeptics claim that OBE's are merely hallucinations, dreams or other perfectly reasonable experiences. Other explanations include that the subject is reliving memories, or having a particularly vivid lucid dream. However these explanations fail to explain how some people are able to describe objects or events out of their range of natural perception.


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