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The Psychokinetic Ability Research Project

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 10:24 PM

Throughout history, and in the modern day, there are stories of people who performed superhuman abilities.. abilities that defy the norms of what we humans are able to do. In certain cultures however, abilities involving energy manipulation with the power of the mind (or soul/lifeforce) is beleived to be real. A good example of this is in some Chinese martial arts, that claim to harness the body's natural lifeforce. The chinese call this energy "chi", and with training they strive to master its manipulation.

The buddhist monks of Tibet form a second example. Research indicated that they beleive to have mastered certain abilities, such as warming their bodies in extremely cold conditions with the power of their mind. The monks are known to be highly mystical and frequently meditate, but what of Western examples?

The 20th century saw a spiritual/mystical revolution in western society, with psychics, new age religions, paranormal investigation, and other mystical subjects becoming increasingly popular. People have made livings and careers out of it, such as demonstrating their telepathic or telekinetic abilities to wow audiences, who may be susceptable to elaborate trickery.

This project aims to take a serious and scientific approach to testing the powers that many have claimed to possess. Telepathy and intuition has been tested by certain scientific institutions, but the area lacking the most research seems to be Psychokinesis. This is the ability of effecting objects with the mind. If proven real, this ability has the best potential for producing remarkable evidence.


- Research Psychokinesis.

- Attempt to Train in Three Psychokinetic Abilities:

14 Days of Telekinesis: Manifesting movement of matter.
14 Days of Pyrokinesis: Manifesting heat or flame with matter.
14 Days of Cryokinesis: Manifesting a reduction in temperature and extinguishing fire.

- Monitor results in scientific format, and keep note of any details.

- Test and experiment with abilities that are successful.

- Throughly examine results/data, and draw evidence based conclusions.


- For each research day, a minimum of one hour should be used to train in the ability. This may be 3 x 20 minute sessions, or a whole hour.

- Meditation should be performed before the training session, a state of relaxation and clarity should be obtained, if possible be away from any interferance.

- For Telekinesis, a small lightweight object of your choice should be used at first.

- For Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis, a candle could be used, for lighting and extinguishing. The two abilities can be applied to other tests. Team members are encouraged to develop their own techniques.

- Any notable details or results should be recorded, and presented in a small report. Video results would be advantageous.

- If results are successful, then it will be necessary to experiment with the ability to learn as much as possible about it.

- At the end of each two week testing period, a full scientific report should be produced.

- Serious discussion and academic/internet research is also welcome here, but hands-on training takes priority.

Important Links

General Discussion Thread
SkyBlue's Document Pack
More to follow..

Team Members

SteveR (team leader)

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 11:59 PM
Khiem’s Telekinesis Log (skyblueff0)

Day 0 (Dec. 17, 2005):
Goals: To conduct experiments on the “psiwheel” to find it’s flaws, inorder to help future researchers so they can prevent recreating(?) those flaws or mistakes.
Results (Flaws):
• Air currents
--- Heating/Cooling ventilations
--- Breathing: Mouth/ Nose
--- Machines: Fan/ PC speakers
--- Draft: Improper Movement/ Jesters
• Tremors/Wobbles
--- Non-sturdy table legs
--- Direct Causes: Touch Psiwheel/ Table
--- Indirect Causes: Vibration
• Heat
--- Machine made heat (Kinetic Energy)

Conclusion (Solutions):
• Air currents
--- Stay away from Heating/Cooling ventilations
--- Wear a mask or cloth to cover nose and mouth
--- Turn off any machinery that produces air currents
--- Bring hands close to psiwheel from side to side (not up and down)
• Tremors/Wobbles
--- Find a sturdy table
--- Direct Causes: Make sure hands/ arms doesn’t touch the table or wheel
--- Indirect Causes: Make sure people aren’t jumping around
--- The Avg. Human can’t produce temperatures that could excite the molecules (97.8 Fahrenheit is our average temperture)

SteveR: I just created a little guideline on "What Not to Do" when experimenting with a psiwheel, because the effects of the things i mention above could cause similar results as psiwheel wheel moving due to psi.

plus add this link: (thanks to AkashicWanderer, its for meditation)

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 08:43 AM
I have begun some preliminary research and found the following to be generally accepted facts about Telekinesis:

*Anyone can learn to harness telekinetic powers, with enough motivation and practice¹
*An important factor seems to be meditation/clearing mind of all emotion and thought.
*Pushing or pulling an object on a surface is exponentially harder than moving an object without such friction, etc. Even levitating it into the air is claimed to be easier than pushing.
*Start very small, and be willing to devote a lot of time and practice.
*Iron seems to help with the process. Iron and nickel objects are also said to be easier to move than non-magnetic objects. (Possible link to magnetism???).

¹ - See possible exception below in "Telekinesis Equation".

Helpful Links:

A good link with four different experiment apparati, information on what to do and what not to do:

An encyclopedia definition of psychokinesis, historic events, and external links to other useful sites:

An award-winning PK site with information on more than a dozen types of kinesis:

Eight articles about PK on the somewhat-controversial Psipog website:

Although the entire contents of this page appear to be plagerized from other groups, it does a good job at summarizing some of the best information about PK on the web:

A more skeptical definition of Kinesis, as well as alternative explainations

The Telekinesis Equation

Perhaps the most interesting information that I came across was the so-called "Telekinesis Equation", created by James A. Conrad. I have created a summary of it here:

The equation is as follows:

TK = CFe + VC + ZPE - SD - E+

TK = Telekinesis

CFe = Cerebral Iron. If not enough iron is present in your body (particularly in your brain), you may find that you are unable to produce any telekinetic results, no matter how hard and often you try.
Personal note: This has led me to believe that people with anemia (iron defficiency) would be unable to use or harness the ability of telekinesis.

VC = Visual Contact. You must be able to see the target you are trying to move, and keep a steady stare on it.

ZPE = Zero Point Emotions. You must not be stressed or overwhelmed with emotions. Strangely enough, no will-power or imagination is involved in the process. These only consume energy that could be devoted to the task at hand.

SD = Sleep Deprivation. You must be well rested when attempting to use TK. The more tired you are, the lower your chance of success will be.

E+ = No excessive Vitamin E in the body. Vitamin E is used by the body to control and lower amounts of iron in the body (ties in with "CFe" of the equation.)

Warning: Excessive iron in the blood can be fatal. Do not overdose on iron suppliments in hopes of gaining telekinetic powers.

Summarized from this original source:

Static Electricity and It's Effects On Psi-Wheels.

Through some experimentation with the psi-wheel, I accidentally came across something that may shed some light on possible instances of telekinesis, that are really nothing more than the result of static electricity. Skyblueff0 has mentioned a variety of flaws that can occur in the process, but I feel that static electricity should also be added to the list.

I have created the following video to show what I mean.
Note: I do not, in any way, claim that this video shows telekinesis at work:

Static And It's Effects on Psi-Wheels -- (Video)
Format: AVI
Length: 17 Seconds
File Size: 1.56 MB

You need to save it to your computer for it to work, I think. I know that not everyone's computer supports AVI and I apologize, but it's the only format I could get it in.

The following video demonstrates what I accidentally discovered, upon trying to cover my psi-wheel to prevent all sources of air currents from affecting it. I first noticed that when I initially put the container over the psi-wheel, it immediately jumps around a few times, like a compass trying to adjust to North. At first I assumed this was just because of air currents coming up from underneath. But I soon realized that even if it was completely covered and you moved the container very slow, it would still create the same effect. So it is my assumption that what is shown in the video is caused entirely by static electricity.

*There are no strings attached to the psi-wheel or the container in this video.
*The psi-wheel does not touch the sides of the container at any time.

Thus, static electricity could be used to create the illusion of telekinesis if done correctly. I attempted to create a static charge in my hand, and use my hand to "influence" the psi-wheel, as you see many claimed telekinetics doing. But this alone doesn't seem to work. Human skin does not seem to be able to collect enough static to cause such effects. But if the person is wearing a long-sleeved shirt when they do it, and the shirt gets close enough to the psi-wheel, this could be enough to do it.

Aside from making it easier to hoax through using static to move the psi-wheel, it also makes it harder to actually move through true telekinetic powers, as you are now fighting the pull of static, as well as the initial weight of the psiwheel. For this reason, I suggest using a glass covering for your psi-wheel and not a plastic one.

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 06:23 PM
Khiem’s Telekinesis Log (skyblueff0)

Day 1 (Dec. 18, 2005):
Note: I have had some experiences with the manipulation of the psiwheel with telekinesis before. I actually learned how to manipulate the psiwheel within two days. I got into the whole telekinesis thing for about two weeks, but then school and other events kept me from practicing telekinesis for months, this would be the first time in 4 or 5 months that I’ve practice telekinesis. But within those two weeks I managed to manipulate the psiwheel so it would constantly spin and was on my way to learn how to manipulate the psiwheel to move clockwise and counterclockwise. The reason why I'm telling you guys this is, if you don't get results like I did, just know that I had have some prior experiences with telekinesis. Also when I use the term “energy” I’m actually talking about “psi” or “chi", well for this log at least.

Goals: I will perform various tasks and experiments on the psiwheel to see how much telekinetic ability I retain or loss from my previous attempts to enhance and develop my telekinetic ability.

Results (Following experiments are in chronological order):
Directing “Psi” mentally: I manage to get the psiwheel to move 5 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. It would move 5 degrees clockwise then change direction and move counterclockwise and vice versa until I stop focusing on the psiwheel.
Directing “Psi” with my hands: I managed to move the psiwheel two full cycles, but after that it seems as though I couldn’t do it anymore. I would pinch my thumb and index finger (for both hands) and place them on opposite corners of the psiwheel and then try to channel energy through those fingers, this gives me an idea where to channel my “psi” on the psiwheel.
Directing “Psi” mentally w/ a container: I managed to get similar result as when I direct “psi” mentally on the psiwheel without a use of a container. The only difference was after a minute or two it stopped moving.
Directing “Psi” with my hands w/ a container: By this time, the psiwheel was moved a little bit, I would say for about 15 seconds top, then it just stopped.

Conclusion (Cause or Reason):
Directing “Psi” mentally: I was surprise I was able to move the psiwheel mentally, even if it was just 5 degrees or a total of 10 degrees, I believe this attempt to “advance telekinesis” hindered me to perform well with the various experiments below. The reason why I couldn’t move the psiwheel more than 10 degrees was my inability to focus one point on the psiwheel, my eyes kept jumping from one corner of the psiwheel to another.
Directing “Psi” with my hands: It seemed that after I managed to get the wheel to spin two full cycles, I barely got the psiwheel to move anymore. I believe the previous telekinetic experiment caused me to use a large proportion of my energy.
Directing “Psi” mentally w/ a container: I believe I barely had any energy inside of me, and I pretty much used to last of what I got on this experiment.
Directing “Psi” with my hands in a container: I believe that at this point was drained of energy; I mean right after this, I actually took a two our nap. I find that strange. Also I believe that when I try to direct “psi” with my hands, the psiwheel need to be relatively close to my hand maybe 10 – 20 mm apart, since I’ve just begun developing my telekinetic abilities.

PS: I read somewhere that minerals such as iron and nickel allows us to tap into the earth electromagnetic fields, allowing us to use ESP. I do think it's interesting that "minerals" are significant for human to develop psionic abilities. I will do further research with "Iron", possibly buy supplement pills. I don't think I will perform any research or experiments with iron supplements until the 2nd week, this would allow me to make a comparison with a week with and without "mineral" supplement.

I think minerals such as iron somehow temporary enhance the brain "activities", I believe these minerals somehow bridge a gap between the active and dormant neural pathways allowing neurons to travel through parts of the brain they were never able to travel to before. Another theory would be that these minerals somehow allows more neurons to travel through out the brain, maybe because irons act as a conductor for these neural pathways, allowing more electrical pulses or messages (neurons) to be sent all over the body or the mind.

I heard restoring charkas also helps with telekinetic or any kind of metaphysical abilities. Anyways good luck guys, just believe you can do it...

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 03:10 AM
Tony's report: Day 1.
After reading skyblueff0‘s report and specifically the paragraph referring to iron and nickel, I feel I need to make some things clear about me that (according to that paragraph) will have an effect on my TK abilities. I was once thought to be anemic, blood tests showed I am not; but I do have supplements. Using my physiology and biology textbooks, i’ll see what effects iron and nickel may have upon brain activities and I will also u2u skyblueff0 to see if we can set something up.

Initial Status:
-Time started was 8:15pm
-Physical condition: fair.
-Psychological condition: moderate, yesterday and today brought many extreme feelings. Though before I started my experiment, my condition has changed into relief. Sorry folks, personal matters.
-Goal: To manipulate or move a small object without subjecting it to any physical disturbance.
-Methods: To clear my mind of all the pressures it has been under and to focus on the task ahead, some time will be devoted to meditation until I feel I can fully concentrate. Then, using a piece of nylon string (1mm diameter), it will be moved using the mind alone using two techniques. First, with both my hands in the proximity (cupped and not touching, nearly 1 inch apart at the fingers and palms); the second technique has my hands away from the nylon string and the closest part of my body (my nose) at about 4.2 inches away from the nearest tip of the nylon string.

During Procedure:
-Meditation duration: 20 minutes with one disturbance (had to cough).
-Time devoted to TK: total of nearly 35 minutes without disturbance. 20 minutes was devoted to the first technique (with hands in proximity) and 15 minutes to the second (without hands in proximity).
-Derivations from the Methods: none.
-Notes: no interruptions encountered.

-Total time spend: 55 minutes.
-Physical condition: my thumb, ring and middle fingers tingle and there feels as though there is pressure on two areas of my forehead (2 inches superior to the lateral corners of the eyes) and another pressure 1.5 inches below my occipital protuberance (the bump on the back of your head where the neck meets the skull).
-Mental condition: it feels as thought my mind is tired and drained. Normally, I think about a lot of things in a lot of detail; but not now. Oddly enough, it feels as though I am better able ton concentrate on one thing at a time and pay a little more attention to this one thing than usual (usually i’m adept at doing a few things at once).

No movement observed. Today did not feel like a day when I was at full capability. I wasable to concentrate after my meditiation, but still. It felt as though I was weaker/wearier today than I usually am.

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 08:50 PM
Textbook type infomation on Iron:
Here I will just paraphrase the information i've recieved from my textbooks with the work cited at the end.

Minerals are inorganic nutrients that contitute 4-5% of the body weight.
Iron is a mineral that is a component of hemoglobin and is responsible for
ATP production in the electron transport system (ATP is the universal
energy source of all living things; electron transport system is a series of
electron carriers in the inner mitochondrial membrane that recieve
electrons to formulate ATP and water). Iron ions (Fe2+) is important for
red blood cell formation. A deficiency in iron results in decreased oxygen
transport, energy loss and anemia. The average amount within the
human body is 4g and the recommended daily intake is 18mg.

It is my personal belief that it is the iron located within the meoglobin that is of inportance to us. Hemoglobin is a component of blood and also holds 2/3rds of the 4g of iron in the body. As we know, blood is circulated throughout the body and since iron is necessary for oxygen transport, iron is distributed throughout the body. Why could it not be plausable that this grid of hemoglobin could act as a magnetic body, transmitter, reciever, or *shrugs* other.
There was no information in my books that indicates nickle is a component of the human body. Aside from iron, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, phosphorus, zinc and chromium are other important metal in the human body. If anyone has any information or speculating relating to these other minerals and their theorized effects on TK, let me know and I will look into it as best I can.

I also wanted to say that i've switched to using a psi wheel. Figured I better conform to the rest of the group.

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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 09:18 PM
Good work guys!

As Yarcofin said the static electricity phenomena is definitely something we need to eliminate from our experiments. I'm using a large glass to shield my subjects from static and also air currents. I suggest this becomes standard practice for all of us.

I've translated the complex telekinetic handbook into something more understandable and easily accessible. I think this may help all of us.


Ideas reproduced below are intellectual property of Kaltem Gibson copyright 2001-2004.

There are 3 Fundamentals of Telekinesis: Focus, Energy, Force


Focus is the opposite of what most people beleive it to be. There is no thinking or concentration involved. Focus is defined as "no thought loudness". It is mental stillness, without any concentration or thought.

When you cannot hear these words being repeated in your head, you are in focus. Focus can be achieved through meditation and clearing the mind. Techniques are listed later in the post.

You must ease any tension at the sixth chakra (between eyebrows) to be in focus. Tension in general must be low, there must be no negative emotion and no physical discomfort. You must be relaxed and at peace. Don't fight tension if you feel it, be at ease with it and it shall pass. Tension may be identified as pressure or rigidity in the body, and also identified as a negative emotional state or unclear mind.


Energy refers to a feeling. It may be tingles or warmth. This is your PSI Energy (also called spiritual energy outside of pisonics). You may feel it most at the seventh chakra (top of head), sixth chakra, fingertips (if you directed it there), or any other physical location. This energy can act to influence an object.


Force is the push/pull applied to the object. This can be used when you follow the Sight, Emotion, Tension rules.

Sight: the selected object must be looked at and nothing more. Look at the whole object, not a selected area. In the mind's eye or physically.

Emotion: the mind must not be in a state of negative emotion. Positive emotion is beneficial.

Tension: you musn't fight any tension, be at ease with it. Otherwise you will obstruct your energy. This rule also links to focus, see above for more on tension.

The Wind Principal

Wind and air are not defined as the same. Wind refers more to the movement of the air, rather than referring to wind as air. Wind itself is not energy. The flow of energy is literally 'wind'.

The Meditation Exercises for Focus

"Meditation exercises are important for making focus a way of life. When you train your mind with the various focus exercises, remember that the main goal for the exercises is to keep your mind at a state of focus.
Proper meditation will reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, and reduce most levels of discomfort. Meditation is used to help your mind become more relaxed. Proper meditation techniques will help you to achieve the ability to stay focused."

- Sit in a very comfortable position. Let your body be relaxed.

- Let all your thoughts fade away, if anything is bothering you tell yourself that you'll deal with it later.

- Empty all thoughts about your environment.

- Inhale as much air as you can, slowly.

- Exhale every bit of air, even slower.

- Normally breathe, each breath should take a quarter of time you took to fully inhale.

- Repeat this breathing cycle once in a while.

- Continue to keep your mind empty of all thoughts. No thought loudness.

- Imagine the top area of your head, and look at it. You may feel an area of discomfort.

- Continue breathing deeply and be at ease. Any discomfort will slowly turn into comfort.

- You may now feel your PSI energy above your head. Remain calm and let your positive PSI energy heal any discomfort.

Part 2

- In your minds eye look at (or through) the area between your eyes. Focus on that area, and very slowly, exhale all air and hold your breath for a short time.

- Do not fight or resist any sensations you may feel.

- Repeat the entire process until your feeling better, at ease, and even in focus (when you cannot hear these words in your mind.)

The meditation exercise may take some practice, but it will put you in the right mindset for Telekinesis, and access to your energies. It will also clear away any negativity or tension that could be obstructing your energy.

Testing your Focus

"First, you must enter focus through meditation. Do not say these words aloud. You will be in focus, when you cannot hear these words in your mind. You can read the following text, only when your mind is clear.



You might be in thought again. That is ok. Bird and cow can be processed in your mind without saying them. Looking at the words, gives you the understanding of what they mean.

Try again by entering a focus mental state of mind.




Notice that bird, cow, and cat can be seen simultaneously. You are able to mentally process those words without the need to repeat those words from within your mind.

The cat.

Big dog.

Blue fish.

The focus ability begins to be more difficult because now you doubt that you will be able to remember what the mind had just processed because the sentence is longer. Practice this often to remain in focus."


Ok folks, that is all I got out of his handbook.
I suggest we think about it and read it over a couple times. I think it helped me, and it should help everyone's potential.

Now it's time for my log.

Steve's Psychokinesis Training: Week One Telekinesis - Days 1 and 2.

Note: This is not by any means a scientific write up, that will be posted at the end of each two week testing period.

Physical Condition

Good, slightly tired. Taking some caffiene to remedy that.

Psychological Condition

Ok. On a personal note my girl is away for a few weeks, we're very close and I'm missing her alot. Also I've been pretty stressed lately. So for these reasons I would say my mental condition is not prime. I'm quite effective at meditation though so I think any negativity I have won't affect the results too much.


To affect a psiwheel through the use of psi energy. The paper will be shielded from conventional variables such as wind and static.


I constructed a psiwheel as described in the psions handbook, by folding a 2 inch x 2 inch square of paper into a pyramid shape, and placed it on top of a sharp point.

For 10 minutes or so, I meditated to get in the right state of mind. I also used a technique in the Kaltem's handbook about visualizing white energy flooding into my body through the top of my head, and eventually leading out through my palms. I was unsure of this technique at first, but as I was focused and visualizing it, I began to feel a odd sensation. Whether that was just my mind playing tricks or not, I don't know.

However, I began to feel an energy buildup (tingles and warmth) through my body and especially the hands. I put my palms close together and attempted to form a psiball, as described by psipog. Nothing different happened, but the tingles and warmth still continued. A couple of minutes later it was getting more intense, and I almost felt 'something' between the fingers of each hand.

Since this was going pretty well, I decided to attempt TK. I placed my hands around the psiwheel. Nothing happened. I experimented with different hand movements and positions, until I only had one hand near the psiwheel. My fingers together and pointing toward one of the faces of the paper. At which point it moved quickly and steadily 90 degrees. I was getting in a positive mood, and tried it again, successfully moving 90 degrees.

By now I was pretty excited, but I felt the tingles and warmth getting weaker and less noticeable.. further attempts to move the psiwheel failed, and I'm left with a feeling of exhaustion and sleepyness.


Getting into a meditative state, and experiencing warmth and tingles between the hands, is a phenomenon that is often described on several psionic websites. The psiball technique is basic and simple, and although I doubt that a ball of energy was being made, I do think that there was definitely an energy of some kind being directed through my fingers.

Although not a scientific assumption, it's an accurate description of the feeling. I was pretty suprised when the paper moved a quarter cycle from placing my tingling fingers near it, but it does fit with what people on psipog and other places have experienced.

I also feel that this was not true telekinesis. TK would be effecting objects by the mind, from any distance, and without the use of 'charged' hands and "psiballs." This is even stated in Kaltem's handbook, and so I am forced to conclude what I experienced here tonight was NOT telekinesis. But it may be the first few steps in that direction.. or at least I hope so.

Additional Notes

I think that it is a good idea to use psiwheels at this early stage in our training. The great thing about them is that there is little friction. If we get more comfortable with moving psiwheels within these two weeks, I think it would then be a good move to switch to other tests.. such as small lightweight objects resting on a surface. But right now we need to build up some "strength".

Also mentioned in Kaltem's handbook was calming a tree on a windy day. This to me sounds extreme and personally totally out of my reach. But what peaked my interest was when he stated that when there is alot of energy in the environment, heavy objects can be affected with TK. Now while I don't fully comprehend his connection there, I do think it's worth a try.

Lastly, I'm reducing the daily TK practice down to 20 minutes. In light of my experience and the others, it simply isn't possible to maintain an effective energy for an hour.

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posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 03:04 AM

Lastly, I'm reducing the daily TK practice down to 20 minutes. In light of my experience and the others, it simply isn't possible to maintain an effective energy for an hour.

I recall reading that using your personal energy is not advisable because it does not last too long and isn't too powerful. I don't know if this can be changed, but further reading recommended that I get my energy from the surroundings and channel it into what i'm doing. This way, you're not acting as a battery, but more as a control center.
I don't think we'll be leaving earth anytime soon for some place devoid of matter, so I don't think this is a bad idea. It might be nice tho to have some folks try to build up their personal energy, while others try to use outside energy.
I've been using outside energy, so i'll stick to that.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 09:11 AM
Dec 19. - First Official Experiment

I felt quite well-rested as I began the experiment at approximately 3 pm.

I layed down on my bed and attempted a relaxation/meditation exercise of simply clearing my mind of all thought. After approximately ten minutes (I can't be sure, because I didn't open my eyes), I remembered that pronouncing the mantra "O" is said to increase psychic faculties, so I began internally (mentally) repeating "O". (Just a constant Long O in your mind, such as in the word "Goat", "Row", etc.)
After approximately ten more minutes, my vision goes from black to pure white. My body starts to feel weird, and I think that I might be astral projecting. I get up, just to make sure. I'm not in the astral, but I feel very relaxed, and strangely light. Almost surreal. All the gravity and weight that constantly pulls you down each day seems to have gone, and I can stand and jump with no stress on my body. I put on my glasses and begin the PK experiments.

At first, the psiwheel shakes slightly. I take my hands and feet out of contact the the table, and all shaking stops. After a few minutes of intense focus, the psiwheel begins to seemingly move. I say seemingly, because the movement was only a few millimetres, and may have just been something to do with the focus of my eyes adjusting/going cross-eyed/something else.
I come to the conclusion that it is impossible to tell if it really moved or not, unless I can set something up to measure it. I must devise a way to measure infintesimally small changes in the psi-wheel position.
I attempted to put the psi-wheel on a piece of paper with straight lines extending North, South, East, and West from the psi-wheel, with the idea that if it is set up perfectly aligned and then I do the experiments with the psi-wheel, I will be able to tell if it moved when it is no longer aligned with the lines on the paper. But it turns out that this method is pretty subjective. It is hard to tell, because the psi-wheel points can line up with the lines on the paper an infinite number of ways, depending on what angle you are viewing the apparatus from.

Chances that this experiment showed signs of telekinetic ability: Possible but highly unlikely.

On an interesting sidenote, the toothpick that I am using to hold up my psiwheel is beginning to warp. It has a noticable bend to it, although it has no signs of cracking. It reminds me of bending spoons. Is it possible that I am directing my focus not at the psi-wheel, but at the toothpick holding it up, by accident? I don't feel that simply the weight of a psi-wheel could cause it to bend like this, could it? The psi-wheel is only a 2x2 piece of paper, that can't weigh more than a few grams.
Nonetheless, as of writing this I am setting up a control. I will set up another psi-wheel to the exact specifications of the one I am using, on the OTHER side of the room, with no intention of practicing TK on it. I will also replace the current warped toothpick with a new, straight one.

If the control variable bends, then it is simply the weight of the psi-wheel bending the toothpick. If the control doesn't bend, then there is a good chance that the original toothpick was warped by TK.

You guys are probably using a metal needle, but you should still check and make sure that whatever you use is also not bending like mine is. I'd also like your input if you have any suggestions for an objective way to measure psiwheel movement. The only other thing that I can think of is putting a camcorder right against the container.

After finishing the test, I have a slight headache that goes away after 10-15 minutes.

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posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 05:12 PM
Yarcofin, I haven't heard of repeating "O" but for the sake of experiment I'll try it too. If I was to make a guess about how/why it works, I'd say that it helps to keep your mind focused, without distracting thoughts. It could be a technique we need, until we can properly become thoughtless. I don't know about you guys, but it's not easy for me to become completely thoughtless. If we can master it, it should help though. Afterall all the psionic websites say it's important.

By the way I was using a thin stick like a toothpick too but nothing weird happened to it. Could you get a picture of your warped one?

Phalanx, thanks for the tip.. I'll look into that a little more. Maybe I drained myself a little too much.. after my TK practice last night I sorta had a lack of balance when walking.. and my grip of objects wasn't that good. It was almost like I was drunk... but I hadn't touched any alcohol. If anyone else notices this side effect, let me know.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 06:09 PM
This one's interesting, talks about the "o" sound and others.

Now this is one I noticed immediately, read what it says for "Trakata". Does that sound useful for TK or what?? lol

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 10:28 PM
Psychokinesis Training: Telekinesis - Day 3 (Tue)
Research Note: This log is not intended to be a scientific paper.

Physical Condition

Excellent. Just snacked on hot cereal, yoghurt, and non-acidic fruit. Feels good. I've read in several places that eating/drinking PH neutral and Alkaline foods boosts your psychic/spiritual ability. Not sure about that, but the PH of your foods and drinks does affect the blood and your body tissue. Worth noting is that in this modern age, most food especially fast food and soda, is Acidic. Make of that what you will.

Psychological Condition

I'm looking forward to tonight's experiment, so I'm more positive this time.


To affect an aluminium psiwheel through the use of psi energy. The aluminium will be shielded from conventional variables such as wind and static. Al is the material of choice this time, as research indicates that aluminium psiwheels are easier to move by TK. Perfect for beginners, I guess. Also replacing toothpick/stick with a thick steel needle (bobkin).


I constructed a psiwheel as described in the Psion's Handbook, by folding a 2 inch x 2 inch square of aluminium sheet foil into a certain shape, and placed it on top of a sharp steel needle, tacked to a desk. I shielded it with a heavy scotch glass. See diagram below.


I then practiced mantric meditation, aswell as Kaltem's meditation techniques for 10 minutes or so. My experience from the mantric meditation was very similar to Yarcofin's. When I got down to the experiment I had no luck at all.

I felt that the glass was blocking all my attempts, so I removed it and pulled my thick cotton top over my nose and mouth, to cover any breathing. With a little more desperation, I moved my fingers near to the wheel, and focused. It did move slightly, twice, over 15 minutes. But ofcourse that could of been air movement or static, so it's inconclusive.

After taking a short break due to a headache and an annoying "pressure" feeling in my head and body, I resumed my attempts. This time I moved a greater distance away from the psiwheel and also put my hands in my lap. I figured if TK is about mind over matter, I should take my hands out of the equation and create some distance..

Although I doubted this would work, I tried once again to meditate and focus.. except this time I broke the "no thought loudness" rule. I decided to try to use some willpower.. so I repeated a mantra of "move" and "turn" in my mind, looking at the wheel intently. Suprisingly 5 minutes later it began to shake a little, most times it would shake exactly the moment I thought "move now!".

I didn't break eye contact for a pretty long time. I deeply concentrated on the thought of moving it, and suddenly I felt a weird sensation in my mind and at that exact moment the wheel turned a quarter-cycle, just like last night. I got encouraged by this, but I couldn't reproduce the effect, and all I managed was a few shakes... then nothing, no matter how hard I tried.. so I guess I exhausted all of my energy again.


This session I did manage to "turn" the wheel a quarter cycle (90 degrees), using my mind only. My hands were far from the wheel, so I think it's very possible that I forced myself to perform some TK. What I've noticed is I feel a very odd sensation when the wheel turns, and it lasts only a second. I don't get that sensation at any other time, not even during minor shakes. Secondly, the movement of the wheel in both cases of shaking and turning, is NOT like the movement when subjected to air/wind.. I checked that out and the two movements aren't similar at all. Right now I feel very strained, like I did too much again, but if this is the price for progress then it's worth it.. we only have two weeks afterall.

Recommended Reading

I suggest you read the "Just do it" section, since that method is very similar to what I did tonight.
Psychokinetic Methods

Yet another link on meditation..
Focal Meditation

Alright well that's all for tonight. Good luck with your wheels guys.

Edit - Just thought I'd add, that from what I've seen so far... the power and ability of TK is not the limiting factor. I feel it can handle way way more than psiwheels and light objects. The limiting factor in my opinion is our activation of the ability.

For example.. The actual moment of moving the wheel felt easy and simple... but the trying and concentrating part, felt strained, exhaustive and very awkward. The more we tune in to the ability, the less time we'll spend trying and concentrating to make it work.

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 10:56 PM
Day 4 (Dec. 21, 2005):
Note: My apologies for failing to post my log reports for the past few days, a lot of unexpected matters came up, and I just had to deal with them first. Well, obviously I dealt with those matters already, so I shall resume my log posts for the next six weeks. On the positive notes, while I was dealing with those matters, I also managed to take the time read some articles and about people with telekinetic abilities, that also got me in a good vibe. I think in order of one to achieve his/ or her goals, one must first believe he/ or she is capable of doing so. What I mean is you have to break the mental barrier that cause you to hold back from taking that first step towards you goal.

I’m currently feeling a little bit tired, but nothing I can’t handle. I feel kind of light near my chest, like a sense of nervousness, but I’m extremely giddy and happy for some reason, I don’t know why, but hey I’m not complaining.

Warm Up:
I just drank a little bit of water; I also listened to mellow/ambient music for 15 minutes to ease my excitement down a little bit. I then took another 15 minutes to do simple meditative exercise in hopes clear my mind of all thoughts. I think warming up might actually be beneficial because, during my last two experiments, I didn’t take time to meditate or clear my thoughts, so hopefully this time I would get some better results.

To conduct telekinetic experiments on the “psiwheel” by manipulating “psi” through my hands, and get better results since the last experiments.

•Trial 1: I managed to get my “psiwheel” to turn one cycle, but it took a little bit too much effort, I had move my pitched fingers along in the rotational direction that I wanted my “psiwheel” to move on. I basically push the “psiwheel” using “psi” energy. I assure you I didn’t touch the “psiwheel” for my fingers were at least 10mm away, and I wore a mask so it wasn’t the breath.
•Trial 2: I got the best results during 2nd trial, I manage to get the “psiwheel” to spin several times without “pushing” the “psiwheel”, I just merely position my fingers at two opposite end of the “psiwheel” and drew energy.
•Trial 3: I manage to get two full cycles, similar to the one’s in Trial 2, but after that I had to “push and guide” the “psiwheel” again.

•Trial 1: I didn’t get much success during Trial 1, I actually only got one cycle, a possible reason was that I wasn’t in the right mindset at the time, and I was still dazed due to sleep lack of sleep.
•Trial 2: By the Trial 2, my mind was focus and I was pretty much awake, I managed to focus long enough to get three or four full cycles, so I guess I’m progressing everyday.
•Trial 3: I guess halfway into Trial 3, I basically drained myself out.

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 05:17 PM
Skyblue are you using a glass? I don't seem to get any results when I do. I don't think we are at the stage where we can effect the wheel through a barrier. We need some better precautions though, against air and static..

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 06:40 PM
No I'm not using any glass, well I tried it once, with "small" results, but I do take alot of precautious measurements....during my experiments

1) I wear a mask when I do use the psiwheel, so I would ensure my self that it isn't my breathing that is causing the wheel to spin.
2) I Don't think it's static electricity, I usually have small scraps of papers all over my tables and non-of them ever stick to me.
3) I don't think it's air because the when never spins when I let it be, I usually do that to make sure no air currents is causing the psiwheel to spin.
4) I don't think it's hot air because I'm not the psi wheel isn't surround by my hand, just two points on the psiwheel, plus I don't think my body can generate that much heat to excite air molecule or whatever.

Trust me man, I take alot of precautious measurements, because I was a very skeptical with my results months ago, and after I took all of those measuremnts I really became a believer. Though from time to time, I still question the whole phenomena just to keep an open mid, but I will save that for my final log report two weeks from now. But trust me what I write is 100% valid. I did try it with the glass, and I believe it posted the result on my 2nd log post. But if you would like, I will try moving the psiwheel inside a case, only problem is I believe I can direct "psi" to a certain far i recorded about 12mm.

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 07:08 PM
Ok man, as long as we've got some result with a glass, then it's alright. Getting movement in a glass proves it is real TK/Psi, and not static or air. I too beleive we've used Psi successfully without a glass, but to be absolutely certain that it was Psi, the effect has to be reproduced in a glass. Hope that makes some sense, and I'm happy you did get small results.. but I didn't have any. Maybe my Psi isn't strong enough to go through glass?

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 01:28 AM
Personally, I haven't been using a glass covering because it makes it hard to concentrate. When a glass cup is covering my psi wheel, i'm looking at it through a rounded reflective container through two different perceptions (left and right eyes) and because of this, it looks blurred/double imaged and eventually gives me a headach from trying to focus in on it with my eyes.

What you guys might want to try to do is put it in a glass container the right way up so the top is open and you look down from ontop and focus in on it without the distorted perception. Just be sure to cover you mouth and nose tho.

This past tuesday, I am certain I achieved a small success in using TK on the psi wheel. When I have a small allotment of time, i've been practicing trying TK without meditation but in its play, a high amount of concentration. BTW, I still do a standard 1 hour with meditation experiment every day.
Anyways, this past tuesday I had a little bit of time to kill. So I took my psi wheel out from my wallet and tried it out. Both before and afterwards, I let the wheel sit to see if there were any air currents that I was unware of. There were none, so after covering my mouth, I started.

At first, I tried it without my hands nearby and using energy from my surroundings. Mentally, I pictured a current of smooth current of water flowing in one stream up from the ground, entering my body around my stomach, and being projected from the area between my two eyes. This had no reasults.

The second time, I held my thumb and first two fingers up and visualized that I was gathering this current of water into a concentrated point inbetween them (basically, just a psi ball). I did get a tingling sensation in these fingers too. When I felt I was ready, I surrounded the psi wheel with these energized fingers, waited a moment till all was still, then focused on coating the psi wheel with this energy and directing it to spin.
It worked, not too long (it shocked me and I withdrew before I realised it), but I did manage to turn it about 20-30 degrees.

I waited a little bit to see if it perhaps moved on its own. But it didn't. Further attempts since then have not worked, but then again I have not gotten that feeling I did that tuesday.

It is possible that I have been achieving minute results every time I experiment; but for 1, I don't take exact measurements to determine if it moved very very slightly and 2, i'm not sure if the more I focus, the more the psiwheel seems to move just by a trick of the eye. I say a trick of the eye because along with the illusion that it is turning very slightly, it also seems to pulse a little bit.


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posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 01:54 AM
Good log, and same here on that pulsing. I described it as shaking before but I think we're getting the same effect there.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:29 PM
Day 9 (Dec. 27, 2005):
Note: Sorry, I know I haven't been posting for a while, but it's the holiday so I hope you guys understand. I don't know I haven't been conducting experiment or sharpen my telekinetic abilities with the psiwheel since my last log post. All I can say was I spent about 1h +30mins. I don't know how long but i suspect it was a little bit more than 1h and 30mins. All I can say was for the 45mins I had no luck moving the psiwheel, that's what happen when you don't practice, so then I decided to take a nap and visualize this purple vortex.

I'm out of it, the holidays really threw my train of thoughts off, it's really difficult for me to visualize and focus, when I have some visualization of some online game playing in the back of my head. It's really distracting and annoying. So I just took time to really clear my mind, take a nap, visualize on a vortex, and focus. I tried all of the trick in my book, to get my train of thought back. So about the first 45 minutes I was out of it, and then the next 45 minutes I had a lot of success.

Warm Up:
I just drank a little bit of water; I listened to some recording of white noise, and other noises to get my train of thought focused on a particular sound (Brainwave Generator, I just use it for focusing exercise!). I also took a three hour nap, and when I woke up, I did some visual exercise, I tried to visualize this purple vortex. I don't know which one helped me but after that I had a chain of success, except why I try to manipulate "psi" in a glass container.

To conduct telekinetic experiments on the “psiwheel” by manipulating “psi” through my hands, and get better results since the last experiments.

Results (Length of time, minutes):
•Trial 1 (00:20): I don't know why but I tried to manipulate the psiwheel in a glass container first. All I could say was I had no luck what so ever.
•Trial 2 (00:25): I tried to manipulate the psiwheel without the use of a glass container, I had no luck as well. I was pretty much frustrated by then, so I decided to do some mental excerises and then take a nap (like I mention in the Warm Up section)
•Trial 3 (00:15): I tried to manipulate the psiwheel in the glass container a second time, but I got the same results as the first time when I tried it.
•Trial 4 (00:25): (Sorry SteveR, forgot to edit) Anyways I was very successful with manipulating the psiwheel. During my Trial 4, I conducted several experiments, I would say about 6 - 8 experiments, and had some kind of success in all of them.

•Trial 1 and Trial 2: I was mentally out of it at first, and I couldn't focus. That's why I did a series of warmups and excerise to get my train of thought back. I was scared at first that I hindered my abilities to manipulate my psi energy, but after those excerise I regain my confidence back.
•Trial 3: I guess there's still a doubt it the back of my head, telling me I can't do it when it's in a container, because of that I believe I was unable to move the psiwheel. Hopefully by the end of the week I can move it.
•Trial 4: I think the warmed worked, and I manage to get a series of success. I think in one of my experiment during my 4th trial I manage to get the psiwheel to spin 5x or more.

Note: I recorded two 15 seconds video clip of me performing psiwheel during my 4th trial. It was pretty difficult to focus on the psiwheel while managing the camera, but I managed. Also I had 4 video clips, but for some reason I couldn't find two of them, but no worries the other two are about just as good. I used a camera phone, and my camera phone only allows me to take 15 second clip, and you have to have quicktime or realplayer to see it. I recorded them towards the end of the 4th trial.

My Videos

Video000.3gp -
As you can see I had no problem manipulating the psiwheel, builted enough confident and had enough psi to do so.

Video001.3gp -
You can see that by this time, I'm somewhat drained of psi, but I manage to get a quarter turn, but after that you see me struggling, its really hard for me to explain, but as you can see I had to apply psi to different corners of the psiwheel inorder for it to move..

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 10:29 PM
Congratulations on getting some video evidence! That was great. I'm beginning to notice that the effects of TK is a jerky but controlled movement. It has sudden starts and sudden stops, and a constant speed.

It's totally unlike wind/air or touch movement (physical), because they have some acceleration and deceleration because of their inertia. But TK just looks very different than that, it looks alot more controlled.

The starts and stops are probably because of gaining then losing peak focus or energy. Spinning requires the TK user to maintain a constant level of focus or energy.

I suggest you edit the Results section and mention you got success in Trial 4. It's only mentioned in the Conclusion section.


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