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(IWWC) Silas

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 09:52 PM
It’s hard to remember the gentle serenity that was life before the Indigo Wars. If I try very hard I can remember playing in the yard with my older brother. Cops and Robbers was the game that occupied so many hours in our youth, kind of ironic now considering the circumstances. There are those that do not believe in fate but we had been preparing for this moment our entire lives.

“Sir, he is conscious now and is ready to resume.” said Pvt. Johnson, a small impish man who lacked any sort of spine.

“Thanks, Johnson…. Make sure that the camera is rolling.”

“Yes sir”

My brother the Corporal entered the room with as much forced authority as he can muster. Those who do not know him the way I do would believe this farcical display, I played along for his dignity’s sake.

“Lets talk about your motivations.” he asked with a hint of malice.

“Motivations?” I retorted “The reasons have been meticulously laid out for you to see long Ago. Since your memory seems to be lacking, let me recap. Mankind is reaching a new age an age of acceptance, compassion, and love”

“Save that late night infomercial crap, we both know its nonsense. I have heard it all before, what are you planning?” He asked, the annoyance is obvious now.

“Planning? We are simply here to usher mankind through the threshold peacefully; or as peacefully as possible.” I stated matter of factitiously

“Obviously we are not getting anywhere, I do not have the strength to beat the truth out of you anymore either. Do you want a cup of coffee? Defeat stung his words.

“Water is fine.”

It’s true he didn’t have the energy, he spent that all when he beat me to unconsiousness less than an hour ago. My mind is unclear, I has been since I have been here. I haven’t heard anyones voices or felt any of their emotions either. I hadn’t realized that untill now. Is that possible? Have they found a way to render us ‘common’? Impossible. At that moment I noticed a small coin laying on the floor near the corner, even a small child blessed with the gifts can move that with little problem. I found it all but impossible to focus on the coin the way necessary to make it move. They did it, my mind raced with the ramifications. No doubt it is only contained to this building and others like it. Surely they couldn’t recreate it in the world at large. It really doesn’t matter anyway they are too late. This exact game has played out many times throughout the entirety of space. It will go down in exactly the same way as it has countless times before.

“Johnson get Dr. Frange up here, tell him to bring the serum.” he orderd

“Yes sir right away.” The meek pvt. Johnson said as he scuttled out of the viewing room.

“Look at him sitting in there, bloody and tied to a chair. If our mother could see us now. I am certain she is rolling in her grave. That thing is not my brother I am not sure what he is but he cant be my brother anymore.” The Corporal thought to himself gazing empathetically at his brother. He noticed that his brother was staring intensely at the floor in the corner of the room, the coin grabs his eye. “He is figuring out our little secret” he amused himself with that idea.

Johnson and the Doctor entered, Dr. Frange has a glass vial in hand.

“This stuff works right?” The Corporal asked the doctor with more than a little skepticism

“Yes sir, like a charm” Frange said compensating for his own doubts

“Hope so, Johnson get that glass of water.”

The corporal pours the contents of the vial into the the glass and heads towards the door.
“I am sorry little brother.” the corporal muttered under his breath before he entered the interrogation room.

“Here you are.” The corporal slides the water over to his captive, the proverbial olive branch.

“How did you do it Jack?” the anger obvious in his voice as he reaches for the glass.

“Do what?” doing his best to play dumb

“How did you guys figure out how to block our abilities?”

“It is in our best interests if you weren’t able to kill us with a single thought, I just couldn’t have guessed that the first subject we had here would be my own little brother.

I guzzled down that glass of water ravenously, apparently getting beat till I lost consciousness made me quite parched. It wasn’t till I got it down that I noticed it had a slight taste.

“What was in there?” the fury was raging in me

“You see, you have weapons that you deem impervious. Overconfidence has brought down more powerful men than you. I have good old human ingenuity. What you just took was a synthetic compound that is essentially a truth serum. You hold onto your façade of peaceful fortitude with a death grip. I needed to know what it is that you know.” The corporal was obviously proud of himself for pulling one over on his “special” brother. “Now you will tell us what you know”

“I will NOT!” I shouted in defiance

“Give the serum a minute to work, believe me you will.”

It was at that very moment I felt my body grow extremely heavy and I felt my eyes glaze over. I was aware of everything and in control of nothing. I knew my words were about to betray me, I felt sorry for my brothers in arms, for I was going to be a traitorous pig.

“Ah, see there we go, now. What is your Name and Rank in the Indigo Army.” He began the interview as if I was a willing participant.

“Silas, General, Commander of Human Relations” I replied automatically.

“Silas? Your name is Jeffery Banks…” the corporal said confused

“Was.” I interrupted him

“Was? Why the change? Commander of Human Relations that ironic.” He stated still confused.

“Jeffery was the change, I was Silas long before I was ever Jeffery.” I corrected him

“ You are Jeff, you were born on Aug 14,1984 in Pelican Bay Minnesota” He said trying to convince me

“Wrong, my earthly body was born in Minnesota in 1984 my consciousness was born long before that in a region of the galaxy unpronounceable by human vocal chords. Humans have a difficult time separating who they are from the body they inhabit. A body is more like a vehicle. The consciousness makes up who you are. When the vehicle perishes you are transplanted into a new one, most of the time your memories are wiped clean but sometimes its not.” I stated all of this like it was common knowledge.

The corporal left the room in a hurry.

“Dr. Frange, what is going wrong he is talking nonsense in there.” The corporal demanded of the doctor.

“All respect sir but he is telling the truth, it is just quite bizarre.” The doctor replied defensively. “Go back in and find out what he knows.”

The Corporal re enters the interrogation room.

“You are my brother we shared a childhood that was very normal. How am I supposed to believe what you say is true?”

“We were placed here to be born just as human babies, but our souls are actually from somewhere else. They clouded our abilities and memories so that we could assimilate into society smoothly, only to have us awaken when the time is right.” My words becoming more treacherous by the second. “Obviously it worked flawlessly, you are a part of the upper elite in this world and you are just finding out about this now, and even now you don’t really believe me. It is far to late for your kind anyway.”

“How does it work, how did you discover the truth?”

“Remember I had the worst nightmares as a child about wars and suffering? Well those turned out to be visions of another war much the same as this one now. When we were old enough to be able to stand and fight is when our blinders were removed. Essentially over night I went from being a kid that was kind of psychic, to an alien soul with more abilities than I know how to handle. It was very amazing, but also very odd. I woke up that morning knowing what it is I am here to do and what my life had been before I came here.” I was close to telling my kinds darkest secrets I could tell and there was nothing I could do about it.

“Amazing. How is the indigo army set up, who is in charge?”

“The army isn’t set up in the way you would imagine, We are indigos. We are the soldiers, we are the face and muscle of this war. The crystals, as you call them, are here now and are behind the scenes interpreting our orders”

“The Crystals, you mean that crazy guy who had the late night talk shows was right? There are more of you? Why are they behind the scenes calling the shots, why not be public.”

“The crystals are much more powerful than us, they are among the wisest inhabitants of the multiverse. They remain hidden from the public because they appear to be younger than we are, they are around the earth age of 6-7. To you they would be small children, they are not to be feared, the operate on love and want nothing more than they want the transition to go smoothly.” I confessed

“Then if they are so docile why are you indigos so volatile?”

“We are the means to an end, We are the agents of change. Without us mankind would ignore the necessary signs and no one can be saved. We do what is necessary to make you see what is going on, sometimes that means force. It is not our wishes to be at war with the humans, we simply want to help you. Mankind has one damning feature, that is their response to fear. When they encounter something that they do not understand and fear their first reaction always is to fight it. This time you are up against something you cannot beat. The future is set, we grow closer to the inevitable result every second.”

“You said the Crystals interpret the orders, who are the orders from?” he continued after a moment.

“You call them the rainbows. They are more like our Gods. We refer to them as ‘the ancients’. The ancients are the survivors of a planet much like earth that was killed off because of ignorance and in action. The remaining members of this race left in to space seeking a new home, along their journey they discovered another planet in much the same situation, but were unable to help at that moment. Eventually they found a new home and they left to go help that other race of men. When they returned to that other planet its inhabitants were dead. They new that they had the ability to save entire races from them selves and they sent scouts out into the vastness searching for others in need of help. When they found some they planted some of their own who volunteered to assimilate into the new planets societies and facilitate the changes. Sometimes it goes with out a hitch, and other times it’s a long bloody war. Earth is one of the latter. Soon the Ancients will arrive here and the transition will complete.”

“What is going to happen, to us I mean?” He asked the grave concern evident on his grey face.

“This planet is as good as dead, so those who want to live will have to succumb to our ways and we will free them, there will be bloodshed, When the ancients arrive the indigos will transform.” I stated calmly

“Transform? Into what? Fear creeping over the corporal

“Our eyes will become black as obsidian and our abilities will increase 100 fold. We will grow in stature and become the monsters that we are destined to be. This will make us completely unstoppable. Nothing will get in the way of us completing our mission.”

“What? When are the ancients supposed to arrive?” Panic was beginning to set in.

“Today.” I replied after a lengthy pause

“We have to tell everyone what is going to happen.”

“Its too late for that, there is no point.”

“Why is there no point? They have to know!!!”

“We have been trying to tell the humans for years that this day was coming, but to no avail. They ostracized us called us names, said we were crazy. Humans refuse to believe, even though all of the evidence is right there in front of their faces.”

“But there is such little time left!”

“Don’t worry brother, the people worth saving will be, and they will be happy on our planet, The aggressors and the ignorant will perish.”

“Your world? You have never been there but you speak of it as if it is Eden”

“I have been there, before I was here, I remember everything of my life since my awakening. It is lush and gorgeous. Remember learning about the bunobos, that is the lifestyle that our world offers, simple, carefree and peaceful. It is wonderful brother.”

The corporal left the interogation room, for the observation room to see if Johnson and Frange were getting this.

“Did you guys get all of that?” the corproal asked nervously

“Yes sir, every last second of it” Pvt. Johnson exclaimes so excited he could barely contain himself.
“Send that tape out to every station that is still broadcasting signal, those who are still able to see it need to. Its their only chance.” The corporal commanded with extreme authority, with times so dire he needed to feel like he had control over something.

At that moment the tv that was in the corner of the observation room, that had been showing what the camera was recording, changed to an emergency broadcast. The pretty asian newswoman was speaking with such nervous excitement that it scared the men in the room.

“The lights came down through the clouds at 11:27 this morning and there appear to be dozens. We are unsure of what they are at this time. They are going dim now…” the news woman reported.

The video was focused on one of the objects. A loud sound and a flash of light radiated like a bomb and the tv went black immediately. The sound could be heard through the walls of the facility. The corporal spun violently to see what if anything was happening to his brother. He was contorted violently, back arched more than looked possible. Neck cranked in an breaking angle, mouth agape. Eyes open but as black and the inside of a black hole. He went limp and then suddenly he broke his bonds. He stood up and was obviously bigger, maybe around 9 feet tall and very muscular.

I came to and I was standing in the room, I felt more powerful than I have ever felt in my life, My radiated with the new found energies. My mission was clear in my head and I knew what I had to do. I was compelled to complete my task no matter who gets in my way. With a thought the building around me vaporized and I see the three men on the ground before me. I walked directly up to them and pointed a finger into their faces one at a time.

“Do you stand or do you kneel?” I demanded with fury I could not control

The men fall to their knees before me, I touched them each in the forehead one at a time. Their vehicles fall lifeless to the ground. I was now free to complete my mission here on this planet.

The innocence of childhood will be back upon us shortly and the earth will thrive after the stain of humanity is cleaned from the blood-soaked ground. Hopefully next time life on this planet will be more peaceful and we won’t have to come back to deliver the occupants from an inevitable end. This wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last.

The accounts of the Indigo Wars as told by Silas were recorded and buried in the sands of the African deserts, as that region is consistantly the cradle of humanity on this planet. Hopefully future earthlings will discover these records and learn from the mistakes of the past.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:19 AM
Seems kinda contradictory to what everyone has said Indigos are supposed to be here for. Nonetheless, very detailed and a good story!

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 07:06 AM
Thanks, it is fiction and is in no way supposed to be taken as fact. I found all the beef funny and the alien element was especially funny so I went with the worst case scenario for the human race.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 01:44 PM
Well written and fascinating story my friend. I found it interesting that you incorporated the Crystals and Rainbows in it was well. It kept me reading right through to the end. Well done.

I hope you do well in the contest,


posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 04:00 PM
Nice story, the bases are covered very well. I like how there is a struggle between the brothers and their love for each other and their duties to their side of the struggle.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by born-indigo

Thanks for the story born-indigo! That was an awesome read. I was wanting to read how his little brother methodically took on anyone who stood in his way after vaporizing the facility! Great read thanks.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 10:03 PM
Correct me if I am wrong here but bragging is not an indigO trait so let me gush for you


You know your people born indigo way to go blue

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 09:06 PM
Great story, Born-Indigo!

I like the dark feel to your story, the little twists and turns and shift of power. Very cool when Silas was fully realized as himself, having shed his human clothes.

Well done

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:34 AM
thanks for the kind responses

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:43 AM
Hehe your name does you justice, its as if you where born an indigo
love the twists and the dark overlay. Well written, i enjoyed reading it very much. Best of luck.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 03:23 PM
Wow... great explanation of how the Indigo's, their Crystal captains and Rainbow overlords change the world.

Excellent read!

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