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Aurora Aircraft Research Project

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posted on May, 20 2004 @ 02:35 AM


Speed: Roughly Mach 15 or 11,445 MPH
Ceiling: 185,000+ feet
Engine type: Scram jet or Pulse Detonation Wave Engines
Armament: Possibly Phoenix Missiles
Main Mission: Reconnasaince

Specifications from Blackvault
Speed: Maximum operational speeds are reported to be in the range of Mach 5-8.
Ceiling: May have an operational altitude of 150,000 feet (28.4 miles) or higher.
Engine type: Scram jet or Pulse Detonation Wave Engines
Armament: Possibly Phoenix Missiles
Main Mission: Reconnasaince

posted on May, 21 2004 @ 05:34 AM
I don't know if it'll work, but what if we tried to put in a Freedom Of Information Act request on the Aurora with different departments and agencies affiliated with defense:

Department of Defense (DoD)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
US Air Force (USAF)
National Reconnassiance Office (NRO)

I know it a long shot but we file on such things as:
Hypersonic Aircraft
Space Planes
Reconnassiance platforms

If one of us who has more time gives it a try we might just get lucky! here's the link to the fourm. (I'd try but I don't currently have an E-mail address for them to E-mail me back at)

FOIA Request fourm

ATS Director of Counter-Ignorance

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posted on May, 24 2004 @ 04:47 PM
Some info just dug up... mind you this is all from google so credibility is slightly low, but the info given is fairly useful...

The United States government conducts "Black Projects" is no secret. Black projects are projects that are considered top secret. They are so top secret that the government will not even acknowledge that they exist and will hide the budget details of the project or mislead the public by providing false details on the project. The US Military/Industrial complex understandably requires that these projects exist. One reported project is called "Aurora".

The Aurora project is a supposed project to create an ultra high-speed aircraft, possibly unmanned, capable of speeds in excess of Mach 6. Witnesses have reported seeing the aircraft in the state of Nevada near the infamous Area 51. Observers report seeing a large, triangular shaped craft and have described it as "a high-speed aircraft characterized by a very loud, deep, rumbling engine noise reminiscent of heavy-lift rockets." At takeoff the reverberation has been described as "a sound like the sky ripping." Many have reported strange, earthquake like rumbles in the Los Angeles area. The contrails are described as segmented or resembling "donuts on a rope" given most the theory that this craft is powered by a new "pulse" type engine (or PED's - Pulsed Detonation Engines). It has been reported by airborne observers as flying as high as 50,000 feet. Some have reported the object to be triangular in shape. Others have reported it as a single bright light with extreme acceleration abilities. Some think it may even be a extraterrestrial craft that the government has secretly obtained and is testing.

In August 1989, Chris Gibson, an oil exploration engineer and former member of the Royal Observer Corps, was working on an oil rig in the North Sea when he saw an unusual formation of aircraft pass overhead. It consisted of a KC-135 tanker, two F-111s, and a fourth aircraft of a type that Gibson (an expert on aircraft recognition) had never seen before. Seen from below, it appeared to be a perfect triangle, slightly larger than the escorting F-111s, with a leading edge sweep angle of about 75 degrees. It was completely black, with no visible details (unlike the F-111s), and appeared to be taking on fuel from the KC-135.

It is alleged that the Aurora craft is being designed to replace the aging SR-71 aircraft used in top secret reconnaissance operations. They also believe the code name for this project may be "Senior Citizen". The code name "Aurora" came from a 1985 Pentagon budget report that, because of a censor's error, listed the Aurora Project by mistake. Subsequent to this report (1986), large blocks of land around Area 51 were sealed off and some sort of intense construction around Groom Lake began. It is rumored that the construction is being done by the legendary Lockhead Martin Skunk Works - the outfit that created the original SR-71 in addition to the U-2 and the F-117A stealth aircraft.

The Jane's Report magazine has noted that recently "Lockheed's financial figures have indicated a continuing, large flow of income for 'classified' and 'special mission' aircraft." The government quickly responded to these reports by pointing out that satellite reconnaissance was indeed the wave of the future - not supersonic aircraft. When the director of the NRO was asked point-blank about the existence of the mysterious craft, the responded:

We do preliminary engineering, we do studies, we do development. But, in the case of a hypersonic vehicle, as has been widely speculated -- by which I mean a vehicle faster than an SR-71 -- Mach 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 -- we at NRO have no such vehicle flying or under development. I'm not aware of any such activity, and the Air Force has said the same.

When asked about the sightings, a public affairs officer at the Air Force, which for years denied the existence of the plane now known as the F-117, says, "As far as the Air Force is concerned, there is no such program, and satellites are doing all reconnaissance work."

When Los Angeles residents recently complained of several earthquake-like rumblings heard in the Northeast, representatives of the U.S. Geological Survey concluded that some peculiar, unreported aircraft were probably responsible. Scientists are now referring to the phenomena as "airquakes".

From the FAS site, with highly supported information:

Reports of plans for a high-performance piloted replacement for the SR-71 date back more than a decade. In 1979 it was reported that a:

"... Mach 4, 200,000-ft.-altitude aircraft that could be a follow-on to the Lockheed SR-71 strategic reconnaissance vehicle in the 1990s has been defined by the Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division and Lockheed."

As previously noted, reports of the existence of a successor to the SR-71 surfaced repeatedly during the debate over termination of the SR-71. Subsequent observations of mysterious aerial phenomena have been connected with the 1988 reports that Aurora was a Mach 6 stealthy reconnaissance aircraft that was being developed to replace the SR-71.

According to another report, by mid-1992:

"... Aurora was being flown from a base in the Nevada desert to an atoll in the Pacific, then on to Scotland to refuel before returning to the US at night. Specially modified tanker aircraft are being used to top up Aurora's tanks with liquid methane fuel in mid-air... The US Air Force is using the remote RAF airbase at Machrihanish, Strathclyde, as a staging point... The mystery aircraft has been dropping in at night before streaking back to America across the North Pole at more than six times the speed of sound... An F-111 fighter bomber is scrambling as the black-painted aircraft lands, flying in close formation to confuse prying civilian radars."

The rationale used most frequently by the Department of Defense for the SR-71's termination was financial. The Blackbird's operation and maintenance costs were very high. According to some reports, the SR-71's O&M costs were nearly $710- million in FY-90 and FY-91. Furthermore, they argued, imaging satellites could now conduct worldwide surveillance more efficiently and less expensively than manned reconnaissance aircraft.

Independent aerospace analysts, however, deflated this argument somewhat by pointing to the unique advantages aircraft bring to the reconnaissance arena. Aircraft, for example, are inherently flexible and unpredictable. Though not as fast as satellites, they can fly lower and the interval between over the horizon arrival and time-over-target is just as short. Aircraft have a wide choice of routes, so tracking ships are unlikely to see it on the way in. Application of low observable technology could further reduce warning time. Thus, it appears plausible that aircraft may still have a role in global reconnaissance.

More of the above article Here

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 04:57 PM

Similar Aurora Sightings

Near Bluefield, West Virginia
While photographing the moon late one evening I saw what appeared to be a satellite. I picked up my 10 X 50 Nikon binoculars and thought it appeared longer than it was wide but decided it was an optical illusion. Until I noticed a strange sort of contrail that appeared to be following the satellite. Then as I watched it made a gradual turn to the south and about that same time I heard a sonic boom. I wrote an amigo of mine in AZ and described what I had seen to him and he seemed to think I'd seen the Aurora. He does a lot of photography too and is into weird aircraft like those that used to be seen at Groom Lake. I also have a photo he sent me of what an Aurora looks like. It is being followed by a T 38 aircraft. I am not positive that an Aurora is what I saw, but it wasn't a satellite since they don't change directions, make sonic booms and leave contrails. I live in south west VA. Near the WV state line. Lately my wife and I have noticed a big increase in military air traffic. F-16's, C-130's and such. Don't know if this will be of any help but saw your request and thought I'd at least tell you what I saw. I was a forward observer in Nam so I'm capable of making an observation fairly accurately.

Sightings of the Contrail

Near Bakersfield, California
June 3, 1998 - 6:30pm
(approx 60 miles west of Edwards Air Force Base, 100 miles east of Vandenberg Air Force Base) Could not see aircraft due to its altitude, but there was an obvious "donuts on a rope" contrail. I lived between Edwards and Vandenberg my entire life...and have never seen a contrail like the one this airplane left.

Aurora Roar

Playalinda Beach, Florida
August 20, 2000 - 12:00 PM
This e-mail is to inform your many readers of the sounds that my family and I heard this past weekend while enjoying at the Canaveral National Seashore which is adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center in East Central FL. I began to hear a sound coming from East to West out over the ocean that can best be described as the beating of the rotors on a heavy military helicopter. This is normally not an unusual occurrence due to a corridor just offshore that the military use to fly north and south. The east to west direction is somewhat unusual. Many people heard this very loud popping noise and began to scan the skies for the offending aircraft, but no one, myself included, was able to spot anything. My immediate thought was to imagine that a pulse jet type engine was flying at high altitude. I spent 13 yrs involved in the shuttle program and 25 yrs in aerospace and know without a doubt of the existence of many "black" projects. I have heard many a helo's rotors popping as they come at you and how their sound dissipates rapidly once they are behind you. The sound we heard Sunday continued as it made it's way toward the west. I would estimate it's direction at about 270 degrees between Daytona Beach and KSC. The total time of the sound was approx. 50-60 sec. maybe a little more. I would be interested to read other postings of any experiences people might have had that are similar.

None of these sightings were changed, all were eye whitnessed or "ear" whitnessed accounts of this plane... these people will be left as unknown.

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posted on May, 24 2004 @ 08:22 PM
the element known as 115 is said by some to be used as protection against heat and friction at speeds like mach 20 which would make these speeds possible to survive at. this element was first kept stable for a considerable amount of time in january as i read in popsci and it also described the element as ultra heavy(not to good) but ultra strong and frictionless hmmmm(very good) Shugo knows a lot about it so maybe he could say something if he has the timei am trying to find a good link that doesnt say it has no known uses and says for every statistic N\A . popsci has nothing about the article so i dont know.

also ghost try filing an foia request on PDWE's and scramjets and 115

o and i will get clarification of who is still in

also could the aurora be a uav
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posted on May, 25 2004 @ 01:07 AM

Element 115, the key to understanding how the ultra-secret "Black World" has created aircraft capable of manipulating gravity and space/time, has been identified, and the recent discovery of element 118, which decayed into element 114, further helps identify the possibilities.

The most important attribute of this heavier, stable element is that the gravity A wave is so abundant that it actually extends past the perimeter of the atom. These heavier, stable elements literally have their own gravity A field around them, in addition to the gravity B field that is native to all matter.

The Key To Gravity-Control Systems

No naturally occurring atoms on earth have enough protons and neutrons for the cumulative gravity A wave to extend past the perimeter of the atom so you can access it. Now even though the distance that the gravity A wave extends past the perimeter of the atom is infinitesimal, it is accessible and it has amplitude, wave length, and frequency, just like any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. Once you can access the gravity A wave, you can amplify it just like we amplify other electromagnetic waves.

And in like manner, the gravity A wave is amplified and then focused on the desired destination to cause the space/time distortion required for practical space travel.

This amplified gravity A wave is so powerful that the only naturally occurring source of gravity that could cause space/time to distort this much would be a black hole.

We're amplifying a wave that barely extends past the perimeter of an atom until it's large enough to distort vast amounts of space/time.


We synthesize heavier, unstable elements by using more stable elements as targets in a particle accelerator. We then bombard the target element with various atomic and sub-atomic particles. By doing this, we actually force neutrons into the nucleus of the atom and in some cases merge two dissimilar nuclei together. At this point, transmutation occurs, making the target element a different, heavier element.

As an example, in the early 80's, the lab for heavy ion research in Darmshtot, Germany synthesized some element 109 by bombarding Bismuth 203 with Iron 59. And to show you how difficult it is to do this, they had to bombard the target element for a week to synthesize 1 atom of element 109. And on that subject, this same lab has projected that in the future they should be able to bombard Curium 248 with with Calcium 48 to yield element 116 which will then decay through a series of nuclides which are unknown to them, but are well known to the scientists at S4 located within the complex of the Groom Lake "Area 51" installation.

The length of time which an element exists before it decays determines its stability. Atoms of some elements decay faster than atoms of other elements, so the faster an element decays, the more unstable that element is considered to be. When an atom decays, it releases or radiates sub-atomic particles and energy, which is the radiation that a Geiger counter detects.

Here some interesting info on the 115 element, apparently some people think it's some alien material... more info here.

On February 2, 2004, scientists working at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, along with scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, announced the creation of ununpentium. In experiments performed between July 14, 2003 and August 10, 2003, atoms of americium-243 were bombarded with ions of calcium-48 using a device called a cyclotron. This produced one atom of ununpentium-287 and three atoms of ununpentium-288. All four atoms quickly decayed into other elements.

Ununpentium's most stable isotope, ununpentium-288, has a half-life of about 87 milliseconds. It decays into ununtrium-284 through alpha decay.

Since only a few atoms of ununpentium have ever been produced, it currently has no uses outside of basic scientific research, except possibly Aurora...

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 08:17 PM
Thanks to ADVISOR, we have identified Aurora's Grandad, it is a hot topic with Area 51...

More information on the Nazi Antarctic efforts and their attempts to impose a global dictatorship comes from Bulgarian physicist Vladimir Terziski. The following interview between Talk Show host Sam Russell and Terziski took place between 8-10 P.M., June 5th, 1993 on Sam Russell's 'OPEN MIND FORUM' program, KTKK [K-TALK] Radio in Salt Lake City, Utah. We will quote only those portions of the extensive conversation which tie-in directly with the subject at hand (Note: Some of the spellings of the names mentioned in the interview were transcribed phonetically from the tape. Actual spellings of these names which are identified as such may be different than they appear in the transcript, due perhaps in part to Mr. Terziski's Bulgarian accent):

SAM RUSSELL - ...I guess a place to start here, the Germans during World War II evidently had what was called the 'Foo Fighter', and this I guess is the name that the allied pilots gave to this curious-looking thing that would bob and weave and run around through the squadrons as they were flying over Germany to bomb and so on.

VLADIMIR TERZISKI - Exactly, the Foo Fighter, the 'fiery' ball. 'Foo' is 'fire' in French, it's also wind in Japanese... By the way Renato Vesco, who was the Italian [counterpart of] Wernher von Braun, the research scientist in charge of the ITALIAN Air Force and Space Research and Development program during the war, in his highly suppressed book in this country -- which is also available through our Academy -- 'INTERCEPT BUT DON'T SHOOT', talks about the whole family of turbojet saucers that were built by the Germans, all the way up to the Foo Fighter, the KUGELBLITZ and the FEUERBALL, two different models of basically the same device. And he also mentions a lot of ATTACKS of these machines on enemy bomber formations with DEVASTATING results for the bombers. Some of the Foo Fighters were doing 2900 kilometers an hour and up... a bomber would do maybe 300, 400, 500 at the most... so we're talking about 6, 7, 8 times the bomber speed. The most interesting thing that has not come up into, let's say, the work of Renato Vesco [because he talks only about the turbo-jet family of saucers... basically very simple saucers made with piston engines with propellers, spinning the lenticular airframe, the lens-shaped air frame of the craft thus creating gyroscopic antigravity -- and some of them were hybrids between helicopters with spinning rotor, basically aerodynamic lift and the gyroscopic lift of the spinning heavy mass of rotary engines. I wouldn't be amazed [if] the rotary engine itself were created to power a gyroscopically spinning saucer that had a big helicopter propeller on top, so it's kind of a hybrid between a helicopter and a saucer]... I even discovered...extremely rare drawings by the genius of German aviation, Lipish, the guy who built the first supersonic glider in the '30s and it is not Chuck Yeager who broke the sound barrier, but probably the Germans 10 years earlier with their... supersonic gliders that Lipish built. Anyway, Lipish was designing at the end of the war a supersonic ram-jet propulsion craft with anti-gravity assists.

More information on this link:

It seems to be related to the Omega Case.

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 05:58 AM
Folks, I think we have a contractor. Not surprising, Aurora was most likely developed by the same people who created the Blackbird series of spy planes. Time and time again America's spyplane trace back to the Lockheed Skunkworks: U-2, A-12/SR-71 Blackbird, D-21, and the little known RC-130, used by the NSA(source: The Puzzle Palace, by James Bamford). In addition to their long history of building spyplanes under condition of unmatched secrecy, the Skunkwork is known to be working of several large classified contracts for the Defense Department.

ATS Director of Counter-Ignorance

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 06:17 AM
Despite information to the contrary, the Aurora(like its A-12 Blackbird predecessor) might be owned and operated by the CIA.

This theory makes scense. History has repeatedly shown us that Most spyplanes (U-2, A-12/SR-71, D-21) are born at the CIA and then move to the airforce when they become known. So the Aurora may fly from Groom Lake, but it's tasked from Langly. V.A.

ATS Director of Counter-Ignorance

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 07:45 PM
Does the U.S. Air Force - or perhaps one of America's intelligences agencies - have a new secret spy plane in action? A growing body of evidence suggest that the answer is yes. A startling disclouse came recently when Chris Gibson, a British oil engineer and highly trained aircraft-spotter produced a sketch that captured the shape and size of an unusual aircraft he saw during daylight hours in August 1989, flying over his drilling rig in the North Sea. The expert eye-witness's drawing is the keystone that, with other evidence, provides an understanding of a secret hypersonic reconnaisance aircraft that is widely rumoured to exist, but routinely denied by U.S. officials. Its nickname is Aurora.

Analysts believe that Aurora is an operational spy plane that replaces the retired Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Like its predecessor, Aurora costs several million dollars per flight, and is sent out only in missions where the plane's sensors can gather vital information unobtainable by satelite reconnaissance or other means.


posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 03:47 PM
well ever since i started this project i have closely monitered the contrails above my court mostly when im out playin basketball, well i see the donuts on a rope a lot just like the pics on the internet now i noticed what happens is the donut on the contrail starts off almost microscopic when it comes out of the engine and the contrail expands into the donut on a rope thing. but not all jets make them i noticed i see mostly 737s and 747s but i see they make donuts sometimes and sometimes they dont i have also seen military jets make them and some jets i dont see making them, last night at a soccer game i saw more donuty contrails from an f 18 that kept flying over, so i am not saying the aurora doesnt make donuts im just saying it isnt a specific charachteristic. well on memorial day i went back to that base mainly because i was fishing in that area, wallops island that is a rumored aurora base well i can only see wat is visible from the beach and the road and i can sneak in a short distannce but i dont see much more, most of the base isnt visible, well i went to that big hangar which if the base does have the aurora it would be in the non visible area not in this hangar but i might see something, well i did in the afternoon two guys not even dressed for work , they were wearing jeans and white NASA t-shirts walked in a side door of the hangar, nothing happened ,later it opened up and nothing was in their but them and a feul tank so i think they keep something in their but fly it a lot must be a main project, well all the hi tech computers that were in their are gon and there is just one normal computer. later next night the same guys except wearing kacki (sp?) pants and blue collared t-shirts went in an opened the hangar flipped the light on and talked for a moment then one went to a computer and the other was reading some papers on a desk, maybe when they open it with nothing in it they are preparing to except a plane that landed on a runway in the nonvisible area or maybe they are just monitering stuff because they used to have a lot of computer equipment that was hi tech in there. i have more i will post later.

okay well i have been gone for a while because i got in trouble at school but anyways we need to divide up cmdrkeenkids work, i think he quit, and we should divide up silQs work to and give deltanine something to do so he will post more, we can divide between me chitose and delta and ghost also we could try to get more members, and no one is doing wat they are supposed to except shugo im not doin my job either because i did what i could so that is why i want to divide peoples work and lets all get back to the original idea read my first post to everyone and advisors post and get back to that.

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posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 08:16 PM
well through this base there is a road but it has a gate, but my dad who wroks for the city of virginia beach public utilities has driven through it after hurricane isabel he had a damage assesment job and the gate was opened for his team to drive through even though it aint in virginia beach that area needed more people. now those that have read the post in a aurora thread about my dad almost testing a jet for lockheed in the 80s that i believe to be the aurora, are probably asking why he works fro PU when he could make more money, well he was given a bunch of crap about flying the plane i think is the aurora and before he flew it they told him they dont need him and to go home, well this happened a few times in the past and he got tired of that not to mention he lived on the east coast and he would be called on a moments notice to be flown to cali to test so he quit. but one day we were watching a show that mentioned the aurora and i asked him a question about it and he said he had heard of it and said judging by the picture on the screen which was a drawing it looks like a plane he almost flew and oneday i looked it up on the net and found this sight and thats how i came here so i could probably get some info from him probablt nothing very useful but ill try. i still have more but i am thinking how to say it without sounding stupid

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posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 02:05 AM
OK, I've gone through some searches numerous times... usually I wouldn't fire a site like this but, I will... we do have a website with huge amounts of reports on the Aurora. Now, we have only one problem, it's fine with the webmaster if we use the site... but, it may not be to some of the people who posted there. I'll post a few, random picked ones... I won't post the site, and the people will remain unknown.

Now the how plausable these are, I don't know... I do know that some of these people give very good detail of the plane, so here it goes:

West Coast
April 3, 2003

I've seen a 'Aurora' or UFO aircraft going out past the west coast out into the ocean going mach 1.6 to 6.0. It was going up in Low to High altitudes maybe 30,000 to 80,000 feet. I was driving my car to a friend which 20 miles away and I was driving 70 mile per hour on the highway to get there. I saw the smoke contrail from the plane is different then 747 or jet fighter because I seen what normal contrail look like.

Northern California
March 15, 2003

2:15 PM EDT
I saw the ufo or Aurora plane at high speed like a "F-14 tomcat with an afterburner at max speed for over 30min flying time." I was driving my car north to Eureka, the ufo was heading northwest out to pacific ocean from the southeast or south."

Those are a couple... the only thing changed was some grammar and such... so we have a few more to add to the collection.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 04:27 PM
well here is what i was going to say, this is proof the base does a lot of research and could be an aurora base, landing at a visible runway was a white aircraft i saw it when it was at a pretty high altitude too but i didnt see it land but it did it made no sound and no contrail it was almost completly round had short stubby wings and a stubby tale the engines i couldnt find but i saw slits in the side that looked like hidden engines shugo says it sounds like a uav spaceplane NASA prototype called alloy , i am having trouble finding pics but on NASA site they have a pic of an aircraft that looks like aurora and i found a pic in the thread is this aurora that looks like something good i will post it soon, the b of a website wont let me post it but the thread was made in aircraft projects and is called is this aurora

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posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 08:53 PM
okay well me i will take all of cmdrkeenkids work
delta nine-take all of silQs,if you are still in
ghost-you research the aurora in space and requirements for use in space and check out other spaceplanes to prove possibility also help me with the picture part of cmdrkeenkids work.
and chitose if you dont do your work and post i will divide up your work until you decide to work on more of a regular basis ,nothing against you but you have some important work and we need someone who can be active most of the time

also the pic i cant post because i cant post links after typing and im having bbcode trouble which soon will be fixed and i will post the link and others, the pic looks like it may be a kite. almost but it will take debunking.
and i think PDWE's may be made by pratt and whitney

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posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 05:23 PM
well shugo identified my sighting as pumkin seed which is launched by the brilliant buzzard which is believed to be the aurora looks like the testors model which is believed to be aurora u know sr75 and the buzzard is mothership aircraft carrier in the sky, some say it is super valkyrie a valkyrie replacement it loooks like the xb and some believe it is the same thing and maybe the xb was the aurora but if i saw pumkin seed then i may have seen part of the aurora project i am working on getting pics
okay i hit the jackpot and found some good info and 2 pics 1 doesnt look like it and the other is pretty damn close i will post it in seconds

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posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 06:06 PM
side note: since 94 3 blackbirds are still in service they were reactivated and theory is which has scources(who knows who it is) that claim they were reactivated because the aurora was big failure consuming millions and producing nothing another note the daddio that replaced kelly johnson as skunk works head wrote a book that said the aurora was their entry that was beat by northrup for the b-2 but could be disinfo and and another website claims the aurora was a codename for the b-2 important: after the gibson thing less than a month NASA released a thing about a bomber it was a design and it looked exactly like the aurora i have pics of it that will be posted. see keeping the sr71 active would have insured the satelites if they went out like they did in 85 and 86 and the price of the sr compared to satelites was nothing , and the u-2 still wouldnt be but so good over places like china and stuff. In one issue of popscience there was an article released by lockheed that was about the kcx it was compgen but to the side had what looked like the aurora and on an airforce research laboratory page they had the same black craft in a different pic in a proposal i will get that up soon too, and how about the a-12 d-21 combo. then you got that belgium triangle too and another theory is that the north sea sighting was of an a-17 which is black and will replace the f-111 hence the f-111s flying beside it. there was also what looked to be aurora in the usaf 2025 future weapons proposal.

there is a map of sightings if the brilliant buzzard and aurora are one and the same and it gives some info on wallops island and all sightings are near aurora bases.
this is a pic of something close to what i saw, reports section will help you shugo and there is stuff bout buzzard and aurora.

now what i saw looked a lot like the german komet except different and more well different stubby wings and tale and you couldnt see engines.
this was a proposal released less than a month after the gibson sighting. this is the other proposal by air force research labs.scroll to bottom.

Wallops island, eastern shore, virginia

this base is used by NASA and do a lot of sattelite launchinng and research with space and weatherits a rumored base and sightings have been seen heading from and to the base.

NASA langely afb, virginia

this base does very much wind tunnel research which would be a step aurora would have to go through and they do building and research of the scramjet which is like the PDWE and could be what the aurora uses.

NASA cape canaveral
some sites say so but it is too public so i doubt it

Edwards AFB

back when ufomind was in its prime, the guy claimed to have a phone convo with and the guy was military and said its at Edwards and he responded and said how do you have anything secret in edwards.

Nellis or Area 51

the one youve all been waiting for, well it had the sr the u2 the a-12 and other stuff and stuff is constantly spotted near there. know is groom lake the real area 51 or is 51 really area 52/19 or underground. or maybe on an island somwere but during the beginning of the aurora area 51 got new cryogenic feul tanks and hangar 18 which i will post a pic of soon.

one that was in scotland closed in 95

Beale afb cali
it was a base for the sr-71, strange lighting patterns on aircraft were seen here.

jt bitrol field whiteside county illinois
shugo has info to back it up

AFB in pensacola(cant remember name but it is huge) used to have butthead naighbor that worked their
huge sonic booms here.

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 10:34 PM
OK... here's some stuff:

machinegunjordan claimed to see this craft:

airborne and about... out near the NASA base where he lives.

Some reports here:
June 2002

Earlier today, I was flying into ATL. The plane was about 80 miles NE of Atlanta, when it banked, and I happened to look up and out the window. I noticed a few jet contrails very high up, way above our cruising altitude of I would guess about 2 miles, since we were nearing our destination. We were above the cumilonimbus clouds, but below the cirrus. I'm not sure of our exact altitude, but the jet trails I saw were WAY higher. The one that really caught my high was parallel to the others, but it was a just a long grouping of circular rings of cloud. There was no rope, just a long series of... o o o o o's.

Now, I've never seen a UFO or anything, and I'm not a conspiracy nut, but I have heard about the Aurora. It seemed unlikely, but I saw it with my own eyes today. It ranked up there with the strange and eerie things that I've seen. No jet engine I've ever heard of could produce such a trail.

I've looked in to a lot of the secret type stuff before, but have never actually seen anything that resembled a shred of evidence, until of course I actually saw something inexplicable myself. It was a very weird experience to see something that actually proves (at least to me) that there is something out there that's completely revolutionary and light years beyond simple jet engines or ram jets or anything we know about. Now, I don't believe its based on alien technology from Area 51 or anything like that, but it's still very odd.

This is defenately a strong held report... also clarifing that the whitness did see the banking control of the plane... and also the doughnuts on a rope contrail commonly reported from the Aurora plane. Contemporarely, the PDWE, RJ (ramjet), and SJ (scramjet) are the only engines capable of producing such a type of contrail.

Vancouver, Canada

I live under the westerly heading landing approach to Vancouver
airport. The aircraft are low enough to be interesting but high enough to
not be a bother. Also my office is adjacent to the airport. This contrail
was made by a very fast and very high-flying aircraft. Usually I can make
out the aircraft even if at cruise altitude, 30k+, but not this time. It
went horizon to horizon in about 30 seconds. Now I haven't tried to
calculate the speed but it was so impressive that it drew my
attention. The "donuts" in the contrail made me jump into my briefcase for
my camera. I really have no evidence of anything other than an unusual
vapour trail.

Standing outside with my watch, 30 seconds seems perhaps too short a time
but the craft passed horizon to horizon certainly in no more than 60
seconds. Northwest to southeast at great altitude. No sound, no visible
craft. The sky has daily contrails but as I said before it was the speed
that drew my attention to this particular set.

A few weeks back some other contrails were also very interesting. There
were multiple trails around and around each other as if there had been a
very high altitude dogfight between many aircraft. A real "hairball" I
think is the term. Very reminiscent of the photos of the "Battle of
Britain" dogfights. In Canada our airforce doesn't have the budget to do
much of this and any time NORAD has an exercise on it is usually announced.
Not this time. Interesting.

The photos that were taken are shown below... once again the doughnuts on rope contrails are in effect if you look at the pictures:

You can see the doughnut identification under the solid part of the contrail... also known as the "hot dogs on a rope" contrail.

A close up:

Waterloo, Iowa
October 2002

I live in Waterloo, Iowa, not far from SAC base in Omaha, NE. Almost weekly for many months now, we have been observing the "doughnut on a rope" contrails in the sky. They usually occur on the weekends later in the day and early evening.
The first time I noticed them was in June. We had traveled north to Waverly, Iowa for an early dinner and on the way home, around 7pm, I noticed a strange contrail in the western sky. It took a few minutes to dawn on me what it might be. An Aurora!

I had seen a tv program on Discovery Channel back in '97 that was all about the Aurora and I distinctly remember the contrail. We started paying more attention to contrails after that and sure enough almost every weekend, (Sat. afternoon, early evening) while sitting out on our back patio, right overhead, those contrails. I have never been able to spot the plane making them, but from now on I will be ready with the binoculars just in case!

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 10:45 PM
haha thats good shugo i was just putting some real work in my self you first must click aurora then scroll down then click aurora image or clever fake,
this is the the article where the proposal was first linked in popsci it was a kcx the aurora would probably need this to refeul but PDWE's are stable, but check out the black thing. and above in shugo's post is a depiction of what i saw but it was more looking like the german komet except without visible engines . and slightly more elongated. and on the link i just posted if you click brilliant buzzard you get more proof of the aurora connection does the pic remind you of the sr75 penetrator buzzard stuff this is another gibson sighting explanation it explains why the f-111s were with it because it is a replacement for them. scroll to the bottom check out that pic. decide for yourself.

SHUGO: the estimated wingspan for the aurora is 110 feet if that helps. some pdwe info

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posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 05:15 PM
this will explain how aurora pilots survive at high speeds.
this will help with bases.

well i have posted enough refernce so maybe we should get out of net research and go to a library.

Shugo when you get free time which will be like never with you lol.... but if you have spare time i dun know how far that J.T bitrol field place is but maybe you could get up there and maybe we you have one of them aurora sightings you orginization has maybe you could get a picture

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