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Aurora Aircraft Research Project

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 05:39 PM
*correction to above posts when i said area 52 that is a nickname for area19*

got some statistics here
length: 110 ft.
width: 110 ft.
Subsonic: conventional jet engines(this would make refeuling easier)
pulsejet are all possibilitites

the hanger is about 300X300 feet and 100 feet tall.
hanger 18 theories
the hanger is an elavator to transport aurora and black manta underground.

it stores aurora and black manta period.

*gasp* it is just a regular hanger.

notice the fuel storage behind it.


rumored to be longer than the distance space shuttles need to land
the aurora needs it to land at such high speeds.
Alien spaceships use it(garbage) aliens dont go to area 51
It is actually a road(double garbage) aircraft have been seen on it.
preporation future tech. i highly doubt it.

either the real area 51 or a nucleur test site for underground nuke testing, there is a huge powerline that leads to it in the middle of nowhere where supposedly nothing is there. i read on some site that a guy said to land here there must be no sattelites above the base and the runway is disguised as the ground and is watered with sprinklers to stand out before a landing and the complex is hidden in hills and mountains.

*the real area 51 could be at S-4 Papoose lake*

in 1992 at skunk works a sr71 shaped fuselage was put in a c-5 and flown off, this is believed to be part of brilliant buzzard or aurora

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 09:17 PM
all of the work assigned to silQ will be posted here .so far aurora connections that were posted are brilliant buzzard and pumkin seed /sr75/a-12 and d-21/and xr-7 thunderdart/supervalkyrie/xb70. there were some codenames posted by SilQ but they were removed will contact ADVISOR. as for PDWE's this will be posted soon..... probably by tommorow.

more to come.........

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 03:22 AM
I'm working on getting the imaging with the picture of the Aurora located just outside of Hanger 18. Area 52 initially does not exist in the documented files of "Dreamland", also Area 19, is strictly for Nuclear tests and drills.

Additionally, the only thing really all that suspocious about Area 19, is the one powerline that ends in the middle of the field.

Hanger 18, was supposed to be a storage place for some kind of alien aircraft according to what some people say, however... recent reports indicate that it is the home hanger for our friendly hyper sonic plane. According to direct Aurora Specifications which were in fact the first ones to appear online and the ones specified in South California in the late 1980's, the plane is only 110x100.

An error which would occur either in the Chris Gibson sighting or in the specifications would be the size of the aircraft Gibson saw. Chris Gibson indicated the craft was about the size of a current B-2 Bomber, therefore, if the original specifications are correct, Gibson did not see an Aurora.

Another option, is that the original specifications are incorrect, then we may have some deep digging to do, because no specifications allign 100% perfectly.

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 04:42 PM
well gibson may have seen tr3b black manta or b-3 or even the a-17 which would explain why f-111's were flying with it because a-17 is a replacement for the f-111 also i got some engine diagrams to post here when i finish my school work so hold on with this post...... also i have some depictions of aurora to post and some pics that are fake but just so we can show what is fake and wat could be real there is that russian tu -2 or 3000 that is auroraish also this has a few depictions with stats by many sources and a picture of it refeuling from a kc135 with f-111s by it but it was later admitted to be a fake.

i have concluded not to post the fakes because it is a waste but ones that maybe real will be included.
scramjet and ramjet information.

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 08:32 PM
this was a transcript between me and shugo.
SIGNforfame: hey
SIGNforfame: I did an IR check on that one pic
Titantuff927: which one
SIGNforfame: the tanopah one
SIGNforfame: the one you said you saw nothing
Titantuff927: o
Titantuff927: and
SIGNforfame: +
SIGNforfame: PDWE's are present and active
Titantuff927: so wat did the Ir check give you
SIGNforfame: High levels of radiaton surround the hangar and where the plane is
SIGNforfame: not exactly harmful radiation, but it's there none the less
Titantuff927: well i have looked it over and saw that i can see a black object in the hangar but it says the pic is of a white aircraft outside the hanger
SIGNforfame: I've got it circled in an image
SIGNforfame: just one problem
SIGNforfame: I don't think ATS supports a file of its size or type
Titantuff927: o and how do you know PDWE's exist i can do this work over the weekend
SIGNforfame: Well, you tell me what gives off Blue Fire
SIGNforfame: and causes IR's to pick up LO2
Titantuff927: my lighter gives off blue fire
SIGNforfame: completely blue?
SIGNforfame: the whole flame?
Titantuff927: yea it is all weather
SIGNforfame: I think, that's bull#
Titantuff927: it is like bigger than my hand
SIGNforfame: non the less...
Titantuff927: k
SIGNforfame: you can't get that kind of flame out of normal afterburners
Titantuff927: yea no blue stuff that big too hot
Titantuff927: so what pic did you see that
SIGNforfame: the tanopah one
SIGNforfame: that and I've seen the flames from it before
Titantuff927: ohh i dun see an aircraft outside the pic i see a white thing but it is blurry
Titantuff927: i know you seen em
Titantuff927: ? bout IR know with an IR cam i understand but how do you pic up radiation scanning a pic that is already taken with a regular cam, unless the pic puts off radiation.
SIGNforfame: the pic can indicate the radiation around it
SIGNforfame: it's just a matter of decoding it
Titantuff927: i see
Titantuff927: how bout running IR on the pics i posted of aurora or a-17 0r tr3b that could be real.
SIGNforfame: Your TR-3B is an Avro FFE3
Titantuff927: the one in the pic
SIGNforfame: yeah
SIGNforfame: the triangles...
SIGNforfame: well according to the IR scanners
SIGNforfame: there is no radiation around the plane
Titantuff927: so no radiation makes it an AVRO FFE3
SIGNforfame: plausable
SIGNforfame: it could be another aircraft not using PDWE's or Scramy's, but how many aircraft look like that, without those
Titantuff927: yea
Titantuff927: so wat is AVRO a hangglider
SIGNforfame: I call em FFE3's I don't remember off hand what they're really called
SIGNforfame: Avro is a british aerospace designer
SIGNforfame: the plane is a bomber
SIGNforfame: however, if what the history of the sighting is true...
SIGNforfame: then I got nothing
Titantuff927: well the a-17 doesnt use scrams or the such it uses turbojets or something
SIGNforfame: they show up as orange
Titantuff927: and it is a replacement for f-111
SIGNforfame: and thats what I'm getting
SIGNforfame: the F-111 is not going out of service soon
Titantuff927: this is what i think gibson saw
SIGNforfame: it just got panned back in
SIGNforfame: they have no plan to replace it yet
Titantuff927: the aircraft had 2 f-111s beside it so maybe they were comparing the a-17 to the f-111 and if AVRO is british and the pic is of an AVRO maybe gibson saw a plane AVRO was Testing
SIGNforfame: that's plausable
Titantuff927: maybe they dont plan to replace it but maybe they did have plans to replace it
Titantuff927: like apche and comanche
SIGNforfame: XFA it is what some of these new sources say Aurora is
Titantuff927: so how is that my new decode and wat is my new decode
Titantuff927: is that the schematic i posted is that XFA
SIGNforfame: no
SIGNforfame: initially the only XFA currently is the F-15ACTIVE
Titantuff927: so....................
Titantuff927: then if that is aurora why was it in category with SR in the budget
Titantuff927: and if so maybe our new research is what gibson saw
SIGNforfame: that's what doesn't make sense
SIGNforfame: but these specs were released in April 2004
Titantuff927: hahaha its finally getting good
Titantuff927: wat specs
SIGNforfame: they indicate the Aurora being able to carry 120 megaton thermonuclear devices
SIGNforfame: up to 5
Titantuff927: so we are looking at a bomber
SIGNforfame: that's what this says
Titantuff927: i thought it was the f-15
SIGNforfame: but if it were a bomber...
SIGNforfame: it'd be able to turn Asia inside out in one sweep
Titantuff927: yea you know that was the intent of XB70
Titantuff927: and i posted the connection between aurora and xb
SIGNforfame: Aurora is supposed to be a tag off from the XB-70
SIGNforfame: A
SIGNforfame: B
SIGNforfame: and C
Titantuff927: yea i know
Titantuff927: but also the b-2 was supposed to drop nukes with pinpoint accuracy
SIGNforfame: 25 meg only
SIGNforfame: but 60 available
Titantuff927: adn KJ said the aurora was b-2 codename
SIGNforfame: well, that's the cover story
Titantuff927: hmm 120 megaton how about the b1b
Titantuff927: yea i figured cover
SIGNforfame: 55
SIGNforfame: with 45
Titantuff927: the b1b holds less than b-2?
SIGNforfame: the B-2 is not super sonic like the B-1
SIGNforfame: also the B-1 is older
Titantuff927: yea i know
Titantuff927: but the b1 is so much bigger
SIGNforfame: for fuel
Titantuff927: it looks like it could hold more
SIGNforfame: B-1A only held 25
Titantuff927: why would the make b1 supersonic and not b-2
SIGNforfame: because they did not have the technology to make one like that
SIGNforfame: to the public
SIGNforfame: but, who knows what they really did?
Titantuff927: i have seen a b-2 but not a b1
SIGNforfame: I think the B-1's are smaller IMO
SIGNforfame: longer yes
SIGNforfame: wider, span wise
SIGNforfame: but not body wise
Titantuff927: yea

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 11:59 PM
Quote to the Avro FFE3, It's a simple name I use to call... the real name is the Avro 698 Vulcan, and let me explain my reasons for saying about this image.

The shape of the plane matches what the Vulcan's design looks like... not a Black Manta. If you notice how the wings shift slightly, you can see the same with the Vulcan. Nosewise, I think we have film or coloring running over it IMO.

The only thing that stumps me, is the size of the lighting... now, I'm not 100% on if the lights are fake or not, but if they're real, it could be a newer version of the Vulcan.

Here is a picture of the Vulcan:

and then that pic of the TR-3B for comparison:

The picture you have of the "Flying Triangles" could be our Aurora planes in a formation. I'll look into that one.

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 02:14 PM
RAF fairford
there was an emergency landing here.
machrinash scotland also.

Shugo bad news the pic of 2 triangles is about 20 percent chance aurora will know for sure when you scan it, but from my examination it is 80% chance a b-2 from a bad angle.more to come here....

Shugo 2 problems that pic is not using PDWE's scrams or rams and second how do you know they are not b-2's from my examination it is a bad angle of a b-2.


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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 12:22 PM
Sifting through the X-30/Aurora Thread trying to find some nice leads that I used:

I'm still looking up the reports on this site.

Also the X-30/Aurora thread can be found here:

Running the IR's over machinegunjordan's triangle images does prove they are NOT B-2's. They are another plane, I have not yet identified what they are though.

Here is what I believe the Aurora does in fact look like, as it is the shape of the sightings I have seen.

I'll start sending in the reports later today.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 05:39 PM
IR's on the triangles show blue... dirt. Which is highly odd, because a B-2A would give off some sort of signal, with higher tones, yellow orange, sometimes a spotty patch of red. So, I'm still trying to figure that one out.

2 new reports here one from Virginia Beach and one from, local, Davenport.

Starting out in Virginia Beach where a "large version" of the (Y)F-23 was sighted at over 6,900 feet. The plane was moving at supersonic speeds but, was not traveling at speeds the Aurora would usually go. It did however leave a doughnuts-on-a-rope contral which has me baffled, seeing to my knowledge only PDWE's, Scram and Ramjets can produce the contrail, and at 763 mph, I'm trying to figure how that's possible.

Ending up now in Davenport, Iowa... where massive amounts of lights were seen in the night sky on 5-17-2004. Direct report said the lights were blinking like a normal planes lights, but the movement was so irregular, it was hard to believe. The lights would dart in round turns in less than 2 seconds, and would climb or fall 2,000 to 4,000 feet each time a light would blink. The show itself started at 1011 PM CDT and ended at 1024 PM CDT.

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 07:44 PM
welli heard about the virginia beach sighting it happened at the beach which is a popular hangout so ofcourse i heard and here are some explanations.
1. it was seen circling around it was preparing to cross the bay to land at wallops island

2. it was slowing down to go out in the ocean to refeul

the sighting happened at 7:30 PM and was above 736MPH

the next night at the beach and i was there there was a strange contrail that was too far expanded to tell if it was a donuts on a rope contrail but the contrail was in the same place and was seen 18 minutes later than the sighting a day before.

*info to come in from staff on this site*

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 06:35 AM

Originally posted by machinegunjordan
welli heard about the virginia beach sighting it happened at the beach which is a popular hangout so ofcourse i heard and here are some explanations.
1. it was seen circling around it was preparing to cross the bay to land at wallops island

2. it was slowing down to go out in the ocean to refeul

the sighting happened at 7:30 PM and was above 736MPH

the next night at the beach and i was there there was a strange contrail that was too far expanded to tell if it was a donuts on a rope contrail but the contrail was in the same place and was seen 18 minutes later than the sighting a day before.

*info to come in from staff on this site*

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Wallops Island is a NASA base. I've been out there once a few years ago. If the craft was Aurora, Why was it at NASA? Does anyone know how we can fallow up on this? This might turn into the break we've been waiting for.

ATS Director of Counter-Ignorance

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 08:56 AM

Originally posted by ghost

Originally posted by machinegunjordan
welli heard about the virginia beach sighting it happened at the beach which is a popular hangout so ofcourse i heard and here are some explanations.
1. it was seen circling around it was preparing to cross the bay to land at wallops island

2. it was slowing down to go out in the ocean to refeul

the sighting happened at 7:30 PM and was above 736MPH

the next night at the beach and i was there there was a strange contrail that was too far expanded to tell if it was a donuts on a rope contrail but the contrail was in the same place and was seen 18 minutes later than the sighting a day before.

*info to come in from staff on this site*

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Wallops Island is a NASA base. I've been out there once a few years ago. If the craft was Aurora, Why was it at NASA? Does anyone know how we can fallow up on this? This might turn into the break we've been waiting for.

ATS Director of Counter-Ignorance
well it and the brilliant buzzard both are said to make routine stops there i mentioned that earlier but wallops island is most likely the east coast base for aurora.

This just in from a staff member he was busy so couldnt talk much but did say that he has been to RAF fairford 12 hours before an emergency landing of the aurora and he once witnessed a black triangle some time ago.

All possible bases.

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 12:44 AM
I thought this was discussed obviously not.

OK... here's the line up folks maybe this will help clear things up for all of you.

The XB-71 is not the Aurora. Why? Because, the XB-71 or "Brilliant Buzzard" is supposed to be the so called "SR-75" which is tied into Aurora significantly.

The XR-7 or "Thunderdart" is also a hypersonic plane, that is claimed to be a fighter. Possibly a modified version of Aurora to have the afterburners on the top, and also the abilities of fighting and attacking. But, this is only in theory.

The SR-75 is said to be a more aero-dynamic SR-71 Blackbird. Also known as a launching platform for Aurora. Which now brings me to where I tie in the Brilliant Buzzard's story, to the SR-75's story.

The Buzzard was claimed to have the ability to launch aircraft from the wings or platform, whichever story you've read. The SR-75 is claimed to be able to launch the Aurora, wouldn't that mean that it would have the ability to launch other aircraft? I believe so. The Buzzard is claimed to be a larger and follow up to the XB-70 Project, as is to the SR-75. Both are similar in design, with similar intakes on both of the planes.

The one singular differance that stands out significantly, is the designations of the crafts. XB-71 would immediately direct it to being an experemental bomber, however it has been proven, and also posted on ATS that designations do not directly follow up. Also note that if you alternate X and B to S and R you get the Blackbird. This also brings up 2 additional possibilities:
1.) The XB-71 is a test designation for the SR-71.
2.) The XB-71 is a follow up of more than just the XB-70.

Looking at artistic renderings of the SR-75, and computer generated versions of the XB-71, the wing design and the front of the plane are identical. This including the tail fins of the planes.

Back to the XR-7 Thunderdart, reasoning for the possibility of it being an experemental fighter. The specification of the plane do match identically to the Aurora Recon Version. The only thing that disrupts the possibility for a variant is the dynamic shape of the plane, delta. The two options for this are:
1.) The XR-7 designation could refine to TR-7 meaning Trainer Recon, but once again, the possibility of the designation throw off. This would also mean there wouldn't be a known variant.
2.) The XR-7 redirects to the Aurora through a variant options.

There are sites that do support these theory's which I will post later.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 09:17 PM
I think I've got an officialy Aurora Freq channel information is as follows:

Sig Broadcast Channel: 136.7000 MHz
Signal response at 4.445 p/s
VHF Channel 136.7000 and 136.7050 MHz Channels 1-4
Sig response at 4.939 p/s VHF
UHF channel 2.3900 MHz Channels 1-3
Sig response 92.838 p/s UHF
Base Feed: 493 GHz

Tapped Transmition
- CP3 Bound Fox44 northbound on flightline 33
- CNS section 193229er northbound
- CP3 clearance for timespill
- CP3 speedline eta is 15 minutes till break altitude 159er
- CP3 break to lauch in 120 seconds
- Cut radio line in 45 seconds CNS
- CP3 cleared for pd ignition
- >>>Radio cut

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 06:28 PM
tank me later Shugo
nothing really but is worth including.
shares some relation
the NASA connection
picture of a PDWE and info
hi res area 51 pic

P&W is in the lead over GE in the building of PDWE's it talks mostly of use on passengar jets an says they are not operational but i suspect it is just passengar jets and military jets use them. they are tested in china lake.they detonate 400 times per second at mach 2.5 based on that info their actual stats are probably 500 or 600 times per second and at least mach you have 2 and you could probably go mach 7 or 8 and with 4 it would be beastmode like mach 12 .

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 02:01 AM

Here is the initial image that we did IR's on. The file type of the IR's isn't supported on ATS and they're too big, so I can't post them.

The red arrow is pointing to the plane, which gave off the initial signal.

For some odd reason it isn't showing up with the BB Code. [img] Code is Off
probably would do it. ehm

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 08:49 PM
Will Aurora be made public in the next few years?

Less than two hours ago a show about stealth aired on the history channel. Midway through the show a guy from a site in New Mexico said things from star wars and flying disks blah blah been there done that and then some. Then he said "At this point in time we have technology 50 years ahead of its time." then "At this time 16 black projects are being cleared for declassification." Could one of these black projects be the aurora? I have recieved word of a few possibilities of what the aurora are from insiders. I will report that soon. It is no big deal so dont get excited.only 4 of the black projects are manned and they all use stealth.

two guys that work for lockheed are friends of a family members friend and i talkrd to them and they said there are rumors that aurora was a project using lasers on SR71's to shoot down enemy satelittes and cruise above enemy planes and zap them.

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 12:33 PM
EDIT nm.

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 01:34 AM
Since the Aurora is a hypersonic plane, the question arises can the human body survive hypersonic speeds in order to pilot such aircrafts. Knowing that a human flying at hypersonic speeds close to Mach 10will likely blackout, it would seem impossible, but the history of avaition shows us that nothing is impossible. Upon researching the possibility, I will conclude that it is possible that with the proper equipment, pressurized suits and training, the human body and mind can be conditioned to pilot aircrafts at hypersonic speeds up to Mach 7 or 8. The Aurora is reported to fly at speeds above Mach 5. Again I must stress that the aircraft must be able to offer suitable protection in order for it to be piloted at hypersonic speeds. The extensive testing of the X-15 proved that pilots could perform under the stresses of hypersonic accelerations, as well as the weightlessness of space. At this point, I will leave it up to my fellow researchers to prove if the Aurora is capable of providing adequate protection to the pilots.

A plane flying at hypersonic speeds will in variably affect the human body in numerous ways, this can be proven by statements from the men who have actually flown at hypersonic speeds before.

In 1947, Capt. Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in the experimental rocket-propelled X-1 setting the stage for others to follow. Col. John Stapp was given the the job of finding out what stresses an unprotected human could survive. Starting on a custom built sled, Stapp proved that the human body could survive forcesof more than 40 Gs. His testing led to many improvements for the safety of pilots. During his twenty-nine rides, Stapp experienced several retinal hemorrhages, cracked ribs, and two broken wrists
The Track to Survival
Col. Stapp reported: "It felt as though my eyes were being pulled out of my head . . .I lifted my eyelids with my fingers, but I couldn't see a thing . . ..They put me on a stretcher, and in a minute or two I saw some blue specks . . . In about eight minutes . . . I saw one of the surgeons wiggle his fingers at me, and I was able to count them. Then I knew my retinas had not been detached, and that I wasn't going to be blind."

In the late 1950's thru the 1960's, the X-15 aircraft was tested almost 200 times by a group of 12 pilots, one of them being Neil Armstrong. Pilot Scott Crossfield made the first, unpowered glide flight on June 8, 1959.
In April 1961, Russian Major Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel at hypersonic speed, during the world's first piloted orbital flight. Soon after, in May 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American and second person to achieve hypersonic flight when his capsule reentered the atmosphere at a speed above Mach 5 at the end of his suborbital flight over the Atlantic Ocean. In June, Air Force Major Robert White flew the X-15 research airplane at speeds over Mach 5, and broke his own record in November, reaching Mach 6.7.
NASA's William H. Dana was the pilot for the final flight in the program on Oct. 24, 1968. During its research program, the aircraft set unofficial world speed and altitude records of 4,520 mph (Mach 6.7on Oct. 3, 1967, with Air Force pilot Pete Knight at the controls) and 354,200 feet (on Aug. 22, 1963, with NASA pilot Joseph Walker in the cockpit).

X-15 Hypersonic Research Program;Project Summary
While the testing of the X-15's lead to many discoveries and breakthroughs, study was also done on the human pilots. In the Nasa Dryden X-15 Project Summary, it is noted that, in the area of physiology, researchers learned that the heart rates of X-15 pilots ranged from 145 to 185 beats per minute during flight. This greatly exceeded the normal 70 to 80 beats per minute experienced on test missions for other aircraft. The cause of the difference proved to be the stress X-15 pilots encountered during prelaunch in anticipation of each mission. As it turned out, the higher rates proved typical for the future physiological behavior of pilot- astronauts.

More intangibly but no less importantly, in the words of John Becker, the X-15 project led to "the acquisition of new piloted aerospace flight 'know how' by many teams in government and industry. They had to learn to work together, face up to unprecedented problems, develop solutions, and make this first manned [today, we would say piloted] aerospace project work. These teams were an important national asset in the ensuing space programs."
As the partial list of accomplishments suggests, the X-15 brilliantly achieved its basic purpose of supporting piloted hypersonic flight within and outside the Earth's atmosphere.

In the Field Manual 30-04.301 Aeromedical Training for Flight Personnel, the Airforce advises that Army aircrew members must have a fundamental, but thorough, understanding of the accelerative forces encountered during flight and their relationship to the human body. The full document is available in the following link.
Aeromedical Training for Flight Personnel

Operation of Aircrafts over 25,000 ft and speeds over Mach .75

* i'll continue to add and edit to this post with more info at another time

posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 01:26 PM
check out these articles about US airforce planning for war in space then look at the pictures look familiar. so if that is the aurora then it can be used in space.'s%20proposed%20Long%2 0Range%20Strike%20Aircraft%20(LRSA)%20will%20use%20technologies%20enabling%20a%20rapid%20global%20delivery%20of%20force%20from%20bases%20located%20in% 20the%20continental%20United%20States. and let me get the thread i got this info from

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