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Another crop circle similarity.. what's going on?

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 09:21 PM

I have to chime in here for a moment. All countries are foreign if you live elsewhere, please don’t assume that oh so contrite Amero-centric view. Maynard from Tool would be ashamed.

As for the OP’s comments,

I shy away from posts where people make statements like;

"Biohazard = Biological = Biology"

Biohazard = Biological Hazard, pure and simple. Now if there is suddenly an outbreak of Dragonfly Flu or Jellyfish Salmonella I'll be the first one to run back to this post with a mea culpa.

But I'm still curious what vague indication or even circumstantial evidence there is for the assumption of aliens creating what humans admit to?

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 12:44 AM
the anomalies in the stems and cells of the plants as well as the magnetic fields inside the circles are far more proof. This is what needs to be studied and debunked or proven.

By proof I mean that it's a lot more than a couple of guys in a field with ropes and boards. You would need computers and laser sighters and who knows what else (what causes such damange or change in a plant?).

The Dave and Doug hoax (There is no way that those two and dozens of copy catters could create hundreds of crop formations each year with out this equipment ) and the Today show and other "news' features etc really took crop circles out of the main stream media and public attention and that really is a shame.

Doug and Dave don't even know what Pi is? How could they create a crop circle depicting it? Not only that but and unkown mathmatical theorim was actually depicted in one of the crop circles?

I'm not saying it's alien beings yet...I'm saying that there are too many anomalies to just put them all off as late night drunken pranksters.

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by amazing
I'm not saying it's alien beings yet...I'm saying that there are too many anomalies to just put them all off as late night drunken pranksters.

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Replying to your whole post, trimmed out of courtesy

I've seen that evidence too, and pardon me for being a "Johnny-No-Referencer" but I still don’t see that there is enough of the radiological, gravitic etc evidence to really make me accept that that their origin is paranormal.

Not to be cliché, but I WANT to believe. It's just that a burnt plant, higher rad count etc. in minute places doesn’t peg it for me. If you want to school me (or the masses) I urge you to. Feel free to email link via u2u. I'm quite open-minded.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 03:10 AM
Here is another one that is similar to one of the objects in Exuberant1's post. We've just had the three petaled formation on the 6th, but this one here was found on the 21st May in Zeirenberg, Hessen;
Notice the central 4 petaled formation and compare it to the 4 petaled object in Exuberants image;

The only difference with this one is that it was found before any of the major formations ats has been discussing, yet it is odd to find one from a previous date that does have a similarity to one of the items used to discuss this thread

Yet another from Wattenbach, Hessen, reported 1st May;

And this 3 petaled one from the 30th May is very striking as we get a repeat of it here in the UK as seen in page 1 of this thread..

This next one reported on the 19th April, not only has the 4 petals in the center, but has a V section at either end and a series of radiating straight lines around the entire formation
A very similar design structure to the image of the fossilised Sting Ray here in the thread in question;
You can see a V section and radiating straight lines.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by whiskeypoet

Thanks for the reply. Quickly here are a few facts:

Crop circles have been reported as early at the 1500s

Crop circles apear world wide

A so called real crop circle has node damage on the stems of the plants meaning...meaning for one thing the cell wall pits were enlarged. The only way to do this without killing the plants or damaging more severly is to use a microwave or intense heat.

There are magnetic anomalies within the crop circle that cause compasses to go haywire (big scientific term there) as well as radioactive anomalies that don't seem to make sense. More research by objective researchers is needed.

Then there are the symbols themselves. Quite mathmatically accurate. I of course could copy a symbol or geometric shape from a book.

The question remains. How are some of these circles created with magnetic and or radiactive anomaly not found in the rest of the field? How were the stems bend or damaged? How were they created so fast? Overnight that is? What instruments laser sighters, portable computer where used to help create them? How is it that an undiscovered mathmatical theaory was found in a crop circle? Is the guy that created it a genius on the level of einstien? Why is he making crop circles and not changing the face of the earth!?

Just some thoughts!

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 07:01 PM
What if there trying to tell us theres going to be a solar storm with the jellyfish looks like the magnetosphere then the one that looks like biohazard could mean radiation from the solar storm best to keep an eye on this just incase.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 02:59 AM
FISH..we got fish!!!!!!

Now tell me I'm paranoid or delusional or something..
What the heck is going on?

Not only is it fish, but it is in the three pronged design of the last formation found.
Is this an evolutionary example?

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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 06:13 AM
Frog next up frog. Then reptile/mammal.... a quadruped for sure. Does anyone have a map relation of where these glyphs are forming? I am wondering if it will be a five point design.. ..

Anyways I am guessing the glyph story will end with Man/Alien.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 11:54 AM
A Phoenix ???

Well, that certainly is a surprise.
The bird that dies and is reborn has a close link to fire.
What can this mean?
A bird flies, yes
something made of fire, dies and is reborn.. hhmm.. a Star perhaps?

Is this formation random or are we being led, yet again, to more spacial connections?
The connection here may be the passage of life throughout the universe brought about by the continual recycling of star matter.. ie, life is everywhere, no denying it, you just gotta face it...

So, yes, in a way we can connect this to our links here in this thread and the one this has derived from.

Maybe they didn't choose a frog or a trilobite as nobody would get to understand the true message and it would be just too darned silly to let a couple of nutters on a web forum be proved correct

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 03:24 PM
Has anyone seen this video?

Since so many people think "ALL" crop circles are man made then this could explain how non humans create them.

There's also another longer version of this movie that's about 48 minutes long where someone goes into great length to analyze it frame by frame but I can't locate that video right now.

Here's the short version:
Crop Circle Formation

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Has reticledc's avatar avatar been found in this new crop circle formation? Will be another amazing 'coincidence' if it is comparable. It seems to be.

have posted it here

We are waiting for an aerial shot for better idea of the full design.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:53 PM
Just wanted to add this small clip to the discussion . Somebody thinks the real crop circles should be spinned at high speeds to see their meaning (I even had a thread about that but well it died). Maybe its nothing but maybe it is something so if somebody has some skills in digital animation maybe have a go at it

PS: That guy used blender to spin the image

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