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My Immortal pen pal

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 12:55 PM
My name is Luke. This is my story.

It started with a classified ad in a comic book. Back then when I read "The Waxx" I noticed they offered free classifieds and that they had a pen pal section. Being 16 and bored I sent in my own classified looking for someone interested in magic or immortality. I only got one letter back from that classified. That letter was one sentence long and it changed my life.

"I'm a vampire".

Thats all the first letter said. Since I was bored and the envelope had A return address I wrote back and our conversation began.

Over the course of weeks and months I learned her name was April, from Durham North Carolina and that she was enchantingly charming. I was quickly smitten with her stories and wit and it was not long before I asked to met her. She agreed to me but only on the condition that I make the trip to see her.

Therein lied a problem. I had no job, no car, no idea wow I was gonna do it. I only knew I was gonna do it. I thought about hitch hiking but I had no desire to wait. I thought about selling all my possessions and buying a bus ticket. I found out 16 years olds can't pawn things and none of my friends had any money either.
In the end I decided I would steal my mothers Minivan.

That night as my mother slept I took her keys and began my trip to North Carolina.
Lacking gas money I stopped at my local corner store and filled up and fled. Much to my surprise I was able to do this across 7 states, normally filling up just once per state. Texas required me filling up twice in the same state.

Along the way I picked up two hitchhikers going anywhere. A freespirited couple by the names of Alice, a round faced plumpish girl with dark hair and David a narrow faced gap toothed fellow with long brown hair. I never thought to drop them off before meeting April. To be honest I didn't think she would mind. I was wrong.

I phoned her once I reached her city and told her about me picking up the hitchhiker couple.

"Why would you do that?" she said, "I didn't say anyone else could come along only you! "

I got nervous. I told her " I'm sorry, I didn't think it would be a big deal. I can drop them off anywhere..."

She cut me off " it's ok. I apologize for being cross. I'm just glad they didn't hurt you or anything. Humans can be dangerous to one another much more dangerous than me. Since you brought them this far you might as well bring them to meet me too. Where are you at so I can come and get you"

I told her and about 45 minuted later she pulled up in an sparkling electric blue Camero. I was struck by her beauty. 5'9" with red silken hair, eyes blazing silver, with ample bossism. Never before had I seen a more beautiful woman. If God was a woman then this is what she must look like.

She got out of her car and hugged me tight. My heart felt like an Formula One racing engine. She let go and we made our introductions. Afterwords she suggested I follow her to her place. I followed her through the city streets and into a rural area. When we turned off onto dirt roads my passengers got nervous. "She's not gonna kill us is she?" Alice asked. "I'm not sure, but I don't think so." I replied. We traveled on past a canopy of trees and fields of sun flowers until we came to a small brown modest house surrounded by woods.

She invited us in and served us some cherry tea. "So who did you two meet?" she asked David.

"We met in school, a seniors party. We'll of been a couple for two years this December 16th. We wanted to get married but her parents wouldn't let her so we decided to hit the road till she turns 18 so we can get married legally without her parents stepping in our way."

"Aren't you worried her parents? What if they call the police?"

"Nah, we already got that worked out. If the police ever try to mess with us we'll just tell em she was being abused. Ain't that right honey?"

"Hell ya" Alice agreed

"Is that true? Were they abusing you?"

Alice replied "Of course not but I don't care about them. If they mess with us they deserve whatever happens".

"Thats kinda selfish don't you think?"

"Hell no," Alice continued " if they had just given their consent for me and Dave to get married in the first place then we wouldn't have to hitchhike. It's their fault were living on the road."

"What do you think of all this, Luke?"

I was hearing this all for the first time so I was kinda stunned "I had no idea but I think you two should try to resolve things with her parent."

David spoke up "Yeah well, we tried that and they refused to listen. So ef em"

April stood up. "Well it's getting late. Why don't we turn in for now. Alice, David you can sleep in the spare bedroom. Luke, why don't you sleep with me tonight"


"Not like that ! " April chastened "Get your mind out of the gutter or I'll make you sleep outside."

I was beaming a little less but then she smiled warmly and all was right. She showed them their room and led me to hers. Inside it was a pink warm soft lit place with a nice four poster bed and large windows covered with thick black curtains.

"Aren't you afraid of the light?" I asked her.

"Of course not silly, That sunlight stuff is only a half truth. Its uncomfortable so we stick to the night but not unbearable. Now turn around so I can change"

I did so and when she gave me the OK to turn around again she was in a purple velvet nighty that hugged her frame and left little to the imagination ...and still too much for my eager young mind. She pulled back the covers of her bed and I stood their not sure about what I should do. She looked at me. "Well. Come on, I won't bite you. Not yet anyways." She smiled that effervescent smile at me and I got into bed with her. She held me close and whispered "I'm glad you came" I nodded off in her arms. The last thing I remember her saying was "I gonna have to do something about those other two."


Authors note. Sorry for cutting this short yall. I did not intend to leave ya hanging but real world concerns have me going to work. IF you find this story interesting and you want to read more S&F and let me know your interested.


posted on May, 28 2009 @ 01:12 PM
I'll read part two.

I'll reserve the star and flag though....for now.

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 01:17 PM
I starred and flagged. No need to reserve judgement, part 1 was great. I look forward to part 2!

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 01:45 PM
ya got my attention


posted on May, 28 2009 @ 02:34 PM
Except for the little typos this is a pretty good, well put story.

Really sucked me in at that!

And i'm not one for vampirish type stories, but good use of adjectives!

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 03:05 PM
is this a fictional story?? are you luke? not sure what to think of this however, reminds me alot of Vampire stories and movies that have become popular among teenagers of late.

is this a true story or fiction according to you???

well put together if it is fictional, its amazing a 16 year old can make it across such a distance without being pulled over by police considering you stole gas from so many places. Curious how part 2 unfolds

S&F regardless thanks for sharing.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 03:15 PM
Good Job Author...

I see some good talent in that content.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 10:02 PM
Part two.

I awoke before April. After getting dressed and taking care of my morning business I walked into the living room to find the couple already awake. Feet on her table several cups of tea around their feet. "Good morning yall."

"Morning? It's past four in the afternoon" Alice replied.
"Yeah you guys must of had a looong night" David chimed in.

"No nothing like that. we just slept"

"Yeah sure you did" he said. "Hey I don't mean to be rude but this chic doesn't have any food in the house."

"Thats because I often eat out" April had gotten up and come out to inspect us."Let me get dressed I know a great place eat, My treat"

After she got dressed and ready it was past 5:30 and the sun was setting. We piled into her car. Me riding shotgun and David and Alice in the back, April rolled back the moon roof and rolled down the windows. "I hope you guys don't mind a breeze."

It was Awesome. The purple setting of the sun, the wind in our hair, this hot babe at my side, a whole new world of wonder opening up to me. I wanted this magic moment to live on forever. "It can last forever you know?" She said with a wink... I looked at her with wide eyes. " You can read my mind?" I asked. " Only we you think loudly "

"What are you guys talking about" a male voice yelled from the back seat.

"April hollered back over the wind "Nothing, Never mind. We should be there in a few minutes"

About ten minutes later we pulled into a Dennys. We got out and April pulled me aside and put a Fifty into my hand. "You guys go on ahead I have an errand to run. I should be back in about 20 minutes" She got back into her car and left.

"Well that was rude" Alice complained "wheres she going?"

" I don't know" I lied. She had already told me in our correspondences that she didn't have to kill anyone. She had "pets" around the city that helped her get by.

We went inside and sat at a table and the waitress brought us our menus. David eyed the menu and asked me, "So how much money did she give you?"

"Enough" I replied.

"Touchy. I was only wondering what our limit was"

"I got enough for the three of us" I hesitated. "She gave me a 50"

He let out a low long whistle, "Wow thats quite a sugar moma you got their"

"It's not like that"

"What ever you say man I'm hungry lets order."

We gave the waitress our order and ate with minimal pleasantries. I was trying to ignore his proddings and insinuations. I didn't know what me and April were yet but I didn't like him making assumptions about it.

April came in and sat with us as we were finishing our meals. "How was your meal?" she asked pleasantly. David found it the perfect time to turn his interrogation to her.

"Oh it was great you missed out. So were'd you burn off too."

"Like I said I had an errand to run. I needed to collect on a debt."

"Your not a drug dealer are you?" He whispered.

She laughed" No, nothing like that. Lets just say I help alot people out in exchange for what I need to get by."

"Like a prostitute?"

My jaw dropped. I could not believe he just asked her that question. Alice giggled. April gave him a long cold stare.

"No, not like a prostitute.As a matter of fact I don't think it is any of your business."

He put his hand up in mock surrender "My bad, I didn't mean anything by it I was just curious."

At this moment it was getting real tense. I stood up. "Look, I'm gonna pay the for the meal. You guys should be ready to get back to the road by now right?"

"What!? Aw come on, I said I was sorry. You guys can't be ready to kick us to the curb already over a misspoken word"

April stared down at him "Oh yes I am ready. Luke is my guest but you two are not"

"Oh is that how this is then?"

"YES! it is." She snarled.

"Alright then just give us a ride to our stuff and we'll be on our way."

We all got up and I paid the cashier. I could feel Davids eyes on me. We got back in her Camero and rode back to her house in silence. When we got to her place she walked inside while I watched them get what few belongings they had out of the van. They took as long as they could dragging on the moment before they would have to hit the road again...When they had finally gathered all of their stuff together David approached me.

"Hey man I'm real sorry about what I said back there I was just fooling around Do you think you could talk to her?"

"Please" Alice whined.

"No way man she has a right to be mad"

"Alright man. Could I at least borrow a few bucks to help us get on our way?"

"I can't do that this is Aprils money"

"Aw come on man. Its dark out here you can't expect us to make it back to the main road penniless." He step in closer to me. Getting inside my personal space.


He got real close nose to nose close. I had noticed Alice had moved off to the side of my periphery. I was starting to feel real nervous and exposed. I was hoping April would come out and help me out of this situation.

"Come on man, gimme a dollar, Just one dollar, thats all I need"

IN retrospect I would of done things differently. Then again we only learn from our mistakes and if I hadn't then I wouldn't be here telling you this story.

I thought if I gave him just the one dollar then he would get out of my face and get the heck on. I would apologize to April and explain the situation and all would be ok. Thats what I thought at least. I reached into my pocket and about the time my hand was in my pocket I got a fist to the throat.

Alice came at me from behind pulling me to the ground. David whaled on my from above. Alice got into the pocket with the money in it and took the change for our meal.

"Yeahhh Boy! You should just given me some change like I asked you the first time. Then you wouldn't be on your back"

I tried to say something but I was still gasping for air... He gave me a parting kick to the ribs and ran down the road...I lay there in pain. Ashamed of myself for getting into this situation. I lose all track of time...

I regain a sense of myself when I feel April helping me up. Soothing my pain and my ego. She fixes me some green tea telling me its an acquired taste but to drink it. She pets me on the head and tells me everything will be ok. Then I kinda dozed off again.

When I woke up it was still some time early in the AM. I was laying down on the couch and April was looking over my smiling.

"Welcome back to the land of the living young one" I laughed at her rye humor. "Don't worry about those two creeps. They won't be messing with anyone else like that again. You should learn to be more careful my pet. The world is full of dangerous people."

She doesn't have to kill people. She has her pets....but should someone mistreat one of her pets they have a tendency to disappear .


Authors note.

Thanks for the kudos guys. I hope you liked it...Yes its a work of fiction.
Everyone knows vampires burn in the day light

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 10:55 PM
Very nice, I like it a lot.

It feels just a lil' bit unfinished...

Even though ending is not bad at all, it could be bit more stronger IMO

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:06 PM
SHHHHH Your not supposed to feel the emotions as I was conveying them
... I had a hard time with the part two because my computer kept on crashing... I was able to keep my data most of the time... But the first time wrote part two I was ALLLLL the way at the end....

Just a few lines from good completeness and wrap around closure ... then the computer glitched again....only this time I lost it.... AAAAARRRRRGGGGG.

So I re-wrote it again from memory...

Still I find it super keen that You picked up on my frustration and re-write.

I may continue it into the further happenings of Luke... but I was also thinking of doing something else to.. after I read more feed back from this story...

Aside from my bad grammar which I know is not as good as it could be... but hey raw diamonds have rough edges rigth ?

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:09 PM
yes its very good, perhaps more story should be added to it, the ending seems kinda rushed

may i suggest continuing your story
i enjoyed reading it.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by phi1618

Thank you phi1618. The ending was messed up when My computer glitched and I lost the story the first time I wrote it...had to do a re-write on part two...

I'm glad so many liked it... Not bad for my first try.... I shall do more. Not sure where else I could take luke though,,,,.... I mean you don't wanna hear about him walking down that dirt road finding the couples bloody cloths and wondering about what April did with the bodies do ya? Do you really want that gory detail as he questioned her morality and wondered about his own safety in her company... Lord knows what she would do to one of her bad pets... then again the pet process is a "sorted" sort of thing... I mean she picks them loyal naive and love dumbstruck....


I might write more... but it is supposed to be a short story right?....

MEh... I shall think on it... for now... cooking duty calls and I MUST FEEEED

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:07 AM
I agree, i really enjoyed it and from the beginning it made me think is this real?
But a good use of volcabuary.
You should write another one and be like an ATS author haha!
Good luck.

(I Apoligize for my spelling)

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:26 AM
It is good ! A good read is a special thing, be sure to keep it for posterity.

I used to read short story's and novels a bit but the last few years all the wierd stuff goin on has distracted me, so this is refreshing, especially reading it on here.

Well Done.

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 10:58 AM

I recovered in Aprils home. I don't know what she did with the Hitchhiker couple and she would not talk about it. I had an idea mind you but if she did not want to talk about it I was not gonna press the issue. At one point I wondered if she could do the same to me. Picking up on my thoughts she said,

"I could never do that to one of my pets, especially not you Luke. Your special. It's not every person I invite into my home"

My heart glowed.

"I think its time to go to the store. If your going to be staying here then you are gonna need some yummy food to keep your strength up."

"OK" I said. I was still feeling kinda bruised but I was eager to see more of her city and her.

We drove to an oddly named grocery store called Harris Teeter. As we were shopping I asked her " Where do you get you money from?"

"Don't you know it's not polite to talk about money?" she smiled " I'm kidding, I made some great investments along time ago and every now and again when I see something worth investing into I do, Like you"

"I'm worth investing into?"

"Of course you silly boy, now put that back. Soda pop is unhealthy for you. If I am gonna feed you then I am gonna feed you right. Do you like milk?"

We filled up a grocery cart with meats, fruits, and veggies. I noticed that she didn't want to get any tea there. When I asked her about it she said she had a particular where she gets her tea from.

She paid with a check and we filled up her back seat with goodies.

As we drove back I asked her about this pet thing.

"Why did you choose me for a pet?"

"Because your naive and brave. And your cute"

"Will I ever get to meet any of your other pets?"

"In time I suppose. When I think your ready."

"When I'm ready? Are they dangerous?"

"No not really but I travel in different circles and your not ready yet. Just give it time" She said with an air of knowing. I took her at her word. After all if she was a vampire I had to assume she knew what she was talking about.

We got back to her place and put away the food. I had never seen an empty fridge with only baking soda in it and then I realized something embarrassing. "April...I don't know how to cook"

She laughed hard at this notion. "No problem I shall show you how"

We cooked a steak and boiled green beans. She watched me eat from across her table. After dinner we sat and talked for awhile. I started to notice that she was looking pale. She came in real close. My heart started to race and my head started to swim. We kissed for a bit. Then she moved to my neck.

Then she bit me.

It is not like in movies or fiction. IT HURT! It hurt a whole heck of a lot! Fortunately it did not last long and after words she pulled me into her lap. And there I slept.

When I woke I was alone. I looked through the house and she was not there. Her car was in the driveway so I figured she must be in the countryside. Since it was pitch black outside I decided to stay in and wait.

After a few hours she came back and I asked her about her departure.She told me

" I went to go worship "

" You worship God?" I asked.

" After a fashion, yes, but not the Judea-Christian God of the modern age."

"Then who?"

She smiled that ever knowing smile at me. The kind of smile that says My your full of questions

" I was giving an offering to Loki"


She came in close and held my hand. Our eyes locked. We looked into one another for a moment and in those silver eyes it looked like an eternity of warmth and kindness. Not the eyes of a killer but of a saint. She kissed me long and deep igniting a passion that could explain spontaneous combustion.

"Come young one, Lets goto bed"

And we did.

Now understand I was a virgin at that time. Don't laugh we have all been one at least once. I saw the signals as coming on strong but I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what to do with them. When she did not ask me to turn around as she changed on this night, well, the magnificence of her body is only comparable to my stupidity of not knowing what to do with it. And so we slept.

We slept till around noon. We were awaken by the phone. After a hasty conversation April got up quick got dressed and told me, " I gotta go handle some business. I'll be back as soon as I can. You stay around here OK?"

I said sure and like a flash she was out the door and burning rubber down the road leaving me to wonder just what the heck that phone call was all about. I hung around and read from her extensive comic book collection while I waited for her to get back.

April came back around five.

"I'm sorry I had to leave like that but someone was threatening my pet Marcus and I had to deal with it."

"Why were people threatening him?" I asked.

"Because he's a bookie. Some times people don't pay and he has to go and collect. And sometimes they try to come and collect back what they lost. Oh, he is an honest enough man and lenient man with payments and extensions but some try to take advantage of all that...It doesn't matter now that situation is all taken care of. How would you like to go to a party and meet him?"


She changed into a radiant yellow long dress a stark contrast to her long red hair. I felt under dressed in a brown polo with black jeans. But it's what I had and so its what I went with.

We drove through the city streets of Durham into a small cramped neighborhood. We pulled up to a small white house with a plain green yard. I could hear Jamaican music from the inside. April knocked on the door. A tall black man broad shoulders and meathooks for arms answered "April come on in girl, whos your friend?"

"Marcus this is Luke. Luke meet Marcus"

"Hey there new blood how they hanging" He shook my hand with pumping enthusiasm" "Nice to meet you. Theres beer in the fridge help yourself."
Not wanting to be unsociable I grabbed one for me and one for her. She giggled when I offered her the beer and politely declined.

Marcus helped me out of my fopa "Here little man I'll take that. The partys' in here this way."

He lead us into the next room were a bunch of people were gathered on three couches set in a semi circle around two turn tables. Records covered the walls. The guy at the turn tables had a microphone and was freestyling to some Bob Marly beats.

It was a fun party. We listen to a bunch of music I never heard of before. They even convinced me to take a turn with the microphone. We were all having a good time then April got a sour look of unease on her face.

"Luke, its time to go"

"Why, whats wrong?" I asked

"Hunters. I'll tell you more later but right now we have to leave! No more questions were leaving."

Marcus saw us leaving and walked us out.

"You want me to come with you April?" He said.

"No. I'll be OK I think they went to get back up. You stay enjoy your party."

"Alright then.Stick real close to her kid"He said to me "don't let nothing happen to her".

"I'll do my best" I replied as we went to her car.

"So what do you mean hunters? Like Vampire hunters?"

"Yes, unfortunately. Catholic zealots that think its Gods work to kill things they don't understand. Real A-holes."

As we drove through the city streets I saw her checking her mirror often to make sure nobody was following her. I was checking the mirrors too. I never saw it coming. For those of you that don't know a car accident is a quick thing. Over in an instant and processed over a lifetime.

A black van and rammed into the passenger side of the Camero. I heard April cuss vulgarities in English and French.

"Are you alright?" she screamed at me.



The driver and the passenger of the van got out. Normal enough looking fellows aside from the whole look of death thing in their eyes and the guns in there hands. April did not stick around for it. She killed the headlights hit the accelerator and off we went!

"Hows the side look?! Are we dragging anything? she asked.

"Nope, its good!"

"Do you see anyone behind us?"


She drove like a bat outta hell eventually turning on her head lights again when we hit the main roads. My Adrenalin was flowing my blood was pumping. I never felt so close to death. So exhilarated to be alive.

"I got some friends on campus. Were gonna stay at the college tonight." She told me.

I thought it was kinda ironic. Here we were being chased by some kind of Catholic Vanguard and hiding out at Duke University home of the Blue Devils.


Authors note.

After the overwhelming demand from many interested readers and some pressure from the wife I decided to go ahead and write a part three... and what looks like a part four... hopefully I will avoid a part five.... lets cross that bridge when I get there.

SAY if any of you know any publishers that would like to pay me to do this I am totally open to the idea of getting paid... Just throwing the idea out there in case any of you literary folk think its that good.

Till the next time be well yall.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by titorite

In the end I decided I would steal my mothers Minivan.

Wewt Momz comes through with the mini to go vamp-pimpin!!

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by titorite

You really do have a talent for keeping us all interested. It moves fast enough with just enough "facts" and enough of a connection between characters. If I had it my way this story would be 100 pages long......You should seriously consider making this a short book....

Would help with the publishing. But yes I have read many books far less interesting than this story....

I was hoping it was real though at first but to my surprise was far from dissapointed when I learned it was fiction.

That means it was a good enough read to get me hooked.

It has almost a reverse Twilight feel but with more edge and realism to it.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 10:09 PM

We parked near the rec center and walked to the dorms. They had that creepy Victorian look to them. Like it was a church rather than a dormitory.

April hit the buzzer.

"hello" said a man with a Hindi accent.

"Hodgee, its me April."

The door buzzed and up we went in silence.

She knocked twice and let herself in.

"Oh I see you you brought a friend." Said Hodgee.

"Hodgee, this is Luke, Luke meet Hodgee."

We shook hands.

"My real name Aditya Prarabdha but people just call me Hodgee for short. So what brings you two here tonight."

"We ran into some trouble earlier tonight and we need a place to crash."

"Oh no, ever time you run into trouble it means trouble for me. Well to hell with it then, I didn't want to study anyways. Let's go hit the bar"

"Uhh, I'm not old enough to get into a bar." I spoke up.

"Don't worry about it my firend, I know a place where they let anyone in." Hodgee replied. He grabbed a coat and off we went.

As we walked I asked April,

"Is this safe? Shouldn't we be hiding?"

"Were safe here. They don't like to hunt around here."

"Why is that?"

"Because the majority of Duke University is holy ground." She replied. " It's a big Taboo to them."

"Why don't you live on campus then?"

"Because one can only be a student here for so long. Besides the woods are my home. They would never dare to come after me in my home. But, when they see me in the city sometimes they come after me."

"What do you think of all this Hodgee?" I asked.

"I do not care to get involved. Aprils' business is her business as far as I am concerned."

"Oh.Ok then."

I did not want to press the issue. He seemed kinda distant and I was jsut tagging along at this point. Where ever April was going I was going too...and at this point we were going to a bar.

There was no bouncer once we got there. The age range of the place was diverse and nobody even seemed to notice when Hodgee handed me a beer.
We sat down at a table and talked about Hodgees' schooling. Apparently he was studying to become some kind of research geneticist. I couldn't follow the conversation completely so I mostly stayed in the back round and listened. At last call Hodgee ordered some jager bombs with whiskey chasers.

When it was time to go we headed back to his dorm room. He passed out on his bed while me and April stayed up and talked for a bit.

"How did you yall meet ?" I asked her.

"We met at the Cafe Mocha a few years back. It's a nice place to read and meet new people. He was reading a book when I noticed another student come up and they got into an argument and the other student took his book. Afterwords he looked so unhappy I had to go up to him and say hello. As it turned out, he was borrowing the book and the other student wanted it back. Hodgee only got a partial scholarship here and he is very bad with his money. I told him I would buy his books on the condition that he would always me his research articles when he became a big hotshot scientist....OH you know what would be funny?" She said changing the subject. "Lets draw on him!"

"WHAT?!" I exclaimed...A thought like that would of never occurred to me. She went to a small desk and retrieved two sharpies.

"Come on, it will be fun."

She started by drawing a mustache on his clean shaven face. I laughed so hard I was sure he would wake up but when he didn't I decided to draw some glasses on him to go with his mustache. we did him up with some freckles and laughed wildly. It was a great night considering the evenings earlier encounters.

After we were done drawing on him we sat on the floor and I put my head into her lap as she leaned against the wall.

" Lets get some sleep. Your gonna have a nasty hangover in the morning and we are gonna have to leave early. Hodgee gets very easily distracted when I'm around and I still have to do something about my car. "

I took a short nap with my head in her lap. It was very easy to fall asleep. When she woke me the sky was just turning color from night to day. Hodgee was still sleeping soundly and I was still drunkish. She left him a note on his forehead saying "Thank you" and a note on his desk saying "Take a bath stinky".

We made our way to her car and got back on the road. I was very conscious of the other cars on the road. Despite the fun we had, getting smashed by a van of religious nuts was a fact not lost on me. I was just waiting for them to pop out at any corner. But they didn't.

We made it back to her home safe and sound.

"I need to make a few phone calls why don't you cook yourself some breakfast."

"What should I cook?" I asked

"Why not try some scrambled eggs... You can't go wrong with scrambled eggs"

So I followed her suggestion. Despite having nearly no idea how to cook she was right, and I was starving. By the time I was done eating and rinsing my plate and pot she had finished her phone calls And it was time to go again.

"Alright, heres the plan. Your gonna follow me to the auto yard in your minivan. Were gonna drop off my camero there and they should have it ready for me in a week."

As we walked out into the driveway she stopped me and gave me a deep kiss... "For Luck" she said. I got in my vehicle and followed here out to the auto yard.

After we dropped off her car we headed back to her house. I was feeling good thinking all was well again. I was wrong. As we were stopped at a the T in the road where we would normally turn right to go down to her road the black van from the previous evening came barreling down from the left and stopped right in front of us blocking my way forward. From behind a white truck came up and blocked our way back. Then two men from the Van got out and started to walk up to us.

"Oh s...! What do we" I said in fear.

"Drive through them" She told me locking the doors.

"What?! I can't do that!"

The older man pulled out a gun and shouted "Get out of the car son you don't know what she is."

"Drive through them now." April gritted through her teeth.

I put it into reverse and and slammed into the truck behind us. From their it gets a little blurry. I was trying to reverse around the truck but when that wasn't an option I threw it into drive and tried to drive inbetween the two gunmen. The opened fire and ... I don't know.. My windshield shattered and I had made it through them and turned left but I could not maintain control. The van was going all over the road and I guess I over compensated somewhere because the van flipped onto its side and into the ditch. Somewhere mid flip I wondered if this was how I was gonna die.

It wasn't.

We landed and I undid my belt and checked on April. She looked OK but I was still panicking.

"April!" I called out to her.

"I'm fine, get out!"

We crawled out through the shattered front window.

"Come on." She told me running into the woods. I followed her into the forest. We could hear the hunters entering the forest behind us shouting commands to one another.

We ran faster. Branches cut at my face while weeds threatened to trip me with every step. I thought we were losing them when April stopped suddenly. I ran right into her and bounced into the dirt and leaves.

"Get up and hold on to my back."

I did so and she climbed up a tree like a lemur monkey. I had no idea she could climb like that.

We made it to the top and she said "Ok get off we should be safe up here"

I tentatively let go of her as I got my footing on a branch. "Luke whatever happens I need you to stay put and stay silent, can you do that for me?"

I nodded.

"Don't worry, I am not gonna leave you. I'll be right back. I just gotta go lead them off our trail. Don't be scared."

I was very scared!

"I'll be right back OK?"

"Ok" I said.

She kissed me quick on the lips and Jumped out of the tree.

I was astonished that she could jump like that... Hell I was astonished dumb founded and 80 foot up in a tree. I had no idea how I was gonna get down if April did not come back for me.


Authors note

OK I hope to have this story finished up by sometime tonight/tomorrow . I am gonna take a break for a few and get back to this in a few hours.

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So there I was stuck in a tree taking it all in. I was wondering just what the heck was I doing there. Had I made a huge mistake by going on this adventure?
My thoughts were interrupted by a scream. Then another scream. And another.

I thought about what she was doing down there. And the hitch hikers. None of them had done anything to me personally. Well, at least nothing worth killing over I thought. Then I rationalized by thinking about what they were guilty of. Was it right of them trying to kill her? Hell they shot at me too. Right? And its not like she can call the police about it.

My thoughts were again interrupted by the sounds of gun shots. My blood turned cold. All those thoughts of others disappeared and I started thinking about her. I was scared for her now. I did not hear anything else for awhile which got me seriously worried. I must of been stuck in that tree four an hour. It felt like days.

Then I heard someone walking towards the tree I was in. I was so very VERY relieved when I saw her. She was covered with blood with a pistol in her hand and a dark look in her face. She called out to me "Luke, Its safe to come down now. Do you need me to come and get you?"

"No, I think I can make it down on my own." I hollered back.

I made it down the tree in my own time. Lord knows I am no tree climber like she is. When I finally made it to the ground I asked her "Are they all dead?"

"All of them that followed us are. They usually leave one or two of their own out of any conflict so they can report back what happened if things go wrong."

We walked back toward the road. I wondered if those men had families, If she was just gonna leave them out here to rot or do something else with them, if I was capable of such things.

As we got with in sight of the road she told me to wait while she looked around ahead to make sure the coast was clear. She returned a few minutes later and said it was all clear.

"Do you need to get anything from your van"

"Not really"

"Ok then lets---" BOOM. Another shot rang out. This one hitting her in the chest. She fell limp to the ground. And I fell with her screaming her name.

"April! April get up. NO no no nooooo" I tried to apply pressure to her wound tears burning my eyes. As shocking as everything had already been the loss of her was just too much for me to bear. Despite everything about her who she was, what she had done I did not want to live without here.

I saw someone approaching out of the woods from the other side of the street. I didn't think I just reacted in fear. I grabbed gun from her hand and pulled the trigger into his chest until it run out of bullets. Then I pulled the trigger a few more times just to be sure.

I sat there a moment in silence. Numb.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped! I don't know what I was thinking or what I expected but there she was sitting up alive in all her glory.

"YOUR ALIVE! Oh thank God" I cried.

She shushed me and held me tight

"Shhhhh it's OK I'm alright. The bullet just knocked the wind outta me I'm gonna be fine."

"I thought you were dead I killed... Oh god.. I killed a man. ohhh." I felt sick. I wanted to throw up but I couldn't

"It's OK Luke, you had too. If you hadn't he certainly would of finished me off ...Now stop crying you need to get that body out of the street before some one drives by. Quickly now."

I obeyed. As I dragged his body back into the woods I wondered about the blood stain he was leaving behind. I was certain I was going to prison but so overcome with so many emotions I just could not feel anymore.

April groaned as she got up.

"It still hurts to get shot you know" She said with a smile. The blood was caking to her face and cloths now but I just could not muster any emotion. She helped me drag the body deep into the woods. When she felt we had drug him in far enough she let me know.

"Ok this should be good enough. The coyotes will finish him and his friends. The house is this way"

I followed her through the woods. We stayed away from the road. It was slow going though. As we hiked through the brush I noticed the hole in her back was still open but not bleeding.

"You still have a hole in you." I said.

"I know, it still hurts too. It will heal in awhile."

"Are you worried about the police?"

"Oh no, When you live as long as I do you make all kinds of friends in all sorts of places. None in the church mind you. No, I suspect this little fiasco will resolve itself unsolved."

I thought about that awhile.

We made it back to here house in the late afternoon. We walked in and I sat down on her couch still numb. She sat down beside me.

"You were very brave today and I thank you."

"Your welcome." I replied.

We sat there for a moment.

"We need to shower," She said " care to join me?"

I may of been numb but I wasn't that numb.


For the sake of modesty I won't go into all the details. Although, I will say it was odd showering with her with that hold in her chest. It was getting smaller but it was still their. It did not stop me from getting close to her though.

After, we lay in bed together. Thats when I made up my mind. I would stay with her for as long as she would let me. I could handle who and what she was and I could accept the fact that staying with her meant being in danger from her enemies but I just could not see myself without her.

She kissed me on the cheek saying "You can stay here as long as you like, my pet."

And thats where I stay till this day. I wonder sometimes what my family must think but , I try not too. I have made a new life for myself here. A life by a vampires side. I've grown older now and I think more and more about asking her to make me like her but I can't quite work up the nerve to ask. I am not sure I want to live that long. I don't know if I could handle what she does. All I know is that as long as I am with her I will be happy.

FIN 4 now

Authors note:

OK this is a good stopping point... I had more in mind for that shower scene and that bed scene but you know... This is ATS and ATS does have a T&C. I tried to get across the awkwardness of both "The first time" as well as the bullet hole in April...still this being ATS somethings just have to go without saying.

Well I hope you enjoyed it. And if any of you are publishers Send me a message. I'd do darn near anything for money, I'd even turn this short into a book. Their is more back story to this and other adventures to be had but this is the short story section... Originally I meant to keep this to a single post or two at most.

Well Be well yall and have a good day and a great night.


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Wow, fantastic. I just clicked on the link in your signature from a different thread. Normally I think that some of the stories are OK around here, but this one really needs to keep going. Perhaps after several more "chapters", this could turn into a screenplay. Or a new TV series. I feel like I just watched a new TV series and now I can't wait until the next episode. Please don't stop and make us feel unfulfilled like when Jericho ended.

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